Nov 28, 2009

Black Friday Revealed

Happy Saturday Ocean Dreamers!

I'm bundled up at the cabin today staring at Trumpeter Swans on the river {so beautiful!} and not wanting to fly home to CA tomorrow evening! I'll be back with some cabin pictures later.

So this post is actually for an assignment for my Fashion class, Special Events & Fashion Promotion. I am supposed to write about an event and my instructor Erin said that Black Friday could be an example. So below are a lot of pictures that I captured while at Macy's on Friday and my observation of the event. Enjoy!

The theme of Macy's during this holiday season is Believe. I think Macy's are trying to market Christmas time obviously, as well as hope for tomorrow due to the economy.

My mom and I arrived at Macy's around 8AM. My opinion is that it wasn't that crowded because it was a Macy's located near my family's home in Utah. I can imagine the department stores in CA must have been a bit more crowded due to a larger population!

The shoes were in the front display when my mom and I entered into the store. Macy's marketed sales for an additional 20% off of the shoes that only lasted until 1pm.

Some outfits were 30% off and you could take an additional 15% off. I can't imagine how long it look them to organize and put up all of the signs! They must have been up for hours the night before at the store. Hopefully their employees get paid for the extra hours.

These comfy pants caught my eye. They are so soft and they can be used for pj's or day time pants due to the elastic waste. I actually ended up buying them!

It seems like the men's department had bigger sales, maybe they have been selling less in the department?

I noticed Macy's using popular themes such as Twilight by putting it in front displays such as this one near the jewelry and makeup section.

As we left I noticed a lot of traffic near the shoes. They needed another sale's clerk!

When my mom and I entered the fragrance area we got bombarded with sale's associates! Look at all of the perfume samples that they were promoting. They also had a $5.00 coupon attached to each box by the display counter. I really liked the smell of the new Juicy Couture fragrance Couture Couture and Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson. I already have Jessica Simpson's Fancy fragrance and it is great!

Overall I felt like Macy's did a great job with the Black Friday event, they had a lot of employees there and they had their festive Santa hats on. The employees were also very helpful, and there was a festive atmosphere.

I over heard a sale's associate offering her customer whom she was ringing up an additional 10% coupon to create a great price! I also overheard another sale's associate talking about needing to reach her sales' goals and today was going to be her day! I think the event drove them to hopefully be friendly and help shoppers find exactly what they were looking for.

There were a few announcements, but they were really hard to hear. They seemed to be advertising the more expensive items and how they were offering a promotional discount. Also, as I mentioned before the most significant tactic they had was the additional 20% on select items until 1PM only.

I personally think it would be stressful to organize Black Friday at an department store, I would want to rip my hair out! Glad everything was calm as far as I could see that morning. I am sure later in the day it got increasingly busy. I am glad my mom and I got out of there before a ton of traffic hit.

I hope the stores gain more sales during this holiday season. We certainly need it the way the economy has been.

Hope you enjoyed Black Friday Revealed Erin and Ocean Dreamers!


Nov 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Ocean Dreamers! I hope you all had an amazing day with family and friends! I'm in Utah right now spending time with my family, it is so nice to have 4 days off! I spent most of today by our fire crocheting my grandma a scarf while watching fun shows with my parents and brother. :) I'm a very happy girl.
My bro snapped this picture of me tonight in his truck, I like how it turned out! I had an amazing dinner at my grandparent's house. Wish I could post some pictures but it is important to keep my family private due to my blog being public. So here I am instead! ;)

Tomorrow I am off to the cabin for a day...I will have some more pictures to show. Can't wait to bundle up next to the fire.

I am so thankful for many things, here are a few things I am thankful for:

*God and His unconditional love
*my family who is always there and rocks my world
*Big Kiddo who adores me and loves me unconditionally
*a job and amazing friends and networks that I have made along the way
*lovely friends who I cherish and enjoy creating memories with
*the ocean {I am so fortunate to live near it!}, hence the Ocean Dreamer in me
*yummy chocolate and all of the other snacks that help me make it through the day
*new classes this Spring, more Interior Design and a photography class too!
*a healthy body and running for another half marathon soon
*future travels and dreams - not giving up and persevering despite hard times lately
*ALL OF YOU! You are amazing bloggy friends!

