Sep 9, 2009

Going Back to Basics

Thank you so much for your sweet comments in regards to my 1/2 Marathon. I appreciate all of your support and for cheering me on! I couldn't have done it without you, truly! :) I hope I have encouraged some of you to try a 1/2 Marathon on your own, because, if I can do it, you can do it! Anything is possible and once you do it, it is not nearly as daunting, trust me! :)

My latest obsession? Banana Republic. This amazing store has all of the basics, and after looking at my closet the other day I am in need for some basic and lovely clothing essentials. I have waaaaay to many beach clothes, which are amazing, but, let's face it. Beach clothes are going to make me cold when fall decides to appear. Plus, it just won't cut it at work! I want to look professional.

I used to dislike this store a lot growing up. But on Saturday, when my BF was visiting, we went to South Coast Plaza and gravitated to this store. I found a plum dress for the fall time as well as a blue knitted blouse for 50% off! I was in fall heaven. Or I should say I was wistfully wishing for fall since it has been so warm here in Southern CA.

Even since Saturday I haven't stopped thinking about Banana Republic! I even gave my mom the hint that I want a gift card for my birthday. Hopefully she'll take the bait! Ha!

Here are some of my favorite picks from the dresses and tops featured on their website right now, hope you enjoy!

P.S. click here to go to Banana Republic's official site.

BR monogram flutter sleeve pleated dress

BR monogram ruffle-neck shell

Chunky sweater vest

Drop waist dress

Pintucked cowlneck dress

Puff sleeve floral blouse

Silk cap sleeve graphic top

Silk pleated dress

Silk ribbon shell

Which one is your favorite out of my selections? What type of outfits do you prefer to wear to work?

Have a wonderful day Ocean Dreamers! XO!


  1. oh my, thank you for sharing these, i really loved them :) well i'm still in school, but i like to dress casual to school. i tend to wear jeans a lot, but i adore tights and skirts and pretty tops. ♥

  2. Love your selections, darling, especially that drop waist dress!


    P.S. Hope you are having a fab week too!

  3. oooo pretty! Love them all! I love Banana Republic! I love JCrew too! they have similar styles I think.

    I love my maxi dresses but lets be real I can't wear them when it's 40 degrees outside! hahah

    I usually wear buisness attire. Button down collard dress shirts with pencil skirts or pants. I like to accessorize more to make the outfits fun!

  4. I love BR! So pretty and classic...I love the ruffled top!

  5. Ohhhhhh, that ruffle neck shell is divine! I prefer to wear tanks and bermuda shorts to "work." ah ha

  6. LOVE the black drop waist dress!! Banana Republic has great things!

  7. such a great store...I'm loving that first dress so much!

  8. I love the ruffle-neck shell! I get to wear scrubs to work... one of my favorite things about my job! Pretty pretty selections.

  9. Oh my... I love it all! Although I really adore that chunky sweater vest. Being a student, I'm all about casual right now... but when I start shopping for work clothes again, Banana is a favorite spot. I love how classic and timeless everything is. Sooooo pretty!!

  10. i love banana republic and not just because of the name. it's definitely one of those stores that grows on you as we mature. my favorite is that last top with the turquoise necklace. they have fabulous accessories and sales. gotta love that!

  11. great choices! I really like the drop waist dress!

  12. the drop waist dress is my favorite!

  13. The ruffle neck shell is beautiful! I would wear that under a suit for work!

  14. you are totally right girly!
    BR has TONS of cute clothes right now!!!
    i want to go shoppin! ;)

  15. Oh I love all of the dresses you picked! I wish I could go on a shopping spree and buy everything you picked out! gorgeous! Banana Republic and J crew are my absolute favs. Their clothes are goreous and chic without being too,too trendy. I know I can get more than one season of them

  16. I love the black dress! I love me some Banana!! It's perfect for work!

  17. I adore BR. BR and J.Crew are some of my favorite brands. They especially have some gorgeous dresses; I love all the ones you pictured!

  18. Very cute! Love that models haircut too.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comments. Congrats on your marathon. I love disney princesses too. Ariel was my favorite!

  19. Totally great selection, I think I'd choose 1 and 2 as my fav's honey.

  20. That sweater vest is cute. I know London has a few Banana Republics, but I've never gone in. I can't wait to go into one now.

  21. I really like BR, but unfortunately we cannot buy anything on-line here, in the UK and he only shop is in London. :( I've also heard (and saw) that clothes here are overpriced by up to 100%, for example, if a bag cost $100 in the US, they'll put a price tag of £100 here. Hopefully one day I will be able to order it from the States.
    I adore your picks, so beautiful and the colours will look gorgeous on you!

    Have a great day, sweetie!


  22. Banana Republic is one of my favorite places to shop too! I especially love going to their outlet shop near my mom's house -lower prices!

  23. You're so sweet to encourage all of us :)

    I especially love the silk pleated dress. I do love the simplicity and classic feel to their pieces. I love them even more when they're on sale :)

    p.s. did you ever get your phone to work?

  24. I love banana republic! they have a pretty good selection in their outlet mall too for a pretty good price! good luck finding some great basics :)

  25. Okay, I adore each and every piece that you just displayed. SO beautiful..

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and the nice comments. I always love new blogging friends :)

  26. LOVING that sweater vest!

    So funny, my friend said (and I quote), "Banana Republic's looking good right now!"

    So true.


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