Apr 16, 2010

TV Bliss

TGIF Ocean Dreamers!

Are you as excited about Friday as I am?
What's on your weekend agenda?

Well tonight I am relaxing and 
catching up on my shows. Yipee!
The rest of the weekend I am
getting together with one of my
girlfriends on Saturday.
Then I am going to have some fun
with BK the rest of the weekend! Yay!

What are some of your favorite shows?
I've never done a post on all of the shows 
I have been watching this season, so here you go.
If I had more time I would love to watch more!
It's hard enough to keep up with these shows below.
I'm sad that all of my shows are almost over
for the season, what will I watch during the summer?
Probably Sex and the City eppies will pull me through.

1. Legend of the Seeker
I am not usually a fantasy fan, 
but with the chemistry
between Richard and Kahlan,
and all of the fun adventures they go on
to save the world -
I quickly fell in love with this series!
It might not be renewed for the third
season though, I'm bummed!
I might just have to read the books
if that happens...
 2. Gossip Girl
So lately this show has gone 
off the the deep end with the producers' writings of
some of my favorite characters' relationships.
Not to mention the actions of Jenny and Chuck!
What?! That is all I am going to say.
It has become a bit scandalous too but I still watch!
I love the fashion and Blair and Chuck...
sooo I decided to stick with it for now.

3. Life Unexpected
The newest show that I recently started watching,
I was immediately excited that one of my
favorite actresses from WB's Roswell was
starring this show, aka Shiri Appleby.
I love the family dynamics and the love triangles.
4. Grey's Anatomy
Yep, still a fan of Grey's and McDreamy
and McSteamy. I am bit behind on this
show though, just another show
I need to get caught up on! :)
Oh and I am really sad that Katherine Heigl
left the show, I really liked her character.
Poor Alex!!
5. American Idol
I've watched this show from the beginning.
I'm hooked and since I love to sing, I love
to watch others sing.
My vote this year? Casey James.
6. America's Next Top Model
This is the only other reality show I watch,
beside The Bachelor and The Bachlorette that is.
I'm not that crazy over this year just because
of all of the drama with the ladies this year
but this is my favorite model that I hope wins:
In the past CariDee was my favorite.

So there you have it...
6 of my favorite shows this season.
Oh believe me, that doesn't even count
all of my favorite shows in the past.

For example, Sex and the City,
Dr. Quinn, Roswell, and Friday Night Lights.

Happy weekend and TV show watching!

What are some of your favorite shows?


Apr 13, 2010

Coco Chanel

"Nothing goes out of fashion sooner than a long dress with a very low neck."

"Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress."

"Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions."

"Fashion is made to become unfashionable."

"My friends, there are no friends."

"Innovation! One cannot be forever innovating. I want to create classics.
 Tonight I watched Coco Before Chanel,
and I was inspired, to say the least.
Here was a woman, who took a risk.
She didn't care about what others 
thought about her.
She defied the odds and created
sport's jackets, the "little black dress," 
her famous perfume Chanel number five,
and looked to a better and brighter future.
Born an orphan, she could have easily settled
for what society was telling her to be and become.
She however, knew she could become better.
She would become one of the most
memorable designers in history.
She didn't back down and she
succeeded in following her dreams.
That is the woman I want to be.
That is the type of women we should strive to be.
Not a woman who gives up.
But a woman who succeeds,
makes a difference, 
who is fierce, original, and independent.
Sure, she can still fall in love.
She can start from scratch.
She can reach for the stars...

I want to be like Coco Chanel.

Do you?

Here's some ads of Chanel I love.
Here's a You Tube preview of the film.
Yes, it is in French and it is beautiful.
I loved the actors and the story.
Go rent and watch it- you'll be inspired.
Let's not forget the potential 
of what we can become.
Any age.
No matter the circumstances.
Follow your dreams.
Become a Coco Chanel.