Oct 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hello Ocean Dreamers, I hope you have an amazing Halloween!

Tonight I am off to Cirque du Soleil with Big Kiddo...I just can't wait! Hopefully I'll be able to take some photos, we will see if they allow it. I am not wearing my costume, I wanted a little break after my work party on Wednesday. I am wearing an orange shirt however!

Check out these pumpkins that my friends carved {I was the on looker} on Thursday night. They did such a good job!

Have a spooky night tonight, I can't wait to see all of your costumes and hear all about your Halloween tales! I am watching The Nightmare Before Christmas right now and it is sooo good! :)

Happy Halloween!


Oct 29, 2009

Pink Pirate Work Party

Ahoy matey! Care to come aboard my ship?

I had so much fun at work today...our advertising department decided to dress up as pirates, we all had a blast taking pictures and eating yummy food!

I decided to go with wearing tights with my outfit, as I stated before since the dress is just a little too short. Obviously, ha ha. But...looking at the pictures I put the black tights over my design tights because I wanted the illusion that I had tattoos on my bottom legs. However, looking at the pictures now it looks like my legs are being cut in half, so I might have created a costume disaster. Oh well, I still liked how my costume turned out, minus the tights. I couldn't believe how tall the hat was once it was actually on my head. Come on! Talk about pirate exaggeration!

Let's get this pirate ship going here...enjoy!

A few lassies that won't be walking the plank...

Sink me! Look at all of these lovely ladies!

Land ho!

I don't know how I would feel if I really had this many tats, could you pull it off?

Are you sick of pink and pirates yet? Ha ha. I found out that putting the eye makeup on was very tricky...the black kept on getting smeary looking and I had to use a lot of q-tips and lotion to make sure I cleaned up where the black smudged too much. I used Sephora for my eye makeup. I love wearing all of the makeup, but once it is on I want it off, he he!

Blimey! It is way past my bedtime again Ocean Dreamers. I must go to bed to sail the seas!

Thanks for looking at all of these fun pictures of me and my buckos!

Oh, and in case you were wondering I found all of my pirate words here @ Puzzle Pirates: A Pirate's Vocabulary, there are lots of fun words I learned on this site!

Have a wonderful Thursday Ocean Dreamers. Oh, and thanks for all of your comments on my Halloween Disney post, I was excited to find out that there are so many Disney fans out there like me!


Oct 28, 2009

Disneyland at Halloween Time

I really should be in bed right now Ocean Dreamers, but I was excited to post some pictures for you from Disneyland! I had such a wonderful time! Even though the lines were long and there were people everywhere, I definitely missed Disneyland. I hadn't been there in a couple of years so I was very excited to go, it was like visiting an old friend!

Disneyland always brings me such joy. I love the imagination aspect of it all. Plus the rides are a blast. I enjoyed seeing the Haunted Mansion and how it transformed into The Nightmare Before Christmas. It was always too crowded for me to see it in years past, so this was my first year seeing it especially decorated from the film. They did such a good job, I hope you enjoy the pictures I captured.

By the way...thank you for all of your sincere responses to my post Haunted. Believe me, it took a lot for me to tell you all of that. I don't like bringing up my haunt but sometimes it is good to reflect and help share with others if they are experiencing the same thing. I hope it helped you a little and thanks always for being so kind is response.

Here are some of my favorite pictures that I captured on Saturday, hope you enjoy a little bit of the Halloween Disney magic.

Look...it is Jack the Pumpkin King, and he is real, yikes!

Cutest ride, ever.

Love all of the shops, just adorable!

I visited Sleeping Beauty's castle, Princess Aurora 3D magic was inside!

Sigh. Hopeless romantics alert!

The dress should be pink!!!!

No, no! It should be blue...

Caution: You are about to enter the Haunted Mansion. Turn back if you DO NOT want to be spooked!

Are you ready for more of Jack the Pumpkin King? 3D pictures inside of the Haunted Mansion...

Yay, it is Jack's love interest Sally! I just adore her. Falling a part limbs and all.

Okay...do you see a difference between this photo and the next?!

I'll give you a hint...did you look at the left corner? Isn't Oogie spookie!!! I didn't realize this until I looked at my pics tonight, I guess it changes in the Haunted Mansion. It truly is haunted! Wahahahaha...

Jack, Jack, the Pumpkin King.

Thanks for looking at all of the pictures, have you ever been to Disneyland Ocean Dreamers?

I better get to bed, tomorrow I am dressing up as a pink pirate for my Halloween work party! More pictures to come!


Oct 26, 2009


In the spirit of Halloween I want to tell you a story Ocean Dreamers, enjoy the story of my haunt...

Found at Weheartit.com

I was 18 years old. I had never been in love. I never knew what love felt like until I met him. He become my everything. He became my all...

