Sep 29, 2009

Moccasins...In or Out?

So I thought today I would explore a little bit of fashion to break up all of my sappy romance. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments, they always mean so much to me. And yes, for those of you who are wondering, I am still on cloud number 9! Seriously!

So...lately I have felt a little bit of cool in the air in Southern CA, finally! Our seasons tend to run together so I will take whatever cool air I can get. It is hilarious though because as soon as you get a hint of cool air here I immediately see girls break out the winter coats and boots. Meanwhile it is 40 or 50 degrees {soon to be 30} in Utah or Montana, ha! Being originally from Utah I just have to laugh but at the same time I too am guilty and I do the same thing! I embrace the slight cool air just because I want seasons I can claim.

I feel like because I have the beautiful ocean I have to sacrifice my seasons...I'm not complaining but I do miss the snow! I guess that is why I have the cabin to visit now, yay! :)

Since I am claiming this cool air, especially after the sun sets by the ocean {oh believe me it gets chilly by the ocean}, I want to start searching for some new boots to wear. Which leads me to moccasin boots...what do you think about them?

Do you think they are in style this season or not?

Do you like moccasin boots, or do you think that they are waaaay last season? Sorry, had to bring out the OC girl in me. Just kidding!

I am thinking of getting some moccasin boots because they are comfortable, fun, flirty, and they keep you warm at the same time.

I recently went to see Colbie Callait in concert and she wore lace up moccasins, I need to post those pictures. I am a bit behind!

Well, let me introduce you to some of these beauties...

Minnentonka moccasins

ankle high moccasins, found at

Free People

Free People Prairie boots

Beklina moccasins

Jessica Simpson Mocca flat

Stock moccasins

Kate Moss is trying to pull them off. Do you think she did it?

Lauren Conrad in moccasins

Misha Barton, but yucky outfit!

Olsen twins Bess moccasins

So what do you all think? Should I get a pair, or just stick with cute boots?

Hope you have a lovely day Ocean Dreamers, XOXO!

Sep 27, 2009

I Love You

Hi Ocean Dreamers! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Isn't it nice having a lazy Sunday?

In Love by VimZ @ DeviantART

I'm back from my weekend getaway. Everything was beautiful. I'll be back to post some pictures, I'm too lazy at the moment because I wanted to share some exciting news.

From DeviantART

For those of you who have been following my blog closely or have read my love story from my dear friend Nicole's blog, you would know that Big Kiddo had not declared his love for me yet. I had no doubt in my mind that he did love me, but my Big Kiddo, being a sure and steady rock that he is, he wanted to wait for the perfect timing to tell me. I admired that.

Love by Auroille @ DeviantART, yes today, Ocean Dreamers, my Big Kiddo told me he loved me. When I least expected it. The funny thing was when he said it, when he was holding me, I said "what?" because it totally caught me off guard. Ha! It was the sweetest thing. The convo was as follows:

{while holding me after a movie}
Big Kiddo: Baby?
Little Kiddo: Yes?
Big Kiddo: Do you love me baby?
{my head is spinning.}
Little Kiddo: Yes... (questioningly)
Big Kiddo: Because I love you.
Little Kiddo: I love you too baby

Love by Rambotheif @ DeviantART

I am soooooooooooo excited! This post is going to be very very sappy, because I am BEYOND overjoyed because I have waited to hear these precious words for 2 years. Now I can celebrate! Right now my roomies and I are watching Gossip Girl, and I just couldn't wait to tell you my happy news.

Love by Censurez @ DevinatART

So because I just dished about how Big Kiddo told me he loved me, I want to hear all about you.

Love by Ssuunnddeeww @ DeviantART

For those of you in a relationship...where did your significant other tell you they loved you?

If you aren't in a relationship, where would you want it said in the future?

When Big Kiddo told me he loved me, it caught me off guard because it was when I least expected it. I loved that he surprised me. You see...I kept on thinking of different locations he could of told me. But, after everything, all I wanted to hear was the words. To me it was perfect because he was holding me close at the romantic hotel room right before we left and it was if the spell was broken. I didn't want it to end!

