Dec 23, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a White and Pink Christmas

As I sit in thoughtful contemplation of Christmas to come, I am in awe of snow. I have not been to Utah yet to see the snow, but I anticipate the beautiful glistening snow and the joy it brings to my heart. Growing up I did not enjoy driving in it, but I loved looking at it on the mountains and around my house. I loved bundling up and reading a good book by the fire. The pictures below show pink hues reflected on the trees and snow, sent by my mom to help me remember my home and Christmas. I love looking at pink sunsets reflecting on the white snow. Sunsets take on a perfect hue of perfect pink. I am most certainly dreaming of a white Christmas with pink. Pink is in my room for one, pink is always in my luggage, which is always a certainty, and a pink is imprinted on my heart, whispering Christmas pink dreams to come.