Apr 21, 2010

Bloggy Break & Recent Fun Times!

So I'm back for one last post before my bloggy break.

I'll be MIA from today until next Monday.
So really my break is only 5 days, lol.
I'll miss you all!
I've been behind on posting pictures of some of
my recent activities with friends.
So here are a few...
I'm stealing this picture from Ali
This is from our bloggy meeting 
with Amber on Monday night. 
We had such an amazing time!!
Two weeks ago my friends and I 
had our first bonfire
of the Spring time at Balboa beach.
I loved having a bonfire despite my smokey
clothing afterward. Oh and the fact that
I couldn't have a s'more because I was on my fast.
 Instead of having s'mores
I opted for guacamole and chips instead...
Good ol' Hollister sweater with my friend Nicole
Burn baby, burn!
Switching events...

Last Tuesday some friends and I
celebrated my roomie's boyfriend's birthday
over Taco Tuesday. Yum!
On our walk to the restaurant their
was a gorgeous sunset.
I always have to capture ocean dreaming.
Later we watched Micah blow out his candles
for his thirty first birthday.
Can you believe it was his very first time
blowing out candles?
He can't have sugar so normally
he doesn't eat cake...
Soon I get to pick up this special
lady at the airport...
This picture is from 2 years ago and my
hair was way shorter then!!
I can't wait to see my mom!
It has been 4 months since
I last saw her and my family
(during Christmas time.)
I am hoping to see my dad
and brother in the near future too!
Now it's time to have our girl chats...
Eat lots of yummy food...
Go shopping til our heart's content...
Stay at a fun and nice hotel...
And enjoy the company of my aunt too!
I can't wait.
I'll be back to post some pictures of
our outings when I'm back on Monday!
Have a fabulous weekend...


  1. this is such a california girl post i love it! i'm hoping to go to at least one bonfire this summer, those are always the best at the beach :)

  2. Enjoy your time off! Love the pictures - your hair looks so nice curly!

  3. Love these photos! Looks like a wonderful time. :) I hope you have a great break. You deserve it! xoxo

  4. Have SO much fun with mama and your aunt! Tell them I say hi and hope to meet them one day!

    Love you. xoxo

  5. Great pics! The tacos look good. And I also LOVE that bonfire smell that stays all over you afterward. So good! Have fun on your bloggy break and tell us lots of great things when you come back :)

  6. Have a great bloggy break!

  7. looks so relaxing and fun! :) :) your hair looks great curly

  8. Will miss you :( Always look foward to your post! Cant wait to see your post Monday!!

  9. I just got back from LA! :) I love the weather there, it's so warm!
    Good pick on the guacamole and chips. I'm such an avocado lover! Enjoy your break and come back soon!


  10. Have so much fun! Take lots of pictures and blog immediately when you return. :)

  11. Have so much fun with your family! Enjoy your time with them.

  12. oh yay! you girls got together. i had heard this was happening. how fun!!! and look how cute you all look. love it.

    but let's talk about those tacos because yum. they look DELISH!!!

  13. AWwww you're so lucky that you get to see her!!! :D Enjoy that.

  14. Enjoy the time with your mom!!!

  15. Aw so sweet! Your various activities look like so much fun (and I honestly think I'd pick guacamole and chips or s'mores any day!). Have fun on your bloggy break!

  16. Great pics,,,enjoy your blog break...looking forward to hearing about everything when you're back!!!! Have fun with your Mama!

  17. Looks like you have been having some fun!!

    Have a good time with your momma.

  18. Sooo excited for you! Enjoy your time off and time with your mom.

    Love all the pics. Makes me realize in my next life I really want to come back as a California girl. And now I want tacos!!!


  19. You met up with Ali? Sounds awesome. :D I love blogger meet ups...

    ..and BONFIRE! I haven't attended one in ages :D

  20. Wonderful post with great pictures. Thanks for sharing with us. Enjoy your time. :)

  21. beautiful girls! LOVE the ocean dreaming picture. sunsets by the beach are absolutely gorgeous.

    have fun with your momma! we will miss you!

  22. You all look just gorgeous. Enjoy your break lady!

  23. gosh lots of lovely times! Hope you enjoy your break!!


  24. great photos! really cute blog. :)
    nicole visiting from

  25. Sounds amazing! All the lovely food and fun times. I really hope you have an amazing time with your mum! I'm sure it will be wonderful. x

  26. Love all the pics... so fun. Enjoy your break my dear. And have fun with your mom. xoxo

  27. Love all of the photos! The bonfire looked really fun.

    Enjoy your little blog break...but can't wait for you to return soon!! :)

  28. Oh dear have fun with your mom & these photos are great. Its always awesome to see you smiling!! =)

    Thank you soooo soo much for the comments. Everything is going to be okay. You all lifted my spirits so high! I needed that. Thank u! =) *HUGS*

  29. Ah, your bloggy meeting looks like the best time ever! I don't think I've ever seen such a gorgeous group of girls!

    Have the most fabulous bloggy break, and a wonderful time visiting with your mom! Miss you already, my love!! :)

  30. Oh what gorgeous photos love! Hope you have a fabulous time with your Mom! You deserve a relaxing and restful break! xoxo

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  32. Yay Sierra so glad I am here visiting your blog! You gals had the cutest blog meet up, it looks like it went well. My first blog meet up was last week and it was so fun. Have a blast with your Mom!

  33. Hurry up and come back Sweetie! We miss you!!

  34. Soak it all in girl and enjoy your time away. Anxious for your return!

  35. I hope you had a fun break with your mom. I know you had to go to work during your trip, but I hope you didn't miss too much time with mom. Your hair is so cute curly. I'm guessing your hair does that naturally. :) Mine is a disaster to fix.

  36. Hope you're having SO much fun, girlie b/c you certainly deserve it! And ps.. I've always wanted to have a bonfire on a beach..I know that's random, but read that and went "awwww" haha.. :) And your hair looks fabulous both short AND long! Jealous of that!

  37. I love bonfires!! and tacos mmmm wish I could have come!

  38. Oh I love bonfires! Have a great time with the fam!

  39. Have fun with your family & ofcourse shopping :):) Im leaving Saturday for Sanibel :)Be safe too :)

  40. Have so much fun with your Mom~~~~ that is so exciting. And it looks like you've been having a ball lately- bonfire on the beach? Don't mind if I do!!! I want to hear more about the Bloggy convention- cute!

  41. Your posts are always so fun- each of the pictures has a way of making me smile!! :)

    I hope you're really enjoying your time off, and with your momma!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!! You are soo sweet! I'm looking forward to starting a friendship!:) Happy Tuesday, girl!

  42. I love these pictures. You look like you're having so much fun.


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