My High School sweetheart is someone that I no longer like to talk about very much. Our love story was the kind of love affair that you read about in romance novels. He would carry me up the drive way to my Victorian home, buy me flowers, kiss me until I was breathless, write me love letters, and buy me Tiffany necklaces. We traveled together everywhere. We had the most perfect and happy photos. Kissing at sunset, on the beach, under the stars, it was everything I ever wanted and more. Everything and more. I met his family, he knew mine well. I was infatuated, I was in love, I was his everything and he was mine. For five years we were inseparable. Even though we went to different Universities, we traveled back and forth up to two to three times a month to see each other in either Kansas or California. We couldn't wait for the weekends when we would see each other. It was a desperate and passionate love. So many memories, so many plans. I never thought anything or anyone could separate us until...

One weekend when I was in Kansas my haunt and I decided to go with his friends to Dave and Busters. My haunt was making glances with a mutual friend...I could tell things were not the same between us. No, it did not happen over night, but I was losing my love, my everything. He kissed me then. He told me everything was okay, that I shouldn't have any doubts. He had no feelings for the other girl. But inside of me I was screaming. I knew that was not the truth, my premonition was I was losing the love of my life. I would never get him back...

Flash forward to graduation day my Senior year of college. I was in turmoil. My ex and I had just broken up with one another but out of my desperation I was not ready to let go. I invited him to be there with my family and they understood, even though they knew he had broken my heart. My haunt made phone calls to that girl that weekend, I couldn't understand why I invited him there. All I knew was that he was my heart, but yet my heart was missing. Why did he have to trample my heart on the ground?

By Alegion @ DeviantART

It took me three years to get over my haunt. Some days, when I am driving in the car a song from High School or our time together turns on the radio...it brings me back. Back to those days when we would hold hands in the car, kiss at red lights, and tell each other over and over again that we love each other. That we were meant to be together. Music was so much a part of who we were. It reminded me that I thought that nothing would ever separate us, ever.

Some nights, when I am all alone, or in my dreams, my mind reverts back to the love of my past. He never seems to leave me alone, but it has lessened over time. I consider him my haunt, because for five years this China man occupied my thoughts in every way and he still haunts me occasionally to this day. It was a suffocating love, a love that was not meant to be. But, despite the way our relationship ended, I hung on to the hope of a reconciliation. We remained friends...but it was not the same. He broke my heart, I could not let go. Over and over the cycle went, it was very unhealthy but I thought that was what love was. Did I not understand love? I wanted him more than anything. I was haunted, I am still haunted, I will forever be haunted.

Haunt by Simplistic Scion @ DeviantART

I tell you this story not for you to feel sorry for me or to think that I am still clinging on to my haunt. I am blessed beyond measure with the man of my dreams, aka Big Kiddo. He came into my life at the perfect timing too. Right when I needed him, right when I was still healing but Big Kiddo gave me the time to heal. Big Kiddo taught me what love truly is.

I tell you the story of my haunt because it is a part of me, it made me who I am today. It helped me learn about love, and it helped me learn about life. I do miss my haunt, but I know better now. I know not to run back to someone who even though later came back to me and wanted me to take him back, I did not. He wanted me to marry him, he said he would never leave me again. But why would I take someone back who was only going to trample my heart and leave me again? That was the hardest decision of my life, for you see, I will always love my haunt. That is the type of love you don't find everyday. And yet...I learned that love is not desperation, is not always fireworks, is not sacrificing everything, is not materialism, is not becoming a weaker person. My haunt managed to make me feel inferior and not good enough, no haunt or person for that matter should ever make you feel this way Ocean Dreamers.

Instead love is mainly loyalty, cherishing someone, not leaving them, consistency not manipulation, improving someone and encouraging them to be an even better person, having the same goals, and trust. My trust was gone, therefore my love was not the same...

I will forever be haunted by this love from my past. But with every haunt comes a happy ending, healing, new beginnings and a new love. But I know that my haunt is one that I will never ever forget.

Oct 25, 2009

It's Raining Awards for You!

Happy Sunday Ocean Dreamers! I'm hanging out with Big Kiddo right now and since he is working away I thought I would use this time to catch up on my awards. Sorry this is so long, I am a little behind as you can see with posting them as I receive them. But the good news is now some of you get awards, yahoo! ;)

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday, yesterday I went to Disneyland. My cold went away so I felt up to going and had such a wonderful time! I think I made my cold go away by drinking six cups of tea in one day and going to the bathroom a lot, ha ha!

I will be back soon with pictures from Disneyland, but for now I am going to post the awards!

Amber @ Life As We Know It gave me the Splash Award.

The Splash Award is given to alluring, amusing, bewitching, impressive, and inspiring blogs.

