Aug 18, 2008

Simplicity of Details and Sacrifice

What makes a wedding so beautiful? The simplicity of details. The icing on a cake, the flowers abandoned on a near by table while a couple dances, beautiful shoes that go perfectly with an outfit, a veil left on a chair while the bride dances her first dance with her husband. These are the details that make a wedding. Obviously a wedding is about a bride and groom, and the love they share for one another, but if you take the time to capture the little moments, you will never forget them. I was sitting as a bridesmaid gazing out unto the dance floor, and it struck me: is this true love? As I saw one of my best friends dance with the man she loves, I realized it wasn't about the lunch, the ceremony, or the people. It was about them, and the simplicity of their love. Wrapped in the simplicity of their love was their depth of sacrifice for one another that really stood out to me. When it is my day to be wed, I hope that I still have time to capture the little moments with my camera. Art can be found in the little things, and those are the moments I never forget. These little things can be reminders of what love truly is: wrapped up in the simplicity of details and sacrifice. P.S. I captured the bride's bouquet!

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