Jul 31, 2009

Too Faced Makeup

When I was in Utah last weekend I came across this new makeup line called Too Faced, which I was instantly drawn too. The colors, vintage appeal, and variety of products instantly sparked my interested. They cover everything from Galaxy Eyeshadow, to a Unicorn Palette, to bronzers, makeup, lip gloss, you name it! I just had to share because I love all of these products. I can't wait until my next paycheck to splurge on this lovely line of makeup.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend Ocean Dreamers! I'll be crafting the night away followed by spending some time with my man. Any fun weekend plans for you? Hope you enjoy your weekend and don't let it slip away without looking to the stars, k?

So...let's start out with a gig FAT kiss for your man...or for whoever. He he.

Adore this unicorn palette of color

Be a sun kissed babe without stepping out in the sun!

Eye shadow insurance, a must have.

Primers are a girl's best friend!

Hmm, do I want to be a naughty or nice vintage girl today?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...who is the fairest of them all? You can be! :)

Sun protective Lisa lipbalm

Piiink lipstick

Adorable lip bronzers

I want to see a sparkling galaxy, maybe I can create a glowing one on my face?!

Love how this blush looks with the vintage pin up gals...

Too Faced Makeup can be found ~

Jul 29, 2009

It's The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of & Awards

I don't know about you, but Wednesdays just seem to drag on and on, don't they? Well, I think I would love to be in a hammock right now, sipping on a martini or daiquiri, reading a good book, snuggling with my Big Kiddo, and listening to the ocean waves. Ohhh, can I go there right now? Come dream with me and look at these pictures, all from the Apartment Therapy site.

By the way, thank you so much for your prayers and your support about my dad and Big Kiddo. They are both hanging in there! Also, I had an amazing time with my family over the weekend. It was well needed. I went and saw Big Kiddo last night after I got back from my trip - he is still pretty sad so I am trying to cheer him up. I put together a movie red bucket giftie for him with some popcorn, a red t-shirt, snacks, candy, and classic movies...that made him feel a tad better. I love giving gifts! ;)Hope my men are feeling better, I feel bad when both my dad and boyfriend are down and out!

So...now on to some fun awards I recently received. Thanks so much for spoiling me ladies! So...The Dutchess gave me an award that she created herself for her readers, I love crowns so naturally I fell in love with this award! Go check out her blog, you will find so much creativity, love of tea, the color pink, and of course her warm caring nature for her readers! Thanks Dutchess. You truly make me feel like a tea princess. ;)

Thank you Duchess of Tea @ Rose Tea Cottage

I recently received the Blog Loving Award from two fantastic ladies. Ali and Ela are two bloggers that make my heart happy. Not only do they have amazing blogs, but they are two very sincere and genuine people that I am proud to be friends with. Thank you for blessing us with your radiance and happy blog worlds!
Thanks Ali @ The Way I See It and Ela @ Extra Dressing on. the. Side

By the way, if you haven't voted for Ela to win a fabulous scarf...go there right away! Let's help her win!! Go to this link: Polished Sense Blog

I am awarding the Blog Loving Award to these Ocean Dreamers, who are some new friends and also some lovely Ocean Dreamers whom I have known for a while as well. I love all of your blogs:

* My Teacups in Peony
* It's Unbeweavable
* Summer Wind
* Life Is Bananas
* Brown Girl Blogs
* Delectable Swank
* 20 Something Dreams
* Ambar's Thoughts
* Dustjacket Attic

My friend Jennifer passed along this marvelous humanity award. You must visit her blog, she is so down to earth and I have enjoyed getting to know her very much!
Thanks Jennifer @ The Novelista Barista

I am awarding this award to the following Ocean Dreamers:

* A Little Bit of Everything
* Holden It Together
* Then I Got to Thinking
* Absolutely Ladylike
* Life As We Know It

Well Ocean Dreamers, I hope you are enjoying your day. Which hammock did you like the best? Get dreaming! Time's a wasting! ;)

Jul 27, 2009

No Perfect People Allowed

Going on a walk with my mom I realize that all of my music tones and pictures are deleted off of my phone. Five minutes ago everything was fine. In a huff I get frustrated, say a bad word, and walk even faster. Then I get home and my brother discovers that he accidentally popped out my memory chip. Problem solved!

