Aug 28, 2009


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Hi Ocean Dreamers, happy Friday! I don't know if it is really hot near you, but it is over 97% here and I am soooo hot! I wish it was autumn, like my recent post. I honestly think ever since I posted about wishing for autumn it has gotten hotter and hotter.

I was attempting to go on a long jog after work...but it didn't happen because everywhere I went I felt like I was in a sauna. By the time I decided to just jog outside it was already dark. I don't know about you but this girl doesn't feel comfortable jogging in the dark, so I just thought forget it! Better luck tomorrow. I am getting a little nervous. My race {1/2 Disneyland Marathon} is a week away and I don't feel like I have trained enough. The most I have run is about 7 miles, and I am going to be running 13 in less than 3 hours or I have to take the Disney loser train. Yikes and that is funny at the same time! So tomorrow I am bound and determined to get in at least 7-10 miles at the gym or around my neighborhood. Wish me luck.

So speaking of feeling nervous today, I came across this quote that pretty much summarizes my life goal lately. Here, let me share it with you:

If you look to others for fulfillment, you will never truly be fulfilled. If your happiness depends on money, you will never be happy with yourself. Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.
~Lao Tzu

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This quote really spoke to me because often I think I get caught up on depending on things I shouldn't to make me happy. Contentment for me has always been a struggle. I have always yearned to do new things, make new things, form new hobbies, have a new friend, and the list goes on and on. I think all of these goals and focuses are great, however, they should never define you.

I think that happiness and contentment, for me comes from the following ideas and beliefs ~
1. virtue and character
2. a settled tone
3. internal state, from within
4. fixed and stable
5. empowering
6. integrated with one's identity, fulfilled self
7. self identity in Jesus and one's faith

{I got these from an article and had written it down in my journal, but didn't write down what specific article, oops!}

I admit, lately I have found myself being caught up in spending, spending, spending. I looove buying new clothing. I think I could spend more on clothing than food to live on, which is horrible. I don't mind admitting this to you either to get my point across. I think that my generation is very restless. I am often restless and dissatisfied and I don't want to be this way. Are you? Well, whenever I start feeling this way I reevaluate why I am feeling this way. Is my job not challenging me enough? Am I putting my identity in a human being? Do I feel like I can never have enough money? Did I get laid off? Is my family member sick? Is someone treating me wrong? Am I obsessed with blogger and feel like I am going to be friendless if I don't comment constantly? Am I a shopaholic? Do I worry and feel discontent all of the time? Am I being insecure in who I am? These are extreme, I know, but they might be at the heart of the issue at hand. Sometimes these issues are at the heart of me once in a while. Might any of these be the reason why you aren't content?

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All I ask of you Ocean Dreamers, is to reevaluate your heart. Spend your time wisely, love more, focus on your self development, and be happy. Be truly happy and content in your life. If you aren't...well, then you are in the same pickle that I often find myself in.

Let's work together to get to root of the discontentment in our society. For me, I lean on God and my faith. I know He will get me through. I also depend on my boyfriend and close friends; I am very thankful for them! I know that the new Betsey Johnson dress that I saw today won't get me through even though it is gorgeous and I want it! Ha! Sure, I would love to wear it right now, but it will only make me happy temporarily. I need something to last me for a life time and beyond. I need love. I need to be content. I need to know that even though some things won't be resolved right away, that everything will be okay if I only trust and have faith.

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Let's start being content today. Let's be ocean dreamers full of faith, love, and hope.

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I know when I don't feel content these are some of the things I do to remedy it:
*rationalize if it is worth it to worry about something I can't control
*talk to a good friend
*go on a nature walk/hike
*read a good book
*journal my thoughts
*learn to be content in me

What do you do when you feel discontent?

Just some thoughts that have been on my mind, thanks for reading. I hope you all have a lovely lovely weekend!

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P.S. This is the project I am going to try to conquer this weekend, as well as run 10 miles. Ready. Set. Go!


  1. I really loved your post, you put so much into it and it really is so truthful. You are a gorgeous girl. I love the quote too, very true.

    Have a beautiful weekend,

  2. What an uplifting post! I find myself battling discontent alot as the mother of 2 preschoolers. I want to do more but I am so limited because they are a HANDFUL without adding anything else...LOL! I know if I am patient and enjoy these days that are passing quickly that they will soon both be in school and I can pursue some things during that time. could still enjoy the good stuff AND the BJ dress...just sayin'...LOL!

