Mar 23, 2010

Spring Means...

Happy Tuesday Ocean Dreamers!

Thank you for your sweet comments 
on my new button and tumblr. 
Hope you get to check out tumblr 
if you get the chance, it's fun!!

So I wanted to update you on a few things.

First of all, many of you asked how my
kidnapping BK weekend went.
It went amazing, thanks for asking!
Saturday evening I kidnapped him
and we drove to Newport where we
checked in. The room was nice and comfy!
He was so sweet and thankful too.
We did lots of cuddling and relaxing.
BK also took me out to eat at Javier's
on Saturday night, I had never been there.
It's a Mexican food restaurant with 
incredible food and yummy guacamole!
Other than that on Sunday we just went
out to breakfast and slept in.
It was so divine and I totally was in
utter bliss over having BK all to myself
without him bending over a text book 
to study, ha ha.

I also wanted to update you on 
my fasting and running.
Honestly, fasting has been hard at times.
I have caved three times - one cup of soy
chocolate milk, half of a donut, and a tiny chocolate.
I would have liked to have told you that
I didn't cheat at all, but here's the truth.
It is especially hard when my roommates
bake cookies or a co-worker eats a donut
around me, pure torture!
But I have to keep on reminding myself
the purpose of doing this.
It's all for Jesus!! ;)
I have two weeks to go and after Easter
I would like to continue to eat sugary
snacks in moderation or continue
to cut it out together, we will see...
I have lost 4 pounds and want to lose 
more before my trip to Maui!!

Also, in regards to running.
The last three weeks I have run
5 days in a row consistently with
at least 2-4 miles each day.
It feels great and it has become a habit.
Last week was busy so I only got 3 workouts in.
But I am proud of myself for fulfilling my goals!
I want to continue to run this much to be in 
even better shape and shed more weight.
Eating healthy with no sugary snacks
definitely plays a huge part. 
Exercise and eating well go hand in hand.
Thanks for all of your encouragement!
If you need encouragement too
you know where to find me...

I don't know about you but I'm excited
that it is officially Spring time!
I wanted to do a post on what Spring means
to me so here we go...
Spring means cute little cotton tail bunnies like this one...
Spring means taking a walk at the park and 
sitting on lovely benches like this one...
Spring means taking a bike ride in your Sunday dress...
And yes that is Zooey. :)
 Spring means finding pleasant garden gates
and gazing at the blooming flowers...
Spring means wearing darling floral outfits
like this one and hopefully looking this hot too!
Spring means reading a good book and
soaking up some sunshine!!
Spring means wearing pastel nail polish
like this Essie nail polish that I have heard
so much about. Haven't tried it yet though!
Spring means perhaps falling in love for the first time
or maybe falling even more in love...
Spring means listening to the birdies tweet
while hanging on to the tree branches like this one...
So funny!
Spring means wearing cute flip flops!
 Spring means Easter and Easter eggs!
Wow! Spring also means some fun chicks like this...
Good thing this isn't real, ha ha!
Speaking of Easter, for me, Spring also means
being thankful that Jesus sacrificed his life and rose again 
for you and for me to receive eternal life...
Spring also means me scoring this
cute little dress...
I just bought it this past week from my
favorite site Ruche.

What does Spring mean to you??
Have a very bright and cheery day!

*All photos are from!



  1. so cute! i love all these pictures. i'm putting easter baskets together for my nephews this weekend. i'm debating whether they are old enough to decorate easter eggs... hmm...

    i have to find a cute easter dress this weekend too! love yours! oxoxoxo

  2. Awww that little bunny is adorable. :)

  3. I'm glad everything is going so well! I almost want to cut sugar out completely but I think it will be the death of me haha I'm proud of you! and you will have a blast in Maui! :)

    I love the Spring pictures! I'm so glad it's Spring!! xo

  4. Agreed! Yay SPRING! And I'm so glad your kidnapping went well, it sounds SO adorable.
    And I have that Essie nail polish! Just know its quite sheer and took me three coats instead of just 1 or 2.
    All your Spring list is perfect, and yay Easter!

  5. that sounds like an amazing trip with you and BK! I am so proud of you for running and staying strong with the fast. I think it is not about if you happen to give in once and don't have to be perfect but more that you are using the hard times and temptations to focus on Jesus. Oh and i love the bunny!

  6. Oh I love the first picture, it is SO cute.

    Beautiful post, so happy your weekend was lovely. Well done on the fasting, you are doing great, it must be so hard!

    I loved all your spring pictures,

  7. i like all of these pics especially the bird hanging up side down! Spring is always such a marvelous time of year it's like rebirth and awakening! Everything to do with Jesus Cristo! Great post doll. xoxo

  8. Your posts are always so bright and cheery! I am glad you had such a wonderful getaway with your man! And congrats on the running - you are so motivating me too with your positive attitude!