No Perfect People Allowed

Going through some of my old purses in my room I stumble across my favorite sun glasses that I misplaced when I was 16 years old. Walking out of my room I yell at my brother, "See! I told you I never lost them!"

No Perfect People Allowed

My dad is concerned about the food getting cold and hence becomes a little grumpy due to his back pain. My mom and I ignore his grumpiness and try to remain positive and enjoy our meal. We understand that he is in pain and that is why he is so concerned about dinner not getting cold. Afterward he feels bad and tries to be his chipper self again. But...I see the pain on his face and worry.

No Perfect People Allowed

One of my childhood friends during my family bbq explains to me that it is so difficult finding a job right now. She moved home to help her parents care for her grandparents, but had to sacrifice her job in the process. She wouldn't trade the time with her family for the world though, she loves being with them and is thankful to help out in anyway that she can.

No Perfect People Allowed

Today I arrive to work and learn that there are a few mishaps that I need to clear up. One person I am communicating with in particular is very demanding and rude. I try my best to solve the problem and make them happy to create positive customer service and represent my company the best I can.

No Perfect People Allowed

Big Kiddo informs me that his mediation (he has been going through legal matters) did not go well today. He is really sad and wants things to be resolved. I try to be the best girlfriend I can be by encouraging him. I also tell him I am praying for his peace of mind and that he makes the right decision.

No Perfect People Allowed

I still feel unsettled about some of my friendships right now, but I know God is in charge. I know that everything will work itself out and that time will show if the relationship will withstand the weathering of the storm.

No Perfect People Allowed

Lately I have been learning that beauty is in imperfection and that there are no perfect people allowed. After all, we are imperfect human beings. We make mistakes, we are grumpy, and events don't go exactly how we wanted them to go...

All I know is that we can look at life in a depressing way, or we can cope with hardships with a grain of salt. We can choose to look beyond life's hardships and look at life through heaven's eyes. We can realize that there are no perfect people allowed. God loves the imperfect and knows what is best in any circumstance. All I need to do is trust and hope that everything will be okay. I will not allow life to suck out my joy. If you choose to believe that there is a rainbow around the corner instead of trying to perfect every situation, life goes a lot smoother. Life might throw you some wonderful, imperfect moments.

No Perfect People Allowed

Jul 25, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Hi all, I am going to be blogger MIA this weekend because I am currently visiting my family in Utah! Yaaaay! Can't wait for evenings sitting out at the deck and a family bbq tonight. I also get to see one of my best friends (a beautiful and enduring shoe if you read my last post)tonight. he he. Please pray for my daddy. He's been having back problems and we want him to heal quickly so he doesn't have to get back surgery! Thanks and have a wonderful weekend ocean dreamers. I will catch up on your blogs on Monday when I return. :)

Jul 23, 2009

Friends Are Like Shoes

I don't know why this analogy came to my mind the other day, but I think friends are like a pair of shoes. They come new and sparkly, shining their personality and ready to be there at your beck and call. You are the same way in return. You appreciate their new and friendly personality, thinking your friendship will never be the same. You cherish the shoes, you took time to save up for the shoes, you appreciate the shoes, and maybe the shoes become a wonderful friend.

But then...the shoes start getting worn out or you have had the shoes for a long time. Either the friendship changes, the shoes grow old, or new and bright shoes come along. Are you going to hold on to your old shoes? I try to the best I can, because sometimes those shoes are my favorite. They are reliable and even though they don't always sparkle and shine, they still are my best shoes. I still love them just the same. I still invest in them to keep them happy and try to be there for them.

