Mar 18, 2010

Outside French Braid

Did you ever learn how to french braid 
your hair when you were a little girl?

I did and I learned on one of these:
 Yep, a Barbie.
I have memories of visiting
my grandma and cousins in Montana.
I used to look forward to my aunt
french braiding my hair.
She could do about any braiding
hair style there was and still is.

My cousin taught me how to
french braid on a Barbie.
Then I practiced a lot on my dolls.
Soon I figured out how to do my own hair.
But it took a lot of practice.
Especially when I was braiding 
my hair from the front to the back.

I finally figured out how to do an up side
down or outside french braid 
and I am seriously hooked!
Here's a picture of her french braid -
Here's the link if you want 
to learn how to do a frontal
french braid on her blog:
She has a video on it.

Here is how my hair turned out.
Thanks Ambar for the Forever21 necklace. 
It was V-Day blog gift swap to me, so cute!
Being a tad off topic, but the necklace
 matched my Anthropologie Dress quite well!
The sun glasses are from the OC Fairgrounds
for the local OC gals. Only $6!
Does this make you want to learn how 
to french braid your hair 
if you don't know how?
I recently learned how to
fish tale my hair as well.
Seriously, learn on a doll or Barbie.
That will do the trick.

I've offered to teach my 
co-workers because 
they want to learn how.
Then practice makes perfect.
Start practicing on your own hair
or others hair if you need human hair, lol.
Then you can create new styles!

I remember crying when I was a little
girl because my aunt tugged on my
hair so much because
she was trying to get my hair 
braided with no bumps!
Now it seems like the messy
and tousled braid look is in.
Don't worry about it 
being a tad messy.
It will look lovely!

Here's a few more inspirational 
pictures for you of
outside french braids.
{Just do a french braid backwards
for the outside braid effect}
Even the celebs love braids!

Have I inspired you to braid your hair more often?

Do you know how to french braid,
outside french braid, or fish tale?

Get learning and braiding! :) brunette pictures.
I didn't do that on purpose, lol.
I promise I still love you!

Looking forward to catching 
up on your blogs tomorrow!



  1. Wow. I'm impressed. I know how to French braid, but when it comes to my own hair I poorly fail. I'll do it perfectly on any other person.
    But you're giving me hope. I'll check out Maegan's post and then give it another try...

  2. you have so pretty hair i want that too. :) i learned how to french braid hair also with my favorite barbie...back in the day. ;) LOL when i was about 8 that was a very popular hair do. every girl had it. i wanted it and my hair refused to have it. :( way too thin. :((( today i totally fail to do this. tried but i failed. but seeing these pics girl...i'm seriously going to try again. love the messy-looking-braid chic. ;)

    have a great day. xoxo

  3. I'm definitely inspired to do a french braid. I've been trying to learn for ages, but never got it spot on. I think I need to practice some more. I'm definitely off to check out the tutorial!

    Yours came out great!

  4. I love French braids !! My mom used to braid my hair like that when I was a little girl :)

  5. Wow it looks so pretty! You are making want to give braids another try! :)


  6. So lovely! I never learned to French braid, my mom always did it, ;-). I did learn to do regular braids, but is has been forever since I've done it! Great hair ideas!!


  7. I love french braids ~ You did sooo good ! I used to french braid my girls hair all of the time ~I need to try it again on mine ~

  8. Cute! I love your sunglasses!

  9. your hair looks great! i love messing with braids, too! I don't know how to do any of the fancy stuff which works out ok because the messy look is where its at these days.

  10. I never learned to frech braid but I wish I did :( What are my little girls going to do? hahah You are just too cute, I love it!!!

  11. You're hair looks fab! I try and try to do the front top braid and I can't pull it off haha but yours is gorgeous :)

    Thanks for sharing! Maybe the video will help me!

  12. LOVE the braids! I'm obsessed with them lately. :)

  13. super cute!!! GREAT pictures!!! I am definitely going to try that look tomorrow -- yay for long hair!! :P

  14. Oh wow, I've always loved the french braid! And now I love the other kinds as well. Your braid turned out so beautifully, I'm so inspired!! I'll have to give it a go one of these days:P I've been trying out the side braid too!

