Apr 10, 2014

Practical Tips on Getting Hired

Being without a job is certainly not only risky, but absolutely terrifying while living in a city or by yourself. You know you can only count on yourself and that nothing you do can alleviate that. While different jobs have different requirements, all of them share some basic characteristics when it comes to obtaining a position within a company. The following tips aim to provide a simple, yet useful set of rules to follow during your job searching phase. We begin with:


Being organized is one of the most important aspects of a proper job search. You must keep track of the places you're interested in. A good way to do that is to create an spreadsheet that has columns for company name, position, job posting link, materials given, date of application, follow-up date and some notes. You can use this to track all relevant information as well as the feedback you'll get from the company in question. Without the proper organization you'll lose track of your progress and your success rate.


The best way to get hired is by being informed and in the know about your target company, the nature of its business, positions and the industry said company is part of. You must do a significant amount of research on each position before applying so you can be absolutely confident during an interview. Keep things in mind, such as the goals of the company, the successes of its past, the requirements and duties of the position you are aiming for, the background of the person interviewing you and so on. In today's information age you may find a whole lot on someone in completely legal ways. Knowing personal details, such as successes and projects your superiors may have worked on will let you gain a unique perspective, allowing you to focus on areas they may find part of their requirements.

Social Networking

In today's interconnected world social networking is becoming a major tool in job hunting. Job seekers today can interact with companies looking for employees worldwide. Setting up accounts on websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can serve as a way of contacting the professional community out there. You can show your dedication by keeping in touch with the updates of your target company and their projects and developments.


Now we're talking about the more traditional form of face-to-face networking. Without the proper connections in any field you will face huge difficulties trying to get through to a certain position. Social networks are but a part of this essential part of how the business world works. Knowing the right people and helping them can in term serve as a way of helping you on your way. Simply having a network of contacts can help greatly when looking for a job.

The Follow Up

The easiest way to deal with job applications is to fill them out, submit them and then await a company's response. Fire and forget, right? Wrong. Without a follow-up you will rarely land a job. You can do much by simple steps, such as calling up the company no later than two weeks after you submitted your application to get an update on where you're going with that. Knowing if they are serious about considering you is vital to your success. If you get to an interview phase you can give a personal “Thank you” note to your interviewer. This will leave a good impression and it will be something memorable.

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An Eastern Mediterranean Voyage: Welcome to the Greek Islands

If your idea of the perfect vacation involves spending time relaxing on sun kissed golden beaches and dreaming as you gaze out over sparkling oceans, there are some wonderful destinations for you right here in this country. You could even spend several blissful vacations just discovering all the different beaches of California—each with its own distinct flavor and personality! However, if your feet are itching to travel further afield and you long to discover the historic sites, exotic dishes and distinctive atmosphere of far-flung shores, you may already be considering the possibility of taking in the sights on a cruise vacation. If cruising appeals to you, your choices are many and varied. Who could resist the glamour of dazzling white Hawaiian beaches, the swaying palm trees that await you on a Caribbean vacation or the lush rain forests to be seen on a journey around the Panama Canal? However, for beach lovers who also long to make a connection with the ancient past, the islands around Greece hold a very special allure. Not only are there beautiful and unspoiled destinations to visit and delicious local wines and dishes to tempt your taste buds, but these are also places that are steeped in the fascinating and mysterious history of the ancient world.

When to Visit the Greek Islands

A lot of people choose to take their Mediterranean cruises during the summer months, in particular the months of July and August. If they are parents, they may need to consider school vacation times and plan their trips accordingly. However, if your schedule is more flexible, perhaps the ideal times to visit the eastern Mediterranean region is during the spring or fall months. During those periods, you can still expect warm and sunny weather during your vacation, although perhaps not the blazing heat to be encountered at the height of summer. As you are traveling outside of the most popular season for vacations, you are likely to find that the places you visit are a little less crowded. You may even find that some special offers are available that could save you money on the cost of a cruise vacation. Another reason for taking your vacation just before or just after the busy season of the summer months is that many Europeans also take their own vacations during that time, so you may even be disappointed to find some of the restaurants, bars and other attractions are closed while their owners are away.

