Dec 30, 2009

2010 Dreamer Goals & Perricone Winner

Happy Wednesday Ocean Dreamers!
One more day until New Year's Eve...any fun plans?
BK and I are planning on a low key night, we might go and watch a movie in the theater. I really am in the mood to go dancing though, I listened to Shakira's She Wolf on the way to work today and it made me want to try out some dance moves! :P Whatever you do, I hope you are safe and have a great start to the New Year!

So instead of calling my goals my New Year's resolutions...I am calling them my Ten Dreamer Goals because after all, I am a dreamer at heart.

1. Right now I am training for Surf City's half marathon on February 7th. My goal this year is to at least do another half marathon {perhaps Disneyland half marathon again} or a marathon. If I do a marathon I think I will shoot for San Diego's Rock N' Roll Marathon in June. Do you think I could do it? I would certainly be running ALL of the time, ha ha. I love that it supports The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, I can't think of a better cause to run for!
2. I want to Conquer my new Singer sewing machine. I haven't sewed in such a long time and I have to figure out all of the gadgets and gizmos! Wish me luck, but I would love to finish my tee shirt quilt and make altered clothing.

3. Read more novels, specifically autobiographies. I am a bit tired of reading romance novels, they just make me have false expectations of BK even though he is Mr. Romance, lol. Right now I have these two novels on my book shelf that I want to read in the coming year among others.
 4. Become a yogi master or should I say yoda master? Ha ha, either way I LOVE yoga and would love to make more time for it. It is great for your strength, mind, and heart!

5. Take more photos and create journals and more for my Etsy shop OceanDreamsStudio. I am always so passionate about nature and love going on new adventures and finding new inspiring photos. Here are two photos that I just posted last night, check it out! ;)
Kind Horse Eyes 
Mountain Sunshine 

 6. Travel to new sites & locations because I have some vacation to burn! I am excited to tell you that BK and I will be traveling to Las Vegas over a get away weekend {yes, you heard me right} mid January! Whoop! We might see either Cirque De Soleil's O or The Blue Man Group, or both. You can get really good discounted tickets the night of a show right now. Or we might see their magic show...any suggestions?
I also really want to go back to New York City. I love love their sites and shows!!
7. Volunteer more and find more causes that I am truly passionate about. You might already know that I support International Princess Project.
8. Continue to overcome negativity & anxiety by being positive and showing hope and love wherever I go. I can't be perfect but I can try to be the best person I can be with God's help. 
9. Continue learning more about interior design and fashion {I'm taking two new classes this upcoming semester} because it just plain rocks and inspires. 

*last 4 pictures are from!

10. Spend more time with my far away friends and family if traveling allows. Oh and perhaps add a new addition to my family {no, not a baby!} ha ha. This little guy here, my dream dog, aka a Doxie to my new readers who may not know of my obsession.

These are a few of the many many pictures of Doxie puppies found at Puppy Find. So adorable!

So that about wraps up some of my 10 dreamer goals for 2010!! Can you believe it?! Actually, I've been thinking it has been 2010 for a while now, considering I work at a mag company and we are always working beyond schedule, ha ha!

Oh and the winner of the Perricone Cold Plasma giveaway is - Melanie! Congrats sweetie!
Please e-mail me your addy love!

What are some of your dreamer goals?

Have a fabulous New Year Ocean Dreamers!


Dec 28, 2009

Be Safe

I am also at Ali's blog can view my guest post here. Thanks!

What does it take for you to feel safe?

For me this past weekend, safety took on a new meaning for me. I don't know if you have been keeping up with the news, but the attempted terrorist attack on Flight253 was a bit alarming on Christmas day.
But what was meant to strike fear and devastation on Christmas day turned out to be a hopeful situation...a terrorist who set out to do the unthinkable was stopped in his tracks.
When I was at the airport on Sunday not only was there heightened security, but surrounding fliers were more aware of what was going on around them. I felt a sense of peace and it was if though surrounding fliers around me seemed to band together, forming an invisible shield of protection, keeping one another accountable of our surroundings and safe from harm.

You see, what was meant to frighten us cannot. You cannot let terrorists, or anyone for that matter, strike fear into your heart. Fear drives out hope and love, and hope is what we need most in this world.

When I was going through the line in security, a woman about my same age kindly helped me pull my laptop out of my case to put it on the security belt when I was struggling. She also helped me rescue a new Victoria Secret lip gloss that fell out of my liquid baggie.
 This young woman just radiated kindness.
As I made it through security, she was still near me. I told her to have a "safe flight" and she simply looked at me and said "Merry Christmas." Rarely have I met someone who truly makes me feel safe, and this woman was a instant and yet momentary friend all in the same breath.
I am beginning to think that perhaps she was my angel in disguise, sent from God to remind me to trust in Him and to have hope that He would take care of me in any situation.

I felt no fear as I boarded my place on Sunday. I knew that in any situation something life threatening can happen. At any time in my life when I have stepped into dangerous waters, I have tried to not let my fear over come me. I have always tried to trust the best I can.
Trust made me think of how important it is to be aware of what is going on around us, to band together to defeat fear that is lurking, and to not let fear get the best of us. People live in fear every day and let fear get the best of them. They let it ruin their character, rule their emotions, and ruin the beautiful person that lies within them.
Will you let fear destroy you?
Will you let an act from a terrorist or any person for that matter determine your steps and make you live in fear? Fear to fly, fear for your life?

 I will not, and I will fight to keep my peace in my heart and be more aware of how I can keep my family and future children safe. I will educate myself of daily happenings and how I can make my world a safer place to live in.
  I will fight for hope so that I can awaken to beautiful mornings and oceans beyond each horizon.
I will fight to love and to embrace community with those who desire to make my nation, community, and faith stronger.

