Apr 7, 2010

Cup Size

Hello Ocean Dreamers!

Thank you for all of your sweet 
compliments on my outfits yesterday...
I guess I should take more pictures
of my outfits, it is fun! :)

So yesterday on my tumblr I came across 
this lovely image that you are seeing above.
It made me laugh out loud (lol.)
Then it made me think of cup sizes.
First of all, I believe that all 
women are made beautifully
no matter what cup size we are.
However, I think sometimes we 
get caught up in not being big enough
or being too small.

Are you happy with your cup size?
Here's some actresses for a 
point of comparison.
I am just guessing on their
bra size so who knows?!
I also realize that some altered
their breast size obviously. 
Ha ha.

First, A cup

Now B cup...

Now for C cup...
and for D cup and beyond...

 Yikes, glad that isn't me! ;)
Dolly and Pamela are just
waaaaay too big.
Jessica I think is fine
but I still wouldn't want them
that big, lol.

I am happy with mine.
However, if and when I have kids
if my breasts get saggy I wouldn't mind
firming them up a bit.
I don't believe in boob jobs
but don't judge those who get them.
That's just my take on this issue.
What do you think?

Oh and another observance.
It was really hard finding a picture
of Kate Hudson that actually showed
her cup size somewhat.
I feel like the media (of course)
focuses on larger breast sizes.
This is sad to me because Kate Hudson
is beautiful even though 
she has a smaller cup size. 

Plus our worth is not based on our cup size!

So the question I have to ask is...
And you don't have to answer
if you don't want to, obviously.

Would you ever get a boob job?
Are you happy with your cup size?



  1. this is great. know why? because i was so going to do a post on this but mine was going to bash boob jobs because to me i think they're so unnecessary.

    now lifts and firming, fine! get that. kids will do it to you. but enhancing the breasts just so they can look fake (because they never look real) doesn't do anything but draw attention to dirty old men. sick! lol.

    anyway, my answer is no i would never get a boob job. and NOT because i'm a D cup. i'd much rather be a B and that's the truth.

  2. I like C's!! Right now (since I have gained weight) mine are full D's maybe almost double D's...too big in my opinion.

    As for boob jobs, if I was smaller I would probably consider it, but I obviously don't have that problem. I would def be interested in a boob lift when I am older, I hate saggy boobs!

  3. bahahaaa:) this is funny!
    Yes...I would get them.
    Not too big
    just some...something hahaha:)
    I literally have NONE!

    BUT...everyone that I know that has gotten one, tells me not to get one.

    [I'm having a GIVEAWAY on my blog. Check it out]

    loveLOVE B's

  4. There are SO many times when I want to go under the knife for a REDUCTION! but that would make no sense since they will come right back when we have kids haha

    It seems like no matter how much I work out I will never lose my DDs! They are more than a pain and I always want to shake the girls who pay thousands of dollars for them!

    To each their own though haha

    Great post though!! :) xo

  5. ok - you are totally missing my size! I think you would need a bucket to represent them though :) haha

    I agree thought that I don't like the look of fake boobs. I think an ideal size for me is DDD {sadly I'm much larger than that}...I would like to be able to find bras that fit that don't cost a bazillion dollars!

  6. I am very happy with me!
    I do not like push ups, or anything like that!
    The Lord made me who I am..why Should I change that??

    <3 ya


  7. I love that first picture!

    I would get a boob job, if I felt I was lacking, but I'm completely happy with my size. :)


  8. I love that Kate Hudson hasn't altered herself. She's so pretty! This reminds me of the whole Heidi Montag thing which I feel so sad for her self esteem. I thought she was way cute before all the surgery. oh well...nothing wrong with it if it's for the right reasons inside. Hope you have a great day doll! xoxo

  9. I'm somewhere around the Kate Hudson-Natalie Portman side of the spectrum, and I'm pretty happy with it! I used to want them bigger, but then I realized that I live pain-free and could even live bra-free if I wanted to. Surprisingly, I think I became most comfortable with my size while I worked at Victoria's Secret! I learned a WHOLE LOT about boobs over that year. LOL

    That said, I can't see myself ever getting a boob job, unless of course it's reconstructive surgery - God forbid.

  10. I have the chest of a small boy, but I am absolutely fine with it. It fits my body and I am just happy with what I have:) I too will never get a boob job but don't judge those who do!

  11. I am happy with mine, although like most girls there are times when I wish they were bigger. Sigh. But, then again, there are times when I wished they were smaller. I feel like girls with A cups get away with so many more fabulous clothes. Some of those gorgeous runway fashions are built for girls with barely any chest. And yes, I would rather be flat-chested and wear GORGEOUS designer clothes than have big boobs that will just end up sagging one day anyway. Hehe.

