Feb 9, 2010

How Do You Cure the I Wants?

Hope your Tuesday is going well, I don't know about you but mine is going soooo slow! 

Thank you so much for all of your messages about my race - meant so much to me! You all are amazing!!
Today I am still a bit sore, but it was still totally worth it. Stay tuned to me signing up for new new races in the coming year, I will definitely keep you updated!

So since BK and I went to Vegas about a month ago, my funds were significantly depleted. So the results have been I haven't been shopping in a month other than for the necessities - so hard for me since I love to shop for clothing, Etsy finds, you name it!

I admit I am working on being more frugal. I want to save $$ as well as put away $$ for the future too, but lets face it, it is very hard to do when you have the internet at your finger tips!  

Ever heard of self control? Come find me now!

How does an Ocean Dreamer cure the "I Wants??"
Well, for starters she feels better by sharing her wants with you!!

1. I've been eying Juicy Couture's new handbags and their cute new rainbow key chain. Soooo adorable!

2. Now for some Etsy finds that I find irresistible...
Do you notice that's Carrie and her gal pals above??!!

3. Time for some Modcloth Lovin...


4. MAC Mascara Studio Fix I think would do the trick...
5. Oh and this movie is coming out this week. I want! I want!
Well, the good news is I feel a tad better because I shared all of these wants with you. The bad news? I still have a case of the I wants!!

What are some of your "I Wants" right now?



  1. I love all that Juicy stuff!

    My I wants at the moment?
    - a cage skirt
    - a job as a fashion writer :)
    - my Masters to come to an end! Haha

    Congratulations once again on the marathon :D


  2. I love those doodles. I also have the same problem with my want list. It keeps getting longer. But I try to control myself (I hope I can).

    My current want is that Balenciaga bag which I'm obsessing for since last Christmas. Santa wasn't good to me, he didn't reward me this year. Hahaha! So I control my shopping so that I can save for that bag.

  3. I'm sure the vegas trip was worth it! I think I have a ton of things on my want list that I'll never check off. :( aww

  4. I love those sketches! Omg- when I figure out how to cure the "I wants" I'll let you know! I usually try to avoid shopping- online and in person..and try to remind myself how blessed I am. That no matter I always have a bed,a house, hot water and good food! =) But right now- I just want it to be summer! xoe

  5. I've been controlling myself pretty well recently. I mean, it's easy to control yourself when everything you *really* want is way too expensive at this moment. :)


  6. I can always add Modcloth items to my "want" list.

    I also want: new running shoes, a North Face coat, and a snowstorm so I have a day off, ha!

  7. oh this SATC doodles are amazing!! (: i hope you manage to at least have SOME of those wants (; have a great week ahead, love! ps: I WANT a personal trainer! ahha.

  8. Aw the Time Travelers Wife is so sad! I love it though.

    I've been wanting all sorts of etsy finds lately!

  9. I have too many wants at the moment. Love those bags!

  10. I want an ice cream lamp right now!!

  11. I've had luck with not purchasing items right when I see them. If I still want them in a week, I'll indulge from time to time. I usually find that I don't want it as bad as I thought I did.
    My want right now is a Kindle!

  12. I seriously love that maxi dress!!! Thank you for posting it, I haven't been on Modcloth in forever. I might need to add that to my spring/summer list as I live in maxi dresses during the summer ;) I loved Time Traveler's Wife, such an excellent book and movie =)

  13. Oh gosh after seeing all that I kinda have some wants now!!

  14. Oh goodness, I do not know how to cure the "I wants" but if you find the secret let me know!!! We have been saving hard core for the wedding and it has been tough but watching our account grow has been very rewarding!

  15. i'm obsessed with etsy. you should check out "NYLIGHTMETALS" (shop name) ... i cannot stop ordering from her!

