Mar 8, 2010

And the Award Goes To...

I just got done watching The Oscars 
and loved seeing all of the gorgeous gowns!
Here are some of my favorites.
If there were awards 
for just the dresses,
well here are my picks!

I'll be back tomorrow with my review
of Alice in Wonderland 
and some Etsy Alice finds that I adore.
Let me just start by saying
it was amazing!!

Sarah Jessica Parker
Congrats Sandra Bullock for
winning best actress! :)
This was my most favorite gown
by far on Rachel McAdams!
I think she wants Spring
to arrive as well!
Mariah Carey
Kate Winslet
My favorite actress since
I was little, aka Jane Seymour
Elizabeth Banks
Cameron Diaz
My second favorite dress,
she looks like Cinderella!
Amanda Seyfriend
Let's not forget some eye candy...
Zac Efron, you are not too young
for moi! 
{Just kidding my love, aka BK}

Sweet dreams Ocean Dreamers.
Of Zac that is.



  1. jajajaja sweet dreams of Zac... LOL!!!!

    hope you're fine my dear :D

    PS: by any chance do you have plans for this Tues?

  2. Ohhh! I watch awards shows just to see what people are wearing. There are some lovely ones. Great picks!
    And Zac! Oh my! Eye candy for sure. x

  3. Loved Sandra Bullock's dress...and Helen Mirren's, and oh Cameron Diaz' but the rest didn't really appeal to me. But I sure dreamed of Zac...yay. His hair was fab. ;)

    Happy Monday! :D

  4. ooooh i think cam is my fave! I liked miley cyrus's too! xx


  5. I just loved Sandra Bullock's dress! She was just stunning!

  6. Yes...Yes...they all looked really lovely!! I really loved Cameron Diaz:)
    Oh to be rich and famous! I can't even imagine~

  7. Oh I love Rachel McAdams dress best too!! So adorable! I can't wait to see Alice in Wonderland! It looks great! Hope you have a great week! :)

  8. Loved Rachel's dress! And I love Amanda Seyfried but didn't love her dress. And her hair is too pretty not to leave down!

  9. WOW! Sandra, Kate and Cameron all dressed LIKE Oscars. My favourite gown was definitely Rachel McAdams.

    And I also totally loved Jane Seymour... I think because I pretty much wanted to be Dr Quinn :)

  10. I missed the red carpet so I'm soo happy you put up the pics!! I loved Rachel McAdams & Amanda Seyfried's dresses!!! Zac is too cute!

  11. I think you and I may be the only ones that liked the SJP I'm still debating, wanna see all the pics.
    Do you twitter, would have loved to have you in the fun last night.
    It was a blast!
    Rachel, yes, for sure.
    Congratulations on The Coffee Cup Award over at The Novelista.
    Have a great week.
    I sorta think you look like Amanda Seyfried. Thought of you last night when I saw her.

  12. I did not like SJP's dress with just a front it from the side like that. Not a fan of Mariah's dress either...BUT boy did Cameron Diaz get it right...she looked gorgeous! I am so glad Sandra won too!

  13. I LOVED Rachel McAdams' dress. She looks absolutely amazing in it - although I love her so much more as a dark brunette, hehe.

  14. Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz were my favorites ... soo gorgeous!!! :)

  15. I love Elizabeth Bank's Dress. Cameron Diaz and Amanda Seyfried's dresses look fierce as well! :)

  16. So many pretty dresses, lots of fru fru and ruffles, this year. I thought it was a wonderful Oscar night. My fav though was Diane Kruger's. I did love Elizabeth Banks, Amanda S, Demi Moore, Kate Winslet, and so happy Sandra Bullock won!!!

  17. Posting about this now! Check in a few to see my thoughts!

  18. I simply love watching the Red Carpet show before the Oscars!!

  19. Love, love, love them ALL! Especially Zac Efron ;)

    xx Leia -

  20. You didn't like Demi Moore's...her's wasawesome too. Even though Zoe saldana is on the worst dress list I still liked it a whole heap. Cameron looked too proper, i like her a little messed up.That's my two cents worth.

