Sep 2, 2009

Creative Randomness & Kristen's Giveaway Arrived!

Hi Ocean Dreamers, this post may be a bit random so just bare with me.

First of all, thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement today and yesterday, I definitely appreciated it and needed it during my bad day! Today was much better even though it didn't have the perfect outcome, I am learning to be thankful for simple things in life and just learn to roll with what comes along.

Be sure to stop by Tracy's blog to wish her congrats for her upcoming wedding {September 5th} which is only 4 days away! She was so thoughtful to blog about some of the gifties I sent her way. Well, I happened to snap a few photos before I sent them to her just because I love the vintage photos, so I had to share. No, I am not trying to be full of myself by stating I sent her a gift {lol} but simply appreciated the beauty of creativity so I look a few pics of them by my vintage clutch bag, yay!

Be sure to stop by Tracy's blog to wish her well for her upcoming wedding day and to share in her joy, her happiness is absolutely contagious!

Click Here to Send Some Lovely Wishes Tracy's Way @ Her Blog!

So, last Friday I was super giddy to receive my giveaway prize from the darling Kristen Sara over at While We're Waiting. Ironically enough she got this bright, beautiful, and multi-colored top and bracelet in Hawaii, which happens to be one of my favorite places on the planet! I had to show off her super cute packaging and the new top in my room.

Kristen, sorry I didn't model in the top yet, I've been super hot in my apartment and car with no A/C so hence no photos. When I wear it next I'll snap a few! :)

This is how she wrapped it, isn't it amazing?

Hmm...what's inside?

I love the colors on this darling feminine top, perfect for me!

He he, my new interior design and fashion notebook matched my bracelet perfectly!

Thanks so much Kristen, you are a doll! Make sure you click on her link above to visit her new refurbished profile, it looks ammmmaaaaazzzing!
So, if you read my Friday post you will remember this delightful picture and how I stated that I was going to try and make this, right?

Well, here is my version, which I did get done in one weekend. Yes! Of course it is more like me, with many different colors which naturally makes it bright and happy looking! I love the detail in crocheting, it is so relaxing as well.

My dear friend Ali @ The Way I See It has been a bit blue lately. Well love, please don't be blue because here is a blue crocheted flower to brighten your day. Ha ha, I know I am a dork so hopefully you are cracking a smile right now! Please feel better and please go to her blog {linked under The Way I See It} to give her a lovely message!

The only mistake I made was using too thin of yarn which caused my flowers to pucker. To be honest I probably won't wear it because the flowers pucker but at least I finished the project and next time I will purchase thicker yarn. It was so therapeutic as well!

Okay, not to end this post with a downer but I found out what was going on with my car today. Well, let's just say it has about $800 in damage just because this object got lodged in my car while I was driving on the freeway.

Honestly, after my grumpy day yesterday I am just thankful that I have a car and that it runs. It is so frustrating that this stupid foreign object can cause so much damage and cost so much money to repair my A/C (which leaked out because this object got lodged in my vent). But...worse things can happen, right? Ha! I had to throw that in there since I was told that yesterday, but hey, my loved ones were right.Worse things can happen. It really put things into perspective for me on what matters the most. A little sweat won't kill me even though it is hot and sticky right now until I get it fixed. What can you do? Well, I create and it makes me feel better!

Hope you have an amazing Wednesday Ocean Dreamers! How is your week going?

P.S. I went to my fashion class tonight and I am in love. I actually like it better than interior design so far, I have so many fun events to go too, I will be sure to keep you filled in! Yay!


  1. Oh well done with the necklace and so pleased you at least know what caused the prob with the car and it can be fixed...yay!

    What a beautiful gift, so pretty and so are those gorgeous vintage cards pictured.

  2. Glad you're enjoying you fashion class.

    Ooo, I love the colours on the top you won. They're gorgeous.

    And your version of the necklace looks great. Its so great that you're learning a new skill and are benefiting from it. Well done!

  3. I'm glad you are feeling better, as well as your car:)congrats on finishing the project.

  4. I like the necklace. Isn't it amazing how car repairs can cost so freaking much? Yikes.

  5. Glad to see that you feel more positive today, honey and also happy to hear that your car is working again. Those cards are so beautiful, I adore them, especially, the second one. x

  6. Soooo much fun stuff in this post :) I love wrapping presents (just as much as I love giving the actual present really)... and love people are excited to open presents!! Bummer about the cost of your car but at least you know what it was. And I am so impressed with your homemade necklace... wow!! I could never do something like that!