No Two Islands Are the Same…

One of the advantages of a cruise is that calling at various locations during your trip allows you to visit many fantastic ports, which means that if you yearn to spend your vacation exploring the Greek islands, you will have the opportunity to experience the diversity of such islands as Corfu, Santorini, Patmos, Samos and Mykonos. While all the islands have wonderful beaches and tourist resorts and may, at first glance appear quite similar to one another, each has its own distinct character—much as the beaches of California do! It is worth reading a guide book before your vacation in order to fully appreciate the unique appeal of each island. The Corfu Trail which allows you to walk from one end of the island to the other while taking in the beauty of its olive groves and other plant life make it an ideal spot for hikers. In Santorini, don’t forget your camera as there is a wealth of opportunities to do some sightseeing and to explore the island’s picturesque villages. As well as its exquisite beaches, Patmos is also home to a famous monastery. Samos is perhaps the richest in historic sites, while Mykonos enjoys a reputation as a party island, offering its visitors a vibrant and exciting nightlife.

Other Locations to Visit in the Eastern Mediterranean


If you take a cruise of the Eastern Mediterranean, it is more than likely that you will also have the chance to stop off at other ports, such as Piraeus in Athens, Greece, Istanbul in Turkey and Venice in Italy. All of these destinations give you an opportunity to explore the wide variety of sights, foods and wines particular to that region and to enjoy the faster pace of Mediterranean city life as well as the tranquility of its beaches.

Feb 27, 2014

Spring into Fashion with Leggings

For as long as I can remember I've always loved wearing leggings. The reason why is because not only do they happen to go with everything, they're super comfortable, flattering, and you can wear them during any season. My mom always thinks they'd be too warm to wear, but if you get cotton leggings they're breathable and actually keep you pretty cool. 

There are many other reasons I love leggings that I'm about to delve into, and it just so happens that rue21 has a wide variety of leggings that I adore. Let's take a look at the leggings they have available that I want stat and I'll explain even more reasons why I adore leggings. I happen to think that they're the perfect item of clothing to wear throughout spring:

Fun Patterns

Fun patterns make an outfit really pop, which is why I love trendy leggings like these stencil striped leggings pictured below. I would love to wear these leggings with a basic grey or pink dress and a pair of wedges. This outfit would also look lovely for spring because of the fun colors and they would really stand out. What's more, they're definitely colors that I would love to wear during the spring time and beyond. Printed leggings that come with beautiful prints and patterns are always fun to add to any outfit. 

Rue21.com also has a variety of other leggings, from tribal leggings to baroque leggings. They're great if you need some extra pizazz added to your outfit or just happen to prefer a lot of fun patterns. 

Don't Sacrifice Comfort for Fashion

Going back to comfort, comfortable fashion has always been a big deal to me. If something isn't comfortable I have a hard time wearing it. I'm not one of those girls who will sacrifice comfort for fashion, which means I hardly ever wear really high heels, tight pants that show every inch of my body, or a really low top just because it's "fashionable". I'd much rather be comfortable and feel okay with what I am wearing, which is why leggings are perfect. They don't "show too much skin" and they're also still really trendy and comfy, especially if they're made of cotton or spandex. Some can be really tight, but that's why it's perfect to wear a lose shirt up top or a dress, that way you're more covered up top but your leggings will still stand out.

Anyway, not to go off on a tangent about sacrificing comfort for fashion, but I am a firm believe that any fashionista can indeed find fashionable clothing that she can be comfortable in. It's just so much easier to feel comfortable in your own skin while wearing comfy clothing that lasts!  


Feb 21, 2014

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Family Photographs

Everyone needs a  beautiful and special family portrait that incorporates your past, your present and your future...

