Apr 5, 2010

A Girl with Many Outfits

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter.
Church with BK and his family
went perfectly and my day was
so relaxing until a quake shook
me up a bit, literally! 
Thankfully I was with 
Big Kiddo this time, 
so I felt a bit safer.
The earthquake wasn't
as strong here as it was in Mexico.
We felt like we were swaying
on a ship back and forth!

I spent most of my day 
on Sunday reading
The Time Traveler's Wife.
I put it it down months ago
because I couldn't get past 
a certain chapter.
Then I picked it back up 
about a month ago and read
about 300 pages yesterday!
So good, I can't wait to finish it.
I've been collecting some pictures
of some of my outfits that
I want to share with you!

Here's my outfit that I wore 
to church on Easter Sunday.
I found it at Wet Seal and
I felt like it fit well with
the Spring time theme!
Here's another outfit that  
I wore for my last presentation 
for my Interior Design class. 
I hadn't worn the dress for about 3 years
so I thought it was time to pull it out!
I love how vintage it is
and I decided to wear my
flower headband from Target
to go with my outfit.
I also had not worn my butterfly
shoes is the longest time!
It was fun utilizing some items
that I've had but hadn't worn
in such a long time!
For Easter my family sent me a
Juicy Couture tracksuit top
and I decided to wear it with my
Wet Seal jeans and blue heels
for a Friday free dress day 
in the office - here's the result!
Here's another outfit that I wore
when I kidnapped BK a couple of
weekends ago. He likes me
in pants and a cute tee!
Where I bought a spring dress?
Well here is my Ruche dress
that I wore to work with pigtails
no less - it was fun wearing it
with jean jeggings, a jean jacket,
and braiding my hair!
I really should have split all 
of these outfits up into different posts,
but I thought it would be fun
showing you now!

Which style is your favorite?
I love wearing my hair 
in many different styles,
whether it be straight, curly,
in a bun, or in braids. 

Isn't it fun switching up outfits
on a day to day basis?!

I love being a girl with so many
options to choose from!
I think life would be so boring
without fashion and styles.
Oh and dresses. 
I love dresses.

I'm so happy that Spring is here.



  1. I love your outfits! They're so cute.

  2. Your outfits are so cute! I love the dress with the flowers. And sweet butterfly shoes!

    I wish I could braid my hair. I usually have it down, or tied up in a bun. I want to learn more styles though. :) x

  3. I agree, being a girl is so so so fun! I love the white pants with the black top. and i also love the vintage look... but they are all so cute!

  4. I love your dress esp the one you wore for your interior design class ..it is def vintage and the butterfly sandals ..abs gorgeous !
    and i agree ..its nice to hv the option to choose from so many diff outfits :)

  5. I like the Ruche dress the best! You look so adorable with the jacket paired up. I really like the detailing on your Easter outfit too. If I only could afford more clothes!

  6. First of all, how ABOUT that earthquake?! I felt the swaying too, not shaking. SO crazy.

    I love the outfits, you really look great in all of them. Hello, Ruche dress! Perfect for you.

    Glad you had a good Easter! xoxo

  7. Love your outfits, very spring! I'm a big fan of dresses too. And cute girly items, like your headband :)

  8. Oh sweet post, I love the detail and color of your first outfit. The last is also super pretty...you look good in them all though.

    oh yeah love those butterfly shoes :)

  9. All outfits are really nice, but the one I love most is the Easter dress. It's just wonderful! Though I don't think I could wear it, because I'm so pale...

    Have a wonderful week...

  10. Great choices! I love the first and last dress the best! And the braids are super cute - I wish my hair was long enough!

  11. im so happy spring is here too it felt like winter lasted forever! loving all your dresses there so girlie xoxox

  12. Love your Easter outfit!
    And yes, Time Traveler's Wife is amazing!

  13. Love your outfits. I can only hope that we have some decent weather soon ! Have a lovely week

  14. Everyone at work is always calling me Cher because I change up my hair so much, I love doing new things with it. It has it's own identity! Ha!

