Mar 3, 2010

The Decision

Your attitude determines your 
latitude in life. 
Think high & you'll rise!

Fear paralyzes momentum, make a decision
and free up the energy. 
Adjust as you go along.  
 But make a choice!

Weight Loss tip: see food as fuel 
for the machine that is your body. 
Put the right amount 
of the best stuff in.

Honor the Body with yoga/exercise,
the Mind with meditation 
& the Soul with expressing 
your creativity!

Hi Ocean Dreamers...
I hope these quotes are as encouraging to you
as they are to me!

I actually was going to title this post The Skinny,
but I didn't want to come across being the blogger
who is only trying to get skinny.
Yes, I do want to lose weight.
Yes, I want to be fit.
No, I'm not obsessed with weight.
Yes, I know it is unrealistic 
 to look like a super model. 
But I am going to try and 
look my best!
I think eating healthy and exercising 
is like a math equation.
If you combine the right foods 
with the right amount of exercise
you can become healthy, fit, and disciplined.
This is what my "sugar" fast has been teaching me.
So far I have lost 3 pounds in the last 2 weeks.
I want to lose at least 15.
No, it hasn't been easy.
I have had to turned down cookies, sweets,
chips, and other junk food left and right.
It has been very tempting 
and there have been times when 
I have feel tempted to drive over 
to Trader Joes and buy my favorite veggie chips.
But I didn't do it!

I've been learning to not emotional eat
or eat when I am bored.
It's really hard not to!!
I used to do that a lot
and I realized something.
It is much more worth it to me
to stay healthy and exercise.
Sure, not everyone is going to understand me.
They might think I am obsessed with my weight
and don't know how to "have fun" with my diet.
But I really don't care what they think.
I'm doing this for me.
This is the first time in my life 
that I have made up my mind to make
a diet change for the better.
I am scared to death that I might not follow through.
But I am not even going to think that way
because I know I can do it.
Every time I may mess up,
I am just going to pick myself up again
and start a new.
I am forming a new habit in my mind
and then putting it into action.
It will be like brushing my teeth!
Don't let this be you -
I posted Bible verses and motivational
sayings on my bathroom mirror, 
in my room & at work.
It helps a lot - you should try it!

I also have found fruits, nuts, and
vegetables that are enjoyable to eat.
They are growing on me!
I have been eating spinach salads with turkey.
I've been eating more fish and chicken.
I also have been running mostly every day.

Before my self esteem was quite low.
I still fight with myself daily, lets be honest.
Don't let your self esteem get the
best of you Ocean Dreamers!!
You can accomplish anything
you put your mind to do.
Also, I have found other sources 
of exercising is also good.
I have tried Yoga three times now
and I love it.
It is a bit pricey but so worth it!
You feel relaxed, fit, and
all of your stresses fade away.
After my fast I want to continue to
eat healthy and exercise daily.
I think I will treat myself to a sweet
every couple of weeks.
It is all about eating in moderation.
Only eating when you are 
hungry is key too!
Right now if I eat any junk food
I gain or maintain my weight.
My metabolism sucks but 
I am learning to work with it.
Eating well = better metabolism!

I have made up my mind to do this
and stay on track no matter
how hard it might be
or how many tempting snacks
might be around.

Who's with me?
In no time at all we can head 
to the beach with a smile on our face!



  1. Of you want it enough then you will do it. Just think of the times when you were happy with yourself, and focus on what that felt like. It'll be hard at the start but that should be when your motivation is strongest so just keep focused on the good stuff. Good luck!

  2. i love your motivation! for a few months now i've just been maintaining my weight. i want to lose about 10 more before this summer. doesn't seem like much, but i need to get back on track in order to do so! :) you're very encouraging!

  3. Great post. I am so in with you. I am trying really hard, but my love for food keeps getting in the way (ooops).

    I know we can both do it!!!!!!!

  4. I'm on the same journey that you are on my dear! I ADORE yoga and just started back up on Monday! I've missed it like crazy over the past several months and am excited to get my bod into shape!

    I have faith that you will do well and attain your goals! We can BOTH do it!!! :)

  5. You are so motivated!!!! Love it. :)

    Happy Wednesday. xoxo

  6. Excellent progress. You'll do well if you can stick to that mindset, and it'll be so exciting when you starting seeing the difference with your clothes. I get thrilled when I can fit into old clothes that are a size too small.

  7. Doing it the healthy way is THE most important thing! We will cheer you on :)

  8. Great post! Yes, eat to be healthy and strong to help your mind and soul. Its quite a journey finding out what your body needs daily to be its best. Thanks for all the tips.

