Jan 11, 2010

More Beach Memories & Leap Year

Hi Ocean Dreamers!

I can't believe it is Sunday night already, or I should say Monday since I am blogging so late!

I apologize that I am a bit behind on your blogs...I've been social quite a bit these last couple of days and will catch up shortly on what is happening with everyone! :) Welcome new followers and Ocean Dreamers don't forget to sign up for the V-Day swap if you would like, it is going to be fun {button on the very top right side of my blog.}

For now I wanted to post the photos from the restaurant that I mentioned in my last post: Las Brisas at Laguna Beach. I also want to write about the film Leap Year a bit.

After reading some of your comments about wishing you could be in California near the ocean on my last post, it is true that I feel very fortunate that I live near the ocean. I admit though that sometimes I take the nice weather and beach for granted, which is why I am going to try and visit my lovely waters more often!!
You all know of my obsession with tie dye, well on Friday I was excited to wear this fun outfit to Las Brisas. I really liked how it turned out! The dress is from one of our advertisers from my work and the pearls are from Target. The boots are from DSW and the tights are from a boutique shop that I go to in Orange County.
Love this photo and the hint of pink on the ocean's horizon in the middle of the day
We tried to get an up close picture of us and the ocean, but you can only see a hint of it, lol!
Love all of the flowers near Las Brisas, it made me feel like Spring was here early!
I can't wait to go back to this restaurant, it was actually where I had one of my first dates with Big Kiddo!

So over the weekend I saw a couple of films, Sherlock Holmes and Leap Year. Both were great, but I enjoyed Leap Year more. Before I get into what I thought of the movie, I was so excited to enter the theater when I saw Leap Year because I saw this!!!
I just had to snap a picture of it and show you. It made it even more real that my favorite show is coming back to the screen and made me super excited to see Sex and the City 2!
So about Leap Year... 
I thought it was adorably romantic, witty, scenic, funny, and refreshingly wonderful. The chemistry between Amy Adams and Matthew Goode was wonderful and not to mention the love story was very realistic and dreamy. Being a hopeless romantic I naturally liked it of course. ;) But what I liked even more was it was set in Ireland, had accents, castles, and scenic sites. It made me itch to travel. I officially have travel lust. 

Now I must warn you that this film definitely fits a romantic comedy with every fiber of its being, but lately I have honestly not been a fan of some romantic comedies {The Ugly Truth for example.} I liked this movie because it was not raunchy and did not have a lot of cursing unlike a lot of films. It brought me back to the fun nature of films like Three Men and a Little Lady {love that film.}
Bottom line:  if you are up for romance, laughter, great chemistry, an old fashioned love story, Ireland, thick accents, castles, and feeling joy when leaving the movie, then Leap Year is for you!!

You also might recognize the actor Matthew Goode from previous films such at Match Point and Saving Liberty. I had no idea until I just looked him up! Oh, and you tell me whether he pulled off the Irish accent, he is British in real life, lol.

I'll be dreaming my way over to your blogs this week! Better get some zzz's. Just finished watching Wuthering Heights for the first time tonight and I have never have read the book but now I want to! I'll be blogging about that soon too. What an intense and passionate story!!

Hope your Monday goes well, work yet again for me! :P



  1. Sounds like fun and you look adorable! xx

  2. looks like you had a beautiful lunch date with your friend in Laguna! loved the photos.

    as for the SATC poster, not so much. Not a fan, at all. They need a serious recall on those dreadful things lol.

    can't wait to see Leap Year! I LOVE Love love Amy Adams! She's so cute and perky

  3. Those photos are gorgeous! You and your friend look so adorable. :) And I love that SATC2 poster. Yay!

    I'm so happy to hear you loved Leap Year. I want to see it! Amy Adams is divine! :)

  4. You are adorable!!! Thanks for posting more pics of the ocean - makes me feel so much warmer in the 20 degree weather we're having in Chicago!

