Jan 31, 2010

My Movie Star Look Alike

So this week on Facebook mostly everyone switched their photos over their celebrity look alike. People have told me that I look like Rachel McAdams. This absolutely thrills me!
Who is your celebrity look alike?
While I was in college someone also told me that I looked like Angelina Jolie...
 While it is fun to be told you resemble someone famous occasionally, I am quite happy just being me.

I always wonder how it would be to be a twin and have everyone confuse you to your exact look alike. I would get annoyed after a while. Isn't it more fun to have someone recognize you for the person you are? Especially on the inside, our outside also can convey something else entirely I think.

I think so anyway. I'm happy being and looking like me too, ha ha. I hope you are happy being you as well!
I had a wonderful weekend. I loved getting together with my old college roommates, relaxing, reading, and getting yummy sushi. I also was able to play a bit of Play Station 2 and WII, those games are just a tad addicting...

I'll be back with some pictures of my roomie reunion tomorrow!

How was your weekend?

Jan 29, 2010

Introvert, Work In Progress

I don't know if you have ever experienced time at a show or convention, but when you are on your feet for 8 hours at a time it is physically and mentally draining. 
The past two evenings I could do nothing but sit on my bed, either browsing the internet, blogging, or watching a movie. I was so behind on my laundry, needed to clean, but felt exhausted and couldn't get anything done. I felt so lazy!
Would you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

I used to always think of myself as an extrovert since I have always been miss plan it. I hate having a Saturday night to myself, I always felt like I was a loser if I was sitting alone by myself  on a weekend right out of college and in High School. Now I rarely get together with large groups of people. Not because I am not social, but because large groups of people tire me out. 

Don't get me wrong. I loved being at the convention, learning all about the new products, meeting new people, and consulting with my co-workers. However, after talking to so many people and walking all day, it starts to take a toll. By the evening I had no energy left to give when talking to my family and BK on the phone. I feel bad for BK, I'm glad he puts up with me when I'm grumpy and am in a bad mood because I'm so tired from being social for long hours.
Going back to my thoughts that I used to always think I was an extrovert I now realize something. Now I truly believe that I am an introvert and that for most of my life I was just afraid to be by myself. I felt like if I was by myself it meant I had no friends so that is why I have always booked myself up. It wasn't healthy though because I would become overwhelmed, didn't have time to heal if something was bothering me, and eventually would temporarily explode or cry all night. I still find myself having this problem - I make too many plans until I exhaust myself.

Now that I have discovered that I am more of an introvert than an extrovert, I have to be careful about planning too many activities. It is very important to recharge your batteries so you don't freak out, lose your temper, or in my case cry and turn into a basket case, ha ha.

I am more of a one on one gal. I do fine with groups and actually meet with a group of friends each week, but I still yearn to hang out with my closest friends. The friends that I don't feel I need to impress and I can just be me, no expectations. I admit I love to be with BK the most, we can both be browsing the internet, taking a nap together, reading, or exercise without talking and being introverts together. It is just divine.
This weekend I won't get a lot of time alone - I'm going to visit my best friend Car on Saturday and tomorrow night I am getting some sushi with a girlfriend as well. Then my classes start up next week - taking an interior design and photography class, can't wait!

Oh, and not to mention my 1/2 marathon is one week away, can you believe it? I feel like I haven't been training that much {considering the last two weeks were pretty bad because of the rain and the convention.} But I know I am going to do my best and try to force myself to run the upcoming week.
So I assume a lot of bloggers are introverts since they love to interact online, but I could be wrong. I know a  lot of people know how to find a balance and that is what I try to do. I love to be creative, write, and meet new friends online, but I also love to socialize with my real life friends. In the week ahead I need to take the time to relax, because as you have read, I have a lot going on.
So let me ask you - are you an introvert or an extrovert?
Do people give you energy or make you tired?

I feel thankful that I have finally reached a point where I am comfortable in my own skin. I'm okay being alone most of the time. I admit, thoughts of being a loser still go through my mind. Then I push the negativity away and tell myself why do I even think that way? My identity is in God, not in people. I'm now okay more than ever not having anything planned on Friday night. I admit, I still  need to get better at not making as many plans. I am always seeking balance in my life. What can I say? I'm an introvert with a life that is always a work in progress. ;)

Enjoy your weekend Ocean Dreamers! 

*all images are from weheartit.com!


Jan 28, 2010

For the Love of Art

So today we wrapped our last day at CHA and I had to admit I look forward to being back at the office and off of my feet.

One of my favorite new businesses this year was GCD Studios and one of their new scrapbooking lines is by Melody Ross.
They created a new tool that you can hammer letters, flowers, and hearts into chip boards, metal, and more to create beautiful works of art, jewelry - you name it. Here are some of the tools and an example below.
I love how they decorated their booth...
Another amazing company is Prima. If you love pretty flowers this is the site to go to for scrapbooking and even creating a pretty picture to frame that you could put in your home!
If you love creating jewelry, Vintaj is an amazing site to visit. I love their brass findings! Here are some beautiful creations from their site and as I had mentioned a lot of companies are branching out to make art for the home as well.
If you want some new stamps, clear and mounted, Hero Arts is the site to visit!
Two more amazing scrapbooking booths - Graphic 45 {very vintage} and Glitz Design {very glamorous.}
Here's my outfit for the day...
Top by Forever21 and of course a tie dye dress.

I managed to find another pink bike at American Crafts by their new line Dear Lizzy.
I feel so thankful that I was able to experience a fun filled three days exploring new businesses and products. Everything was so pretty and I can't wait to start creating new art again! Be sure to check out the sites above - you won't be disappointed!