    Great post!

  12. Great post girlfriend, and I am shocked to identify size with these celebrities.

    A man once told me the weirdest thing. He said more than beer mug full is way too much. What size do you think a beer mug is?

  13. I am a C cup and I think they are just right. I would not have breast implants unless I would have to lose them to breast cancer. Then I think I would want them. Otherwise, they are just fine.

  14. I might be a little biased because I worked for a plastic surgeon for 3 years, so getting a boob job to me sounds just as normal as getting a pizza for lunch.

    But, I would get one, JUST with him, because they look natural, I hate fake-looking boobs. But not TOO big, cause then I'll look like I have no booty. LOL Ok... I'm borderline crazy.

    I'm an A cup... Would settle for a full B, or small C cup :)

  15. We were definitely on the same wave length today! I'm a C and am very happy. No need for less, no need for more. :)

  16. What a fun post! :-) Most days, I'm happy with my size. Some days I wish they were bigger but I wouldn't have surgery to get them bigger. And anyway, I think with my shape, being larger on top would make me look larger all over. God knew what He was doing when He made me so I won't mess with it ;-) XOXO

  17. I think it's all about what YOU want. YOUR choice. I personally don't see it necessary for me at this time in my life but I'm not opposed to it at all!! Esp after kids!!

  18. Love this post!! I am an A or a little B :) But I love my bitty boobies! I can do so much with them! I would get a boob job... maybe when I am older, after kids. I think getting them done to a small C would be kind of cool. I don't know, after kids a woman's self image can go way down. Nothing like a new set of boobies to make you feel young again haha. But now? NEVER. I like me just like I am!

  19. A lot of my friends have had augmentation and have been very pleased. It's very hard for women to get a perfect hour glass figure, and when you get your hips small enough, you're flat-chested.
    I'd definitely go under the knife if I had the money. Not to be huge, but to be proportionate and more attractive in clothes.

  20. I wish wish wish mine were smaller. I have a smaller frame and DD boobs. I have gotten pretty good at hiding it under clothes, and I have put on a few pounds so my body has caught up just a bit so it is not terribly bad. I have had many people come up to me out of the blue and ask if they are real or fake. Seriously it is annoying. Yes they are real and yes I am dying for smaller ones LOL They flippin get in the way!!

  21. What a fun post, as usual...

    I firmly believe in updating your body if you want it and can afford it. No one can tell you whether you need it or not, that has to be up to the indvidual. Personally, I've had some work done, not a boob job....but I'm thinking about it...I miss being and looking young.

  22. Oh, the infamous cup size. That picture at the top made me giggle! Very cute.


  23. There are days I'm completely content and days I toss the boob job idea around... would I go through with it... probably not. Maybe after kids I would get the whole shebang. Would I get them bigger than a C no way. I'm not against the whole thing but I'm not that for it either!

  24. I'm a B =) It fits my frame perfectly. I tried on that bra that makes you a size larger in Victoria's Secret, and it simply made me look funny!
    I do admit whenever I see Kate Hudson, I actually WISH for a her cup size!
    But I'd say I'm quite happy with mine

  25. I'm not gunna lie but I'm a wee bit big in this department. I have a D cup but I like to call it a nearly D or a C+, not a full D like Dolly but enough that I have to use the D bra. I would NOT go any bigger. I can't play pool very well cuz they get in the way when I try to shoot..some shirts I just can't wear cuz I'll look like I belong on the Playboy channel, but them and me have come to an understanding. My fashion sense agrees with them so I'm happy with them.

    That picture is too cute in the beginning!! hehe. =)

  26. Great post! I'm pretty happy with my size even though it took awhile to be happy with it. I don't think I would ever get a boob job but I don't judge others who do or want to.

    I think I've just learnt to love them the way they are :)

  27. Cute post- I really like it. I feel like I can't really bash those who have had them because a couple of my friends have but to me, I think they're so 1990s. Small breasts are fine!!! I fluctuate between a B and a C and never once have I been upset about this (minus middle school but I think I would have woken up with size Ds to be happy then... so confused!). Now my breasts may be smaller but y'know what that means, they're perkier so I am just fine with not having the biggest boobs in the world. If children make my boobs turn into sand dunes however... perhaps but no, I have no plans to ever, ever, ever get a boob job.

  28. Oh, what a great subject.I would never get a boob job.Wait...i had an idea last year, to make my boobs smaller.I was stupid, wasn't i?God created me for a reason the way i am.And being a pretty thin girl wit a C or D [or somewhere in between-more of a D] imagine that i feel bad sometimes.Not bad, just different.Everybody says that look at you, you have such a small waist an everything and big boobs and you look great and you don't like it?Let me tell you something.I am afraid to wear anything that would show just a little of my breasts.I don't even stay straight because i am ashamed of my breasts.Why?Everybody looks at them.I mean, i feel that wherever i am, my breasts are the main focus on my body, not my intelligence.I do hope i am wrong.I am now working on accepting myself.