  16. Um- I want everything on your list!!! Haha! We have such similar taste! Hope you had a great day love xoxo

  17. Gosh I love fashion sketches - to die for! And that Legally pink dress OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I always have the I wants...I wish I could find a way to cure them too..I just need to stay away from etsy! xoxoxo

  19. Love those doodles and the purple Juicy bag...I want that too! :)
    Not easy to have this cured though. Not easy. Glad I live where I live because options are limited and prices are even higher!!! So I usually complain about the ridiculousness of extremely expensive stuff here and this makes me spend less! Woohoo. ;) Besides I'm saving up money for my NYC, Atlantic City trip...woohoo. ;) :D

  20. I've just got myself one of the biggest "I wants" of this winter: a snowboard and all neccessary equipment... Now, I'm eyeing this springs fashion and I found this wonderful ballerina shoes recently, that I absolutely want to buy...

    Btw. I have an award for you. I don't know if you're participating, but if yes, you can find it on my blog.

  21. I've been wanting a Juicy purse FOREVER. The first one is adorable! But hubby says I'm not allowed to EVER own a purse that cost that much money lol. Men.

    I'm not wanting a lot right now since we're broke but I still want my MacBook Pro and some stuff from the new MAC collection coming out Thursday! (Mac Apple and MAC cosmetics, what a combo lol).

  22. I have no self control. I want a new car, and new clothes and a shop!! My goodness! x

  23. oh girl, i hear ya! Whenever I'm broke I see millions of things I want!

  24. I want a job.
    And lots of cute clothes for my vacation.
    And the snow to GO AWAY.

  25. great watercolor dress!

  26. the Juicy purses are cute!! They haven't ever really been "my" thing as everyday purses, but I did have a similar as a diaper bag lol ;)

  27. Hello Fellow Ocean Friend,

    You want, you want, you want. Thankfully you don't want for grace and goodness, which you have plenty of.

    P.S. Yes, I'm back.

  28. My "Wants"
    A pair of True Religion jeans
    New floor mat for my kitchen
    Fleece to make blankets for friends

    Hope you get a few things on your list :)

  29. I want the cute rabbit pendant!
    want & need are 2 different things huh?!

  30. my want list never ends either!
    at the top of my list...
    i want/need a wedding dress, i want a new house, i'd also take some cute spring flowery dresses....hehe, i'll focus on the dress for now though ;)

    happy wednesday lady!

  31. all i really "want" right now is warm weather...
    but any of these fabulous things you posted here will do, as well:)

  32. I want to go see lady gaga but I have no one here to go with :(

    and I want some awesome black platform wedge booties! and nail polish in every colour!

  33. Hi! You have an award on my blog. Come get it here.


  34. Modcloth is too fantastic for words. I love your wants! Now I want them to be mine! lol. :)

  35. that pink dreesssss is so pretty!!!!!!! <3

    haha i always have a case of the wants. i am always spending too much on sparkly knickknacks for my house... and random bits of stationery

  36. i just saw that movie and i LOVED it! one of the best...actually prefer it over the notebook.

    hope the rest of your week flies by. boo slow days...yay weekends!

  37. Nice! So good to be catching up on your blog. Thank you so very much for all the kind words and well wishes! Funny how much you miss blogville after leaving it.
    I have to see Time Traveler's Wife!

  38. omg! I love everything- especially the pink dress and the wax love pendants!!

  39. I love all the purses!
    To cure the I wants...don't go to the store.:(

  40. I love this post sweetie! I cure my I wants by letting myself get one thing and then also putting it all out there. I find getting what I want and having a savings makes me happy. Come stop today for some retro San Francisco love...

  41. I love this post, I'm in the same boat as you lately... trying to save money but WANTING at the same time! I just posted a couple of my wants today :-) Hope your week is going well, love! XOXO

  42. Hi lady!!
    I love your 'I wants' and totally love those prints from Sex & The City. Also, congrats on you marathon! It was awesome to read that despite feeling tired, you used the ocean as inspiration to go on!

    I will now continue reading your other posts :P


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