Aug 23, 2009

Hooked on Crocheting & Blush Lingerie

Happy Sunday Ocean Dreamers, how is your weekend going? Mine has been very relaxing and right now I am listening to my favorite singer Colbie Caillat and enjoying the feeling of just doing nothing.

That is until I go to My Sister's Keeper in a few hours with my girls! I finished the book last week and have been dieing to see the movie, even though I am little bitter because it doesn't feature one of my favorite side characters, Julia. Oh well, I still want to see it and had no idea that Cameron Diaz was the mom?! What the...? I totally thought she was Kate until I did a little research, I guess my visualization of the characters in the book were a little wrong. Or the producers did what they wanted to do, as usual. I should have known that Hollywood would go for a very attractive actress for Sarah, makes sense I suppose. Nothing against Cameron Diaz, I just didn't put two and two together for Sarah in my book. Anyway, I will let you know what I think. Books are always very different than movies, this much I know to be true!

On Friday I got a little hooked, hooked on crocheting that is. If you need a new relaxing hobby, then I would give crocheting a try. I picked it up in about 10 minutes and spent Friday night from 7PM to about 1:30 AM crocheting the night away while watching chick flicks, respectively with my girls. Ha! My friend Laura showed me how, meanwhile she was crocheting this remarkable and pretty blanket with velvet purple, gold, and other outstanding colors. I want to get to that level some day!

So since I was in my rainy mood on Friday, of course I had to buy some Ocean Dreamer yarn and I found this at Walmart.

Laura suggested I try making a scarf first, so this is what I decided to try and conquer. So far I know how to single crochet and it is so addicting and relaxing! I couldn't stop.

Basically I came up with the length for my scarf and did the first row. Here is how it looked at that stage:

When I did the chain it up and turned the corner, this is how it currently looks, on my second layer.

Slowly and surely it will get thicker and thicker, I can't wait!!! I eventually want to learn how to make a pretty blanket, flowers and more. The only problem? Time. I need to actually make time to sit, relax, crochet, and get my scarf done! This may prove difficult with my upcoming Fashion and Interior Design classes after work on Monday and Tuesday. I will try my hardest though to balance my time and make time to visit your blogs too! ;) Plus, I still need to get my tee-shirt quilt done. I guess I have plenty of activities to keep me busy, this is for sure! ;)

Have any of your learned how to crochet? Any tips? I would love to hear!

Changing the topic, yesterday I made a little time to shop. Okay, I didn't have to make time. I wanted to shop at Nordstrom Rack, my best friend that is. Well, I was very excited because I encountered this little beauty ~

Yes, I fell in love with this vintage bra!!! You can purchase this bra here if you would like. It is by Blush Lingerie, I went to their site and was in awe of such a beautiful lingerie line!

P.S. click here to go to Blush's official site.

Love all of the flower details, so very vintage and delicate!

Here are some pictures of some of the future pieces I would love to own:

Here is a picture of the one I own on the model. ;)

I also wanted to feature some photos of the model for Blush Lingerie, because I think she is absolutely gorgeous. These are all photos of Zoe Duchesne, doesn't she make you blush? This Montreal muse is French Canadian and fluently speaks french, I wish I could speak french fluidly! I took french, but, uh, if I could speak french fluently I think I would dare to live in France!! Heading to Paris right now!

Yep...these photos are still her as well. Doesn't she look different? Crazy that models can pull off so many different looks!

Hope you enjoyed the display of Blush lingerie, just like I am hooked on crocheting, I am now hooked on Blush!!! What's a girl supposed to do?

Be sure to come back tomorrow night to see who is the winner of my vintage giveaway, you have until tonight at 10PM to enter!!

Have a lovely and vintage evening lovelies.


  1. My mom taught me to crochet when I was much younger, and it was really fun. I never learned to make anything though. The lingerie is pretty!

