Apr 9, 2010



Thank you for all of your responses in regards to my Cup Size post. I enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts and opinion on the matter and how you felt about your cup size. I feel the overall consensus was that most of us are happy with our cup size and wouldn't want to change our bodies, which is nice!

So lately I have been thinking a lot about goals.
I feel that sometimes without goals, 
I wouldn't be able to get very far in life.
Without having a mindset of
where you are supposed to go - 
how are you supposed to get there?
That's my opinion on goals and how important
it is not only to your own personal development
but to your self esteem to follow through on
commitments that you make in your own life.
I don't know about you but I am 
my own worst critic when it comes to 
not following through.
I get down myself and think 
 why did I not do that?
What stopped me from accomplishing this task?
I don't consider myself a quitter 
so I try to create goals that are 
feasible while still pushing
myself to improve and enhance 
my mental and physical well being.

I want to share some of my current goals with you.
1. Running Goals
Right now (for this week) my goal is to run 30 miles.
Currently I have 12 miles to run before 
this weekend is over. I've been training for the
OC Half Marathon which is on May 2nd,
so I've been upping my miles and 
running more each morning.
I used to run 2-3 miles each morning.
Now I run 4-5 miles each morning and rest 
on the seventh day. I like this pace.
I would like to continue to run 
at least 25-30 miles weekly.
2. Eating Goals

My fast really was the best choice I could have made
in regards to my diet and not to mention my faith. 
Without eating sugary snacks I felt healthier 
and more motivated to eat healthier 
meals like whole wheat, chicken, salad, and fish.
Right now my goal is to only 
eat one sugary snack (or try ha ha)
once a week because I am 
trying to lose 10 lbs for Maui.
This is going to be my hardest goal 
to achieve because after my fast 
I've been craving cookies like no other!
I ate 3 last weekend after the fast, lol.

3. Money Goals

Money is another hard goal to accomplish.
I did manage to pay off all of 
my credit cards when I received a tax refund. 
That was a huge relief.
Now I am working on staying 
within a budget and saving up money.
How I do this is I set a weekly allowance.
I try not to eat out that much per week.
I save up for something I really really want.
I ask myself - do I really need this or just want it?
Usually the craving to buy something will go away
if I go for a jog, read a book, or distract myself.
It's hard but it's better then being in debt.

4. Goals to Relax and Grow

I've mentioned before that I have a hard time
just sitting still and being content.
I love making plans and packing up my life.
The problem is I get really tired both physically
and mentally. I need some ME time!!
So every week I am trying to set aside at 
least 1-2 nights where I can just read and relax.
I am also taking classes (interior design, fashion,
and other classes in the past) for my own self
growth and self development.
Now that I'm out of college I want to continue
to keep my mind active! I used to dislike
the idea of going back to school. Now I crave
knowledge and enjoy learning new topics.

So there you have it.
That is a broad spectrum of some of my goals.
Do you write down your goals?
If you do, do you accomplish them?

Go get em' Ocean Dreamers!



  1. I love your goals! Your posts are always so inspiring. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. You're so right- following through with the goals is the hardest, especially when we get down on ourselves so easily. I love all of your goals here too. Saving money is one of mine right now too, and it is super hard, but it's nice to have some things to look forward to. Hope you have a great weekend love! XOXO

  3. i tell you what.. six months ago i had zero debt and a hefty savings account.. then bam. it hits you and retail therapy kicks in and you find yourself right back where you started! yuck.

    such great goals! i hope you accomplish all of them!

  4. Sierra, I have told you many many times what a intelligent young lady you are, and this goal setting of yours just proves that to be true. You are a multi-tasker to say the least.
    I want to tell you something else, sometimes you just have to sit back and live life too. I was so you at my younger age, work harder, learn more, go get em', blah blah, and I missed out on a lot too. Don't miss the good stuff, I promise you it is there, regardless of what goal you have met or not. For instance, a wise young woman suggested I kidnapp My John for a weekend getaway. It was just what we needed ;)

  5. Great goals!

    I write my goals every year following the Tony Robbins method...I love how I feel every time I read them!