  9. i will try to motivate you if you help me.

    ps - i am really proud of you.

  10. So, so, so, so, SO proud of you!

    But I hope you don't mind that you'll always be my pizookie lover!

    You're doing it the healthy way and I think that's amazing. I have a rather slow metabolism too but you're right: you gotta accept what God gave ya and work with what you have! That's the best, in my opinion.

    You're amazing, my dear! xoxo

  11. Today my diet requires I eat nothing but beans today,
    so far I have had chicken and dumplings, and a chocolate peep.
    Maybe I should try yoga instead,
    Love you my little ocean girl, you can do it!

  12. love your motivation. :) I need to really get on to that. I'm usually pretty good with exercising but I've been super lazy in that department ever since January! As for a food diet. Oh gosh how many times I've tried... it REALLY is hard. So props to you. I eat food like I need air to breathe. It's terrible. Maybe I'll think about your discipline next time I try to stuff my face.


  13. You are such an inspiration! Your commitment is so admirable and incredible!

    I am SO with you. I've been trying so hard to get my body in racing shape again and to only eat healthy foods when I can (I am becoming obsessed with bananas!) - it's hard, but I keep telling myself "my body is a temple"!

  14. I'm Sooo WITH YA!!! It's never too late to start!! I loved all the quotes you chose dear!! Your motivating!! Your right we gotta start somewhere & help each other!! Good luck! =)

    Hey girl just to let you know I'm running a giveaway over at my blog! I wouldn't want you to be left out! If you get a chance hop on over! =)

    Wine Glasses Giveaway!

  15. I totally love that first quote. Good luck on getting fit, you can do it!

  16. You are amazing.... I need to start exercising more. Not to lose weight but just to be healthy. I've tried a few things but didn't like 'em too much... I would love to try Yoga but I can't afford it right now. When I graduate though... I will Yoga it up for sure!!!

  17. go u for losing weight :) its so much work to lose weight... and annoying esp when it doesnt work at first, but u have to stick with it and keep it up!

  18. AH, words to my ears!!! Beautifully written!! I hear ya on everything. Hey, can you pass along some of your motivational sayings and bible verses?? I think that I could benefit from that as well as some yoga! Thank you for sharing your story with us, we are really on the same path. But I am still really struggling with the food. I'm on the mindset that -hey- I'm working my butt off, I should be able to eat what I want, right?!! Whata thought.

    Congratulations on your success! You go girl! Keep it up!! YAY!

  19. Wonderful! YOu are beautiful but it is so important to feel beautiful and good health helps us to. I'm trying to do the is so much harder to lose those extra pounds when you get older. It just doesn't come off easy. But as I eat healthy and exercise daily I feel better even if the the pounds don't disappear. I belong to California Family Fitness so I am able to do yoga weekly. I lso walk on the treadmill and swim laps, but I really want to get back into running. You are such an inspiration. Best wishes for you in acheiving your goals. We are all cheering for you! oxox

  20. I am SO proud of you, Sierra! This is an amazing post, and it makes me want to make even better choices for myself. I'm with you on Yoga, love it, makes me feel so good. Keep it up!

  21. I'm with you, except for the yoga thing. I've tried yoga, but it's not for me. I spin, weight train, kick box (class), run and walk. I haven't seen progress on the scales, but I feel healthier. I've even seen a dietician....Good job on the two pounds! Keep up the great attitude.

  22. You have the best attitude! I think portion control is the issue for me. I'll eat perfectly healthy for weeks, and then have a day where I can't stop eating...just because I'm bored! I need to realize that it's better to be healthy than it is to lose weight quickly!

  23. I am so proud of you for wanting to eat healthy and be healthy. I think that it is the most freeing thing when you focus on the healthy part and wanting to fuel your body and not just be skinny (when skinny is your only focus that's when you fail). You are doing so great and as long as you keep up with it, roll with the punches, and if you slip get back up you will do amazing! i am learning that you can't control your body but if you can do all you can to be healthy that's all that matters!

  24. Go on girl! You've got me charged up! Let's battle these 15 L-B's together!
    You are really spot on, emotional and stress motivated eating is deadly. I am working hard to lose my last 15 since kid#2. I am a dieting guru..yet I struggle so much!
    I like Winston Churchill's quote...never never never give up.
    And we won't!!! (why is sugar so tasty?)

  25. Keep going! 3 lbs in two weeks is really healthy! And to post all those little motivation verses all over the place is a really good idea!
    BTW. Did you know that if you manage to keep a habit throughout three weeks it becomes routine and you won't have much problems to keep doing it?!
    Have a great day...

