Mar 26, 2010

Gone to Chips

Yaaay it's Friday!
Any fun plans?
Tonight I am seeing The Bounty Hunter.
I can't wait - it looks so funny!
So I apologize because I am definitely
behind on your blogs.
It's been a busy couple of days!
Last night I went to my first Spring bonfire,
pictures to be posted soon! 
Work has been busy and tonight I am having
dinner and going to a movie with my girlfriend! :)

So life has been good so I won't complain.
I'll catch up more on your blogs this weekend!

So remember my post a few days ago on Spring
and how I updated you on my health and fitness?
Well...I am convinced that 
my life had gone to chips later that night.
Let me explain.
See these little sweet temptations?
Well this is why my life had gone to chips
on that particular night.
Earlier that day I had written about
how well I was doing with my health.
Well after work I bought these chips
 for my bonfire on Thursday night.
They looked so yummy!
Should I eat them?!
But then...I sat down and almost
ate the entire bag!
Oops - you caught me!
I'm not saying that you shouldn't reward
yourself from time to time.
I would go crazy never eating 
any sugar or chips!
Everything in moderation though.
I just think that night
I reached my breaking
point with this fasting thing.
I needed sugar and I couldn't
eat it so instead I let 
my life go to chips.
However, then I realized something.
Eating chips wasn't going to make me
feel any better, only sick, ha!
I needed to be trusting in God.
I needed to realize that I could 
make it through - only a week more!
Going to chips made me think
about life in general.
You know how I always love 
to tie in something inspirational, right?
Well...sometimes I think we use things
to run from the issues we are afraid of.
For example, that night I used chips 
to escape from what was a busy day at work,
lack of sugar, and the need 
to "get away from it all."
Instead of addressing my issues
and dealing with my current fear,
I found something to eat.
In other situations I sometimes 
find a person to take the frustration
out on, or an activity
to "temporarily" get rid of the
issue that is bothering me.
I've learned the hard way that this
will only make matters worse.
You feel like you are suffocating
and only confusion and hurt ensues.
 So my advice is to erase those fears.
Address the fears before they get stored
away and your life goes to chips.
Sure, they may not go away right away.
They may come back and haunt you again.
But if you are making a conscious effort
to not let your fears rule you,
I think that is a good start.
 How do you not allow your fears 
to take hold of you?
Well, for me, I write them down in a journal,
take a good look at them and decide
whether they are really worth all 
of my worrying. 
Most of the time they aren't.
I also choose to believe in myself
and the possibility of my hopes and dreams.
I take action instead of being enveloped
in self doubt, guilt, fear, and anxiety.
I also trust in God and know that He
knows the desires of my heart.
Don't sell yourself short Ocean Dreamers.
Reach for the stars.
Figure out what that fear is.
Address that issue that is bothering you.
Talk to the person who hurt you.
Fight against feeling unwanted or unloved.
Don't back down.
Turn your aspirations into action.
Find that new job, friend, or love of your life.
Seize lifes' opportunities and just believe.
Don't let your life go to chips.


  1. I have eaten everything in sight to stay away from sugar before, never works.

    I recently realized that I am one of those people that needs to see a counselor often to talk about what's bothering me. I feel like I am being selfish when I talk about all my problems with my loved ones so I choose to go to a counselor instead. That way when I have time to spend with my loved ones, we are enjoying each others company to the fullest.

  2. You are such a sweet inspiration. Loved this post and I love how you tie in personal experience with your thoughts and challenges. So great. Thanks for this!

  3. Don't beat yourself up over the chips, Sierra. I love those cheddar and sour cream chips too, which is why I only buy the individual serving size ones out of the vending machine at work! Then, if I eat them all, I can't feel so bad. :)

    Let me know how you like "Bounty Hunter!" I want to see it too! I'm going to dinner and a movie with friends this weekend, and who knows, that might be the movie we see!

  4. You are always so positive and upbeat! I love it! I hope you enjoy this wonderful weekend - and if it makes you feel any better, I can polish off a pint of Ben & Jerry's without realizing it:)

  5. I love these graphics of yours. And what you said about fear, so true!!!

  6. Its indeed about believing in yourself the pics !!!
    And you're gonna watch The Bounty Hunter cool put a little review as to how'd u find the movie..
    happy weekend!!

  7. Such a good post, I do love chips. And from time to time it's ok to indulge in them!

  8. That's a great line -- life's gone to chips. You should get that patented! Haha.

    You're absolutely right though. That's where emotional eating/drinking/many other things come from. They're substitutions. Good call, my love!

    Have I lately...that I love you? xo!

  9. What a great post! You are so right...put all your trust in the Lord and He'll help see you through!

    Hope the movie is a good one! :0) I want to see it too!