    The Sisters Keeper was different than the book. I wonder if you are disappointed by the ending. I liked the movie, but I didn't read the book.

  2. I haven't crocheted since I was so little making pot holders. But I don't think that counts! I wish I could learn again and make something sweet! Your scraf is coming along great!

  3. i've always wanted to learn how to crotchet just so i can whip out so many scarves that my neighbors can start calling me the scarf lady. but alas i don't know anything about it. it looks like you're on to a great start. hope you had a fabulous weekend! oh and that lingerie is HOTT!

  4. I am pretty good at knitting, now crocheting on the other I can sort of do it, but then I totally loose my place and completely skip two holes, and, well, there goes the scarf/blanket.

    That first bra you showed is gorgeous! I love finding unique bras like that, and the second corset is absolutely gorgeous. I will have to check out the site you posted!

  5. I do not crochet...but my mom does...I have been the recipient of some gorgeous creations.

    That bra is SO the details.

    Dr. Hubby and I cried during that could hear sniffing and sobs throughout the theatre. I have not read the book. I also had a surprise with Cameron playing the mom...I feel old...Cameron Diaz is old enough to play a mom...

  6. I am LOVING that lingerie!! SOOO pretty! Good job on the crocheting! I've never tried..perhaps I should.

  7. I have always wanted to crochet, but I don't know how. If I knew how, I imagine making all of my own sweaters... and that vintage bra is so fabulous!!

  8. WOW!!! She looks like 2 completely different HOT women.. Oh well! Lucky biatch! LOL

    On a side note, My Sister's Keeper os a GREAT movie!!!! Amazing!!! Cameron gives one of her best performances yet, IMO. I hope you enjoy it.

    ps: Your scarf looks great already, I'm glad you found a hobby ;)


  9. those lingerie pieces are too cute! hmm i need to go check out that site asap! oh and thank you for your love story!! im so so excited to share it! you two are adorable :) love u and have a great start to ur week!!xoxo

  10. Oh so gorgeous all of them, the vintage one especially. Let us know how the movie went.

  11. i love to crochet! it is so relaxing and can help you forget about all the other things going on in your life! let us know how you liked the movie, i saw it a couple weeks ago and well lets just say i liked the ending in the book much more!

    and the bra is so cute! i've been looking for new ones

  12. i LOVE to IS relaxing! when you get it down, try's even better! When you turn the corner on your crocheting, cut the thread, tie on a new color, and BOOM--you have stripes!

  13. I wish I knew how to crochet! It seems so relaxing, I wish I could shut my mind off and just focus on something like that for awhile! Plus get cool scarves out of it!

    That lingerie is HOT

  14. I love to crochet, even though I haven't done it in a is very relaxing and keeps my hands busy so I don't feel like I'm wasting time. I make little granny squares that take me just under an hour, so one day in the far far future I'll have a blanket.

  15. I bought the book "My sister's keeper" to read while on the plane next week... Let me know what you think of the movie!

    You've got a lovely blog by the way...=)

    Those are simply gorgeous underwears! I wish to change my entire wardrobe now. hehe


  16. Hooray for your new hobbie! I personally don't know if I could have the patience to try it myself. I am also loving your new bra. So pretty!

  17. Hope you enjoyed the movie, sweetie.
    The bra is very pretty and the lingerie looks beautiful and very feminine. I will check their website in a minute.
    I am thinking about getting back to knitting. I am not good at crocheting, but love to knit. It's relaxing, but does require time, which is a bit of a problem at the moment. Don't forget to post pics of your scarf once it's finished. Can't wait to see them.

    Have a wonderful week!


  18. now i am addicted to those pieces of lingerie:)it looks so so so beautiful and feminine.oh, knitting, now you make me wanna learn it as fast as posible:)have a dreamy week.

  19. I learned to crochet a couple years ago, I got addicted too but haven't done it since because of school/work/what not. Congrats on learning!! And that model?? GORGEOUS.