  5. i LOVE matthew goode! i remember watching chasing liberty by mistake and then realising it was destiny


    he is so lovely <3

    love the pictures, as usual :) you always make me feel warmer and happier

  6. such beautiful pictures! The movie sounds like a good movie- looks like i'll be making my way to see it in the near future :) Also, wuthering heights is a great book as well as movie

  7. I want to click my ruby slippers and be back in California!

    After talking with friends and family there over the weekend, I am ready to pack my bags and come home. It has been so cold here, that the beach is a distant memory. So glad to get over here and see gorgeous photos of my favorite coast.

    btw, I love your perky self!

  8. I love the pictures!! I have an uncle and cousins in San Clemente, and I love visiting them there.

    Glad you liked the movie!

  9. Darn you for being social ;) Okay, I am coming to visit my sister in West Hollywood and my aunt and uncle in Pacific Palisades as soon as possible. Enough of this snow and cold!


  10. sounds like a great weekend!
    cute pictures, as always! you look adorable!
    i want to see leap year!! it looks great! glad you enjoyed it :)
    happy monday luv bug!

  11. Boy DO I recognize him. I have watched Chasing Liberty a zillion times...He is tres delicious!

  12. I always love a good romantic comedy..., and if it comes with nice scenery, the better. So I will definitely watch that movie.

    Laguna beach is so lovely!

  13. Oh that seems right up my alley!! Love all your pics lady!!

  14. so sweet!! you and your friend make a great team :) Happy Monday!!

  15. What a wonderful part of the world you live in. Hope you had a wonderful New Year. Look forward to seeing more of your blog in 2010.

  16. Ooo, I love the outfit you wore to the restaurant. Its so pretty. I'm dying to watch 'leap year'. It looks soooo good!!

  17. las brisas is gorgeous...it has been far too long since i've been!

    love your cute little dress!

  18. You look adorable! Looks like you had fun!!!!! :) I love it!

  19. I love Las Brisas! And we are so lucky to live in So Cal...I think that to myself all the time. I can't get enough of the ocean! :)

  20. Aw, my movie theater didn't have a giant SATC promo poster! I saw Sherlock Holmes this weekend too, and I really liked it, except that we were in the second row, so I couldn't see as well as I would have liked! Bah!

    Can't wait to see Leap Year now! Yaya!

  21. Girl!! You've been doing some serious movie watching. I really want to see those movies. I'm glad you enjoyed Leap Year. You're review makes me want to go see it even more!!!

  22. gorgeous photos! You are one lucky gal:) I want to see Leap Year so bad!!

  23. Oh I adore Las Brisas. It is the best place for brunch. : ) I usually pig out there. : ) btw, I have my first giveaway for 2010, Dr. Perricone Cold Plasma cream.

  24. I saw that SATC movie poster and screamed inside!!!!! EEEKKK! I am so excited. I want to see Leap Year. You look adorable in your outfit... the ocean pictures are divine... I need to be near an ocean again soon... I miss it!

  25. i sort of want to see leap year simply because i love amy adams and i want to go to ireland, haha. glad you enjoyed it!

  26. What great pics! And wow, look at your weather compared to our frozen Tundra over here in Toronto.
    I'd love to see that movie, I think I can talk S into it. He always resists but love the rom coms in the end :)
    Have a great week, hon!

  27. it's almost embarrasing to admit, but, my girlfriends and i already have a whole night planned for the satc premiere. yeah, i'm serious.

  28. Soo the SATC 2 trailer must've first aired when I was in Israel because I completely missed the boat and am so ashamed!!


    And now you've got me wanting to see Leap Year. I adore Amy Adams (people think I look like her - totally don't see it).

    Miss and love you! xo

  29. im always a sucker for tie-dye dresses
    gorgeous print
    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for the lovely comments, i really appreciate it


  30. LOVE the tie dye!! You are so cute, jealous much! Loved the photos, thanks for sharing the social excitement! :)

  31. I love Las Brisas!! So gorgeous down there.

  32. Oh I usually hate romantic comedies (i know, i know it is weird... but i have my reasons lol) but I just love Amy Adams so much, I might just sit through it!

    AS for SATC, I will wait for it on Netflix, unless my beau pays for me :)

    And I love your Laguna pics... so gorgeous!