  21. The dresses are all gorgeous! I think Cameron Diaz's was my favorite! :0) Love Zac, too!! lol

  22. i LOVED cameron diaz's dress and hair and red lips...her whole look basically! she looked stunning!!!

  23. zac is a totally babe!
    i'd jump his bones, okay...totally kidding ;)

    i loved demi's dress!!
    fun post, i hadn't seen some of these dreses. i didn't watch the awards.

    hope you had a great weekend lovely lady!

  24. My fav is Rachel McAdam. : )

  25. Ohhhhhhh, Zefron. He did look most delish!

  26. I thought Sandra looked sooooooo pretty. She had my fav. dress, although I really liked Rachel McAdams, too. I loved Sandra's speech when she said this is for all the mothers that love children no matter where they come from. I thought she spoke really well. Hope you're having a good week.

  27. great minds think alike :) zac looked adorable, but i'm more of a jake gyllenhall fan when it came to the tuxes. he was looking pretty delish!

  28. I adore Rachel McAdams! She looked positively radiant.
    Can't wait to hear your review!!!

  29. Hi Sierra... Thanks for stopping by! I loved so many of the Oscar gowns last night too.
    I am having so much fun with the Alice in Wonderland theme too. I cant wait to see it on this friday. Have a great week:)
    (()) gail

  30. Rachel McAdams' dress is SO you! If you were a dress, that's absolutely the one you'd be. It screams ocean!

  31. I am with you on some of them but I actually really like Jennifer Lopez dress. Something about it was beautiful for me! Oh and I am obessed with Rachel McAdams. I think she is so adorable and such a great actress. I am visiting from Brunch at Saks and love the blog. Hope to keep in touch and would love for you to come visit me if you get the chance! your newest follower!

  32. Hey Sweet Girl!
    Thanks so much for the SWEET as PIE comment you left on my 100th Post!!! xxooxx Kisses to you!
    Oh...didn't you think that RED lipsticks totally completed Sandra Bullocks LOOK last night!!!!

  33. Hello my darling, thanks so much for visiting me and for you well wishes, you are so kind, my precious friend. I stayed up late and watched the oscars. It was kind of flat to me this year, some dresses were a disaster. Kate W. looked lovely, very elegant and classy. Wishing you a week filled with many blessings.

    Love & Hugs

  34. i loved Rachel's and Cameron's dress ..even Sandra bullock minus the lipstick color she was wearing ..
    and i dropped by from Selma's and looking forward to read more ..

  35. Great pics!! I I love me some Zac Efron!! Yummy yum yum!! I loved Miley Cyrus!

  36. i loved watching it last night! oh and i totally loved Rachel McAdams' cute!

  37. Very cute! Though I have to say I hated SJP's look as well as Mariah's. I feel like Mariah never got the memo that it's not 1994 anymore! Cameron and Elizabeth Banks looked beautiful!

  38. Rachel McAdams' looks like a beautiful watercolor painting~ sooo gorgeous!

  39. SJP was my favourite!!!! x

  40. Hi Sierra!

    You have good taste. I have a crush on Zac even though I am not 20 And happily married I might add,but come on who can resist that I enjoyed the Oscars. The scene with Steve Martin and Alec trying to sleep on the same bed and Alec gets slapped by Steve Martin had me laughing out
    Thanks for sharing a good post Sieraa. Hope you are doing well. And now I am going to click and follow your blog.

    Janet's Creative Pillows

  41. I didn't watch because I was at my Life Group, but we did catch a glimps of Sarah Jessica Parker and she was beautiful. That dress was so pretty on her. I think she is a natural beauty.

  42. I always love Oscar dress's. Rachel McAdams looks so beautiful, and I love Cameron Diaz's dress.

  43. I admire Kate Winslet's choices every year because she always keeps it simple, yet has this power behind her, since she seems to be this wonderful woman, mom, actress, etc. Her hair is so elegant! :)

    Great choices sweetie!


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