However, I have found that other shoes in return may want new sparkly shoes when you hit your low point. They aren't there for you...they vanish all of a sudden, don't stick around when you need advice, clam up and don't tell you what's wrong. Or, they get mad at you over silly things. I don't understand why this happens. Why don't shoes want to stick with other shoes that are true and reliable?

But maybe, just maybe...there a few jems that stick around through thick and thin. They stick with their favorite shoes. These shoes I am proud to call my friends, because even though these shoes may be worn and faded, they are lasting and loyal. They are always there when you need them. You are there for them in return.

Just like shoes, I think friendship is a two way street. You wouldn't go walking around with just one shoe, right? Well, that is why you need both shoes. Both shoes walk together, talk together, and help support each other. This makes sense because if something is wrong with one shoe...then you help get the other shoe fixed.

Otherwise, friendship is difficult. Friendship is hard. And friendship requires work.

Lately I have found that I have a lot of shoes in my life. Shoes that are peppy, happy, down, sad, mad, unloving, selfish, polished, perfectionists, loyal, faithful, you name it. Now...I realize that all friendships last if you make the effort. But sometimes I don't understand that just when you want to polish your shoes...they break off and leave. They don't want to stick around.

All I know is, no matter the mistakes I have made, no matter how hard I try to keep my favorite shoes around, some may not want to stick around in return. I guess I just need to be at peace with that. I guess I need to learn that I can only do my best and the rest is up to those reliable shoes that I once had. I just get tired of finding new shoes when I love my reliable shoes so much. Why do the reliable shoes get up and leave when I have been a faithful friend? I know they may be going through something hard sometimes, but if only they would reach out to a helping hand!

I am thankful for my closest and dearest shoes. I will forever love them, whatever their decisions in life may be and whatever they are going through. I do have a few shoes that love me for who I am and know that I try my hardest to be there for them in return. Like I said, friends are like a pair of shoes. In the end...which shoes will you be there for? Will you forgive? Will you love deeper, trust more, and hope more? I will certainly try even though it is hard when the trust is broken. I hope you will too.

By the way, these shoes can be found here: Diavolina. Kind of expensive if you ask me, but who knows?

Maybe they are worth it.

Jul 22, 2009

Summa Summa at the Beach

So...I really should be in bed, but promised I would post some beach pictures on Monday. Now it is officially Wednesday, so here are some pictures from the U.S. Open surfing events that were taking place last weekend at Huntington Beach. I think the pictures can speak for themselves.

What is your favorite beach? Any location, any state! I would love to know!! Have a fabulous day Ocean Dreamers.

By the way...thanks for all of your advice on my Etsy shop and your lovely compliments! I can always count on my Ocean Dreamers to brighten my day. Happy ocean dreaming! I wish I could be at the beach instead of at work. Oh well, work = play later on. :)

Jul 21, 2009

Vintage Cards on My Etsy

I haven't done a recent post in FOREVER on my Etsy...I don't know, with the economy the way it is I kind of feel burned out on Etsy. Anyone else feel this way? I'm not sure, maybe I should focus on one type of item verses so many, what do you all think? Do you think Etsy sellers are more successful if they have one type of product verses many? I love Etsy, but it is hard to find exactly what works best to sale.

I've been on there for more than a year and have 16 sales...though I am thankful, it would be lovely to be doing really well. All that matters is that I love to create, so it is not about the money, but making people happy with my home made gifts and art. But...it would still be nice to find what works best on my site. Hmm.

Anyway, here are some cards from over the weekend that I made with my girls. I love vintage and I love ARTchix Studio, go to the bottom of this post to visit their lovely site. I used their couples pictures for my cards. I think they turned out fun and romantic, if nothing else, I will give them to friends if they don't sell.

Happy almost Tuesday Ocean Dreamers! XOXO

Click here to go to the ARTchix Studio!