Mar 21, 2010

Grab My Button & Tumblr

Hi Ocean Dreamers!
I hope you had a lovely weekend.
I sure did!
It was very relaxing
and went by WAY too quickly!

I have some happy news though.

Now you can grab my new button!
It's below.
It is nothing too fancy
but is from a picture
from my last trip to Hawaii.

Also...if you have started Tumbling,
it is just a tad addicting.
You can view mine here:
Thanks lady for getting me hooked!
Ali has a tumblr too: Ali Tumbles 
Come and tumble with us!
It is a great way to share photos,
quotes, links, and more.
I never know where to store
everything and now I do!

That's all for now!

 Oh, and I feel so blessed lately.
I am blessed with God who never abandons me.
I am blessed with the breath taking ocean.
I am blessed with a job and great co-workers.
I am blessed with loyal friends.
I am blessed with my family,
whom I miss but hope to see soon!
I am so blessed with an amazing man
that I am so in love with.
I never thought I would never find
such a love so true and strong.
I am blessed that we were able to
get away and enjoy one another's 
company, it was very much needed!
I am blessed with a week ahead
full of possibilities and dreams
ready to be explored...

Remember to find your own
small blessings each day. :)

Have a great week.
Back to work tomorrow...



  1. love your hawaii photo! so jealous :)

  2. ohh lovely hawaii photo and yay for tumblrs!! hope you're doing well beautiful! xooo!!

  3. Beautiful photo! Hope your weekend was amazing:)

  4. Beautiful post! Always inspiring.... :)


  5. Love the pic! And yes, whenever I feel down, I always count my blessings! It makes me feel so much better:)


  6. Great post!! I have never heard of 'tumbling'.

  7. Love your button! Such a cute idea!

  8. Well you KNOW how much I just love buttons. Putting this on my blog NOW!

    And SO happy you hopped on the Tumblr wagon. Hello, new addiction!


  9. It's amazing that when we stop to count our blessings, there is just so much to be thankful for :)
    Have a great week, hon!

  10. You are indeed blessed Missy! I take it your weekend was great, glad you had fun with BK.

  11. wow, such a pretty photo!!! <3

  12. Ok seriously glad I stumbled across your blog! :-) Fab, love it and all the positivity!

  13. Lovely post and very inspiring blog :) xx

  14. Love the button. I need to make a button out of the one you put of mine on your blog. I'm soooooooooo glad you had a great weekend with BK :) I'm so excited for your Hawaii trip. I'll have to live vicariously through you, because I don't know when I'm going to make it out HI. Talk to you soon!

  15. Thanks :)

  16. Counting blessings is a must! Just being able to share our thoughts and creativity is a blessings. Have a great week ;) xoxo

  17. dontcha just love tumblr?! i will be going there next! :)

  18. I LOVE this. Was just thinking myself about all the small blessings to be thankful for. Once again-- on same wavelentgth!! Good to know about tumblr. Thanks. :)

  19. Yay...happy Monday...and girl, I love your button. :D


  20. How sweet of you to be sharing your blessings!
    I too feel very blessed to have my family and sweet sweet hubby and doggie Doogan! xo
    I know you are counting the days until Hawaii!
    And what the heck is Tumblr girlfriend? xxooxx

  21. Love that photo from Hawaii! I can't wait to check out your Tumblr! You are a lucky for all of your blessings!

  22. Counting my blessings is always the way I stay positive - love you for this post, doll! Hope your week is off to a fabulous start, my love!! :)

  23. I love how happy your posts are!

  24. ooooh, what is this tumblr you speak of??? I'm always so behind.

  25. awww! wish i had read this positive post earlier when i was in my crummy monday blues mood.

    you are so blessed!

  26. sooooo love hearing this.... xoxo

  27. Uh oh...I will have to check out this tumblr.... :D Another thing to be addicted too! HA!

    Love your list of blessings!

    Hope you had a fabulous Monday. :)

  28. It's most definitely a time to count blessings! Love post.

  29. I really gotta figure out how to do more columns on my blog so I can have people's buttons. I like yours!! =)

  30. Beautiful! It's always great to take the time and see why you are blessed.
    The button is really cute. I should 'collect' the buttons from my bloggy friends I think :) xx

  31. You look absolutely lovely in the pink cowboy hat ! I am grabbing your button too. Have another beautiful week sweetie! YOU always so inspiring
    to me:)

  32. Shall certainly check out your tumblr...luv it too!
    Great new week beautiful!

  33. Glad you had such a great weekend!!! And are feeling so blessed.

  34. love it :D

    tag you are it
    i f u wanna

  35. i love making "blessed" lists. sometimes we all just get so caught up in our day to day lives we forgot how lucky and blessed we are! love the new button. so cute.

  36. YAY for the button, I grabbed it :D

  37. Cute button sweetie! I posted it on my blog!! I have to check that tumbler thingy :P


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