Be safe.

*all photos are from

Dec 26, 2009

Christmas Dreams Come True

Hello Ocean Dreamers!

No, I didn't get my white Christmas {well, except for the previous snow already on the ground which was also pretty,} but I did get time spent with my family and an amazing Christmas. Did you have a nice Christmas? I hope so!

Yesterday my brother and I opened some of our presents in the early morn and had a yummy brunch with my mom and dad {french toast, smokies, and muffins}. Then we waited until my grandparents came over and we all opened the rest of the presents.

Dinner was great. We had ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and delicious rolls. Can you tell I look forward to the food, lol?
On Christmas Eve BK took me to the airport, and this was my Christmas Eve outfit. Last minute I ran to Target and got a tutu skirt, snowflake top, and some blue pearls. I wanted to be an Ocean Dreamer for Christmas, ha ha.  

I love my mom's Christmas decorations, she decorates the house beautifully... I decided to ad to my blue outfit by wearing my Tink Christmas hat that I had bought at Disneyland last year.
Every year on Christmas eve my mom gives me a Barbie ornament, yes, even though I am 25 years old. I love the dresses that they put on the Barbie and I decided to pair it with a picture of my mom and I when I was a baby for a cute pic! 
Love this nativity scene!
Aren't you wondering what I received on Christmas?
Well...I got my panini maker, yay!
Also, I got a sewing machine, music galore, and a darling Lucky dress.... 

As well as a great book that I can't wait to read, and a Betsey Johnson bracelet.

Apparently Santa thought I had been a good girl this year. 

What were some of your favorite presents?

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and can you believe that New Year's Eve is just around the corner?

I'm off to eat a wonderful breakfast and some shopping with my mom...

I get another Christmas tomorrow when I see BK and we exchange presents and enjoy one another's company when I am back in California. Yay, can't wait.


Dec 24, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Merry Christmas to be Ocean Dreamers!

Don't you love the pink in this photo? This was taken by my mom on Christmas day last year, so pretty!

So I'm all packed up, watching The Family Stone tonight and anxiously waiting to board a place tomorrow evening to fly home to Utah to be with my family.

Yes, I do have to work tomorrow, but I took a half day of vacation so I could spend Christmas Eve with my family. I get to see BK for a couple of hours as well and then he will take me to the airport. On Sunday we will celebrate our Christmas, I got him a lot of fun gifts and I can't wait to see what he got me. Most, of all, I look forward to spending time with him when I return and being with my family this weekend. That is my true gift of all.

When I think of Christmas, I think of many things.

I think of Jesus being born on this day, being thankful and giving, family, friends, good food, presents, celebrations, pretty dresses, hot cocoa, Christmas trees, lights, Christmas candles, snow, and my list could go on and on...

{picture of me last year at my home after a snow fall}
So I'm not sure if it will be snowing in Utah when I get there, {it is not in the forecast but that is a good thing since I am flying} so I am bringing the snow to you and to me.  
Here is our snowy Christmas Ocean Dreamers...

Picture of me looking out at the wilderness in Alaska in February of this year
Pure snowy bliss in Alaska
A snowy picture ad that I captured in Park City, UT
My winter wonderland of a home in Utah
This picture was taken in front of our yard and you can also find this print on my Etsy OceanDreamsStudio.
I'll leave you with my favorite verse of Jesus, my Savior being born on Christmas day:

"So Joseph went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem the town of David, because he belonged to the house and line of David. He went there to register with Mary, who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child. While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born,and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn."
-- Luke 2:4-7

Here's my dad reading this passage from last year, just love this photo of him...
I'm thankful that a baby was born, a baby that would save the world and love you and me unconditionally.

Merry Christmas Ocean Dreamers!
I'll be dreaming of a white Christmas...


Dec 22, 2009

Santa Lovin' & Christmas Lights

Dear Santa,
We've been very good...we promise!
I'm cozied up watching The Nativity Story and a little bit ago I just got back from taking pictures with Santa! I'm the one holding the sign and yes, it was totally worth it waiting in line for two hours with my friends to get some pictures with jolly ol' saint Nick. 

Minus the fact that Santa brought up Fredrick's of Hollywood when I said I had been good, not naughty Santa! Oh my gosh I couldn't believe it! Ha ha, Santa had his mind in the gutter but I suppose we were a nice break for him considering he only had little boys and girls on his lap. Lol. But come on, shame on you Santa because I have been good this year! :P Well, kinda.
Of course you have to notice that I am wearing a tutu dress paired with black tights, black boots, and some fun earrings.  I was trying my rocker chick side out with Santa. ;)
Santa's elf thought he would be funny when he snapped a picture of himself when I wasn't looking on my camera. Silly elf! {We had to surrender our cameras while we were getting situated before pictures with Santa.}
The mall that I went to in Orange County was so beautiful that I had to take a couple more pictures. Isn't this tree just amazing?!
North Pole anyone? 
Outside Santa's cottage...
On Saturday night I mentioned that I went to see Christmas lights and a boat parade. It was so amazing and I had so much fun with BK and my friends. They did such a great job with the lights! :)
I loved how my roommate painted this bag for our white elephant gift exchange. Didn't she do a great job and talk about eco friendly, she used a Trader Joe's bag!
 I'll leave you with this picture of me and BK by the lights, it was so warm on Saturday that I actually didn't need my pink scarf on! :P I liked how this picture of us turned out though.
Have you ever taken a picture with Santa in your twenties and beyond? If you haven't I think you should to keep your inner child and the Christmas spirit alive! 

Oh and Santa said for me to tell you that you have been very good Ocean Dreamers this year...Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!