Quick weekend recap:
*I surprised Big Kiddo by staying at the Hilton Resort in Huntington Beach
*I spent an hour blowing up balloons which I put in the room so when he entered he couldn't get around them, he he!!
*Big Kiddo took me to Flemmings to dinner, where we at the best Fillet Mignon ever!
*Afterwards he opened all of his gifts
*We woke up and had an amazing brunch full of yummy food!
*We went back to the room where he held me close and told me that he loved me
*When we left eachother's side I told him I loved him again; he said he loved me back

I love you by Artificial6 @ DeviantART

Awwww, okay I think I am going to head off to your blog lands now. Thanks for listening to my endless chatter about I Love You's, I'm just super super super happy right now!


Sep 26, 2009

Log Cabin Dream Tour Continued...

Happy Saturday Ocean Dreamers!

I have a very exciting evening ahead of me. I haven't been blogging the last two days because I was busy putting together a surprise weekend getaway for me and Big Kiddo! His birthday is this Wednesday {a week after mine} so I wanted to do something really special for him.

So...we are staying at the Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort, compliments of me! :) It is only 15 minutes away from where we both live but it is still nice to stay somewhere new for a night, don't you think? Yesterday I was busy wrapping his gifts that I am going to display in the ocean front room and buying balloons and other fun decor. I will take pictures so I can show you soon, so excited!! He is surprising me with where we are going for dinner. I love being surprised and looking forward to all of this, only one hour to go too! :)

Thank you all very much for your sweet birthday wishes, I had a wonderful time on my birthday. It was very low key, which is exactly what I needed. I got my avocado egg rolls as well as a birthday pazookie! Yum! If you don't know what that is, it is basically a giant sized warm cookie with vanilla ice cream on top, simply delicious. is the rest of the tour of my dream log cabin that I revealed to you in my last post. I pretty much took a picture of everything in the house except for the bathrooms (which are nice too). Hope you enjoy!

Welcome to God's Country


Rocking chair

Mr Moose, or should I say Bullwinkle enjoying the sites

Master bedroom

Living room

Guest bedroom, love how cozy it is

Amish dining room chair

My dad's cabin chair

Amish dresser in master bedroom

Fall colors are beginning to show while we hike

Flowers at sunrise

Just me enjoying time by the river

At sunrise out on our deck by the river

Waterfall near our cabin

View by the waterfall, overlooking the canyon

I'll be back Sunday to play catch up on your blogs and to tell you about how tonight goes...XOXO! Hope you all have a very lovely and dreamy weekend!

Sep 23, 2009

25 Wishes

Hi Ocean Dreamers! Thanks for your early birthday wishes yesterday, can't believe today I am 25! That means I am a quarter of a century old. Yikes!!

Well, remember when I told you yesterday that I would back to tell you about my surprise? Well, let's see if you can guess it by looking at the pictures before I reveal it.

On Saturday morning my dad woke me up at the crack of dawn. I already knew we were traveling somewhere and that it was a surprise, but I had no idea where. Four hours later we arrived at one of the most beautiful locations I have ever been to. At my {surprise} I had this view. I was in awe of God's beauty.

That should of given you a big clue of what the surprise was. Here's another picture to help you solve the mystery. Let's just say this was a view outside the window of where I stayed.
Still puzzled? Yeah, I was too, believe me. All I knew was I couldn't keep my eyes away from this beautiful river. I felt so at peace here with my dad, brother, and mom. It was the best birthday celebration ever to enjoy the nature with my family.

When my family and I got to this location this man was there giving them keys. My parents were talking to him and my mom asked me if I had figured out what was going on. I had no idea. I thought that we were just staying for the night in a beautiful log home by the river. Or I thought that we were staying in one of my parent's friends' home by the river. I was completely puzzled...are you?!