I am awarding the Splash Award to:
Kristen @ K. Law:Inspired
Mayra @ life is BANANAS
Chessa @ Ciao, Chessa!
Jeannie @ Lilies and Grapes
Kellie @ Ada and Darcy

Thank you Nicole @ My Teacups In Peony and KS @ While We're Waiting for awarding me with The Superior Scribbler Award.

I am awarding this award to:
Jennifer @ The Novelista Barista
Sharon @ Bookish Blonde
Lissa Marie @ Above the Starlit Night
Kristen and Megan @ BonBonRose
Koralee @ Bluebird Notes

Thank you Mango Girl @ Ramblings from Mango Girl, The Mrs., Amber @ Amber's Thoughts, and Ali @ The Way I See It for the Over The Top Award.

Now, as a part of the Over The Top Award, I need to answer these questions and use one word for my answer!
1. Where is your cell phone? couch
2.Your hair? messy
3. Your mother? happy
4. Your father? funny
5. Your favorite food? sushi
6. Your dream last night? marriage
7. Your favorite drink? tea
8. Your dream/goal? school
9. What room are you in? TV room
10. Your hobby? crochet
11. Your fear? illness
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? ocean
13. Where were you last night? Disneyland
14. Something you aren't? mean
15. Muffins? blueberry
16. Wish list item? Juicy
17. Where did you grow up? Utah
18. Last thing you did? eat
19. What are you wearing? PJ's
20. Your TV? room
21. Your pets? none
22. Your friends? happy
24. Your mood? worried
25. Missing someone? mom
26. Vehicle? eclipse
27. Something you're not wearing? ring
28. Your favorite store? Target
29. Your favorite color? blue
30. When was the last time you laughed? today
31. Last time you cried? Saturday
32. Your best friend? Carissa
33. One place that I go over and over? BJ's
34. One person who emails me regularly? Tracy
35. Favorite place to eat? BJ's

I am awarding the Over The Top Award to:
Amber @ A Glimpse Into My Thoughts
Allison @ A Little Bit of Everything
Jennifer @ I Know, Right?
Jessica @ The Damerons
Sarah @ It might seem crazy but we call it Life

Thank you Joelyne @ The Sydney Girl for The Fabulous Award.

I am awarding this award to:
Marjorie @ For the Love all That is Pretty
Bunnie @ Bunnie Bar
Mrs. Life Accounts
Amy @ My LaLa Land
Amy @ Defining Amy

Thank you Lindsey @ Mommy Wonderland for the Dragon's Loyalty Award.

I am awarding this award to:
Tracy @ Then I Got To Thinking
Ali @ The Way I See It
Nicole @ My Teacups In Peony
Joelyne @ The Sydney Girl
Amber @ Amber's Thoughts

Whew, that wraps up all of the awards. Thank you to all of the lovely ladies who have given me awards and I apologize if the award I have given to you, you might already have.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Oct 23, 2009

Hiding Under Your Mask?

Happy Friday Ocean Dreamers!

My blessed Friday post is going to be postponed...I feel like writing my deep thoughts today.

Often I find myself writing about fears and a lot of my posts echo these thoughts. I think I like writing about my fears because it allows me to cope with them and strive to overcome them. I don't mind being honest about my fears because I secretly hope that it helps you feel like you are not alone. We all have fears and we all are trying to overcome them on a daily basis.

Lately with Halloween I have been thinking a lot about masks. I have always been fascinated with masquerades and masks in general, but with Halloween approaching it makes me fascinated with them all the more. Here are some actual pictures of me in masks from past renaissance festivals.

I love masks and all that they represent...but they are more than just being pretty...

I think I literally sometimes find myself hiding behind a mask.

Other times I find my mask to be quite ugly. I may reveal my mask to only people who can take it or I feel won't abandon me. I take out a bad day on my boyfriend or call my mom in tears instead of going to the person who has truly caused my pain. My mask is thick and will not be taken off. But...I find if I hide behind my mask I can become quite ugly on the inside, which transforms into ugliness on the outside as well. I begin to hold grudges and becoming cynical. This is the person I never want to become.

Instead I would rather be free....free of pain....free of hurt....free of rejection

Free of shutting myself off to the rest of the world, hiding in a cage, and not revealing who I really am to others. I want to hurt alone. I want to be alone. I don't need anyone.

But then I open my eyes...I am not alone. I am loved. I know grace. I am capable of forgiving and confronting the person who hurt me. The truth will set me free. I take off my mask slowly and I slowly reveal myself to others.

What will you do today that will set you a part from others? Will you simply hide away or strive the be the best person you are meant to be? Will you allow the pain you are hiding to keep on festering, or will you strive to find a way to face the issue head on and begin a process of healing? After all Ocean Dreamers, you deserve to be set free.

Don't hide under your mask any longer...

P.S. Go here if you haven't entered my chocolate giveaway!


*all images are from weheartit.com!