    And yes, I definitely learned how to braid on my barbie dolls:P


  15. I love this look!! It looks great on you.

    I never learned how to french braid but totally wanna try this look.

  16. I so wish I had hair long enough for braids because I love this look!

  17. Lovely braid!!! I so want your sunglasses- they are so cute. I was just about to ask where you got them then I read your post OC fair- If you ever want to get rid of them- I'll buy them from u--


  18. I can't remember when or how I learned to French braid, but starting last year, I French braided my own hair whenever I went skiing -- it was the only way to keep my hair off my face but still fit under a hat! I've become quite good at it! Now I find I'm better at braiding my own hair than I am at doing others'! I like the last picture with the braid down the side into a messy bun. I might try that for this summer!

  19. Dude. That looks totes awesome! I LOVED that look of Jen An's!

  20. Ohhh they look hot!

    I so wish I could do this myself!:)

  21. ahh haa! i remember that maegan post and immediately after i did my hair the same way. i learned how to french braid on myself so i'm actually best at doing my own hair.

    i've done other's too but it never looks as good. maybe i should've learn on them first! ha! oh well.

    love the hair! love braids!!!

  22. I love braiding my hair . . . especially on days when I am trying to mask the fact that I didn't have time to wash it. :) These pics are beautiful, and your hair looks great!

  23. Gorgeous!
    Must try to revisit this look again...all the different possibilities~ luv it!

  24. I don't know that I've ever seen braids look so hot! must must try! xo

  25. I learned how to braid on my My Little Pony, but I've never mastered a French the way your hair turned out!!!

  26. That's gorgeous. I'm jealous. I can french braid quite well but I don't think it would ever turn out so nice as that!

  27. Completely inspired!!!

  28. Sierra, your hair looks so pretty! I love, love, love this look. I wish my hair were a bit longer, but I might try it anyway! Have a great Thursday evening, sweet girl!

  29. that looks amazing on you. i really love braided locks. so california.


  30. I french braid mine all the time, yours looks fabulous. I'm not quite that talented just yet but I need to learn how to do that.

  31. The first one is so super cute, and I have to say yours looks pretty dang good!

  32. oh you did so good!! i wear a braid in my hair almost everyday!

  33. i love it all! this really makes me high!

  34. I can never get the hang of these...I always see amazing braids wrapped around people's heads but I cant do them! I guess I just need to practice like you said.

    you look very pretty in these shots by the way :)

  35. Ok. I want to go braid my hair now. :) Love how you did yours!

  36. Wow the hair looks amazing. I can french plait other people but am terrible on myself but yours looks so good I might try again


  37. Perfect braids! (Yes, I do know how to do it, but don't find it easy. Probably need to practise more.)

  38. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE french braids , both inside and outside ones! they are fantastic! And Maegan is so super incredible and fabulous!! Your hair looks great! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

  39. I love braids! Wish I knew how to french braid but I never got the hang of it. Sometimes I put a little regular braid on the side but I need to try to figure out the french braid thing. Yours looks PERFECT! Love it!

  40. Are you kidding me!? Your hair looks amazing! LE CHIC! Um, can you come over and do mine? ;-)

    Thank you so much for letting me know about my button malfunction...It works now, I hope?!

    Have a wonderful weekend lady!

  41. Soooooooooooo pretty! I wish I could do that. I might have to go over to your friend's blog now and check it out. You look so cute with braids! Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  42. lovely photos

    Checkout my shopping blog

  43. I love braids at the minute, I wish my hair was long enough, argh!

  44. I LOVE BRAIDS! yours looks so good on you. I know how to braid, but I do it very rarely because I don't think braids really suit me!
    xx Leia

  45. Now I wanna braid my hair like a nutso!!! I also learned using a Barbie doll hehe how cute.

    And ZOMGGGG the necklace!!! I luv it!!!!! <3

  46. God I love these!!
    I've never been able to do them on my hair :(
    and now my hair is short! how long will I have to wait, hehe....

    Hopefully one day I can french braid :)

    I forgot to tell you on my other comment that I admire your way of incorporating religion in your posts without forcing beliefs into anyone. I am catholic and have a religious view similar to yours; I like how you are not afraid to write about it :)
    *~~* Hugs to you dear friend *~~*


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