  15. Your outfits are so romantic :)
    Really like the first dress a lot

  16. You have such great taste in clothing AND you look great in it. Love those butterfly shoes.

  17. I LOVE your outfits. And I'm so happy you got back into The Time Traveler's Wife. I LOVED that book. Be sure to have a box of tissues with you for the end!

  18. Ohmigosh you have the cutest style on the planet. Every single time I thought I had chosen a favorite outfit of yours, a new one popped up, and I fell in love all over again!

    Typically, I wear my hair down everyday - I just like how it looks that way; my style in terms of clothes, however, changes on a daily basis!

    Happy, Happy Belated Easter, my love!! :)

  19. I love your outfits! Especially the "Easter dress". It's super gorgeous!

    Cheers: Evi

  20. such a lovely post! i like the first dress best, the one you wore on Easter :)

  21. Ahhh Great outfits, how cute are you?!!? I really liked your wet seal dress, and even your black and white outfit. Simple and clean!! Looking good!

  22. love it - all the outfits are so cute! I especially love the detail on the one you wore for Easter and the necklace is sooo cute too! Love what you put together for your interior design presentation - I always love to wear things I haven't worn in awhile!

  23. Ooooohhhh tough choice, they are all very cute. I think my fav is the Vintage dress.

  24. i'm so happy spring has finally arrived as well!!
    you are such a doll, love all the outfits!! the first dress is my fave!! love those big flowers! oh your flower headband is pretty too :) i'm loving flowers these days!

    hope you are having a great day my sweet friend!!

  25. love Love LOVE the last style and the first! They are awsome! Of course you look amazing on all of them :)
    Thanks for the little bit of sweetness you left on my blog! I get so down about blogging sometimes! That just made my day! :)

  26. Glad you had a good Easter and that the earthquake didn't affect you that badly.

    Your outfits look great. I love the vintage dress. It's gorgeous and suits you so well.

  27. such cute outfits!!:)

  28. Hey! Time Traveler's Wife = yes! We read that for my book club and everyone loved it (so I was excited I was the one who picked the book). So good! It made me cry at a lot of points. I love the shirt you wore for Easter and your Interior Design presentation outfit - too cute. Also, I was at Ross getting some hangers and as I was in line I saw some Juicy Couture purses there- pretty cute for about half off. I thought of you and thought I'd tell ya!

  29. Glad that you had a fun Easter, mine was great :D
    BTW Love those outfits so stylish.

  30. Love your Easter dress! So pretty!
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter! Big hugs <3 x

  31. Ohhh you look so cute in all of these! My fave is the white pants and the black top. Glad you had a good time with your BK.

  32. I like your Easter dress! So cute! :)

  33. You are absolutely adorable! I hope my daughter grows up to be as outgoing and sweet as you!

  34. sierra!!! you little fashion diva! you look great in each and every one of your looks. you make me want to celebrate easter with 20 different outfits too! haha! jk.

  35. Glad you're ok! I heard about that quake! I'm glad you had such a good Easter. I love your outfits. My favorite is the butterfly shoes. They are too cute!

  36. Love your Easter dress. SO sweet! Thank goodness the Earthquake wasn't too bad!

  37. So glad you had a nice and relaxing Easter! We were down in Newport at the movies during the quake- a little scary! Oh and I just adore your dress with the flower details. You look gorgeous in it and the light color is perfect for spring/summer!

  38. awww you look so cute in all of them! i really love the ruffled vintage and just over all feminine look! so fun!!

  39. so cute!! I love the rosettes on the easter outfit!

  40. Your butterfly shoes are just adorable!!! I read the time traveler's wife pretty fast too. It's a real page turner. Your outfits are awesome, I'm glad you work in fashion, because you definitely have some great fashion sense girl!!

  41. ALL OF THEM!! You look amazing!!


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