Aug 28, 2009


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Hi Ocean Dreamers, happy Friday! I don't know if it is really hot near you, but it is over 97% here and I am soooo hot! I wish it was autumn, like my recent post. I honestly think ever since I posted about wishing for autumn it has gotten hotter and hotter.

I was attempting to go on a long jog after work...but it didn't happen because everywhere I went I felt like I was in a sauna. By the time I decided to just jog outside it was already dark. I don't know about you but this girl doesn't feel comfortable jogging in the dark, so I just thought forget it! Better luck tomorrow. I am getting a little nervous. My race {1/2 Disneyland Marathon} is a week away and I don't feel like I have trained enough. The most I have run is about 7 miles, and I am going to be running 13 in less than 3 hours or I have to take the Disney loser train. Yikes and that is funny at the same time! So tomorrow I am bound and determined to get in at least 7-10 miles at the gym or around my neighborhood. Wish me luck.

So speaking of feeling nervous today, I came across this quote that pretty much summarizes my life goal lately. Here, let me share it with you:

If you look to others for fulfillment, you will never truly be fulfilled. If your happiness depends on money, you will never be happy with yourself. Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.
~Lao Tzu

Knowing by TikiLlanes @ DevinatART

This quote really spoke to me because often I think I get caught up on depending on things I shouldn't to make me happy. Contentment for me has always been a struggle. I have always yearned to do new things, make new things, form new hobbies, have a new friend, and the list goes on and on. I think all of these goals and focuses are great, however, they should never define you.

I think that happiness and contentment, for me comes from the following ideas and beliefs ~
1. virtue and character
2. a settled tone
3. internal state, from within
4. fixed and stable
5. empowering
6. integrated with one's identity, fulfilled self
7. self identity in Jesus and one's faith

{I got these from an article and had written it down in my journal, but didn't write down what specific article, oops!}

I admit, lately I have found myself being caught up in spending, spending, spending. I looove buying new clothing. I think I could spend more on clothing than food to live on, which is horrible. I don't mind admitting this to you either to get my point across. I think that my generation is very restless. I am often restless and dissatisfied and I don't want to be this way. Are you? Well, whenever I start feeling this way I reevaluate why I am feeling this way. Is my job not challenging me enough? Am I putting my identity in a human being? Do I feel like I can never have enough money? Did I get laid off? Is my family member sick? Is someone treating me wrong? Am I obsessed with blogger and feel like I am going to be friendless if I don't comment constantly? Am I a shopaholic? Do I worry and feel discontent all of the time? Am I being insecure in who I am? These are extreme, I know, but they might be at the heart of the issue at hand. Sometimes these issues are at the heart of me once in a while. Might any of these be the reason why you aren't content?

Requiem For A Dream by xBluepearlx @ DeviantART

All I ask of you Ocean Dreamers, is to reevaluate your heart. Spend your time wisely, love more, focus on your self development, and be happy. Be truly happy and content in your life. If you aren't...well, then you are in the same pickle that I often find myself in.

Let's work together to get to root of the discontentment in our society. For me, I lean on God and my faith. I know He will get me through. I also depend on my boyfriend and close friends; I am very thankful for them! I know that the new Betsey Johnson dress that I saw today won't get me through even though it is gorgeous and I want it! Ha! Sure, I would love to wear it right now, but it will only make me happy temporarily. I need something to last me for a life time and beyond. I need love. I need to be content. I need to know that even though some things won't be resolved right away, that everything will be okay if I only trust and have faith.

Fresh by xxkiriku @ DeviantART

Let's start being content today. Let's be ocean dreamers full of faith, love, and hope.

babie lato by ultramaryna @ DevinatART

I know when I don't feel content these are some of the things I do to remedy it:
*rationalize if it is worth it to worry about something I can't control
*talk to a good friend
*go on a nature walk/hike
*read a good book
*journal my thoughts
*learn to be content in me

What do you do when you feel discontent?

Just some thoughts that have been on my mind, thanks for reading. I hope you all have a lovely lovely weekend!

les jumelles III by moijoie @ DeviantART

P.S. This is the project I am going to try to conquer this weekend, as well as run 10 miles. Ready. Set. Go!

Aug 23, 2009

Hooked on Crocheting & Blush Lingerie

Happy Sunday Ocean Dreamers, how is your weekend going? Mine has been very relaxing and right now I am listening to my favorite singer Colbie Caillat and enjoying the feeling of just doing nothing.

That is until I go to My Sister's Keeper in a few hours with my girls! I finished the book last week and have been dieing to see the movie, even though I am little bitter because it doesn't feature one of my favorite side characters, Julia. Oh well, I still want to see it and had no idea that Cameron Diaz was the mom?! What the...? I totally thought she was Kate until I did a little research, I guess my visualization of the characters in the book were a little wrong. Or the producers did what they wanted to do, as usual. I should have known that Hollywood would go for a very attractive actress for Sarah, makes sense I suppose. Nothing against Cameron Diaz, I just didn't put two and two together for Sarah in my book. Anyway, I will let you know what I think. Books are always very different than movies, this much I know to be true!

On Friday I got a little hooked, hooked on crocheting that is. If you need a new relaxing hobby, then I would give crocheting a try. I picked it up in about 10 minutes and spent Friday night from 7PM to about 1:30 AM crocheting the night away while watching chick flicks, respectively with my girls. Ha! My friend Laura showed me how, meanwhile she was crocheting this remarkable and pretty blanket with velvet purple, gold, and other outstanding colors. I want to get to that level some day!

So since I was in my rainy mood on Friday, of course I had to buy some Ocean Dreamer yarn and I found this at Walmart.

