Apr 30, 2010

Girl's Weekend Part II & Vintage Interiors!

Thank you so much for your 
prayers for Dante.
I appreciate it and so 
does his family!

That's all I have to say.
Oh and this darling girl 
blessed me with her kindness
and created me a new banner!
I love it. Thanks Joanna!

Agenda for the weekend?
Sushi and movie tonight
with an amazing friend.

Working on the Interior Design
presentation and learning how
to cut out furniture out of paper
for a 1/2 inch mini model
due in one month and it
is going to take a lot of time.
Yeah. Need luck on this one.

Spending time with my love.
Running some errands.

Continuing to exercise with low impact
and  try and get my leg better!
Sadly the OC Half Marathon is this
weekend and no, I will not be able
so I will look forward to future runs.
I'm disappointed but know
that it will heal in time I hope.

So...I wanted to show you the
rest of my pictures from my girl's 
weekend with my mom and aunt.
Here's part I if you missed it.
On Saturday night we went to my
favorite Mexican restaurant called
Javiers at Irvine Spectrum.
They have the most amazing food
and might I mention guacamole. Yum!
Here's me after a long day of shopping
at Balboa Island and Irvine Spectrum.
We walked a lot. 
Probably like 4 miles or something.
Sunday was my mom's birthday!!
One of her favorite places in the world??
Old Town Orange where their
are lovely vintage shops where
you find all sorts of treasures.
You can actually find many of these
treasures at my mom's  
right here!! He he, just had to 
advertise for her.
All of these photos are from the 
antique store Country Roads Antiques.
Loved this old town sign that
I discovered out in their gardens!
I always like having fun
with mirror shots and this
was a very elegant mirror!
A break from the interiors!
Here we are at the fountain in Orange.
Sailboat, aka Ocean Dreamer in me.
My favorite picture.
Renaissance architecture
enthralls me.
That's a wrap!
Well, uh, I mean thanks
for dealing, uh I mean looking at all
of the pictures I just posted! ;)

Have a beautiful weekend.

Interior Design question:
Do you like vintage, romantic,
Renaissance, and Victorian
decorations and interiors 
such as the pictures
I posted...
or do you prefer modern?


Apr 28, 2010

Prayer Request for Dante

To see recent updates please 
go to this post: Dante update!

Hi Ocean Dreamers

Do you believe in prayer?
I do with all of my heart.
I have expressed to you that
I never want to make anyone
uncomfortable on my blog,
but I am a Christian woman
and I believe in God and the power
of prayer, healing, forgiveness, 
and grace that only comes from 
knowing and believing in God.
So I am interrupting my scheduled program
(aka Girl's Weekend Part II)
for an urgent request.
A request to pray for this precious little boy.
His name is Dante and he is three years old.
One of my dear readers sent me an 
e-mail asking me if I would share about Dante
on my blog and of course I said yes!
Her name is Rocio, here is a picture of her,
her sister Cynthia, and their oldest sister Sylvia.
Sylvia (far right) is Dante's mom.
 Here are the details Rocio gave me about
Dante's cancer situation. "Currently Dante is 
battling a cancer called Neuroblastoma
He started receiving chemotherapy at the 
Texas Children's Hospital and he is reacting well
to his treatment, but we know his treatment is 
gonna be very intense, and over a year long."
 I did a bit of research on Neuroblastoma 
and this is what I found out about it:
Neuroblastoma is a malignant (cancerous) 
tumor that develops from nerve tissue. 
It occurs in infants and children.
Click here to learn more about this cancer.
Here's Dante and his little sister Ali.
Aren't they the cutest children?
My heart goes out to Rocio and her family.

I will continue to follow up with her 
and give you updates about Dante.
I pray that God holds him in His arms
as Dante goes through this time of chemo.

Let's cherish life Ocean Dreamers.
Cherish your loved ones,
pray for the hurting,
and pray for this sweet little boy
named Dante who no doubt
has the most darling twinkle
in his eyes and such an amazing
and wonderful family who
loves him so much.

