Feb 19, 2010

50's Work Potluck

Happy Friday!
I'm sure glad that it is Friday, are you?
Whoah, did you all blow me away with your comments from my last post or what?! 

Just when I start feeling worried when I lay my thoughts and heart on the line {aka blog}, that is when I get some of the most sincere and welcoming thoughts...
Thank you so much! 
I sincerely love the community that exists in our blogging haven.

You all are just amazing!

So yesterday was my first day fasting from sugar.  
Now to clarify some of you thought that I was also fasting from TV. 
Nope - I am only fasting from sugar for 46 days. 
I can't live without my favorite shows! 
Ha ha, well, I could but not right now.
Let's just focus on sugar.
Also, sugar as in sweets & desserts with sugar and junk food. 
Not sugar in natural foods.
Sorry if I made that confusing with the article I mentioned, 
he was fasting from sugar and TV, but I am only fasting from sugar, so there ya go.

Yesterday was the beginning of the true test because we had a 50's themed potluck at work. There were brownies, cookies, and desserts everywhere! I did however succeed in saying no to everything, but that was only the first day!  It's going to be scary when PMS rolls around, ha ha! I'm not trying to make a big deal out of this. Honestly my bloggers, my family, and BK are the only people that know I am fasting from sugar...I am honestly doing it for God so I don't want to put it out there to the world {other than blogging world lol} since this is for me and Him, you know what I mean??

But anyways, thanks for the support. I really am blessed!

Here's some 50's pics from work yesterday for ya...I'm in the green dress.
 I wish my dress wasn't tie dye because I don't really think that was in during the time period, but the style of my dress was so I just went with it since I'm trying to be frugal.
 Remember my running buddy Laura? Doesn't she make an adorable 50's gal?
 Oh and since I couldn't eat sugar I am all about the smokies in BBQ sauce. 
This is what I brought and it was a delicious hit!!
I haven't really been sticking to my Blessed Friday posts, sometimes I get a bit scattered and have other things I would rather post about, ha!

I will say that tonight my friend is showing me how to use my new Singer sewing machine

Then on Saturday my roommates and I are having an Olympic party, which of course includes us watching the Olympics. 

 Saturday night and Sunday are my days with BK...

Oh and I have a bit of exciting news to share!!

Remember how I said I would keep you updated on my running? 
Well, the past couple of weeks I have pretty much failed when it has come to running.  
That is going to change though because... 

I just signed up for another race - the OC Marathon, I am doing the half marathon on May 2nd!!
Have a wonderful weekend Ocean Dreamers.



  1. i love you! this dress. your smile and SMOKIES!

  2. I totally meant to text you back last night! I'm proud of you that you resisted sugar! you are one strong lady! I don't know if I could do this ha ha!

    I was going to ask you to define "giving up sugar", if that meant just sweets or anything that has sugar in it? but I think I have my answer after reading this!

    and you're adorable!!! you were a rebel 50s girl ;)

  3. Love the dress tie dyed or not!

  4. Your dresses all look great! What a fun idea for a work party!

    Are you just giving up sweets/candy/desserts? Or all sugar? I hate to break it to you but bbq sauce is full of sugars :O( Most things are which sucks :O(

  5. Props to you for resisting sugar, you will be so glad you did and you will feel awesome! Love the idea of a 50's themed potluck...your workplace always looks like so much fun! Also, congrats on signing up for another marathon. You will do great, I just know it!

  6. Hey gals...to clarify I just revised my post, I am fasting from sugar in desserts, sweets, and junk food. I am not fasting from sugar in natural foods like smokies...ha ha since I have smokies on this post! Sorry for the confusion! :P

  7. I LOVE your outfit...too cute!!

    Way to go with saying no to sugar. Take it one day at a time.

    Congrats on signing up for the half marathon. I am sure you will kick butt.

  8. I'll say it again...I loved that last post. You are so cute. I love your dress. Kudos for making it through the 1st day of your fast. I know you can do it and God can use it to show you amazing things. More kudos for entering more marathons. Have a great weekend girly.

  9. So fun! Wish my work would do that. Loved your outfit!!

  10. Well done for resisting sugar! I'm sure you'll definitely succeed. And how cool is it that you had a 50's theme at work for a day. I love the dress you're wearing! Its so perfect.

  11. What a fun time at work...you all look so cute!

    Ooh...if you run into an OC housewife let me know...then again...they probably aren't into the marathon thing. Good Luck!

  12. I have a bad time with sugar! My body just doesn't do well when I eat sweets. I blow up like a cow. I should just give up fried foods.

  13. Girl, you look gorgeous in that green dress! And major kudos to you for wanting to give up sugar! I'm giving up biting my nails for Lent ... which is already a bad habit, but I want to resist and make my nails long! And I am so proud of you joining another marathon ... takes such dedication, you can do it! Hope you have a beautiful weekend :)

  14. Your dress is so fabulous! I love the idea of a 50's potluck!

    And the best of luck as you train for the OC half! I will be doing a half in Indy on May 8th myself! Eeek!

