Oct 23, 2009

Hiding Under Your Mask?

Happy Friday Ocean Dreamers!

My blessed Friday post is going to be postponed...I feel like writing my deep thoughts today.

Often I find myself writing about fears and a lot of my posts echo these thoughts. I think I like writing about my fears because it allows me to cope with them and strive to overcome them. I don't mind being honest about my fears because I secretly hope that it helps you feel like you are not alone. We all have fears and we all are trying to overcome them on a daily basis.

Lately with Halloween I have been thinking a lot about masks. I have always been fascinated with masquerades and masks in general, but with Halloween approaching it makes me fascinated with them all the more. Here are some actual pictures of me in masks from past renaissance festivals.

I love masks and all that they represent...but they are more than just being pretty...

I think I literally sometimes find myself hiding behind a mask.

Other times I find my mask to be quite ugly. I may reveal my mask to only people who can take it or I feel won't abandon me. I take out a bad day on my boyfriend or call my mom in tears instead of going to the person who has truly caused my pain. My mask is thick and will not be taken off. But...I find if I hide behind my mask I can become quite ugly on the inside, which transforms into ugliness on the outside as well. I begin to hold grudges and becoming cynical. This is the person I never want to become.

Instead I would rather be free....free of pain....free of hurt....free of rejection

Free of shutting myself off to the rest of the world, hiding in a cage, and not revealing who I really am to others. I want to hurt alone. I want to be alone. I don't need anyone.

But then I open my eyes...I am not alone. I am loved. I know grace. I am capable of forgiving and confronting the person who hurt me. The truth will set me free. I take off my mask slowly and I slowly reveal myself to others.

What will you do today that will set you a part from others? Will you simply hide away or strive the be the best person you are meant to be? Will you allow the pain you are hiding to keep on festering, or will you strive to find a way to face the issue head on and begin a process of healing? After all Ocean Dreamers, you deserve to be set free.

Don't hide under your mask any longer...

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*all images are from weheartit.com!

Oct 12, 2009

Adorable Baby Animals

Hello! I hope you all had a lovely weekend, mine just went by way too quickly if you ask me. I just got back from Big Kiddo's and needed a pick me up after watching the film Valkerie. It was a good movie, just way to depressing! Films about WWII always make me cry.

So...I decided to share this little bundle of cuteness with you all.

Look who decided to visit this weekend? Isn't she adorable? She is my roommate's boyfriend's daughter's new puppy. Cuuuuuuteeee! Can I have one please?

If you have been following my blog for a while you would know that I have been wanting a Doxie after finding one at a shelter a while back. At the time things were not right to rescue her and put her into my home,(another person did) but I want one still so badly! Some day I hope to have one.

While I'm at it...let's look at some more adorable baby animals, shall we?

I grew up having bunnies as pets, but this picture is just beyond adorable!

All of these photos are so cute too! Awwww...

Okay, I feel better now. Do you? {if you were feeling sad that is.} ;) What is your favorite baby animal? Hope you have a good start to your Monday tomorrow!


Oct 7, 2009

Would You Trash the Dress?

Happy hump day! So...this morning I was surfing the net looking for advertising contacts when I came across something that caught my eye - an article with the title Trash the Dress. What? Huh? Trash what dress I wondered.

Well...it turns out that there is a new trend alert for brides to be. Trashing your wedding dress in your photos to create enthralling photography. What do ya think?

MSN said it perfectly so I just have to borrow their words:

"Wedding gowns find life after nuptials in "trash the dress" photos – an increasingly popular trend in bridal photography. Brides wear the dresses for photo shoots in locations that are anything but glamorous -- from junkyards and railroad tracks to swamps and even underwater. The gowns go out in a mess of glory, as most are destroyed during the process. These photos have been collected on Trashthedress.com. Take a look at some of the wild ways wedding dresses have made their final appearances."

So let's do just that, shall we? Let's check out some of these fabulous pictures, of, um, well, trashing dresses. I hope you are okay with this. I know I am.

Oh and here is the link to the Trash the Dress site

Whoah, very sexy!

Dreamy but it would be very cold, right?

Kind of spooky but beautiful in the same way

They are having way too much fun!

K, this one reminds me more of Halloween than a wedding

Need some beach dirt by chance to celebrate?

Okay, this one is just plain cool.

So how about it Ocean Dreamers? Would you trash your wedding dress for some out of this world, incredible photos for your wedding?

I would if:
A. I had enough money to have two wedding dresses (one to be trashed, one for the day of)
B. My groom was in favor of it and it didn't require cold water or some other kind of crazy outside element (dirt or paint might be fun)

Have an amazing night tonight, I am going out for sushi for dinner, yum!