  10. Thank you for being so positive :) What a wonderful post to read as I head into the weekend!

    Enjoy the movie. I may check out either that or "Brooklyn's Finest" over the weekend.

  11. sometimes we all give in to tempatation, its okay, just use it as motivation not an excuse for further deviations. You can make it through that last week! Tell me how the movie is!
    ps. I laughed really hard about your comment about my "boyfriend" because I don't actually have a boyfriend. Just a single gal enjoying the sunshine with some friends.

  12. Amen sister! Exactly what I needed to hear today.... Thanks for the inspiration! Stay Strong!

  13. I like Jennifer Aniston a lot, hope you like the movie!

  14. I love how uplifting your post is :)

    I can definitely use some positivities in my life :) i love chips too, though. Sour cream is my weakness :p

  15. I love this post. Thanks for sharing that...funny, I was just praying about my fear that I have in life that are holding me back from so many opportunities. Then a song came on talking about learning to "let it go"... :)

    I hope to see that movie soon too!! :D

  16. Ooh I got free tickets to the Bounty Hunter and i thought it was pretty cute- there's a couple of good jokes in there and who doesn't love Jen? I swear she is getting hotter!

  17. Oh don' feel bad about the chips. One needs a break once in a while. And the fact that you're telling the truth is great, don't you think?!

    Have a great weekend and keep going!

  18. Firstly, hope you enjoy the movie!!

    And, this is a great post. It's very inspirational. I keep my fears etc all bottled up, so I think I need to write them down as well!

  19. Thanks for the inspirational words! It's really true - we run from what we're scared of by 'hiding' behind other things! :)

    BTW, I LOVE those spring bunnies!!!!


  20. Girl loved the post! It completely reflects how I feel recently. I'm in the middle of taking an important decision and yes, I am full of fears and second thoughts. This post was wonderful =)


  21. So well written. I agree with you, sometimes we sell ourselves short because we don't have that total belief in ourselves. Just know that it happens from time to time, and don't be down on yourself when it does.

    I know you have been really busy with work, that makes two of us... but I hope everything else is going well. Have fun tonight seeing that movie, and let us all know how it is... that is definitely one I have wanted to see!

  22. Oh dear, I'm craving chips from reading about it!! Oh no! I want to run and get chips now even though I'd be turning to the chips to ease the stress! ha! I hope you're not too stressed this next week. You'll be off Friday!

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  24. This is a fabulous post!! I love it!
    Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

  25. how was the movie??? i love chips sooooooo much so now i take like a certain number and eat just those:)

  26. fabulous post. i am on a 7 day cleanse and it is not easy... all we need to do is trust GOD and take care of what HE has graciously given to us. xx

  27. I love your writing and how you turn things into inspiring posts. This is definitely an amazing post and I agree with it wholeheartedly!

  28. Amen to that!!!!!!! Hope you're doing great girl. :D


  29. oh i'm a big time chipper too. my weakness are the veggie ones from costco. but hey, they're veggie! haha.

    hope you had a fabulous weekend. let me know how you liked that bounty hunter movie.

  30. That is the most amazing post! Wow! I love that you are able to inspire others while you were feeling down about cracking and eating some chips.
    I too like to journal and I think I need to do it more often to see where these problems are.

    Oh and thanks for your idea of a mail exchange. I may have to do something like that soon! x

  31. Thanks for sharing these words with us; I am sure there are a lot of people having bad days out there, and reading this makes them feel better. :)

    Hey sweetie and thank you for commenting on my blog and sending me sweet messages for my birthday; I really appreciate that. I'm catching up with your posts!!

  32. Another beautiful post my sweet, that puppy picture had me laughing and your comment about your life going to chips...gotta have a sense of humour!



    JANN HUGS 2 U!!

  34. Do not allow yourselves to be disheartened by any failure as long as you have done your best. ~ Mother Teresa ~

    You may encounter many defeats,
    but you must not be defeated.
    In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats,
    so you can know who you are,
    what you can rise from,
    how you can still come out of it.
    ~ Maya Angelou ~

    "Always go with the choice that scares you the most,
    because that’s the one that is going to require the most from you. "
    ~ Caroline Myss ~

    In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves.
    The process never ends until we die.
    And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.
    ~ Eleanor Roosevelt ~


  35. THose two make a fabulous pair dont they in the Bounty Hunter- both also fabulous looking! xx

  36. i love sugar!!!! that doggy pic is so cute xoxox

  37. hey girl!

    let us know how the bounty hunter is. i definitely want to see it based off the previews!

  38. I watched The Bounty Hunter and really enjoyed it! I hope you liked it too :D

  39. Waaaaaaaaah so funny, I bought myself a bag of those same chips today at Walgreens. Just couldn't resist temptation.


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