Feb 28, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Do you believe in true love? Do you believe in destiny? I do...

This has to be about the most amazing movie I have ever seen. Depicts true life in India. Hard, cold reality. True love. True love conquers all. I loved this film. Makes me believe in the International Princess Project organization I mentioned two blogs ago even more. Go see it!

Gearing Up for the Craft Show Part I

So last night I was up until 2AM creating my domino necklaces, and I am quite pleased with the outcome. My mom is having a church boutique in my hometown and I am thrilled that I am able to send some items to her. I started making some domino necklaces with stamps, Ranger ink, chalk, charms, gems, watercolor, creativity, and a love for vintage romance. What do you think? Here are some of them. I think the mommy to be necklace is my favorite so far. It is kind of hard to see in my pics because of the glare, but I had fun creating it.

Mommy to Be Necklaces, using acrylic paint, stamps, and Ranger Ink.

My Sleeping Beauty Necklaces. I used watercolor and a stamp.

A little bit of vintage bliss.

Having fun with Ranger Inks. I really like the outcome of these necklaces.

Creating a classy way to sell and display my domino creations.

This is what I came up with. Cellophane bag. Check. Paper with punched holes. Check check. Domino Necklace.

The outcome! I'm so excited right now. Hard and fun work, but I think I had a blast. :)More to come soon...

Feb 26, 2009

International Princess Project

Lately I have been more conscious of how I can make my world and community better by being aware of the world events around me. Blogs are all centered on our own lives, daily happenings, and in general are very individualistic. We get trapped in a cycle of me, me, me. I admit I am one of these women. I get excited about my next art project, what I am doing tomorrow, how I can make my hair look better, how I can save more money... You get the picture. Coming across this site and many other non profit organizations, however, make me set aside my simple concerns of what I want to wear for the day for a bigger and better cause and picture. It makes me thankful for my artful living. I want to reach out and help people such as these women. I love this organization called International Princess Project. It is based here in my own community in Southern California.

International Princess Project
Post Office Box 857
Corona Del Mar, California 92625

Are you aware that young women are being sold for prostitution and feel they have no where to turn in India and elsewhere? Are you aware that these women are unable to cry out, for fear for their lives? These women yearn to be and feel like a princess. Most women in California and surrounding areas daily live like a princess in their pink dresses, expensive shoes, amazing homes, and fancy cars. Not every woman has these priveleges and they are crying out to be a princess too. Why not use our blessings to help others? Others who desire for someone to help them. I think by giving to organizations such as these, then we can begin to make a difference.

You can go to www.intlprincess.org and purchase these beautiful pj's, called Punjammies, to donate to the International Princess Project.

I found this article on the web, and though it was painful to read and I felt like throwing up afterwards, I felt like a lightning bolt had hit and gripped my heart. Why do young women such as these have to suffer? How can I help? How can you help? Be selfless and take the time out of your princess life to help these young women to be a princess too. The following story may be disturbing, but truthful.

"According to the latest government data, Delhi witnesses a rape every thousand minutes - a sad reflection on the degradation of our society. The nationwide statistic is not much better - statistics from 2000 showed that on an average, a woman is raped every hour in India..."

"Commentators say that the reason for the high incidence of rape in our country is because of the inefficacy of India's rape laws. Women's groups allege that it is because of our society's conservative attitudes about sex and family privacy that our treatment of rape is so narrow-minded and ineffectual. In an open court, the victim must prove that the rapist sexually penetrated her in order to get a conviction. Add to this the fact that rape victims are fearful about reporting such cases because of the social stigma that comes with it. In many cases, such girls/women are even unable to get husbands. They are ostracised and, if already married, even dumped. Little wonder that 60 to 70 per cent of rape cases go unreported."

"Then, even the few that are reported hardly ever result in conviction of the accused. The poor rape victim, who has to live with the shame of another's crime, has to endure the further ignominy of watching her rape victim walk around scot free, leering and leching at other women, if not at her."

Do we as a country want to allow such shame to continue to dog our women? Shouldn't we as citizens wake up and fight for a change in the system that presently allows criminals to walk around freely while the innocent suffer?"

