Mar 5, 2010

Japan Design Board & Turquoise Inspiration

So I know it took me absolutely forever,
but I finally wanted to show you my interior
design board for Culture & Design.

My country was Japan!
I liked how it turned out
and I think my colors flowed
very well together.
I love all of the reds, greens,
and yellows!
I received a 100%, yipee!
I love this class...can't wait to create more boards!
So lately turquoise seems 
to be the latest trend
in interior design.
I am personally very excited about this!
I love turquoise, especially because
it reminds me of the ocean...
This picture is from the Caribbean. 
BK might wants to live here someday.
Here's to hoping!!
I am seeking inspiration for my next project.
We can choose one room, theme, 
type of person to design for, and a main color scheme. 
I am thinking turquoise in the Caribbean perhaps
for BK and I someday when we live there.
I'm such a dreamer!! 
I love the ocean of course and turquoise
just happens to be in this year!
Would you do a room in your home or apartment
in turquoise or aqua?

I so would and I am even
considering it for the future!

I am off to see Alice in Wonderland tonight.
I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!

Happy weekend!



  1. I love turquoise in a room, I think it really spices things up nicely!

  2. oh, you are such a lucky girl.i still have to wait for alice in, about your design board: i absolutely love it.I am so happy when i see something about Japan, as i love that country and its culture.Moreover, combining Japan with design...well, what else can i say?and turquoise looks more than amazing in all those decorations...i can not wait to see your next design board...have a happy weekend!
    p.s. have you ever seen the decor8 site?i am sure i will love it.

  3. we just painted our dining room a very light aqua with white and chocolate accents ... I LOVE IT!! :)

  4. I like your design board for Japan!! I would love to go to Japan one day!! The vibrant colors you chose for the background are really pretty! Congrats on the 100. =)

    I would totally have a turquoise room! It's one of my favorite colors! The pic with the turquoise bed is my absolute fav!!

    Enjoy Alice tonight dear & have a great weekend!! =)

  5. I would absolutely decorate a room with an aqua/turquoise wall! I am in love with your pictures! Have an amazing weekend!

  6. I triple times five love turquoise and am so happy that it's the color of the year!! I should be to find lots of things in my favorite color:)

  7. Yes I would and I HAVE! My whole house is littered with those shades. LOVE that bed!!

  8. I love turquoise! Although I read in a magazine lately that it is the biggest color of the summer 2010 I have always loved it. The bedding we registered for is this color. Come decorate our room hahah!!! Have a wonderful time seeing Alice and Wonderland. Let us know how it is.

  9. Your board is great. I really like how the colors mesh together.

    Turquoise in a room looks neat. I especially like the black and white room with the turquoise stools.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. That turned out really good!! Looks great. OOo, I'm LOVING the turquoise... esp. that we heart it picture of the really bold couch. amazing!

  11. Torquoise is so pretty! I hope to paint a pale version in our nursery (when we're blessed) one day :)

    Happy weekend!

  12. Cute! I love the green/blue couch. :)

  13. Holy WHOA.

    One of those photos is by a woman named Ali Bradshaw?

    As in me (she even spells her name like I do) and Carrie? Haha, I sort of just DIED.

    I am OBSESSED with turquoise. It's my favorite, faaavorite color.

    Great post! Miss your face. xo

  14. I LOVE turquoise, it's gorgeous. Have a great weekend!

  15. You are so talented girl... nice work on the board!!

    I love this color... "Tiffany Blue" (which is kinda turquoise) is stunning to me. I already have a bathroom planned someday with Tiffany Blue Walls and white baseboards and crown molding... oh I cannot wait!!

    Happy weekend! PS- Soooooo jealous you get to see Alice tonight!! Let me know what you think!!

  16. baaahahhaa.. After seeng all this, my apartment seems SO boring. BOO!! I really like this color for decor. It brightens up the room, but it's still soothing.

  17. god would i loveee for any of those to be my house!!!!

  18. Love your board honey, great job!!

    Mmm I adore all those shots, such gorgeous colors and styles.