  29. What a great post! Actually I've seen in Ophra once, most of the women are wearing much smaller cups than their actual size is...also I think wearing the right cup can make you look thinner...:-)

    I don't think there is any problem with big breasts...the problem is when they are too big compare to your body!

    Have a great Thursday, cheers: Evi

  30. Good post! I am indeed happy with my B cup size. Wouldn't change it. Honestly, I would say right now that I would never have a boob job but then again, I don't know how I will feel 10 years from now after maybe having kids and all that stuff. So, I honestly don't know. I'm not critical of it entirely. I think Girls who do it just to be a double D on a teeny skinny body is ridiculous. I'm not here to judge though. Great post, Sierra! :)

  31. No boob job..I am pretty happy with mine the way they are ;-)

  32. oh girly, you are too funny!
    i'm a C and perfectly happy with it ;)
    i think after kids i might be thinking differently but i don't think i could ever spend the money on a boob job to have them fixed after kiddos. if money wasn't an issue i would probably want a little help. i would never go in to get bigger jugs, just to lift/firm up what i've got!
    fun post hun!

  33. i love that first photo. love it.
    and this post. and you.

    i am a larger A cup and happy with my girls!

  34. I think you did a good job pairing them with their sizes! You're right- it's super hard to tell these days with all the surgery! I love being small (B) so I don't think I'd ever get them put in. But I do agree with you- a lift after kids and such would be nice! Have a great day lovey XOXO

  35. I'm a DD and I hate them. I actually got a reduction when I was 19 but have since gained weight, which made my cup size go back up again.

    I would kill to be a C.

  36. I've never considered getting breast implants. And I don't think I ever will. I'm proud of my cup size, and I am a whopping 32A!

    But, sometimes I have a hard time finding nice bras. People are so surprised when I bring this up, but I kind of get the feeling that there isn't much of a market for 32A bras unless one has just hit puberty and is searching in the juniors department.

  37. Haha great boob post!


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  38. nice post, which was fun to read through and i love that im in the kate hudson category!!!! sexy girls dont need to have big boobs! lol

    xoxo jenna

  39. This is such a tough one for me... I am in the Kate Hudson club and I try to very hard to love my body the way it is and remember that God made me just right in his image... but it's hard. I'm single and I always get nervous that my cup size will be an issue for whoever I end up dating. I got picked on relentlessly in junior high and high school for this... and it's so hard to let them go and to be confident. I also got dumped by my long term boyfriend because he started dating a girl with fake boobs and told me "he was just more attracted to her body." That was pretty much a giant blow to the self-confidence. So... my long answer. Would I get a boob job? There are days I would in a heart beat... but then I try to reason with myself and I have this image of my future daughter. And I will teach her how beautiful she is just the way she is... and that beauty is so much more than what you look like on the outside... and I would be such a hypocrite if I was telling her this with my fake boobs.
    I babbled forever... this as an awesome post :)

  40. Just another comment to say I have something on my blog for you :) xx

  41. That picture is really good.

    I'm a B, and have never had a problem with it. It makes it so much easier to do sports.

  42. Never- I think I am happy (mostly) with my D babies.

  43. Yes I am happy ... I figure im lucky being in the middle of the spectruM! x

  44. I am a full C or D cup with this very tiny frame and have a lot of back problems. When I was pregnant and then breast feeding I literally had a sports nursing bra that was size...H-I..no joke. It was awful. My boobs walked into a room long before I did. Boobs do not look the same after baby that is for sure.

  45. Love it!!!!
    I have to say I am happy with what I have:)
    No surgery for me!!

  46. i have moments where i wish i had bigger boobs but honestly i like my b's. they work for me.

  47. I'm a little smaller than I'd like to be (smaller B), but I've heard guys say they only need a handful :P silly ;) I don't have a problem with mine as much as I used to. They are what they are, and it's good to know they won't be sagging to my waist later in life. :) I'm proud of my small boobs, and I would never get a boob job!

  48. I was an A when I was younger and wished they were just bigger, not too big a B or C. After my first child at age 23 they got bigger! And have remained a B/C depends on the bra. No I would have never gotten a boob job, I don't like anything fake, surgery is scary, and the thought of 'stuff' inside me disturbs me. I've always wondered 'if' you can breastfeed your babies if you've had a boob job? My daughters are A and B size and are happy the way they are.


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