What are you thankful for? Hope you had an amazing day!

Nov 24, 2009

Hope for the Hopeless

Hi Ocean Dreamers! I hope you are excited for Thanksgiving, I know I am! I leave to go to Utah to be with my family tomorrow night after work. Big Kiddo is taking me to the airport, I am excited to spend a little bit of time with him before heading to see my family. My family and I are spending Thanksgiving day with my grandparents and then maybe {depending on the weather} driving to Idaho to spend time in the cabin! I can't wait and it is definitely well needed to have a mini vaca, 4 days off! Whohoo!

I want to share a very powerful story with you Ocean Dreamers. Yesterday, after class, I arrived to my apartment. As I got closer to my door there was a young Asian woman crying, naked. She had no clothes on what so ever. She was past the point of caring and having hope. A man was there too...he was talking to her and trying to calm her down.

I didn't know what to do. I was not used to seeing someone naked, in the cold, and crying hysterically. My heart started pounding when I heard her mention the word knife..."Let me go and get my knife," she said. She also continued to walk around naked by her apartment door while the man muttered that he did not want to get involved.

My gut told me to get inside my apartment and shut the door for safety measures. I didn't want to get hurt if she really was going to get a knife, I wasn't sure of her motives. It appeared that she was suicidal. I went inside and yelled for my roommate. I told her exactly what I had seen, and asked her what we should do. Meanwhile the young woman, who appeared pregnant as well, continued to cry and was now clinging unto the man's legs, hopeless.

My heart went out to her. I was scared that she was going to hurt herself, but I also realized that she might have been saying those things to get attention. She was definitely crying out for help though. Either way, I knew she needed help and hope. I decided to call 911. My roommate called security. Nervously I told the person who answered what I had seen and where we were located. He said that he would send someone out to check on her. I felt better that they at least could take care of her and bring her somewhere to hopefully get counseling and help.

Security arrived first. He tried calming her down but it was not working. Twenty minutes later the police arrived...I am not sure what happened. I assume that they took her somewhere to get help. He did take the time to speak to her and find out what was going on. We did hear through out door that she was six months pregnant. The entire time they were talking to her she refused to put any clothing on and she continued crying, poor thing.

During this holiday time, I think sometimes people get down right lonely, depressed, and have no hope. After seeing what I witnessed last night, now I feel even stronger that it is not worth it to end your life, put an unborn baby at risk, and threaten to kill yourself. I'm sorry this is so deep around Thanksgiving time, but this really struck me yesterday, especially since I was there and saw everything. I hope she finds a reason to live and be loved. I hope she grasps on to hope, even if she is struggling from a mental problem, or whatever she is going through. She deserves it. I will be praying for her. We all deserve to be loved. God is love. We can love. We can get past the hardest of times, if we just look to hope and love and find healing. Find a reason to love.

That is why I am going to love the unlovable.

Give hope to the hopeless.

What will you do?

Let us be thankful for life, and be thankful that we have so much of ourselves to give to others so they, in return, can be truly thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!


*All images are from!

Nov 22, 2009

Magical Snow

Nope, sorry, not engaged. Ha ha, don't I wish but I loved this photo and then realized she has this ginormous engagement ring on! Jealous!

Hi Ocean Dreamers! Thank you so much for your thought inspiring and real responses to my last post, you don't know how much it meant to me! It really put me in touch with reality and this past weekend was beyond amazing with Big Kiddo! We had quality time together, a good conversation, and it was much needed. I'll be back tomorrow with some ocean pictures from our beach visit.

Lately I have been in the mood for snow...especially since I might be seeing it soon {depends on the weather} when I fly home to Utah on Wednesday night and I also get to visit our cabin again. I can't wait.