This was taken from an article called:
India's Sahem: Rape continues to dog our women
by Paul Ninan

My goal is once I get more sales on my etsy is to donate 5%-10% of my profit to organizations such as this one. It is important to educate yourself on what is really happening in the world. I know I am a princess of God because he saved me and gave me grace. I want other women to feel like they have worth, are beautiful, and truly believe that they are princesses too.

Feb 16, 2009

The Art of Making Cupcakes

On Valentine's Day my roommate and I made these lovely cupcakes. For my 2009 goal list, making cupcakes was high on the list. First of all, cupcakes are delicious. Second of all, who says you can't go to town and decorate them to your heart's content? Here are the steps to creating my delicious and yummy works of art.

1. You mix up the yummy mixture of cupcake goodness. I couldn't help but stick my finger in the cupcake mix to sneak a taste!

2. After putting them cupcakes in the oven, pull them out and tada! You have warm cupcakes ready to cool and decorate!

3. The decorations of these fabulous cupcakes consist of...

4. Next we used food dye to dye our white frosting into brilliant colors of pink and purple.

5. Here is the delectable outcome! I have already eaten four of these irresistible creations.

I even made cupcakes for my boyfriend. He thought it was a sweet touch.

I think you've seen enough of my photos to make you want to create some of these lovely treats. Now go create some of your own!

The Day of Love

I love Valentine's Day. I always have. I don't agree with the philosophy that people should feel like they have to buy their significant other a gift, but I like the idea that there is a day set aside for the celebration of love. Love should be celebrated every day. Love should be not only for husbands, wives, lovers, brothers, and sisters, but it should be for anyone and everyone. Those who are shunned and those who may seen unloved need a simple world, yet complex word, called LOVE. I want to love those people. I want to go the distance and love...do you?

Isn't this tulip beautiful? I can't wait for Spring...

A pink daisy in its simplicity. Love.

Love can be shown in the form of flowers. My boyfriend got me these and now they have a home. Love comes in many different forms, and not just flowers. It means saying hi, holding open a door, making someone food, taking care of someone when they are sick. How will I show love today? How will you?

Feb 10, 2009


What can I say about Juneau, Alaska? I don't think I could ever run out of words for Juneau. I was blown away by the vast wilderness, surrounding trees, fresh air, snow, totum poles, and the pure beauty of nature. I just returned on Sunday from Alaska, and I already miss it. I don't think I have ever felt closer to heaven before and now I have, by being in Alaska. Sure, I was cold, but my body and heart were comforted because of the beauty that emcompassed me. Not only did I get to see some miraculous sites, I was able to spend a wonderful ammount of time with my friend from Kindergarten - Britni, and my roommate Bri. Both girls are dear to my heart and I am blessed that I was able to go on some wonderful advertures with them. When I was gazing at the icy blue Mendenhall Glacier, I was in awe of nature and God's creation. I only hope that Alaska always stays this way, and never changes. They called Juneau The Last Frontier and after looking after the enchanting forest that never ran out of space and time, I can understand why. Now I want a pair of XTRATUF Booots that the Alaskans wore everywhere we went, and my heart back, which was left in the wilderness prairie land with the wolves, bears, salmon, and orca whales.

XTRATUF Boots in Alaska. All of the locals wore them!

Yax te Pole

Stairing Out at the Last Frontier

An Alaskan Sunset. Breathtaking.

Just Me in Alaska.

Behold Mendenhall Glacier

Mixed Media at the Jueanu Saloon

Sun. Beach. Sand. Dolphins. Friends.

I am a little behind on my blog, so before I talk about my amazing vacation to Alaska, I need to list some pictures from my trip to Newport beach on January 31st. Some of my friends and I took off to the beach on a Saturday morning. We soaked up the rays, watching the dolphins leap in and out of the waves in the ocean, and I even got sunburned! It was fantastic because I was finally able to read a couple of my favorite magazines from front cover to back cover. I also was able to soak my toes in the sand and lay out in my swimming suit in January! I love California! Afterwards my friends and I got Mexican food and ate yummy chips and guacamole. I was in beach heaven. That Saturday morning taught me the valuable lesson of how important it is to get away, even for a morning on a weekend. I recharged my juices by reading some good books and enjoying wonderful company.

Me. My Tattoo. The Beach.

Ocean Dreamer.

Artful Blogging.

Friends. Pier. Sand. Swimming Suits.