  26. You are always so inspiring!!!

  27. I absolutely adore this post! I just found your blog this morning and I have so enjoyed reading it! I loved your post on lent ... exactly how I feel about it!:) I, too, have grown up around many denomination and so just call myself a Christ Follower now! haha I love that you posted all the pictures of Jillian Michaels. I just started her 30 day shred dvd last weekend because I have been convicted about needing to take control of my health too! I'm looking into yoga as well, and after reading what you have to say about it I think I'll give it a go!! :) Nice to "meet" you today! :)

  28. I love your motivation lady, I think you'll do awesome! Good luck!

  29. FABULOUS post girl! I can relate to every single thing you said. It makes me feel better too knowing that I'm not the only one out there struggling with all of these things: weight, fear, self esteem, etc. Love this! Love this! Love this!

    Oh, and you mentioned you have bible verses and other little sayings posted up... please share those. I could use some motivation too!

  30. I'm truly so proud of you, darling! Congratulations on the loss. I absolutely know that you will be able to achieve your goal - especially with such positive thinking on your side! :)

  31. Such an amazing post! At times I am so fearful in life- and words like these are so powerful to me because I realize that I CAN overcome anything. Just love you gorgeous girl! xoxo

  32. i seriously need to give up sugar i seem to have become addicted at some alarming rate ha ha! i now have to have a chocolate bar a day! naughty - but i have managed to cut down on the potato chips to nearly none at all! xxxx

  33. Such a motivating post. I love it and so needed to hear it. After a winter of pigging out, I said March was it. But March is here and I still haven't started. I do plan to on March 15th though and will frequently come back to this post to keep myself motivated and on track!
    I'm glad you loved the yoga...Yes, a bit pricey but worth it. There is a DVD called Yoga - for happiness...They sell it at the lululemon stores...25 bucks and you can do it anytime at home.

    And also, you probably don't need a full 15 pounds to lose so don't worry about the numbers on the scale. Just know you are getting healthier and so fit with all the exercise. You look perfect just as you are.

  34. Love it! This past year I've really come to accept my body for what it is. I mean of course I'd love the be able to look like a VS model, but I know it's not going to happen.
    And hmm I really need to work on my eating habits. I tend to fall to the wayside sometimes. I love your motivation and inspiration. I'm rooting you on!!

  35. Keep on going you can do it. Your motivation is very inspiring to me. I really want to get fit and healthy again but it just getting the motivation up to start!


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  37. kudos to you!!! i am trying to lose weight, too. so far so good, but it is a lot of work. i recently heard someone say that they used to LOVE food, and they realized love is for PEOPLE, not for food. so i am trying to remember that whenever i want to cheat! and i am also trying to remind myself that i would rather have looser (OR NEW!) clothes, than eating stuff that tastes delicious but is really bad for me!

  38. Go, girl! I hope you reach your desired weight soon.

  39. This is really inspirational! The best way to get a good figure really is to eat more of the right stuff.

    Congrats with everything yo're achieving!

  40. I heard a good tip that when you think of eating junk food don't think "that will make me fat", think "that will drain my energy and make me feel bad". It has sort of worked for me...

    and I love that quote about decision making- I am always so scared of making the wrong choice that i do nothing at all.

  41. SO good and once again, so inspiring. I really admire you and your motivation and self control. Very good post. :)

  42. Hello sweetie!
    I am so happy for you that you have found a motivation to be healthy.I do hope you will go on the right path when it comes to food.Scratch that.You will go on the right path.I am here to suport you.And i will also try my best to do the same as you, since i've promised myself this ate the beggining of the year.Have a lovely weekend.

  43. i'm totally with ya girly!!
    i've gotten my motivation back to workout but my eating habits are still not the best. one step at a time :)
    we'll get there, we can do it!

    have a great weekend my pretty friend! :)

  44. I'm with you! Thank you for the beautiful motivation -- just what I needed. What a beautiful spot in the world you have here . . . thank you for sharing!

  45. Thanks for the inspiration!
    We'll be rooting you on and getting our butts in gear :)

  46. I'm glad you're doing good so far!! Your motivation is inspiring. I love yoga but I don't have the courage to go alone.. I think I'll try it though.

  47. Congratulations for setting goals for youself and doing the most you can to achieve them! I know you will :)
    And don't worry, once your metabolism becomes a bit faster, you can eat more stuff without worrying too much. Always with moderation, of course, but you'll be able to.
    And with the healthy food... go ahead and eat at least 5 times a day; that actually helps your metabolism get faster, as your body has to digest more times a day, and your body no longer needs to 'store' fat thinking you will only eat 3 times a day.



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