Happy almost Thursday!


Jan 25, 2010

My Creative Job & CHA

BK and I watched the sunset on Sunday evening after the storms had cleared out of our area. It was breathtakingly beautiful and I snapped a few picture off of my cell phone. It was amazing to see sand from the storm all the way into the streets...it made it more realistic how far the ocean had flooded the streets at the time. I am glad that the storms are over. The sunset reminded me of beautiful beginnings for anyone who has gone through any hardships.

So I said I wouldn't be back until Thursday, but it turns out that we saw a lot of great booths with some amazing product today that I just had to blog about.

I know for a lot of my new followers I really haven't blogged about my job a lot, I like to keep privacy between the two but I figure I love my job so why not blog about it a bit. 

I work for a company which has more than 30 + magazine publications as a sales ad rep. Some of our advertisers occasionally check out my blog - thank you! ;) Our publications mainly focus on arts and crafts such a mixed media, altered clothing, stamping, living, home, green crafts, you name it!

Every year we go to CHA, which stands for Craft & Hobby Association. It is a convention where we network with current clients, meet new companies, and learn all about their new products.

Here are some pictures of a bit of what I saw today...
Sorry for the poor picture quality! I forgot my camera and so these were from my cell phone.
I am also posting the sites where you can check out these fabulous products.

Duncan - fabric glues, glitter, dyes, and more! I love love their tie dye dresses.
Yes I am a dork and look extremely tired, it was early in the morning and I liked these lips in the Duncan booth!
I would kill for these dresses!!
Melissa Frances - love the shabby chic and adorable scrapbooking products
Ranger - Tim Holtz has an amazing Distress line as well as Claudine Hellmuth with her Studio Gesso. It doesn't stop there - so many products to explore!
Me on a cute pink bike at Making Memories booth
I'm off to another creative day at CHA tomorrow...wish me luck!

Thanks for learning more about my artsy job. :)
If you craft...what is your favorite hobby?
Scrapbooking, quilting, crocheting, painting, card making??

I love just about everything, it is really hard for me to stay focused on just one craft. I love it all!!


Jan 23, 2010

BK's Dream Box , Vegas Surprise & A Story

Last night I stayed up late making Valentine's Day cards and Big Kiddo a Valentine's Dream box. The idea behind the box was that I wanted to make something that would encompass dreams of activities and future ideas of what we can share together.
Well, this is how it turned out. I used a Betsey Johnson box that originally came with tights in it as a Christmas gift. I used scrapbooking paper, stickers, chipboards, and quotes to decorate the box.

I also used mini hearts inside of the box. Each heart has a dream of something I would like to do with Big Kiddo. I am really excited how it turned out!

Here are some pictures of my Valentine's Dream Box.

The top of the box...I wanted to have a travel theme with a quote about dreams. The quote below reads "In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities."
One of the sides on my box.
Another side of the box...
The mini hearts with dreams written on each individual heart inside the box.
Without the hearts on the bottom of the box reveals Big Kiddo's name.
The inside of the top lid of the box...
I really like how my dreamer box turned out, I hope BK likes it too!
Oh and I had mentioned a Sex & The City surprise from Vegas for you all...

Here it is...
Yep, I could not believe in Vegas that this was in one of their casinos! I had to snap a picture and really wanted to play but of course two SATC wannabes were taking it over, bummer.
Here are a few other pictures of my trip in Vegas that I liked.

Nope, we didn't get married but if we were even tempted to, I would want to get married at this chapel in the MGM Grand Hotel.
It feels so nice to relax today after a few late nights this week...

I'll leave you with a story about 
a storm I got stuck in...
On Thursday night I went and 
picked up BK at the airport 
when the storms were still going on. 
It was really wet on the freeway 
but I still felt safe.
It wasn't raining that much.
But I had a bad feeling that I should 
have not have gone out.
There were still bad storms in the area. 
I fell asleep at BK's watching a movie with him.
When I left his apartment, there was no rain...
But as I got closer to my apartment 
a few rain drops started to fall.
Soon enough it was pouring rain.
I couldn't seen anything while I was 
driving at 3AM in the morning.
I started to get really scared, I had never 
driven in that much rain before.
Buckets and buckets of water
were coming down.
My tires were turning but there 
was no traction for them to go anywhere.
I started hydroplaning a bit.
The rain was coming down too quickly 
and there was lightning in the sky.
I started to pray.
I wasn't sure if I should 
pull over or keep driving.
I was scared a flash flood would 
happen if I didn't keep driving.
If that should happen my 
car would have been stuck.
My car is too low to the ground to 
withstand that much water.
I decided to drive really 
slowly, about 20 mph.
I made it home to my apt but my 
heart was pounding.
There were no storms by BK so 
he wasn't picking up his phone.
He got my text when I got home and 
thought I was safe.
I was safe but I was really scared.
My heart was still pounding and 
I couldn't fall asleep for a while.
I'm glad I made it home and hope 
I don't get consumed in a storm like that again.
Lesson learned, be careful when crazy 
storms are out and about.
But how was I to know? 
CA never has storms like this.
These past 5 days it has rained and rained.
We have had lots of floods, 
but finally the sun came out today.
You never know what mother nature
can be capable of I suppose.
Be careful in all of these storms Ocean Dreamers!

I have a work convention on Monday-Wednesday where we go to a craft show and learn about some amazing new companies for my magazine company.

I may not get the chance to blog so I'll see you back here on Thursday.

Have a lovely weekend.