Thank you!


Apr 26, 2010

Girl's Weekend Part I

I'm baaaack!
I had such an amazing time, 
I didn't want it to end either!!
My mom and aunt are gone now,
and I am quite sad because I didn't
want our fun to end!

In the course of a weekend we covered
Newport Beach's Fashion Island, 
Balboa Beach, Irvine Spectrum, 
and Old Town Orange.
All of my favorite locations!

We also saw the movie
The Last Song and yes I actually
liked it (second time seeing it
for me and I thought Miley
was delightful surprisingly enough.)
We were definitely shopaholics,
and we ate lots of yummy food
(think Mexican, Italian, Chinese, 
appetizers, and dessert!)
I think I am going to have to exercise
a lot this week, ha ha!

 I missed you all.
I am going to start out by posting
some pictures of our hotel view 
in Newport Beach and
and pics from our outing in Balboa Beach.

I took some vintage, antique, and
Interior Design photos in Orange.
I'll save those for tomorrow.
We weren't expecting an 
ocean view at our hotel,
but this is the view we received.
This was right outside our balcony!
Hello sunset - beautiful Newport!
I will never take the beach for granted again.
 Yep. That's the beach that we
had right outside our balcony.
I felt spoiled and like I was on vacation
even though I was only 10 minutes
away from my apt. Go figure.
True story.
My Mama bought this dress for me
that same day and I decided to wear it 
out to our dinner location that night - 3Thirty3.
It was a steal, only $10 from Forever21!
By the way, this is where BK and I
had our very first date.
BK gave me the idea to take my
mom and aunt here. 
Score - delicious food!
On Saturday morning we headed to 
Balboa Island where we walked down
their main street, shopped, and ate
yummy Italian food.
Have you ever had a chocolate covered
frozen banana? I didn't have one on 
this trip but I have had them
and they are delish!
Here's what I had at the Italian restaurant
in Balboa. My mouth is watering
just looking at this picture, sooo good!
It was chicken with peppers, onions,
and red sauce. Yummy!
Loved this painting that was
inside the restaurant. 
We decided to walk around Balboa
a bit after our lunch to see the water
and burn some calories.  :)
After Balboa we went and got
pedicures and manicures.
I got a french pedicure and here it is!
Sorry about my tiny toe nails, I feel
a bit awkward sharing my feet, ha ha.

Saturday night and Sunday TBC
in a second post...

How are you Ocean Dreamers?
I hope you had a nice weekend too!
I'm tired from driving around,
but other than that feeling quite


Apr 21, 2010

Bloggy Break & Recent Fun Times!

So I'm back for one last post before my bloggy break.

I'll be MIA from today until next Monday.
So really my break is only 5 days, lol.
I'll miss you all!
I've been behind on posting pictures of some of
my recent activities with friends.
So here are a few...
I'm stealing this picture from Ali
This is from our bloggy meeting 
with Amber on Monday night. 
We had such an amazing time!!
Two weeks ago my friends and I 
had our first bonfire
of the Spring time at Balboa beach.
I loved having a bonfire despite my smokey
clothing afterward. Oh and the fact that
I couldn't have a s'more because I was on my fast.
 Instead of having s'mores
I opted for guacamole and chips instead...
Good ol' Hollister sweater with my friend Nicole
Burn baby, burn!
Switching events...

Last Tuesday some friends and I
celebrated my roomie's boyfriend's birthday
over Taco Tuesday. Yum!
On our walk to the restaurant their
was a gorgeous sunset.
I always have to capture ocean dreaming.
Later we watched Micah blow out his candles
for his thirty first birthday.
Can you believe it was his very first time
blowing out candles?
He can't have sugar so normally
he doesn't eat cake...
Soon I get to pick up this special
lady at the airport...
This picture is from 2 years ago and my
hair was way shorter then!!
I can't wait to see my mom!
It has been 4 months since
I last saw her and my family
(during Christmas time.)
I am hoping to see my dad
and brother in the near future too!
Now it's time to have our girl chats...
Eat lots of yummy food...
Go shopping til our heart's content...
Stay at a fun and nice hotel...
And enjoy the company of my aunt too!
I can't wait.
I'll be back to post some pictures of
our outings when I'm back on Monday!
Have a fabulous weekend...

