Apr 30, 2009

Jane Eyre

I began to read this book a little while ago, and then I abandoned it. I don't know why I didn't finish it! Probably because I picked up another book and thought I would come back to Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. Not that it wasn't interesting; I quite enjoyed it but but the length scared me away. I have too many things I want to accomplish these days! Well, I decided to watch the most recent movie version on Netflix to see if I liked the plot, and I couldn't peel my eyes away! Granted, I did not like the certain version that I watched that much. The actress bugged me because I felt she was void of emotion. Now I am going to give the two part masterpiece theater version a chance, and see how I like it. The picture of the BBC version, which I will watch soon is pictured above. The version I watched, below, is actually a nice movie poster pic that I found on the web of Jane and Mr. Rochester.
What drew me to Jane Eyre was her incredible strength in adversity. She had a horrible child hood, and even as an adult she was looked down upon and constantly people were horrid to her. She was plain, but very intelligent and wise. Mr. Rochester didn't fall in love with her beauty, with with her intellect and kindness. She fell in love with a brooding man who held a deep secret. Even though he reveals it at the end of the book and she goes away from him to think, ultimately she forgives him and realizes that she loves him, flaws and all. I liked that the characters had flaws. So often now our films portray men as perfect prince charmings, or jerks in disguise that are really good guys. But are they?
It is important to be in a healthy relationship, but no one is perfect. A boyfriend, husband, or friend will disappoint you. They are only human like you. Both of these characters are believable, are formed exceptionally well, and they drew me into their plight. Their plight for love, desperation, pain, and above all, their plight for hope. I will definitely read Jane Eyre now, and this time I won't put it down!!
I found this graphic painting from an artist online, and thought it was the perfect depiction of Jane and her haunting, yet hopeful life.
After browsing the internet I also found out that there will be yet again another adaptation, this time with Ellen Page to star as Jane. I can't wait to see this version! Here is the blog if you want to read more: Bronte Blog. Also, here is the book I own. I just love the cover and they have the same illustrations inside the book too - it's alluring!

Apr 24, 2009

17 Again

I went and saw the movie 17 Again tonight with my roommate Bri, and I couldn't help but remember when I was 17. It was 8 long years ago...I can't believe it has been that long already! I know I am still young and experiencing life, but High School seems so long ago. Now I understand why it was hard for my parents to remember, ha ha, no offense to my parents. I think they are both very young in personality and they look amazing!

Zac Efron was very nice looking in this film, I do have to say. He reminds me of the classic American guy that young innocent girls with wide eyes in High School dream about. But besides swooning over Zac Efron, I liked how his character exuded maturity and confidence as his out look on life changed. Ultimately his body at the end of the film went back to his older form as well. Ha ha, darn! It made me think, that no matter how much fun it was being 17, or not so much fun at times, I wouldn't go back. Everything was so dramatic, upsetting, exciting and liberating at the same time. I am happy to begin my adult life, career and hopefully soon a family. Being 17 molded me into who I am today. Thankfully I am with someone who is older than me, not 17, and suits my "old" soul well.

Here is a picture of me when I was 17 again. I think I have definitely changed not only in maturity, but I have also gained a few pounds, but not a ton. I am with my grandma in the picture and I had just received my soon to be Senior picture. The picture is now hanging in my family's home. Have I changed? Have I gracefully transformed into a young woman? Nah - I'm still a 17 at heart.

Apr 23, 2009

My Lovely

Since I am on my music kick...here is another group that I really love! I have been so busy creating crafts that I seem to temporarily forget my passion for music. I love singing, so I am often searching for new artists that inspire me. This group has toured before and they are just starting out in the Christian music spectrum. If you are familiar with Christian music, then you will recognize the name Rebecca St. James. Anyway, these are her brothers and they are coming out with a CD. You can actually download them for free on MySpace. Their names are Joel & Luke. Here is their MySpace page: Joel & Luke
My favorite part of this precious and breathtaking song is:
"Shall We Dance, Shall we take a moment to draw closer, My lovely...I want to be able to love you, I want to be able to be there when you cry."
This is a such a romantic song, especially if you desire to draw closer to your heavenly Father, and the love of your life that He has gifted you with on earth! :)
Every time I listen I feel love and comfort, and I think of myself being held by my heavenly Father, or whisked away into my boyfriend's arms when he asks me to dance.

Apr 21, 2009

Lifehouse Everything Skit

I saw this skit when I was home on Easter day at my church, and it truly touched my heart. Not only did it stir my emotions, but my heart was stirred with awe and amazement that God loves us enough to bring us back when we have gone through pain or have turned away from Him. He brings us back from our past and makes us whole again. Anytime someone is suffering, God is there in the back ground, beckoning that person to come back to Him. He aches for our love, trust, and faith. He loves us so much and whenever we are hurting, He is there with us. He is only a prayer away. God will hold you and love you forever.

Apr 19, 2009

Marin County and San Francisco Dreaming

I am a happy girl this weekend because I am presently with my boyfriend in Marin County, but so far we have been to San Francisco, Sacramento, and Marin County all in one weekend! I have to say that Northern California is absolutely enchanting and suits my ocean dreamer ways. I have been here before with him but this has been the first time that I have seen more of the sites.