  33. Love the SATC poster!!! :) Love the photos.. It's so chilly here and there are certainly no flowers or adorable tie dye outfits to be had.. *do love that outfit!!* Keep posting fun pics like those and I'll make it through the winter.. haha.. :) And I am SO behind on blogs. SO behind. Thanks for your sweet comment on my post today, girlie! :) have a great day!

  34. I love the outfit! You look so cute! I definitely need to get the bf over to that restaurant- maybe I can convince him to go this weekend! And that movie sounds cute! Thanks for the recommendation. Can't wait to see it! XOXO

  35. Oh nice photo's, sounds like your having fun.

    Will look out for the movie you recommended for sure.

    take care,
    that poster is awesome

  36. Oh that SATC poster makes me SOOOO excited! Literally cannot wait for this movie to come out : ) I really want to see Leap Year, too. Everyone I know who has seen it loved it!

    Have a great day sweetie!!

  37. I really want to see Sex and the city 2!! :)


  38. You two are so cute! And the flowers are so pretty too :)
    xx Leia

  39. You look so pretty in that tie-dye dress and I love how you added a shirt inside.

    I want to watch Leap Year too. Tonight maybe.

  40. Such beautiful pictures...I wish I was there :-)

    I think we all super excited about the second Sex and the City movie...May will be here so fast I know...and it's my favourite month!

    Have a great week, cheers: Evi

  41. I do want to see Leap Year too..now that you recommended it ...it will be at the top of my list. What a fun weekend you had! Hope your week is just as exciting.

  42. aww such beautiful photos!!!

    big hugs to you sierra!


    *| APPY¤
    *.__.*.New *.__.*.*

  43. I'm going to see this on the weekend!!

    I know how you feel about some romantic comedies. I hated the message in The Ugly Truth. It said to lower your standards because that is the only way you will get a guy.

    Anyways, so happy you feel the same!

  44. Ok whoa so much to comment on ha!

    Love that spot and soooo jealous of your beachiness! Love the dress, and I adore the way you wore it!

    Okay, am so excited to see Leap Year. I am SUCH a sucker for romcoms, and being raised in an Irish family, I do have a love for Ireland.

    Andd books. Wuthering Heights=Amazing. It's great because this was Emily Bronte's first and only book, so the writing style is raw, making it that much better. It's a shame though bc the story between Cathy and Heathcliff is only the beginning, the second part focuses on the second generation and I remember loving that story just as much!!

    PS saw you were reading Shopaholic series & Scarlett Letter, I loved both so much!!

  45. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and following =) Those are some great pics!! My husband and I are going on a little movie date this week while our son is in school and the two choices were either Sherlock Holmes or Leap Year. Though I absolutely adore Robert Downey Jr., I was leaning toward Leap Year. It looks like such a sweet movie and I've become an Amy Adams fan! Thanks for the review!!


    aw i love our state. it always makes me want to sing the theme song to the OC. best state ever, just sayin. (sorry NY you know i love you.)

    looks like tons of fun in this post. and i happen to really enjoy ireland.

  47. Lovely pictures!
    I wanted to see Leap Year too! I loved the last two movies Amy Adams was in so I'm pretty excited for this one. Not to mention I love anything and everything Irish, I keep telling my parents I was meant to be born in Ireland and by keeping me here in the US (which I love to a lesser degree) they are going against the gods. My parents only roll their eyes and over look the seriousness of halting my fate.
    So I can't wait for the movie :D

  48. You really do have a great blog here. I have a blog myself which brings inspiration and guidance to people all around the world. Life is hard enough, and I hope my site can contribute anything positive to someone's day.

    I'd like to exchange links with you to help spread some traffic around between each other. Please let me know if this is possible. Until then, keep up the good work.


  49. love the tie dye, expecially the ruffle trim. The Leap Year looked really cute, I adore Amy Adams (so adorable!)

  50. I love the beach shots! So beautiful. I have been a bit behind on blogs too this year, but working on getting caught up. I love your new layout too - have no idea when you changed it, but forgive my tardiness! :)

  51. i loooove laguna beach!! it's where i got married in august of 2008!


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