Well, I won't keep you in suspense any longer. My parents PURCHASED, yes I mean purchased a log cabin overlooking the river, near Yellowstone National Park in Idaho. Everything about it is a dream come true for me. About a month ago my parents had mentioned that they were looking for a retirement home for them in the future. Well, when they went searching near Yellowstone {the cabin is in Idaho near the border} they fell in love with this cabin and now it is ours!!!! Apparently river front homes are rare and this one happened to be sold with its furniture, which made it a deal my parents could not pass up. This has been the best present I have ever received. My dad calls it his little slice of heaven. I couldn't agree more.

I was able to stay at our new cabin for a night before we went back to our home in Utah. I wanted to stay longer! Hopefully if the weather is good we will drive back and spend Thanksgiving at my family's new cabin. Until then I will have dreams of this beautiful place. My 25 wishes definitely came true. I'll be back with another post to show you the interior of the log cabin and some of my other weekend adventures!

Happy hump day! Tonight I will be celebrating my birthday with my lovely friends at BJ's {avocado egg rolls here I come} and then I'm off to spend quality time with Big Kiddo! Hope you have a lovely day!


Sep 22, 2009

Award Presents For You!

I'm back from my trip and I can officially say that my internet is fixed at my apartment and at work, yahoo! I can't wait to share some pictures from my trip. It was lovely seeing my family...I am going to load them soon. I also have a big surprise, or I said say I was surprised!! My parents kidnapped me for an early birthday getaway and I was beyond excited to find out what the surprise was. Stay tuned. I also can't wait to catch up on your blogs as well. the meantime I thought I would catch up on spreading some awards your way!

Thank you Clare @ Clarebelle for the I Love Your Blog award! I love your blog too Clare! Check out her blog, she is a lovely lady full of fashion critique and good to know posts because she is one fashionable chick herself! :)

I award I Love Your Blog to:
The Little Jewelry Box
A Little Bit of Everything
The Sydney Girl
My Disney Half
Chloe the Doxie Love

Thank you Little Rus @ Fashion Tidbits for this lovely French award, which goes very well with her blog I might ad! She always has the most lovely fashion inspiration and editorials, you must pay her a visit!

I award this lovely French award to:
Ada and Darcy
Hi Fashions
Brunch at Saks
Rose Tea Cottage

Thank you Ela @ Extra Dressing on. the. Side for this lovely award, I am supposed to list 10 things about me, so here I go. BTW, Ela is such a jem! I love laughing to her stories and looking at her outfits, she always has something valuable to take with you after reading her blog!

I'll try to come up with 10 things you might not know about me.
1. My first pet's name was Patchy and she was a bunny who lived in a hutch near my garage. She had beautiful eyes - they looked like she had natural eye liner, I miss Patchy!
2. I have one sibling and he is 19 years old. We have a 6 year age gap. Lately he has been maturing so much. I met his girlfriend this past weekend and she is such a doll!
3. I am allergic to all things dairy. My friends call me a lactard. He he, it's not fun but I try my hardest to stay away from cheese and such otherwise I really get sick, that is no fun!
4. I am a huge perfectionist and am very hard on myself and like to do things the right way or not at all. I struggle with just letting the details go.
5. I love the great outdoors. I love to hike, bike, and go on outdoor adventures!
6. I once cut my hair to my shoulders and liked it, but I missed my long hair so I grew it back this past year.
7. I am obsessed with the avocado egg rolls at BJ's right now. Purely obsessed. They are sooo good!
8. I want to get married in Maui, Hawaii. Wouldn't that be a lovely wedding location?
9. Lately everything has been breaking. My phone, car, work server, I hit my head really hard (okay it didn't break but...) and the only thing left that was working was my laptop! Oh brother.
10. I love love love watching mini series, they are great because they aren't as long as a TV show series and are a bit longer than a movie! The most recent one I watched was an Irish mini series called Falling for a Dancer

Whew. Thanks for learning more about me. Now I would like to award these lovely bloggers with the cute blogger award:
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I hope you enjoy your awards ladies! I hope all of my Ocean Dreamers are doing well, I'll be back with pictures from my trip and to reveal the huge surprise that my parents knocked me off my feet with this weekend! Don't worry, it's a good surprise, yay! :)