  20. The lingerie is so pretty! I love it!

    I've always wanted to learn to crochet. It looks like a lot of fun. Your scarf looks great!

  21. That Blush lingerie is exquisite! I especially love the floral prints!


    P.S. Have always wanted to learn how to crochet...

  22. Fun stuff!!

    I want to learn to crochet again! :)

  23. My friend Lindsey crochets and she loves it! I am a little to ADD...but I bet it is so relaxing! I love the bra you chose as well. It is so feminine! I am sending my friend Lindsey over to your blog..I really think she will love it! She ia @

  24. Wow, I seriously need to step up my lingerie collection. Hope you had a fab weekend gorgeous!

  25. Oh I can't wait to see the scarf all done! I wish I had tips for grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was very young. I did little things here and there and when I was 16 I made a blanket for my baby brother. Eek, that was nearly 15 years ago! That lingerie is gorgeous and I haven't yet the book but seeing the preview for the movie, I thought Cameron was a mismatch for the role...but perhaps she'll surprise me :)
    Happy monday, love. xx

  26. way to go on the crocheting. my mil is determined to get me to learn how to knit!

    PS - lovin the blog.

  27. Beautiful crocheting and lingerie!

  28. Lingerie...why couldn't that have been a subject in college...oh wait,,never mind...I just never got credit for it...wait scratch that that's not true either! :-)

  29. I have tried and tried to crotchet countless times. So many Sundays have seen me spent on the sofa, with a cup of tea, trying to master the art. My boyfriend even bought me a book about crotcheting. I've watched youtube tutorials, but still I just can't master what you do once you've crotcheted the first row! x

  30. I think a crocheted blanket sounds inviting. Very appropriate yarn you got, the scarf is shaping up a treat!

    Thanks's for your lovely words, they make me smile, xxx.

  31. I love to crochet! My grandmother taught me! :) that lingerie is fabulous! hope you had a nice weekend!

  32. Oh wow! I love that you can crochet! So talented. And oh I just love that vintage lingerie. That bra is sooo totally adorable!

  33. how fun that you have a little project going on. I love those sorts of things. I loved My Sisters Keeper, the book, and I still have yet to see the movie. The book made me cry so hard, I am not sure I can see the movie. I just saw TTKW, and man oh man, I am not sure I can handle all of this heavy content at the moment, I must be a little on edge with the wedding! I am glad you had a good weekend, girl!

  34. I've been wanting to learn to crochet for a while now. My great aunt is a pro, I need to ask her to show me the ropes. Can't wait to see your finished product.

  35. I loved reading 'my sisters keeper'. I was shocked that Cameron Diaz was the mum as well. I was not expecting that either.

    Love the crocheting you've done so far. It looks great. I wish I could do something that creative.

  36. I'm totally in awe of anyone who can make...well, anything. It's awesome.

    And the lingerie is gorgeous!!!!

  37. That is a gorgeous line of lingerie...Just wish I could afford it right now.. Ha!
    Crocheting is awesome... I love things like that but I have some sort of mental block.. I tried and tried and even took free lessons that were offered in Central Park last summer and I was the laughing stock of the class!I just could not stitch on my own!

    Thank you so much, as always for the kindest comments to me.. Really, it means so much and you always give me hope. Yes, it was a rough run there with those 3 guys.
    I'm glad you are doing well and relaxed this wknd.
    It is funny what you said - maybe one of you will bring me a nice guy...Something rather strange (but good) happened via blog.. I will have to tell you!
    Take care.

  38. I LOVE this lingerie! Good finds xxx

  39. when i was little, i used to crochet all the time! i remember making all sorts of little stuffed animals... and good luck with your scarf!

  40. my friend just got me hooked on crocheting!

  41. i loveee crocheting! it is my way to relax and get away from everything for a while. i would recommend checking out youtube for how to videos. a granny square is pretty easy and its very versatile! Happy crocheting!


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