It was so cute as my boyfriend, who is an architect and currently owns land in Marin County, to have me carefully consider Marin County as a place of residency in the far future. He took me by the ocean all the while asking me, "Can you see yourself here?" "Can you see yourself holding your daughter's hand?" "Can you see yourself sailing with me around Angel island?" "Shopping here with your mother?" It was quite romantic and I was genuinely taken with Marin County and of course, my boyfriend.

We stopped by Tiburon, which was the main place we spent time at yesterday. Even though he asked if I should see myself there, (inside I was screaming yes) I also told him that it is not about the location, but it about the people. That is where your heart is. With that statement he responded that I was very mature. :) I responded that it is the truth and inside I was so thankful that my boyfriend understands my ocean dreamer ways and even wants to take me sailing, jog with me, eat with me, and do everything by the ocean as well! What more could I want, beside a genuine faith and strong convictions? Which he has all of the above.

So let me cover my favorite sites...it has been mostly a working weekend with my boyfriend, so yesterday was the time for us to have a little fun. Today I am not sure what will happen, but I am excited none the less, but definitely tired from driving. I am perfectly content, however, just watching the sites and being present of the nature around me. Here are some pics that I took from the web...I will show mine later! :)

As we passed through on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the fog had taken over the bridge, and I was frantically taking pictures on my cell. My camera was in the back of his truck. Darn it! I will have to show the pictures from my cell later (they turned out kind of cool), but for right now I think this is what it must of looked like at the time...

Across the water from Tiburon, in Marin County, this is what San Francisco looks like:

The enchanting sailboats that sail by in Marin County and San Fran were in every way symbolic of the person I am...I like to travel to new locations, but I also like to stay in the same location and rest a while, depending on where my love is.

The homes are nestled right on the hills, and though they look really squished in there, they actually have enough room when you see them up close. I felt like I was in the secret garden, where there were renaissance gates, greenery, and my favorite purple flowers. I was in nature heaven!

Here's Angel Island, where John wants to take me sailing one day. I hope it is one day soon, because it looks like fun! He also said that you can jog around the island...maybe jogging wouldn't be so bad if I had the ocean and sailboats to gaze at!

I saved the best for last...this is how the fog and clouds look when they nestle in the mountains and hills. It is absolutely breath taking. I couldn't peel my eyes away from the dense matter that over took such lush and green hill sides. It makes me feel safe, in the same way my heavenly Father makes me feel safe. In the same way my boyfriend allows a peace and calm in my heart whenever I am with him. I am certainly a blessed ocean dreamer, for sure.

Apr 13, 2009

Wilde Imagination Poetry

I am not usually into eerie dolls, but this eerie, yet beautiful Ellowyn doll calls my name. Wilde Imagination has done a lovely job at weaving together a humanized and enchanting doll. She associates herself with the lonely and distraught. She also showcases her vain beauty. My only hope is that her wild heart is tamed by the gentle Rufus and that she discovers that love and hope does exist. Wilde Imagination dolls, whom you might have also seen in Stampington's publication as an advertiser, is having a poetry contest. I thought I would put a poem together! I transformed one of my sad poems from a rainy night into the doll's feelings of dark plight, despite my optimistic and positive personality. I like writing deep poems sometimes.
Click here to go to Wilde Imagination to find out more info!

Fear, My Greatest Ennui

Rain is dazzling
Rain is sad
It melt my fears
When I am bored and often mad
Pitter Patter
Pleasant disaster
Friend to me
Foe to others
Sunshine and pale blue eyes
They can be nice but they do not disguise
Rain and my ennui is deep
Full of vice
Floods on land
Creates destruction that never mends
Incomprehension does not end
Can rain and my ennui mend my heart?
Full of fear
Full of tears
Drown away my deepest part?
Pitter Patter
Pleasant disaster
Come and go as you may
Take a hit at me
Don't delay
Allow me to love
To not feel such pain
For Rufus is blind and cannot see
My pain is from my deepest enemy
My ennui, can't you see?
Rain, rain, go away
Come again another day...
My ennui does not delay
Forever, it is here to stay

Jorabeel's Candy Lights

I absolutely love these Candy Lights!! Ever since I stumbled across this site it was like I was a little girl again, grinning from ear to ear like I had just seen my favorite Barbie or My Little Pony. The pink, the mystery, the fancy plastic feeling, and the vintage appeal of these candy lights has me a little obsessed. I bought a pink one for my "Faith" light, a white sparkly one for my bathroom, and a string of pink lights to grace my shabby chic white dresser. I love turning my lights off, turning on the candy lights, lighting my candle, and blogging.

Apr 7, 2009

30 Day Fast Art Journal Page

Ever since Stampington's Somerset Art Journaling, I have been wanting to create my own art journal. So when I was over at my boyfriend's apartment on Sunday, while he was studying, I got to work. This is what I came up for my first art journal page. What do you think? I am attempting to do 30 consistent days of growing in my faith with God by reading Completely Loved, by Shannon Ethridge, and at the same time go 30 days without eating junk food (ie dessert and chips). So far, I have been successful! Usually I implement health and growing in my faith in my life anyway, but it's hard to do it every day! I am trying to eat healthier and cleanse my body, because when I take the time to take care of my spiritual and physical health, I feel so much better! I really think it is important to grow and be the person I am supposed to be.

Apr 2, 2009

Hat Day at Stampington

Last week we had a wonderful time at work - we had hat potluck day! Here are some of the recent photos of some of the ladies in the advertising department. I have to say I love pink, so I love my pink cowgirl hat! Yeehaw!