Nov 6, 2009

Blessed Friday & Giveaway Winner!

Happy Friday Ocean Dreamers! Any exciting plans coming your way? Wanna take a few from me pretty please because I am feeling a tad stressed over everything that is coming. Seriously. will be fun! Yay!

It is time for Blessed Friday my lovelies. Oh, and it is time to reveal the winner, but not yet. You have to wait. Ha ha ha, so sorry! Keep reading!


1. I am blessed that tonight I am hosting a Bachlorette Party at my apartment. Party! Nah, we are actually just chilling and painting our nails, eating yummy soup and chatting. This is the kind of party I want to be a part of! Wish my nails looked like this! :)

2. Checking out an Interior Design school to see if I want to add to my current career. So excited to learn all about interiors! I am blessed that I have many opportunities living in Cali!

3. Blessed to get my hair done all blonde again. Yipee! I admit it has been way to long since I got my hair done, it is just so expensive now and at least my roots are a shade of blonde, just not the pure blonde I prefer like in the pic below! I used this pic before in my Blonde July post, yep, it's a repeat.

4. Birthday party for a friend Saturday a lovely Mexican restaurant that I adore by the water. I am blessed to be surrounded by friends and celebrating a birthday!

5. Going to a wedding on Sunday, same friend that the Bachlorette party is for. Big Kiddo and I have bit of a road trip - it is about an hour and a half away. I love weddings and I look forward to celebrating the love that my friends have for one another! Love this photo by the way.

Okay, so that about sums up my blessed Friday happenings and activities that I am thankful for.

Now it is time to reveal the winner of my chocolate giveaway!

The winner is Hanako66 @ Through The Looking Glass

Hope you don't mind that I stole a picture from your blog love! I couldn't resist. If you haven't checked our her blog, you must and you will fall in love!

I love this lady's heart and her fashion sense, so this is just perfect for her. Plus, every girl needs some chocolate, right?

I hope you all have a great weekend! I'll be back to play catch up on your blogs once all of my madness is over.



  1. Sounds like you have a great weekend planned! Hope you have a fantastic time.

  2. Sounds like fun doll! Being busy is crazy-but that is what life is made of sometimes :) Hang in there and have a blast!!

  3. What?!?!? This is the craziest amount of plans ever... and so many parties!!! You will have a busy, but AWESOME weekend... I just know it!!
    And Hooray for your winner!! Lucky girl!

  4. Yay for Hanako!

    Also, I have heard of ID in Newport as one of my friends went there. She really liked it and they placed her in a job at the studios. Good luck in your search love! Have fun at all of your events this weekend! XOXO

    PS. I need to make an apt for my hair too! Ugh! Us blondes have to keep up lol!

  5. OMG! You ARE busy, lady!! Sheesh! A party, a wedding, another party.. good gosh you'll need a weekend from your weekend.. haha.. I've felt like that lately too... And I agree on the hair thing being $$$! I have mine done every 5weeks on the dot b/c my hair is NOT blonde. NOT. Sooo.. yeah. haha.. I think God intended me to be a blonde, though, so I just help Him out a little.. ;)

  6. Congrats to the winner!!!! And I have to be honest, toes FREAK ME OUT. But I can see how some might like.

    Hair looks good!

  7. wow, busy weekend!! :) have FUN! we've got lots going on too.

    congrats on whoever won your giveaway! i'm sure they will enjoy

  8. i like that birthday cake so cute...oh weddings it seems to be my topic for the past year...hope you have lots of fun!

  9. Looks like you have a majorly fun weekend ahead! Sounds awesome!
    First, I adore those nails and yes, really really wish I could do mine like little ladybugs. So freaking cute!
    And that bathroom...gorgeous! Good luck with design school. I'll cross my fingers for you that it works out.
    And that picture of that cake is making my stomach growl. Hehe.
    Have a great time!!

  10. Love those toe nails. Wish my nail lady could do that! Everyone seems to be busy busy busy these days! Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Yay!!! I'm so excited that I won!

    It sounds like you have a jam-packed weekend...hope it is awesome!

  12. Hope you have fun at the hen's night! be sure to do some cool nail art and post the pics! xx

  13. Thanks for following me btw! can I follow you? I can't find the icon for it....

  14. 1.I am blessed for having a loving family.
    2.I am blesse for having a plce in highschool to "hide" away from everything and just talk with a very good friend.
    3.I am blessed for going to see "A Christmas Carol"[at least i hope so:)]
    4.Am i blessed for tons of homework to keep me occupy all weekend long?
    5.I am blessed for the blog comunity.

    Have a happy weekend:)

  15. Oh I really want that bathroom, dressing room. How cool.

    Hey sounds like a super fun weekend,

  16. Congrats to the winner-

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    ~ Kelly ~

  17. Love your thankful list...parties are so fun! Have fun at the wedding!

  18. Your hair is going to look good!
    And all your plans for the weekend sound lovely; tell us about it next week! I am jealous of that chocolate winner! :P
    Thanks for your comments on my blog too! PS: I wanted to give you the "One Lovely Blog" award but I see you already have it! :(
    But your blog is in my list... I think I might mention you anyway when I write the post! Byeeee

  19. Your weekend sounds fantastic. Hope your having a great time!

  20. danggg you are busy this weekend. hope you're having a blast. actually i know you are! xoxo.

  21. WOW honey, busy weekend! Have fun!

    And congrats to Hanako, I LOVE HER!!!

  22. What a jam and fun packed weekend! That is great. I'm envious!
    I hope you're having a blast.
    Love all the pictures...always get such a great feeling from your blog and I so love the firefly song!

  23. that was me - tudor city girl- and my comment came up as anonymous. i have a friend visiting your area - do you mind sharing the name of that great mexican restaurant that is waterside? would love to pass it along. we can't find good Mex in NYC. Thanks, my friend!

  24. That 2nd photo is just gorgeous!! xoxo

  25. Oh, congrats to the winner..., I'll be buying some Lindor chocolates then...

  26. hope you are having a great weekend hun!!
    you are one busy lady!!
    exciting to think about maybe getting some interior design schooling!!
    love your hair, it's beautiful! :)

  27. I bet design school would be so much fun! Did you ever watch that show Top Design on Bravo? I used to love all the challenges they would be given on how to decorate a specific space. I thought it was a really interesting show. Thanks for the comments. I'm a lot better. I think I just had a cold, but I'm finally starting to breathe a little bit better. Sounds like you had a fun weekend planned. Hope you had a good one!

  28. hey beautiful! such a lovely post! <3
    i love reading about why you feel blessed and the pictures you match to it! the bachlorette party sounds fun! and i love your hair blonde! p.s. if you have facebook please add me!
    big hugs xxx

  29. Re-blondening is always the highlight (no pun intended) of my every couple months. Yes, it's expensive, but you can't beat it for brightening your mood :)

  30. Congrats to Hanako!!!

    Wow, hon you had such big weekend plans! LOL, here I am planning to do laundry.
    That is so exciting about Interior Design school - keep us posted!
    And your hair always looks lovely, even when it's not "done" :)

  31. Aw, I hope it was more fun and less stressed than you thought! Sounds like an amazing weekend and those ladybug nails are too adorable. Hope everything went great and congrats to the winner :)


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