  9. Spring to me means raindrops and daffodils. Easter and warmer weather. :-)

    Congrats on the fast and the running! That is so awesome. Keep on truckin'!

  10. This post just made me so happy. And so ready to be out of this freezing cold office!

    LOVE that dress. Heading over to the site now!

    Oh, and you better believe I have the utmost respect for you cutting out sugar for Lent. Unreal, you are! Unreal.

  11. Way to go on fasting and running girl, that is GREAT!!!!

    I am so happy it is now officially spring!

  12. girl so proud of you for keeping up your fast and running! i am not so good at that. i have lost my drive! how do i get it back?! help me!!

    so glad to hear things went well with bk!

    spring means summer is RIGHT around the corner.

  13. Oh my, those bunnies are soo cute! Love the bicycle picture lovely.

  14. I am so glad you two had a fabulous weekend! It's good to get away... and cuddle :-)

    Keep up the great work with the fasting and running! I sure with I had your drive and motivation! KEEP GOING GIRL!!

  15. love your spring pictures! Your post makes me want to go plant flowers and I am not good at that! lol

    I miss going to Easter services like I did when I was younger...I loved the easter egg hunts!

    Love the new blog button too - I added it to my site!

  16. Super great post...loved reading it! Kudos to you on the running and lbs lost! Love your pics of spring...gets me cravin' the sunshine and warmer days. Me and my little men have been out walking most nights...sooo glad warmer weather is on its way!!!

  17. Your new dress is so cute! I love floral prints too. I like girly girl stuff in the springtime.
    I need to put your button on my page now! :)

  18. OMGGG those bunnies... I die!

    I'm sooo grateful for spring! Hopefully no more cold weather around here.

  19. Congrats on keeping so tight on your fasting and running!

    This is what spring means to me: Go running outside after spending a looong winter only on the treadmill... and of course, icecream and strawberry cakes...

  20. I liked the pictues, especially the Zooey one - so adorbs. Also, I'm glad the weekend with BK went well. Sounds so fun (especially with mexican food). Good job on the running- I'm never one to condone fasting though :) thank goodness it's over soon

  21. Oh i adore bunnies, shame my husband wont agree!! x

  22. This is wonderful. It makes me long for spring (it's autumn here). Those images make me want pretty floral dresses and skirts.

    And I think it's great that you are doing a fast. It's all for Jesus for sure!!

  23. What a lovely post lady!

    I'm just happy all the snow is gone here!

  24. I love this post! You have me feeling all warm and fuzzy about spring now. Lol.

    I'm so happy you had a great weekend with BK. It sounds like it was romantic and magical. Yay!

    Don't worry about not being perfect when it comes to the sweet thing. I'm actually really proud of you for going through with it the whole way, despite the tiny bumps. I would have caved in the first week, starting with cupcakes and chocolate bars. Hahaha.

    I hope you're having a wonderful week, my dear! xoxo

    PS. I freaking LOVE that sun dress you bought. :)

  25. good for you, darling. i admire you. you are doing so much better than i would be.

    also, those photos you picked are fabulous and I WANT SPRING.

    ps - i am a kiddo too. ;)

  26. Such an adorable post! Glad you had good times with BK and yay for losing 4 pounds and all ... I don't think it's bad to 'cave' every once in a while and enjoy the yummy food, as long as you keep your goal in sight! And I'm total agreement about everything you love about spring :) It's probably my favourite season!

  27. your weekend sounds fabulous xoxox

  28. I'm soooo incredibly ready for spring it's not even funny. I almost went to work in flip flops today even though temps didn't go higher than 65 but hey it was my only attempt to get into some spring mood. Love the pictures and so glad the kidnapping went well. :D

    Happy Wednesday hun. :D xoxo

  29. Oh, the way you've described spring - both visually and lyrically - is just stunning and so inspiring. To me, spring is...searching for dandelions and, once found, blowing each winter white whisker away as I make a wish!! :)

  30. I'm so glad your weekend went well! And yay that your fasting and running is going so well. Good luck with it all.

    And I am so excited about Spring as well. I can't wait for all the pastel colours.

  31. Javiers is SO gooooooood!!!!!!! :)

  32. LOVE this post. I love everything spring and easter related. Super cute blog.

  33. I love the bunny photos! And Essie nail polish! Spring is definitely my favorite time of year! :) Congrats on the running- what a great accomplishment! :)

  34. These pictures are so cute!! I love this post. I'm excited about Spring and Summer as well! Winter is not too flattering for me anyway hehe :P


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