Apr 21, 2009

Lifehouse Everything Skit

I saw this skit when I was home on Easter day at my church, and it truly touched my heart. Not only did it stir my emotions, but my heart was stirred with awe and amazement that God loves us enough to bring us back when we have gone through pain or have turned away from Him. He brings us back from our past and makes us whole again. Anytime someone is suffering, God is there in the back ground, beckoning that person to come back to Him. He aches for our love, trust, and faith. He loves us so much and whenever we are hurting, He is there with us. He is only a prayer away. God will hold you and love you forever.

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  1. Very powerful. Good to know that angles rejoice over me and God fights for me, forgives me, and clothes me in robes of righteousness.


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