Feb 9, 2010

How Do You Cure the I Wants?

Hope your Tuesday is going well, I don't know about you but mine is going soooo slow! 

Thank you so much for all of your messages about my race - meant so much to me! You all are amazing!!
Today I am still a bit sore, but it was still totally worth it. Stay tuned to me signing up for new new races in the coming year, I will definitely keep you updated!

So since BK and I went to Vegas about a month ago, my funds were significantly depleted. So the results have been I haven't been shopping in a month other than for the necessities - so hard for me since I love to shop for clothing, Etsy finds, you name it!

I admit I am working on being more frugal. I want to save $$ as well as put away $$ for the future too, but lets face it, it is very hard to do when you have the internet at your finger tips!  

Ever heard of self control? Come find me now!

How does an Ocean Dreamer cure the "I Wants??"
Well, for starters she feels better by sharing her wants with you!!

1. I've been eying Juicy Couture's new handbags and their cute new rainbow key chain. Soooo adorable!

2. Now for some Etsy finds that I find irresistible...
Do you notice that's Carrie and her gal pals above??!!

3. Time for some Modcloth Lovin...


4. MAC Mascara Studio Fix I think would do the trick...
5. Oh and this movie is coming out this week. I want! I want!
Well, the good news is I feel a tad better because I shared all of these wants with you. The bad news? I still have a case of the I wants!!

What are some of your "I Wants" right now?


Feb 4, 2010

Running Essentials

Count down time is here and Surf City is officially on Sunday!
It is supposed to rain tomorrow and part of Saturday, but is supposed to clear up Saturday night. I hope the weather forecast stays this way and that the rain does disappear. Otherwise I am going to look really funny with a rain poncho. :P

Today I knocked out 9 miles in an hour an half, which brings me down to about a 10 minute mile, which is a huge accomplishment for me. My past two half marathons I have run a 15 minute mile, so this was a big jump! Let's hope I can maintain this. 

Thanks for all of your encouragement by the way on my running, it helps me stay motivated! If any of you need motivation, you know where to come!

My running buddy is running at about a 13 minute mile, so hopefully we will be in sync. But...do you think if I jog ahead it will hurt her feelings? I feel bad but want to do my best, you know?

By the way, if you ever want to read about some blogger runners with crazy minute miles, and not to mention great hearts {that beats any minute mile in my book}, I would head over here:

I think that increasing your minute mile is fantastic, but everyone has their own pace and I respect that. I think anyone who at least gives running an great effort is amazing! I definitely never thought I would get into running, now that I have I never want to turn back! I'm hooked. I also love a good race that gives to a cause, Miss Banana is great at running for races with a cause. Check it out at her blog.

So this post shares what essentials I will have with me on Sunday, what I think  a runner must have on her marathon day, or even when you want to go for a jog -

1. At Disneyland Expo I scored this amazing spibelt, it stays perfectly on my waist while holding my cell phone, money if I need it, chap stick, and my camera all in one! It doesn't shift around when I am running, which is a huge success for me. I've definitely dealt with moving fanny packs and not so much fun while you are trying to run. Not at all.
2. The only type of running pants that seem to work for me are ones like these, not a specific brand name but black workout capris that are slimming and don't move around while I run. Running for me is about security, I don't like wobbly bits, if you know what I mean, lol.
3. I know I already kinda mentioned this with with the spibelt, but I have to have my phone and ipodtouch while I am jogging. Especially my cell so I can occasionally take a break and text updates to BK, friends, and the fam! Am I the only one that does this? BK thinks I am silly and that I should leave my cell in the car, I however like to stay motivated via my cell messages! :) Yep, this is actually my exact phone - don't like it but thought I would display it. I want a crackberry super bad, just stating the facts.
4. A cute, simple, and comfy tank top, preferably blue!! Like the ocean, duh!
5. Now for the food, I love Quaker chocolate chip bars before the race {not the healthiest but the yummiest with a bit of protein} and a banana

6. Ever heard of moleskin? If you are new to running, this will be your salvation, salvation from blisters that is. I used to use bandaids but now I know better - moleskin is amazing, go and buy some at your CVS Pharmacy!! It basically is soft material that has a sticky side and feels very comfy and stays on your foot to prevent problem areas, aka blisters that hurt like h***! Be sure to bring some more to replace it during a race if you run fast though.
7. Some comfy and running related socks, may seem silly but they really help cushion your feet and your feet really need some TLC when you are running...
8. A trusted and economical water bottle, I like the current metal bottles. Now - don't bring it to the start line because then you are stuck with it. Keep it in your car for a nice taste of water afterwords.

9. I saved the best well, for almost last, my new ocean dreamer blue/turquoise shoes!! Asics, of course, the only brand name that I truly love because they feel light as air while they are on you and they look fashionable too!

10. Now it's time to reward yourself after the race...hmm, maybe some avocado egg rolls or a panini sandwich? Or both?! ;) Two of my personal favorites. :)
Yep, both pics are taken by moi. The first one is a past yummy sandwich from my panini maker = food bliss! Second, BJ's extraordinaire. For you Ali, my love!

