Jan 23, 2010

BK's Dream Box , Vegas Surprise & A Story

Last night I stayed up late making Valentine's Day cards and Big Kiddo a Valentine's Dream box. The idea behind the box was that I wanted to make something that would encompass dreams of activities and future ideas of what we can share together.
Well, this is how it turned out. I used a Betsey Johnson box that originally came with tights in it as a Christmas gift. I used scrapbooking paper, stickers, chipboards, and quotes to decorate the box.

I also used mini hearts inside of the box. Each heart has a dream of something I would like to do with Big Kiddo. I am really excited how it turned out!

Here are some pictures of my Valentine's Dream Box.

The top of the box...I wanted to have a travel theme with a quote about dreams. The quote below reads "In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities."
One of the sides on my box.
Another side of the box...
The mini hearts with dreams written on each individual heart inside the box.
Without the hearts on the bottom of the box reveals Big Kiddo's name.
The inside of the top lid of the box...
I really like how my dreamer box turned out, I hope BK likes it too!
Oh and I had mentioned a Sex & The City surprise from Vegas for you all...

Here it is...
Yep, I could not believe in Vegas that this was in one of their casinos! I had to snap a picture and really wanted to play but of course two SATC wannabes were taking it over, bummer.
Here are a few other pictures of my trip in Vegas that I liked.

Nope, we didn't get married but if we were even tempted to, I would want to get married at this chapel in the MGM Grand Hotel.
It feels so nice to relax today after a few late nights this week...

I'll leave you with a story about 
a storm I got stuck in...
On Thursday night I went and 
picked up BK at the airport 
when the storms were still going on. 
It was really wet on the freeway 
but I still felt safe.
It wasn't raining that much.
But I had a bad feeling that I should 
have not have gone out.
There were still bad storms in the area. 
I fell asleep at BK's watching a movie with him.
When I left his apartment, there was no rain...
But as I got closer to my apartment 
a few rain drops started to fall.
Soon enough it was pouring rain.
I couldn't seen anything while I was 
driving at 3AM in the morning.
I started to get really scared, I had never 
driven in that much rain before.
Buckets and buckets of water
were coming down.
My tires were turning but there 
was no traction for them to go anywhere.
I started hydroplaning a bit.
The rain was coming down too quickly 
and there was lightning in the sky.
I started to pray.
I wasn't sure if I should 
pull over or keep driving.
I was scared a flash flood would 
happen if I didn't keep driving.
If that should happen my 
car would have been stuck.
My car is too low to the ground to 
withstand that much water.
I decided to drive really 
slowly, about 20 mph.
I made it home to my apt but my 
heart was pounding.
There were no storms by BK so 
he wasn't picking up his phone.
He got my text when I got home and 
thought I was safe.
I was safe but I was really scared.
My heart was still pounding and 
I couldn't fall asleep for a while.
I'm glad I made it home and hope 
I don't get consumed in a storm like that again.
Lesson learned, be careful when crazy 
storms are out and about.
But how was I to know? 
CA never has storms like this.
These past 5 days it has rained and rained.
We have had lots of floods, 
but finally the sun came out today.
You never know what mother nature
can be capable of I suppose.
Be careful in all of these storms Ocean Dreamers!

I have a work convention on Monday-Wednesday where we go to a craft show and learn about some amazing new companies for my magazine company.

I may not get the chance to blog so I'll see you back here on Thursday.

Have a lovely weekend.



  1. You are so good to your boyfriend! What a wonderful and special Valentine gift!!!

    BTW, you had me on pins and needles with your story! How awful!!! I drove in rain like that once and it was so scary! I am glad you made it home safe and sound!!!

    -Alisa Hope

  2. the box looks sooo sweet! Great job decorating and the idea is just too cute!
    So happy you made it home safe and sound.=)


  3. that box is so adorable--i did something like that for the husband while we were dating. i used a mini treasure chest and put all these cutesy things in it. sometimes it's those little things that mean the most.

    hope you're having a great weekend!

  4. Oh you are so sweet to make that box!

    The story was so scary thank goodness you were okay.

  5. This is absolute most adorable thing I have ever seen. Seriously, way too sweet.

  6. That box is such a beautiful and amazing creation! I bet BK is going to love it - thoughtful gifts are always the best! Hope your week is fantastic!!!

  7. You are so darn cute!! What an adorable idea for a Valentine's present. :)

    And stay safe in those storms!! I'm moving to Sacramento soon, and all I've seen is bad weather in CA--scary! eek!