Apr 20, 2010

I'm Loving This Week

Sorry I've been a bit MIA,
everything has been going full speed ahead
and I'm doing my best to go with the flow!

Over the weekend I had fun with BK,
we went to the beach and did some ocean dreaming.
He also surprised me and took me to a play on Sat.
That was fun, it was called Real Women Have Curves, lol.

This week I'm getting ready for my mom's visit!
I actually will be taking a bloggy break
after my next post... 
I figure I won't have time to blog or even
get on the internet since I will be staying at a 
hotel with my mom and aunt. I'm excited!!!
Plus I haven't ever taken a bloggy break
so I think this will be good for me.
I'll miss you all, but will be back.
I'm not gone yet though, 
still one post before the break. 
He he.

This week I am loving many things.
Here are a few things I am loving -

1. I am loving the fact that I got to
see this lady and this lady 
in Santa Monica last night.
Amber also brought her co-worker,
who was also very nice!!
Amber is such a doll, so sincere and 
very thoughtful and sweet!
Too bad she has to live in Louisiana!
Oh and Ali, well, you already know
that I heart you girl! 
Since I didn't have time to upload 
my picture from our outing yet,
I am stealing a few pictures from them! ;)

I love how they are both pursing their lips!
Go check out their blogs and I am sure
you will love them as much as I do!!! 

2. I am loving this adorable boutique shop that
I learned more about at 
The boutique is also located in LA
and they have darling lingerie.
Isn't this changing room darling?
I found a chair similar, even though 
it is not pink, at Restoration Hardware.

3. I am dieing to purchase this hand bag,
but am trying to have self control.
It is exactly what I have been wanting though!
It has tie dye and comes in blue and/or pink!
 4. I am loving all of the florals I am seeing
at H&M and everywhere else!
Do you like the florals this season??

5. Though a bit expensive, I am loving
this new site Juno and Jove.
They have the most darling swimming suits
and more! I especially like these suits:
I am so thinking Maui with this black and white one.
It looks like a work of art!

6. Oh and so excited about all of the new
Sex and the City II pictures I am seeing!!
Not to mention the movie that comes out on May 27th.
I'm planning a SATC2 Party, more on that later.

I am sooo ready to get Carried away again!!

 7. When I went to South Coast Plaza on Saturday with
one of my girlfriends, I couldn't get over all of the
adorable Aldo flats that are available. So cute!
Since I have become a runner I've been a huge fan
of flats. I literally don't wear any of my heels anymore.
I love flats - they are super comfy and look cute too!

8. I've been loving this book,  
even though I'm not sure when
 I will have enough time to finish it!
All of the best movies (usually) come
from amazing books. Sigh.

9. I've been learning to get over my hump
of not being able to run due to my injury
and embrace the elliptical!!
Okay, not really but I am trying to enjoy it.
I definitely miss running though.

10. I've been rocking my curls & locks a lot more
and a few gals complimented my hair,
which made me want to embrace them
even more!! Besides, straightening my hair
just takes so much time! Even though I think
I like straightening my hair more,
I need to embrace what kind of hair God has given me.
Whew, I think that was probably my normal 3-4
weekly posts in one post.

I'll be back tomorrow with one last post
before my bloggy break.
Oh and my break will only go from Wed-Mon! :)

What are you loving this week?
Oh and I know a blog gal coined this 
I'm loving this week idea,
I can't remember who though so sorry no
credit is given! Let me know if you know, thanks.

Have a wonderful day.