    Have a lovely weekend,

  19. I have some aqua accents in my apt. I really love the color scheme. Those rooms are so fabulous.

  20. Beautiful! Never realized how much I loved this color until now. It makes me happy.
    Such an excellent job on the design board.
    Happy weekend to you too!

  21. Check it! You're a winner missy! Come on over to Fabulous Pasta Not Inc. because you've won the give-away. Doesn't March seem better already!!!?

  22. love all the design boards. the picture of the woman running by the beach is breathtaking, so are the snapshots of the rooms. the "home sweet home" is so far my favorite!

  23. Love the design board. The pictures are amazing. I also love turquoise. Its definitely in this year.

  24. I love turquoise...that is the color I chose for the little ones' play room in our schoolhouse. I love bright happy colors. Enjoy that movie! I want to see it!

  25. Would you do a room in your home or apartment in turquoise or aqua? Yes, yES, YES!!! In fact, I want that last bedroom to be mine - so fabulous!

    Happy, Happy Weekend, my love - be sure to let us know how "Alice in Wonderland" is!! :)

  26. Wow, what a fabulous project!. I'm in awe!
    I so love turquoise in a room, aand pastel colours!
    Betty xx

  27. Turquoise is my favorite color in spring and summer. :D love it. and a room or house with this color...bring it on!!! love it. absolutely do. it not only spices things up but also brings some sort of calm to the whole room. blue apparently calms people sure works on me. :D

    happy weekend girl. xoxo

  28. hi there..just found your blog and i cant get enough. absolutely in love...

    will be following you

  29. So beautiful!! :) All those photos are so relaxing! xoxo

  30. Oh wow your creation is just beautiful!!!! You are so talented!
    Oooh these turquoise colours are so gorgeous, so dreamy indeed :)

  31. I am loving all these pics! They're totally brightening up my dreary Sunday.

  32. Love the last photo!! with polka dot stool!! Fabulous photos!! I love these soft blue shades :)
    vicki x

  33. Yay congrats on your Japan board!
    ooh and I would LOVE to have a room in turquoise, it'd be such a bold, lovely color to have. Especially if it were in the Carribean.

  34. loving all the greens xxxx

  35. I love turquoise! And those rooms are beautiful :-)

  36. Thanks for your sweet comment! I didn't know you were into design?! I want to hire a designer when I have a house (or the help of a really good friend) but I'm really into the all white, casual luxury, comfort type look. So some of these rooms with a lot of white I liked and I loved that zebra rub. I don't think I would do a room in turquoise but I love pastels and black! xoe

  37. love your design board!!! :) and all your inspirations. have a lovely week beautiful.

  38. I would DEFINITELY do a room in aqua or turquoise! I LOVE the ocean and any inspiration from it I can use in my home, I'd totally dig! I've always wanted a bedroom to look completely beachy.. with whites, sands, blues, *happy sigh* :)

    And I love the your japanese design boards! :)

  39. Really like the idea for your next design project! It can go into you and BK's "dream" folder. Who knows? Someday you just may need that design plan for your new home!

    It's not quite aqua or turquoise, but our master bedroom is a beach theme -- more New England, Cape Cod beach though, rather than Caribbean. It's baby blue like and tan mostly, with shells and such around. Although, we do have a bright canvas painting of a beach in Aruba hanging on the wall! It's probably my favorite room...

  40. Your design board is fantastic - congrats on the 100%! Well deserved :)

    I love turquoise - especially in the first room :)

  41. great job on the board! i totally love turquoise and those pics are so amazing! you always have the best pictures :)

  42. Good job on your project. I just love your style. Hope your week is going good.

  43. I never thought I liked turquoise, but I loved all the photos you posted... so yeah, I guess I would consider turquoise now... especially if I was in the Caribbean :)

  44. Turquoise is actually my favorite color. Aquamarine (which is similar) is March's color/stone and my birthday is March 21st :P

    Love the pictures! I would love to have a turquoise room! We'll see what my future husband thinks :P


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