  8. Very sweet Valentine's gift, darling!

    Glad you are okay :)


  9. What a crafty lady!! the box is super cute!
    Vegas looked fun (how could it not be!?) and glad you made it home in that rain storm... I've had my fair share of experience in nightmare-like storms, but where we are it's ususally blizzards with crazy wind and -25C temps...trying to stay on the road but you can't see it anymore b/c there's too much snow!
    hope all the rain moves on soon!

  10. Take care of you, the last thing i would like to hear is that something bad happens.It seems like a great time in Las Vegas...And the gift is really adorable:)

  11. WHat a pretty box! I'm glad you posted it. I wish I could do crafts with you. One day we're going to learn to sew together!!

    Rain storms SCARE me too. :( I'm glad you're ok.

  12. That is my kinda slot machine!

  13. What a cute idea! That is so creative!

  14. What a great box! i made something similar to that for my beau at Christmas time because we weren't able to spent it together! So now I dunno what to do for Valentine's :)

  15. That such a sweet idea for the box, you are always so thoughtful. Hope your weekend was awesome!

  16. looks like you had fun in Vegas! cute valentines boxes!

  17. Your box is soooooooooooo cute. I'm glad you had a lot of fun in Vegas. That storm sounded scary! I'm glad you got home safe. I would have been scared out of my mind. Congrats on the awards and thank you for giving me one! :)

  18. SWEET GIRL, I am so glad you made it back to your apt. safely. YOU are too precious to lose, I mean this sincerely :)
    We never know when something like the storm can happen but you did the perfect thing - praying. God is always with us and right there to send His angels to guide us safely.
    Your BK is so darn lucky to have a lady like you honey ( I bet he knows this, he better ) because you're smart, talented, a beautiful heart and so gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing the cool Valentine box idea, your crafty art work is awesome.
    STAY SAFE....have another good good week. Hugsssssssss from Texas!

  19. That Valentine box is ADORABLE! I love it!!! You are so creative. Also, glad you are safe now, very scary story!


  20. It was super scary last week, I'm glad you're ok!

  21. That box idea is so sweet !!! <3

  22. That is such a sweet Valentine gift! He will love it, I'm sure! This makes me want to grab some art supplies and make a Valentine's box!!

  23. That is such a sweet Valentine gift! He will love it, I'm sure! This makes me want to grab some art supplies and make a Valentine's box!!

  24. fabulous job on the box!

  25. I love the box, what a wonderful idea!!! :) So sweet.

    I HATE driving in rain storms. Absolutely hate it! I'm glad you got home safely!

  26. I hope BK knows how incredibly lucky he is to have such a beautiful and sweet gal at his side! ;) You are such a wonderful person. That Valentines Day box warms my heart because it is so obvious how much you love Big Kiddo. Yay!

    I'm glad you had an amazing time in Vegas. The photos are gorgeous.

    That's scary about the storm. I'm really relieved you made it home safe!

  27. you already made your valentine gift? dang girl you're ON IT! good for you! i don't really make or buy anything for v-day. i used to when i was younger, now that i'm older i've come to focus more on my birthday. ha!

    love all your vegas pics. makes me want to go NOW!

  28. So glad you were okay, hon. Prayers do work, I'm so glad you were kept safe.

    You are the sweetest. He will love it!!!

  29. thanks girl... your box is so adorable. I can't believe Valentines Day is coming so soon. Yikes.

  30. Well SOMEONE got a big of a blog makeover! I like, I like!

    And yes, scary storms were out there last week! Glad you're okay and LOVE the box! BK's gonna luuuurve it.

  31. I love the box, so creative and thoughtful. And now, you're really making me wanna go to Vegas!!!

    LOL, Anywhoz I liked what you did to your blog. Kisses, kisses for you!!! XO

  32. Thats such a sweet present! You made it so well.You did a great job on it.

    I'm glad you got home safe and sound! I can imagine what it must have been like driving in that weather!

  33. so glad you are ok!!

    and i am so jealou you were in vegas. city of love.. haha at least to me ;)

  34. the box turned out adorable!!

  35. I love this idea of the dream box!! I have boxes where I try to keep my dreams. I hope he likes it!! =)

    A sex & the city game?!?!?! Oh lord. Thats hilarious!

  36. That Valentine box is amazing... I am going to borrow this idea if I ever have a boyfriend again!! Love it!!!

  37. I love the valentine box, it is SUCH a cute idea! Though I could never pull that off.


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