Laura suggested I try making a scarf first, so this is what I decided to try and conquer. So far I know how to single crochet and it is so addicting and relaxing! I couldn't stop.

Basically I came up with the length for my scarf and did the first row. Here is how it looked at that stage:

When I did the chain it up and turned the corner, this is how it currently looks, on my second layer.

Slowly and surely it will get thicker and thicker, I can't wait!!! I eventually want to learn how to make a pretty blanket, flowers and more. The only problem? Time. I need to actually make time to sit, relax, crochet, and get my scarf done! This may prove difficult with my upcoming Fashion and Interior Design classes after work on Monday and Tuesday. I will try my hardest though to balance my time and make time to visit your blogs too! ;) Plus, I still need to get my tee-shirt quilt done. I guess I have plenty of activities to keep me busy, this is for sure! ;)

Have any of your learned how to crochet? Any tips? I would love to hear!

Changing the topic, yesterday I made a little time to shop. Okay, I didn't have to make time. I wanted to shop at Nordstrom Rack, my best friend that is. Well, I was very excited because I encountered this little beauty ~

Yes, I fell in love with this vintage bra!!! You can purchase this bra here if you would like. It is by Blush Lingerie, I went to their site and was in awe of such a beautiful lingerie line!

P.S. click here to go to Blush's official site.

Love all of the flower details, so very vintage and delicate!

Here are some pictures of some of the future pieces I would love to own:

Here is a picture of the one I own on the model. ;)

I also wanted to feature some photos of the model for Blush Lingerie, because I think she is absolutely gorgeous. These are all photos of Zoe Duchesne, doesn't she make you blush? This Montreal muse is French Canadian and fluently speaks french, I wish I could speak french fluidly! I took french, but, uh, if I could speak french fluently I think I would dare to live in France!! Heading to Paris right now!

Yep...these photos are still her as well. Doesn't she look different? Crazy that models can pull off so many different looks!

Hope you enjoyed the display of Blush lingerie, just like I am hooked on crocheting, I am now hooked on Blush!!! What's a girl supposed to do?

Be sure to come back tomorrow night to see who is the winner of my vintage giveaway, you have until tonight at 10PM to enter!!

Have a lovely and vintage evening lovelies.

Aug 20, 2009

XOXO, Gossip Girl

My latest obsession? Gossip Girl. Oh yes, I know everyone else is obsessed with this show, but something about it just holds me captive. Maybe it is the swooning stars, the fashion, the high class society, the rivals, the music, or the relationships, but it definitely has received my undivided attention.

How about you? Are you in love with Gossip Girl too? I haven't watched the second season yet, so please don't spoil anything for me!!! Pretty please, thanks! But...look what arrived in my mail yesterday from Amazon. Eeeeek! Can I just say that I am a tad excited? PMS is out the window lovelies!

So...guess what I am doing tonight? Yep, you got it right. Me and my TV have a date with Gossip Girl. Actually, my roommate and I are going to watch it together. We got hooked on season 1 and now we need to catch up with season 2!

Ironically enough my roommate's first name starts with a B, and my first name starts with an S. Ha ha ha, isn't it perfect?? So I facebooked her today and said, B - "I look forward to our Gossip Girl extraordinaire tonight, let's see how long S and B like each other." ~ S

So what is your favorite couple, or hope to be couple on the show?

Mine is bad boy Chuck and bad girl Blair. Yep, two people who sometimes, or I should say most of the time don't have a soul seem perfect for each other in my book. I love the plot that Chuck falls in love with someone who he thought he was never capable loving. I also love the idea that Blair is just as lonely as Chuck. They both have their problems, which makes them perfect together. Ahhh, can't wait to see what happens.

Who is your favorite cast member?

I love Serena...I think her character is so complex and so beautiful. Not to mention I want every. single. one. of. her. outfits. Right now!!!!!!

For you Twilight/Gossip Girl fans out there, here is this from Flickr. Isn't it awesome?

I will leave you with a picture of our bad. ass. Isn't he great??

That's all for now. Remember...don't reveal any plot lines from season 2, or the real Gossip Girl might have to be revealed. But...I wouldn't tell even if I knew. Ha!

Gossip Girl

Aug 5, 2009

Muffy Homeward Bound

This morning when I was sleepily walking into my kitchen at work to get my Joe's O's and soy milk I happened to look down at the newspaper. The feature on the particular page that caught my eye melted my heart...

Have you ever seen the movie Homeward Bound?

Yes...the one where the adorable two dogs and cat travel across lands to come home to their family? Well let's just say this story does exist through an adorable dog in Australia named Muffy.

Muffy the Terrier Cross was found in Melbourne after being away for 9 years from Gold Coast in Australia! The owner Chloe Rushby, who is now 17 was 8 when her dog was lost. Her and her mum were thrilled when they learned Muffy would be coming home.

Muffy traveled 1,200 miles to be united with her family. Now that is true love and dedication to find her owners. Here is Chole's happy face after she found out that her dog was coming home.

The fluffy white doggie is known to have been kept in a filthy back yard for the past two years. The previous seven years of her life are a mystery. Ms Coulter found Muffy sleeping on a tattered piece of cardboard after a tip-off about animal cruelty.

I am a sap for stories like this one, so I hope this tugged at your heartstrings the way it did mine.

I walked out of my lunch room with the article and I told my co-workers whenever we were having an unhappy day that I would remind them of Muffy, the doggie who didn't give up until she was safely home. I was a bit frustrated about a few things this morning, but after reading this article I put things into perspective. What if I could love this much? It made me think that I should love more and hope more. Anything is possible!

The owners mentioned that they have a beach they can take Muffy to so she can run and play now that she is home. Aww, a perfect ending to a perfect story. Happy almost Thursday darlings!