Apr 30, 2010

Girl's Weekend Part II & Vintage Interiors!

Thank you so much for your 
prayers for Dante.
I appreciate it and so 
does his family!

That's all I have to say.
Oh and this darling girl 
blessed me with her kindness
and created me a new banner!
I love it. Thanks Joanna!

Agenda for the weekend?
Sushi and movie tonight
with an amazing friend.

Working on the Interior Design
presentation and learning how
to cut out furniture out of paper
for a 1/2 inch mini model
due in one month and it
is going to take a lot of time.
Yeah. Need luck on this one.

Spending time with my love.
Running some errands.

Continuing to exercise with low impact
and  try and get my leg better!
Sadly the OC Half Marathon is this
weekend and no, I will not be able
so I will look forward to future runs.
I'm disappointed but know
that it will heal in time I hope.

So...I wanted to show you the
rest of my pictures from my girl's 
weekend with my mom and aunt.
Here's part I if you missed it.
On Saturday night we went to my
favorite Mexican restaurant called
Javiers at Irvine Spectrum.
They have the most amazing food
and might I mention guacamole. Yum!
Here's me after a long day of shopping
at Balboa Island and Irvine Spectrum.
We walked a lot. 
Probably like 4 miles or something.
Sunday was my mom's birthday!!
One of her favorite places in the world??
Old Town Orange where their
are lovely vintage shops where
you find all sorts of treasures.
You can actually find many of these
treasures at my mom's  
right here!! He he, just had to 
advertise for her.
All of these photos are from the 
antique store Country Roads Antiques.
Loved this old town sign that
I discovered out in their gardens!
I always like having fun
with mirror shots and this
was a very elegant mirror!
A break from the interiors!
Here we are at the fountain in Orange.
Sailboat, aka Ocean Dreamer in me.
My favorite picture.
Renaissance architecture
enthralls me.
That's a wrap!
Well, uh, I mean thanks
for dealing, uh I mean looking at all
of the pictures I just posted! ;)

Have a beautiful weekend.

Interior Design question:
Do you like vintage, romantic,
Renaissance, and Victorian
decorations and interiors 
such as the pictures
I posted...
or do you prefer modern?



  1. Ahh your class sounds wonderful! And part two of your girls weekend is fabulous. That shop looks perfect! I love that beautiful mirror. I too like taking fancy shots with mirrors.

    I like the interiors you posted very much! But I do like modern as well. I love all sorts of interiors. x

  2. The furniture picture you posted are just lovely. To answer your question: I love to mix both styles, vintage and modern. I like modern for it's simplicity, but vintage makes me feel more at home...

    Have a nice weekend...

  3. SIERRA,
    that image of you is astoundingly beautiful. You are one lovely lady with a heart of gold. Have success with your class, a nice week-end.
    Hugssssssss from Texas.

  4. Aww....Well, Im glad you like it so much you wanted to put it up! I was just having fun! Who would have thought that something that small would bless someone! Glad I fallowed His leading in sending it to you!

  5. gorgeous pictures! i enjoy more modern design with a little bit of romantic. :)

    hope your leg heals quickly!

  6. Such gorgeous pictures.

    Just read your post about Dante. I will definitely be keeping him in my thoughts.

  7. Great pics! Very pretty stuff... I personally prefer a more "contemporary" look to interior design (NOT modern though).
    However my Mama is in LOVE with all things Victorian...as long as it doesn't look too much like something from a 90 yr olds living room.

  8. wow that bed is gorgeous. and so is that guac. makes me hungry.. ;)
    have a great weekend hunny. xo

  9. The new banner looks so cool.

    That antique store looks really amazing. Everything is so pretty.

  10. I'm so glad you guys had such a great girls weekend! And thanks for sharing all the pretty interior decor :)

  11. loving that mirror xxxx

  12. Oooh fun times!!! Hmm I love it all, but esp romantic decor:-) Never goes out of style

    Have a great weekend!

  13. I just discovered your blog and it's too cute! I am definitely a new follower of yours!!!


  14. Wow, pretty! I love antique furniture. Looks like you had such a good time. I think that's so cute the guacamole looks like a bird! I love good Mexican restaurants :) I'm sorry you're not able to compete this weekend, but I hope it's for the best. I'm sure you'll heal soon and be out running before you know it! Love the new banner! That was so nice of you friend. Hope you have a great weekend! You're making me crave sushi really bad :)

  15. Oh I think it's good to mix it up! I like to see interiors of all different styles. I love beachy...cottagy the most!!! But I can appreicate any well designed space when I see it:)

  16. I like modern, mixed with vintage. I also love the new banner :)

    Such pretty pictures, as always.


  17. your leg's gonna be just fine :)
    oh and awesome pictures!

    you're amazing xx

  18. Sorry your leg is not healed completely. Maybe the marathon is not meant to be, there will always be another one. :) Your leg is just telling you it needs more time to heal. :) I love all style of interiors but not modern so much. Great pics as always! :) Have a great weekend! :)

  19. Oh my gosh, it looks like you had the most incredible time! I absolutely love vintage furniture!

  20. OMG that vintage shop...I wanna be there and jump into that gorgeous bed!!!!! Your Mom has an excellent taste...will definitely check her Etsy shop!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend my dear friend!

    Cheers: Evi

  21. Your girls weekend sounds like HEAVEN! And yayay for the Irvine Spectrum - that place literally is heaven on earth; though I've never been to Javiers myself.

    I have to say...I like a mix of modern and romantic - with a little vintage/country kick. My tastes change daily - I think I'd like to have a house big enough where I could decorate each room/bedroom in a different way!

    Happy, Happy Weekend!! :)

  22. Happy birthday to your mom!! It's Sunday here :)

    Sushi and movie sound so great, by the way. Been craving sushi for weeks. I want one of those crunchy fusion rolls and salmon sashimi :)

  23. I like alot of everything when it comes to decorating.

  24. Totally drooling over that guac and that mirror is gorgeous!

  25. good luck with your projects! i finished my first half marathon! it was amazing! of course i blogged about it!!! i injured my ankle but will definitely be back in nashville next year!

  26. I'm so sorry you weren't able to run the marathon, and I really do hope your leg gets better! In my heart, you ran it because you had such determination, I could feel it through your writing :)

    I still hope you had a great weekend, sushi/movie sounds amazing and I adore those pictures - as for interior designing, I prefer a mixture of modern and Victorian/romantic, I don't like to stick with just one!

  27. I like vintage.. kinda like shabby chic, antique-y looking but my bf HAAAATES it. So.... my furniture is actually very modern. not psychedelic right, but modern.

  28. wow - love the furniture. I want to go shopping there!!! I love french country/shabby chic styles. I use to love modern {when I was 20}...but my tastes changed as I got older.

  29. i love the pictures! you look so beautiful.


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