Feb 16, 2010


I am one that thinks that laughter is truly good for the soul.
I just read in the book that I finished yesterday- Remarkable Changes by Jane Seymour about laughter. She reminded me that no one should ever take themselves too seriously...life is too short for that.
There is time to have laughter fill our lungs! 

As Big Kiddo jumped on the bed and tickle tackled me yesterday, I thought to myself that that is what love is. Not arguing, being right, stubborn, proud, rude, or hurting one another.
Love is many things, but one thing that love should be more of is laughter. 
Love is not always taking everything so seriously.
Isn't it crazy that love can make you cry and laugh in the same week?!
Laughter can lighten the load and take anxiety away. 
Big Kiddo and I went walking for about 5 miles yesterday afternoon...
We talked and exercised, it was so nice. 
I suddenly got a burst of energy.
I attacked him full speed ahead by pushing and tickling him.
Then I realized that I had amo.
I had my water bottle, full of water!
Ha...better run Big Kiddo!
We pranced around the campus we were walking at.
I almost got a girl and her labtop all wet...oops!
He drank his water but not really.
He spit out the water and it came squirting out of his teeth...
All over my face and hair!
Now you are in BIG trouble Big Kiddo...
I poured my water down his back,
He water spit on me again
{sounds gross I know but it was such a far reaching water spit}
and plus I was hot so it was refreshing...
I laughed until I cried.
Then we raced each other down a flight of steps.
Laughter and love combined is truly grand I must say.
I felt lighter than air...
Do you ever frolick around like a child and feel as light as air?
Well I did and I am going to make more of an effort to laugh more often.
Laugh until my stomach hurts.
Laugh until I cry...
Laugh until I can't laugh anymore...
Do me a favor Ocean Dreamers...
If you find yourself having a really bad day or week.
Just find something to laugh about.
Big or small.
It will make the world of difference, I promise.
You will like you can conquer any problem in the world. 


Have a wonderful day Ocean Dreamers...
Full of laughter!!

*all photos not labeled & linked are from weheartit.com!



  1. laughter truly is the best--it keep life fresh and fun!

  2. oh yes...i'm a strong believer that laughter makes everything better :)

    such a cute post, sierra.

  3. Such a cute post :) You guys sound really happy <3

  4. This was just what I needed to read today! Goodness. Perfect. Your zest and passion for life and wonderful things is just so refreshing! I loved this post! It's one of my favs. Thanks for the reminder. You are beautiful, inside and out!

  5. Wonderful!! Nothing beats laughing so much that it makes you cry! It seriously is such a great feeling. Thank you for reminding me!

  6. Good times with BK...nothing could be finer!

  7. I love this post. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. It is an instant cure-all for whatever ails you!! :)

  8. Definitely, a good laugh..always helps. Love the flower on the hat, too. Thanks so much for the note.

  9. Lovely post. I agree whole heartedly!!

    PS. Some times Mr. Pickle spits water out at me too.

  10. totally have to agree with ya!
    i look forward to coming home every day just because i know my fiance will make me laugh and smile!!
    i heart him BIG time! :)

  11. Yes i just LOVE laughing. It is the best thing ever! This post is wonderful :)

  12. LOVE this post. It's so important to remember those little moments that make us laugh:) When I saw your Tweet yesterday about the tickle tackle, I just laughed out loud. Too fun!

  13. You have no idea how happy I am when I get to read such beautiful stories... I am so glad you have Big Kiddo in your life... and even more glad that he makes you laugh... because you are so right. Laughter is just plain ol' good for the soul :)

  14. super cute post Sierra!!! laughter is the best!!

  15. Awww...I love this post! :)
    Yes, it's all about laughter!!
    Thank you! :)

  16. Remember that part in Valentine's Day when there's turbulence on the airplane?

    And remember what you said during that part?

    THAT makes me laugh.

  17. How fun! Laughter is the best..and laughter with someone you love, even better!

  18. awwwwwwwwwwwww so good dear. :D

  19. Completely agree that laughter makes everything better! xoxo

  20. I love the post!! Very cute! I love those moments with the significant others, they are some of the best. Water is always a great weapon of choice in a flirting war. :)

  21. Oh that sounds so great! You are right, laughter is the best.

  22. so cute! i love times like that with my hubby. sometimes we just lay on the bed and laugh about everything. :) good times.

  23. So sweet, I love this post! This was very inspirational and I agree...one should not take life too seriously. Laughter is one of my favourite parts of my marriage. Eric always makes me laugh and his smile is contagious :)


  24. OD: You are a true inspiration to women everywhere - even to the old-cynics like myself. Great post and one I will not forget. Thank you, Sweetheart. x

  25. Very sweet post, darling!

    Love these pics!

    Yay for laughter!


  26. Laughter is totally the best medicine. Which is why I'm so happy to have my hubby, who makes me laugh all the time!

  27. I love those pictures! And, this post is so true! I had a heart-to-heart with boyfriend last night, and I felt better. I pretty much told him what your post is about: I want more happiness, fun and laughter in our relationship because it's been so hard lately.

  28. I recognize that first beautiful image as Chris Craymer's work. I recently featured his Romance collection on my blog. he is an amzing photographer!
    laughing makes like better...I completely agree. It can cure even the worst moments.

  29. What a fantastic post! You are right its all about laughter...all about love. Thank you for the bright inspiration. xo Mish


  30. Laughter is something I almost forgot about. How sad is that?! BUT, I am working on it...every single day. :)

    Great post girl.


  31. I love this post!

    Laughter does make you live longer!!

  32. ahhhhh love this post xxxxxxxxxx

  33. I completely believe on laughter. It is good for the soul. We all need more of it in our lives!

  34. It's the best medicine, no?
    How cute are you two having a water fight!

  35. i love laughing. greek babe and i wrestled the other night and it made me like him even more because there is just something fantastic about laughing with the person you care about :) i'm so glad you and big kiddo have such a great relationship.

  36. The fact that the hubs makes me laugh on ma daily basis is one of my very favorite things about him!

  37. I love it! Love to laugh! It's the best...I do agree!!! :0)

  38. Laughter is awesome! Beautiful post!

  39. I had to laugh when I read about your water battle with BK, because I love squirt guns. Yes, even at my age, I still love squirting water all over my friends and family and I should add that I'm very competitive when it comes to this particular sport(?).

    It is particularly fun on a hot day at the beach! I have at least a dozen sets, from tiny to very large. Since my children are grown and my granddaughter will be nineteen this week, I have no excuse to visit toy stores, but there you will find me, checking out the newest water weapons. (Of course, I never tell the clerk they are for me!)


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