  7. awesome job! you're so crafty! i love it! haha
    & yikes about the object but I'm glad everything is fine now!!

    Have fun at your fashion class! I think you're great at these things so just take a breather & enjoy it! :)


  8. you made that! good gracious girl, what can't you do!? :) it's adorable. ah im so happy for tracy, she's a sweetheart isnt she? well i hope you have a great day today and im so sorry about your car. cars suck, trust me i know! xoxo<3

  9. That necklace is perfect, so adorable! You should make more and give them away, haha, only kidding.

    Glad you're doing better, hon!

    KS is such a sweetie, glad you won her giveaway, it'll look fab on you!

    Oh and those cards are so lovely.

  10. congrats on winning kristen's giveaway! i love the bracelet. it's so bright and colorful. when you've cooled off (hopefully soon), make sure to model it for us. sorry to hear about your car but at least it will be fixed.

    have a fabulous wednesday!

  11. I just found out that you awarded me on your July 29th post :-) Thank you so much for awarding Absolutely Ladylike...I also left a message under that post :-)

    Much love: Evi

  12. Wow girlie you got a lot goin' on. Love the necklace and how much you are enjoying your new fun to get into something new! Have fun with that new class!

  13. Gosh, I take a week off and look at all you've been through and all you've accomplished.

    It just shows we all have those ups and downs, it's what makes life interesting. Of course, we all prefer more ups!

    BTW, I love the mermaid cartoon of you, it is how I will always think of you now and trust me, that is a good thing.

  14. Hi there:)! Just checking in to read your last few posts. I hope you are doing well! :) That card is soo beautiful. I just love that vintage style.

  15. Your blog is wonderful. Where can I give in a given you've been writing ...A kiss from his fans here in Brazil!

  16. Shut up. A quarter? Crazyiness! What a super fun giveaway win!

  17. Your wedding card is so lovely. Great job!!

    BTW: I am doing a giveaway on my Lovely Clusters blog and we are giving away a cami dress from Plum Pretty Sugar!

  18. I LOVE what you made for Tracy! I saw it on her blog! You are so sweet! And I love what you won, so cute! Andd your scarf came out great! Your so multitalented! And last but not least sorry about your car! Thats crazy! But at least it was just the AC! Well hope your week is going great!!! :)

  19. oh the fashion class totally sounds amazing..i'm jealous! I am glad you are feeling a little better but it still is aweful about your car :( I totally love the stuff from hawaii!
    Oh and thanks for your running encouragement! You will totally rock you 1/2 marathon :)

  20. it turned out so cool!

    I am so sorry that you have been down, but am glad to hear that you are feeling better!!

  21. ooo, fashion!! Is that what you are majoring in?! I was really into it growing up (still am) and majored in it for one semester lol. I love designing! Let me know how it goes for you!! I remember making pajama pants. I was so proud of myself, haha.

  22. Thanks for leaving me a comment today! Those vintage photos are great!

  23. So glad to hear that you are doing better. You did a great job with the crocheting! Love it!

  24. I'm so happy that you are feeling better! That sucks to hear about your car- oof.

    Love your new necklace! Very cute! Are you going to be making any for Etsy?

    Hope your week keeps going well!

  25. Oh Dear! I didn't realize you were going through some much crap. So sorry!!!

    Yay for winning!

    PS---You're so sweet to Tracy. The weenie dog painting--precious!

  26. hey beautiful! tracey is just lovely! how exciting that she's getting married tomorrow! :D :D :D

    and wow! love your giveaway prize. you lucky girl!!!

    love the necklace you crocheted! and that's a shame bout the car :( that's a lot of money. but these things happen.

    mwa mwa mwa to you my love! xxx

  27. Ah so many lovely things! Gorgeous necklace!

  28. Your fashion class sounds fun and that necklace is darling! Sorry to hear about the car, that is such a bummer.

  29. I am just now commenting because I am THAT behind on everyone's lives and I feel terrible, but OMG...

    You are amazing. I mean, you had to have known this but let me just reiterate this: you are a ray of sunshine and I just adore you. Thank you so much. Ugh, LOVE.


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