The wedding day is always extremely important for a couple. Basically every bride and groom chooses to have a really good photographer to capture their special moments. If you look at the San Francisco City Hall wedding photos, you will see so many white dresses, black groom suits and happy families. There are weddings happening all across the country and the world, everyone is celebrating the magical event. From Alaska to California, every day someone says yes and some photographer captures that “I will be with you forever” look.

Family photographs are absolutely necessary when it comes to celebrating the wedding. It is that special and at the same time it is also a regular photograph that is going to hang on your wall and make you feel like your family is always next to you.

Life is just too short and when there are such powerful events like the wedding happening, we need to have our family and friends surrounding us. It's nice creating memories during a wedding and special occasion and capturing these moments on camera. Just imagine your very cute grandmother with a pink hat, standing right next to you and your man! Isn’t that a photograph you really need and want?!

Family is everything and when you are getting married you are not only forming a new one you are also extending what your grandmother and grandfather started. If you have the possibility to bring all your cousins, uncles, aunts and parents in one photograph, you should definitely do it, because this is what life is about and also this is what a wedding is supposed to look like in photographs.

The wedding pictures, which can show how the family supports the decision of the couple to form a new family, are simply beautiful. One dad’s smile and one mother’s tear of joy, at their daughter’s wedding are the perfect ingredients in creating that special family photograph.

Bring your relatives closer to you in front of the camera, be happy and smile because you are so lucky to have a family that loves and helps you when you are getting married. Wedding family photographs are special, important and simply beautiful because they have the power to incorporate your past, your present and your future.

Why I Crave Yoga & Working Out

Ever since I tried Yoga several years back I haven't stopped loving it. There was something about it that captivated me and I loved that I could just go to a studio, challenge my body in ways I never had before, and relax during a challenging yet invigorating class. Not to mention I've always loved finding Yoga pants and other athletic clothing that makes me feel beautiful and comfortable while I'm at a Yoga or cardio class. 

Yoga and cardio classes have become a refuge to me when life gets busy, and that's why I'd really like for it to be a bigger part of my life again, which means me being more consistent. Since my life has been so crazy busy with me moving, spending time with my family and new puppy Candy, I need to find a way to incorporate it again as well as working out regularly. Unfortunately my time to workout has disappeared, and that needs to change. Here's what I have in mind to change that:

Wearing Sassy Activewear

Since I've always looked to fashionable activewear to motivate me to head to workout classes and Yoga, I got excited when I recently came across the site Sweaty Betty. They have excellent Yoga wear that I can't wait to wear. In particular I am loving their Chandrasana Yoga Leggings. These leggings come in an attractive offshore print. What's more they are made with flattering flatlocked seams and a deep elasticated waistband, which I think will be helpful for hiding those problem areas. ;) I can't wait to get a pair of these Yoga pants and other active wear because they will be ideal as an added style statement during my Yoga practice.

Ask Friends to Keep Me Accountable

I think for me I need some sort of accountability, which will help me stay on track. It's easy for me to stray and use life as an excuse not to workout, but the truth is I love staying active and going to Yoga, and it's up to me to make it happen. I think that friends can help me stay accountable by giving me a gentle reminder that I need to make time to workout because it's something that improves my life in a positive way. I already have a few friends in mind that I'm going to ask to help keep me accountable.

Make a Schedule

Last week I told my brother I had a workout schedule (my brother is a trainer), but I have yet to follow through with it. Starting next week (or sooner!) I am going to follow through with this schedule. My schedule so far includes going to two cardio classes a week and hopefully one Yoga class a week as well. The other two days a week I will be doing my Tone It Up Beach Babe DVD and taking Candy for a half an hour walk. This means I will be working out four days a week and also working on my diet! I certainly have my work cut out for me lol. I'm just happy that I'll have friends, a schedule, and attractive workout apparel to keep me motivated. This plan of action will help me follow through with my goals and remember just how much I love Yoga, and my other workout classes.