Sep 30, 2008

I Love. Period.

My New Fall Forever 21 Sweater.
Watercolor Painting
Sex and the City. Carrie and Big.
Best Friend Cards
Holiday Decorations. Halloween.

Sep 28, 2008

24 Wishes and Junk Food

On the 23rd of September I turned 24 years old. I don't feel older; but I am trying to act more mature. Now I am not a young girl who just graduated from college; I am a career woman with a sense of direction. I have goals. I have plans. I have multiple hobbies. I love to create. This past Tuesday I was blessed beyond comprehension by some amazing and wonderful friends. Not only did I have junk food galore, but friends galore. We hung out, watched Christy (the TV series from Catherine Marshall's book), and ate lots of junk food.

We were over flowing in potato chips. It was so much fun to get all of my friends together and I love how most everyone knows each other! My roomie Bri made me cupcakes and banana bread. My mom was very sweet and sent me everything to make cupcakes, and it was delicious.

I definately missed my family though and am excited to see them during Thanksgiving. My boyfriend also took me out to celebrate last weekend...we went out to eat, went to the beach, got lunch to eat by the water and tracked down a concert that was playing across the water in Long Beach. We walked and found the destination of the band and got there just in time to dance to the last oldie "Go Johnny Go..." We also watched movies and just relaxed for 2 whole days. It was a perfect weekend. Now it is time to let the new year begin, and my 24 wishes take flight.

Sep 21, 2008

Yellow Flowers in My Bathrooom and New Necklaces!

Lately I have been buying flowers for my bathroom.

I think this stems from the fact that these elements stand out to me: colors, smells, and style. I love walking into my bathroom and feeling joy in the room due to a little added touch like flowers or candles. I finally feel at home in new apartment with my roommates. It's so funny because when I buy flowers, I often get the question by the cashier: "Oh, who are these for??" My response: "Myself." I used to be terrified of getting flowers for myself, but now I couldn't care less of what others think of me. I don't know why it is such a big deal when girls buy themselves flowers. My boyfriend has bought my flowers once but I don't expect him to buy me them all of the time. Flowers are such a hyped up part of romance...I think everyone can enjoy them and their shouldn't be the expectation of only guys getting flowers for girls. That being said, here are some pictures of my lovely flowers that brighten my day. They are baby yellow roses, and I do believe I like the baby roses instead of the larger ones. They are so delicate and I feel as though I have to take extra care of them to keep them beautiful. Every week I try to get new flowers, depending on what mood I am in. Yellow has been a love of mine due to my boyfriend, and I would have to say it is now my favorite color next to pink. Now that fall is arriving, I believe yellow flowers will remind me of the memories of this past summer time and memories of wonderful summers to come.

Also, I want to share some of my most recent Etsy creations that I finally have made time to create: go check them out! I had such fun and if you haven't noticed already, I am definitely a hopeless romantic by the umteemnth degree, if that is a word. Enjoy spring before it fades into fall...the first day of fall is tomorrow. P.S. it's a day before my birthday. I can already feel a breeze in the air and I can't wait to take out my new woolen coat that I bought at Forever 21.

Sep 11, 2008

The Skull Key Princess Halloween Box

Last night when I was supposed to be a sleep in my bed I was up watching Sex and the City and making my skull key princess Halloween box. I admit it, I was a tad crazy staying up until 1:30 am working on my box, but once I had the idea in my mind I couldn't say no!! Every since I laid my eyes on the Un-usual Suspects stamps by Marylinn Kelly I knew I needed to put those stamps to work. I usually don't like skulls, but one particular stamp caught my attention. The skull stamp appealed to me somehow. With the flower in her skully hair and ballet slippers on her skully feet, I was in love. And so, my midnight charade began. Coloring in the skull key princess with my new pastel colored pencils and oil chalks, I felt my mind come alive. As I worked away on the project I thought back to my childhood and tricker treating. Dressed as a princess, cow girl, or whatever character I chose to be, I acted out the part. Being creative last night brought me to a point of contemplation and made me reminisce about my childhood. When I was a little girl, I could be who ever I wanted to be. I wanted to grow up to be a nurse, mommy, teacher, and doctor. I wanted to marry my prince charming and live happily after. Life was simple, and in the same way, my skully, flexible, plastic, sticky skull key princess was simple too. I knew my skully would never change shape or have to grow up, so I stayed up most of the night working away with her. The ink magically cleaned off without difficulty, making me wish that life's mistakes were the same way. The ink could just vanish. If only I thought to myself, that I didn't have to get up the next day and face the world's responsibilities as an adult. If only I could escape one night into my childish fantasies once more. And so I did. I vanished into the skully princess Hallow Eve box and never returned.