  15. Awww you look sooo pretty in that dress! I love it! And your coworkers also look terrific. You all have the most perfect 1950s dresses!

    Congrats on staying on your no-sugar diet during the potluck! Omg I seriously don't know if I could have handled it...there being BROWNIES and all. LOL!

    Oooh and how exciting you are in another marathon! Yay!

  16. Okay.. I was going to say...Sugar AND TV. Whoa!! Yes, will be some test once pms rolls around. LOL!

    Love that dress..you look great and the photos are awesome. It makes me miss the fun days of working in an office and doing fun stuff with co-workers!
    When I land a job, I hope it is with as fun colleagues as you have!

    Good luck with the marathon training!

  17. YAY for the marathon!!! And you look super cute with that dress.

  18. I had a great Friday, thanks! Looks like you had a good one too. :)

  19. Oh my gosh that food as me salivating. And I'll have to check out this fasting from sugar, it sounds like it'd be a good idea. Good luck with it, I know period/PMS time is a sugarfest for me because I get so moody.

    Ah and that is such an adorable idea-fifties day! Your job sounds like so much fun!!

  20. You look so cute in your 50s Sweetpea...and WOW...way to go on giving up the sugar!!!
    Greg just came home with a big bag of conversation hearts...he found at the market for only 50cents!!!
    Why does sugar have to be in so many yummy things?
    Those smokies look oh so yummy!
    I'd take a smokie over a brownie anyday!
    Way to go on your half marathon training! You are inspiring!

  21. How freaking cute are you??? I have been told to go check out your blog since we have so many bloggy friends that are the same. I love it an dI am now following!

  22. You look so cute! I love your shoes. Congrats on registering for the OC marathon! Good luck with the training... and the sugar fasting. PMS hit me like a brick wall today, and it was BAD.

  23. Hi Sierra,,, You looked adorable and it looks like it was alot of fun! Have a fabulous weekend:)


  24. What a fun idea for work! I love all your 50s inspired outfit! Adore the full skirt of your dress, so pretty:)

    And best of luck fasting sugar!!


  25. I love the dress. The tie dye may not be very 50s but it sure is cute! I don't know how you can give up sugar, I think I'd keel over.

  26. The dresses look really cute and I LOVE the shoes...

  27. You all look great in your 50s attire, what a great idea for an office party!

    I lived in Hollywood for many years and loved shopping at all the stores for vintage clothing. It's such fun to dress from another era, isn't it?

  28. That looks like so much fun!! I love the dress...super cute:)

  29. GREAT job with the will power and no sugar! I wouldn't have been able to do that at all! lol

    Love the outfits! SO cute!!! :0)

  30. What fun!!! You look great!

    Congratulations and best of luck training for your next marathon!

    Don't you love the Olympics! I have been sick, so there has been lots of curling for me!! lol

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  31. wow i wish i could give up sugar like you have! i'm a sucker for sweets. and how cute are you in that dress?? (; fancy dress at work should become mandatory for all organisations (: goodluck on the run! xo

  32. loving your dress xxxxxx

  33. That looks like such a fun time!What a great idea! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  34. you are too cute!! i love the 80's looks :) I am proud of you for fasting from sugar..don't know if i could do it! Good job girl!

  35. oooh i LOVE your tye dyed dress- I need to find some new work clothes- help me with some ideas Sierra! ;)

  36. I wish friday would come back again!! x

  37. while running a random search i ended up reading yours.It's wonderful to know about you! and since I have a sweet tooth I was amazed at the idea of fasting from sugar! how are you managing to do that? must be really hard to resist all the tempting and scrumptious desserts!And i loved your dress ,too! looking forward for reading more interesting stuff!

  38. I love those office pictures!!!! I wish I had a window. how sad is it that I don't???

  39. Love the 50s costumes. SO fun! And no sugar? EEEEK! My body would go into shock I think. Ah ha ha

  40. What a cute idea for a potluck! You all look sooooooo cute. I love the fifties. Sometimes I wish fashion was still like that, but I'm not that high maintenance on a day to day. My grandma used to tell me stories of how she wouldn't be caught dead even going to the grocery store in pants back in the 50s. They always wore skirts and dresses and curled their hair. It was cute, but I don't know if I could handle that every day. Sometimes a girl just needs her jeans. lol PS-those smokies look sooooooooooo yummy! :)

  41. Um you are beautiful! I love the dress. And smokies are delicious!! :)

  42. i love this girl. your dress is gorgeous...basically you are. and since i absolutely love the 50's i love this idea of a work party. yay!
    oh and i'm super proud of you that you're going to run again. may 2nd is going to be a great date. i can feel it. ;) woohoo!



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