 So I'm off to Surf City and I will be sure to let my Ocean Dreamers know how I do.

What is a must have for you when you run??

I love that I get to run by the ocean, that is motivation enough for me!! Happy Friday and have a fantastic weekend. 

Oh, and if you ever need advice on running, ask away. I may not be a pro but I am learning and love sharing stories and tips!


Feb 1, 2010

A Wilted Flower Needs to Bloom

This past weekend I watched Rhianna's interview
with 20/20 and I thought it was time for me to open
up a bit about emotionally abusive relationships...

I always have had a heart for those who are hurting 
or are in a hurting relationship.
Three years ago I was in an emotionally 
abusive relationship and I didn't understand
that I was actually in one at the time.
I thought our arguments were "normal" and 
that I was the one to blame. I had no idea
that I was not being respected nor was
I respecting myself by staying in the relationship.
It took me a really long time
to come to the point that I couldn't be blinded 
by so called "being in love"any longer...
thank God he left me for someone else.
I might have stayed in an unhealthy 
relationship forever because
I never thought he did anything wrong.
I defended him to my parents and everyone.
Little did I know that I was in an emotionally
abusive relationship. 
  We would argue 
over the littlest things and I thought 
I had to walk on egg shells. 
I remember screaming at the top of my
lungs and throwing my cell phone across
the room. I was turning into a monster, someone
I did not want to become.
He never hit me, it was all emotional abuse.
He made me feel less than who I was.
I never want to feel that way again.
I am happy to say that it has been 3 years
now. It took me a long time to heal -
once you get stuck in a repetitive
pattern of abuse it is hard to break it.
Thank God that he broke my pattern,
and the person I was with.
He later brought me to 
a wonderful man named BK.
He has a heart of gold and treats me like
a lady that everyone deserves to be treated as!
Here are some of the symptoms of emotional abuse. 

 I apologize this post may be intense for a Monday,
but it was really on my heart today. 
I think it is good that we are all aware of these signs, so we can help those around us who may be in an emotionally abusive relationship... 
  1. Does he/she refuse to discuss any upsetting issues with you, or accuse you of trying to start an argument if you bring them up? Do you feel that the issues that arise are never resolved? Do you feel uneasy, unhappy, depressed, or edgy because of these unresolved issues?
  2. Does he/she frequently misunderstand your intentions? Do you end up feeling perplexed and frustrated at his misconstruing your every action?
  3. Do you find yourself dismissing the bigger issues of your relationship, such as children, financial investments, or retirement planning because your daily lack of communication is consuming your emotional energy. For instance, do you often worry about him/her misunderstanding something he thought you said, or what you thought he said? Are the simple little day-to-day issues consuming the big picture?
  4. Do you sometimes feel like there is something wrong with 'you'? Do you sometimes feel bad and can't figure out why?
  5. Is your mate secretive? Does he rarely, if ever, share his/her thoughts or plans with you, or discuss issues with you?
  6. Does your mate almost always disagree with you? If you say the sky is blue do they say it is grey? If you found a movie to be good do they claim it was bad? Are you always made to feel like you are wrong and he is right?
  7. Are you punished when you say "No", or are you made to feel you haven't the right to say “Stop this”? Do you feel obligated to 'give in' just to keep peace? 
  8. Does your mate get angry or pretend ignorance if you approach him to discuss an issue? Do you bite your tongue and hold things in? 
Do you:
  • feel afraid of your partner much of the time?
  • avoid certain topics out of fear of angering your partner?
  • feel that you can’t do anything right for your partner?
  • believe that you deserve to be hurt or mistreated?
  • wonder if you’re the one who is crazy?
  • feel emotionally numb or helpless? 
If you have a friend in an abusive relationship,
this is a good article to read on how to be
a support system to them: Help Your Friend Article...

Now, if you have skipped over most of this post,
please at least read this part - 

Currently I have a friend in an emotionally
abusive relationship and it breaks my heart.
One thing I have learned is that she needs
a safety net to turn to.
Once I tried telling her the truth,
she almost shut me out all together.
Avoid judging people who are hurting
Ocean Dreamers, or there will
be no chance to help them at all.
Offer support, be gentle, and show the 
person that you care.
Offer a safe harbor to them -
hopefully they will fully understand
on their own what type of relationship
they are in.
Help build a network for them where they
feel safe, being around safe people
will hopefully help them realize
that they deserve better.
I want her to bloom again 
and not be a wilted flower,
shielding herself from the pain...
Please pray for my friend, it is really hard to listen to someone's pain, especially when I have been through this myself. I know maybe this is why God brought me to her, but I wish I could just tell her the truth. However, in this situation the truth will only throw her in harm's way - back in the arms of her abusive partner.
I also found this site to be helpful - The Safe Place

I know if I can make through something difficult, then my friend can and that anybody can for that matter.  

There is hope to bloom, there is hope for each tomorrow.

Thanks for listening Ocean Dreamers, I hope you have a wonderful Monday!


*All images are from DeviantART.com