Jun 25, 2009


First and foremost, I am sad that the king of pop died today. I know every blogger in the universe is blogging about this, but I also had to pay tribute to his name. I remember when I was ten years old all I wanted was my dad to take me to the store so I could buy my first Michael Jackson CD! I couldn't get his songs out of my head. Remember, Heal the World? That was my fave!! Rest in peace king of pop.

That being said, um, I want to introduce you to my new friends. Drum roll please!! Introducing my new pink friends, by ASICS.

I finally splurged and got a second pair of these grand shoes. I really wanted a pink pair, in particular to encourage me to run more! These shoes are great. They are uber comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Yay!

I went to my apartment gym and surrounding areas this morning and had to snap a few photos on my camera phone to give you an idea. ASICS are wonderful for many reasons, beginning with...

They look amazing near flowers, which means you might be able to wear them with a cute pair of jeans and cute shirt, right?

ASICS also can be used to go jogging by the beach. Be careful that you don't get sand all over them though! They need to stay pretty. Or at least I would be concerned and would try to keep them pretty. He he.

ASICS are great on treadmills. You never run out of energy! One should hope not anyway.

You can use ASICS to go hiking and you can be in style at the same time! How exciting!!

Wait...these ASICS still haven't run out of steam. They work great for running up and down stairs. Yes, I do this for exercise. Have you tried the Santa Monica steps? 70 or more steps up and down, up and down. Nope, not joking, but great exercise! I used to do this when I had a class near by in Santa Monica, but I miss them! Oh how my new shoes would do so great with endurance on them!

ASICS also work perfectly on the elliptical. I have to be careful with this machine because it is so comfortable that I forget to run some days because the elliptical can be my easy workout escape route!

Not done yet...ASICS are perfect when lifting weights. Seriously.

When doing squats...Okay, that is when my leg is coming up while doing sqauts. Oh, and yes, that is my tattoo too. It matches! :) I know, I am a dork, ok?

I think my ASICS are done for the day. They found a comfortable spot near my Women's Fitness magazine.

I feel a tad guilty for spending over $100 on these shoes, but it was so worth it! Now I feel more motivated to work out. After all, these beauties allow girls like us to be in style, all the while trying to attain a nice beach bod.


  1. You should be in advertising!!
    Oh wait...

    You are :p

  2. i like them too! i am thinking about buying a pair since my current pair is starting to wear down. which type did you get?

  3. ohh very very cute :) i always love me some pink shoes!

  4. They are so cute and totally worth it! I might have to check those out! XO

  5. Asics are my running shoes of choice too!


  6. Cute pictures :-) I have some pink Nikes I wear just about every day with scrubs. They're so cheerful!

  7. Nooooo don't feel guilty!!!! Running shoes is one thing you can't skimp on!!! Otherwise you can end up hurting your back and your feet or do some serious damage!!!
    I loveee pink runners!!! They are so much prettier to work out in :)
    Enjoy them!! You deserve them!!!!

  8. hehe fun shots, like a shoe story!

  9. Those are way cute - loving the pink.

  10. Oh, I love pink tennis shoes. Too cute.

  11. Wow! I have just decided to buy a new pair of sneakers and those are amazing. Very cute. Thanks for sharing. Hope your weekend will be a good one!!

  12. Man, I need NEW SHOES!!!! Pink ones!

  13. I love those shoes! I'm a sucker for pink. Thanks for posting them sweetie!


  14. A girl and her shoes- loving the tribute to them! I too have given in to splurging on a good pair of running shoes, and they make all the difference in the world! Enjoy!!


  15. Way to show off your shoes! I just recently got some GT2140s and started the Couch to 5K. They do help me run faster, and I feel like I'm letting my shoes down if I try to cheat the running intervals.

  16. good shoes are worth it x

  17. Hi SITS Gal! Thanks for stopping by today! I'm so glad you left me that comment, because I had a test blog that needed to be deleted. Here is my "real" blog: http://mybackyardeden.blogspot.com

    Love your running shoes post! I have a pair of Saucony that I sing about because they are SO comfortable!

  18. i love your pink asics! so awesome!

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