What is it about the snow that you love? Or maybe you don't love it. I know I do. It makes me feel like this lovely ballerina...

I wish I could kiss Big Kiddo in the snow. Maybe someday if he visits with me.

Wouldn't it be amazing if it snowed near the beach? Cold, but it would be so beautiful...

I wish I could listen to sea shells by the snow. So whimsical!

Make a magical snow wish!

Mittens always make my hands warmer.

Aww, what a cute little guy!

Do you love the snow?

Obviously I don't like driving in it, {don't miss that at all when I lived in UT} and that is why it is ideal that I can visit when I go home for the holidays!

It makes me feel so happy when gazing out the window and soaking in the snowy mountain view. I love the coziness by the fire side, reading a good book, and bundling up when heading out into the snow. Sigh. It is just so magical.
Snow is just around the corner!


*all photos are from!

Nov 20, 2009


Good Morning Ocean Dreamers! I hope you all enjoyed your week!

Sorry I've been a bit absent this week, my head was feeling a bit like this:

You see, I let a lot of my hurt from friendships {which are now mended by the way} become an issue in my relationship with Big Kiddo, it allowed for a lot of stress on our relationship. Also, Big Kiddo has been really busy with work and I got lonley. I started getting confused and when that happens I tend to shut down for a while mentally.

I think I am learning the value of compromising. I felt like lately I had been compromising too much, and it caused me to feel angry and neglected. Big Kiddo's job takes a lot of time, hence I was feeling forgotten. But...I had to make a decision. Do I be supportive and compromise, or lose him? We are trying to work it out, I really love him and want to find a way. He has continued to be there for me, even when he has been busy. I consider our relationship healthy and admire his work ethic.

Right now we only see each other on the weekends...I would like more time. He is going to try and make more time. We will see. He would like me to realize this though, however:

He thinks I should be even more focused on my which I am, but I can't but help and be a hopeless romantic. Plus my job is only 8-5, his goes beyond the basic working hours because he is working hard for a successful future. I admire that. I would rather be with someone who works hard than someone who does not. I know he is planning for our future. Plus I do have hobbies and interests that can keep me busy, but I also want to spend time with the love of my life. I am sure all of you can relate.

Bottom line, I want my relationship to work. We are both working on compromising.We have given this relationship two years, we are so compatible in so many ways. Our relationship is not perfect, {whose is?} but he is my best friend and I adore him. I don't want to go through another break up. However I still need to follow my heart and have needs fulfilled.

So...I must know. Those of you who are in relationships, how do learn the value of compromising? Sacrificial love? What do you do to be more patient? Especially if someone is in a challenging career, getting a new degree, and has to spend time on their studies.

I struggle with this because I don't want to get so busy that the world passes me by. But at the same time I want a promising future. Please be kind with your answers, my emotions are a bit fragile these days, lol.

Big Kiddo is self employed, is going to school, and is trying to make time for me and his family. Really hard. I know he tries his best. Hence I am trying to compromise without truly compromising what a relationship means to me if that makes sense.

Anyway...I am feeling so much better today. I am trying to stay positive, because this week I was certainly everything BUT positive.

Thanks for letting me vent. It is Friday, yahoo!!

I can't wait to catch up on your blogs...
Tonight I am watching New Moon and I have a Team Jacob tee on. Here it is, but mine is in a dark pink color. Ha ha, don't worry I also love Edward but my friend is wearing a Team Edward Tee so naturally I had to be the opposing side, right?

By the way I am not obsessed with Twilight, ha ha ha, but I did read all of the books and am looking forward to the movie tonight.

Bummer, I missed out on Blessed Friday and Hot or Not this week! Oh well, there is always next week and I am certainly blessed with all of you! XOXO!

Nov 18, 2009

Just Hold Me

Erase the doubt

Erase the fears

Send me love to draw near

When all hope is lost

Ease my heart

Clear my mind

Through grace, only hope I will find

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