  3. This is an amazing post... All such wise and good advice. I have gotten so much better in the past few years about trying (keyword trying) to be content with what I have (which is more than enough) and in finding ways to define who I am in and what I am worth without making that dependent on external things (stuff, clothes, etc).
    Good luck with your run... you will do awesome!!

  4. look at you making me think so deeply on a saturday morning :) i love it! im very very caught up in pleasing other people that i dont take enough time for myself. i dont needt o please people as much as i do, as long as i am genuine and caring then id like to think the rest will take care of itself. and i so need to focus on my faith more, that in itself will fix everything else. love u girl, thanks for this post :)

  5. good luck on your half marathon! I'm not a runner but my dad is a total fanatic. If I had to run a race I'd definetly pick one in Disneyland. Remember, it's all mental so stay positive

  6. Hey lady... what a great post. I know what you mean as far as the spending goes, but it is really hard! I think that you definitely have a great head on your shoulders and that should be one reason for you feeling completely content. You are also fabulous to others... I received all of the goodies yesterday in the mail and I was so touched. You are "sweet" Sierra. Thank you. And, definitely no running in the dark. Stay safe! I did a half last October and the most I ran was 6 - and I ran it just fine. The hardest part of the race was 11 on, and I had all of the adrenaline to keep me going... I am certain that you will be just fine! :) Yay!! Thanks again for everything, you are so sweet. PS. I need your address to send you something fun! :)

  7. Lovely post my sweet friend. I love the quote, "Happiness isn't getting all that you want, it is wanting all that you have" and I think learning and changing is part of all that we have too.

    As always, wonderful thoughts!


  8. I'm feeling pretty discontent right now. I just feel like I'm in a rut, but I also know that ruts are generally only temporary.

    Your posts always brighten my day!

  9. Great post Sierra! I love your uplifting spirt! Hope your having a lovely weekend! :)

  10. lovely posts, i adore the pictures. when i feel discontented with my life, i know this sounds cliche, but i count my blessings. i have been doing more and more of that lately, i guess.

  11. beautiful post as usual darling. I love when people realize the importance of God's love in their lives, it's the first step into becoming better people. Hope you get that Betsey Johnson dress sometime soon!


  12. I love your attitude about being content with what we have. I know I'm guilty of always wanting more, and I think that's human nature to be that way. We do have to really focus on the important things in life and stop worrying about the petty thing that bring us down so much. I love your post darling. I've been really down, and it's hard to stay positive all the time. However, I'm mature and capable. Everything isn't always going to be wonderful; sometimes it's just ok.

  13. You are so positive and uplifting! I love that quote so much. Wishing you the best of luck at the Disney marathon...I am sure you will do amazing! :)

  14. What an enlightening post!! Great quote too.

  15. Yay I love this post. Good luck with your marathon, and I love that quote =)

    PS that necklace in the end is sick!!

  16. good luck on the running :)
    inspired by your wise advice :) take care!

  17. thank you so much for your sweet comment. i love your blog and all the beautiful pictures.

  18. Loved all your coping methods for discontentment, I may just have to try a few of those out every now and again.

  19. good luckwith the marathon:)it's so nice sharing your thoughts with us.and the quote is so inspiring.i think that, most of the time, when i feel uncontent i just find more reasons to feel like that.eventually, i will lift my mood, but it takes time.i'm not sure who i am and what i want, so it's really difficult to be happy and not necesarilly proud, but thankfull for what i have.anyway, your posts are always so good and make me meditate about many things.are you a psychologist?you should.i also left you an award on my blog:)you so deserve it.

  20. great post. lovee the quote. i agree that you can't find complete true happiness in spending spending spending but new shoes always does the trick. haha. sorry couldn't resist. good luck with your run. i really wanted to run the disney half but i have a wedding to go to. looks like so much fun. make sure you take pics if you can.

  21. hi lovely sierra! such a beautiful post. did i tell you - i love your name? :)

    i love that quote!! so much. and i must say i do the same, right in my diary all my thoughts when i'm not feeling that great or i go to the park and lie under the trees. i'm forever praying and love surrounding myself with positive people.



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