  6. I love goals! And I love yours!! I hope you succeed in all of them. Speaking of ten pounds... I have prom in may!

  7. You have such great goals! I would be lost, too, if I didn't set goals for myself. Sometimes certain ones are hard to follow thru like running and kicking back on the caffeine, but if I set some goals, I have a better chance of them actually working out....if that makes any sense. I'm sorry we haven't talked yet. The last two weeks have been super busy (it's spring break down here) and with Easter and all, but I really hope I get to talk to you soon! Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. girl, you have some major goals here! you are motivated! you are on your way!!! and that is pretty rad. :)

  9. these are awesome! that is a lot of running girl, you go! :) you'll be banging when it comes time to wear the bikini in maui! lol

  10. PS-SUPER CUTE outfit at the top of the post. I really want it! lol

  11. Love the moon quote .." even if you miss, you'll land up among the stars " thats the spirit i guess !!
    and im sure you;ll achieve all your goals ..
    I also wanted to let you know im hosting my first giveaway ..i hope you'll drop in to participate !! here's the link

  12. Love that first quote!! This post is dead on with part of what I am dealing with. I have a lot going on and part of it is trying to set apart my goals and aspirations from what I feel I need to do or feel obligated to do. You have some great goals and are doing a wonderful job staying on top of them. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I always write down my goals, and mine are actually very similar to yours - I am also training for a half and trying to watch what I eat. Thanks for the inspiration, as always!

  14. Great goals! I have some of the same. I want to start up running again... I used to and loved it but haven't for a long time. I want to try and run at least twice a week. Here's to sticking to our goals! :)

  15. great goals :) && i love such inspirational quotes =D

  16. I'm always so inspired by your running- how far is a marathon in miles? You can't be too far off right?

    Also I totally get what you said about buying things. I like to go shopping and lust after things and then go home and think. If you make the effort to go back the next day, you know you really loved it and will probably get good use out of it!

  17. That outfit is CUTE. I want.
    And I absolutely love the goals. Saving money is a huge goal of mine right now.

  18. I think you do such a great job with following through honestly! I STRUGGLE to follow through with anything, and it makes me miserable when I don't. I'm so impressed with your dedication to running and your fasting. I bet you'll get that weight off before you go to Maui. I'm so jealous that you're going!!

  19. I need to get more serious about my goals...especially my health related ones!

  20. "Do not be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try."
    This is me.I am afraid of doing anything new.I simply want to do so many things but, on one side i am afraid, on the other side i do not have the possibility to do them.Like your design classes, i do not have such thing here in my town.I do not think that writing my goals would help.I try to make small stes.At least i try:)
    I know in time good things will happen.There's a God up there, right?Actually i have 4 important goals for this spring: eat healthy, exercise, read and learn.
    Happy weekend!

  21. I love that quote. I used it a lot in high school. And your goals...I love. It's great that you shared them here on your blog. I think you need to write them down to remember your goals and to read them each day.

    I have goals to run, to be more creative, to grow in my faith...I wish I wasn't such a big procrastinator though :(

  22. I think I neeed to start writing goals down, especially career ones. I've been doing exactly the same thing in life for too long and haven't gotten anywhere!

    Good luck with all your goals. They're all really inspirational.

  23. Your goals are really good. Simple, but explicitly formulated!

    I formulate goals on a monthly/weekly basis, depending on the goal. E.g. at the moment I'm trying to run twice a week and every week I achieve this I mark as "goal achieved", that helps to keep me motivated...
    I'm not a too patient person so I have to set goals that can be achieved fast...

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  24. You are such an inspiration hon.

  25. What a great, inspirational post for the weekend :)

    Have a simply wonderful day!

  26. i love this postt...its all so motivating xD
    but still i can't seem to stop eating and exercise -_-"

  27. These are great goals and i can relate to you b/c I share a couple of the same ones. I too want to lose weight and save money. Those are two of the hardest goals, I think. Sadly, I have more faith in you on these than in me. LOL! Good luck, sweets! :)

  28. I LOVE these quotes. Enjoy your Sunday!

  29. I LOVE this post sooooo very much!! Following through is sometimes hard, but I think we need to just remember that the goals we set are promises to ourselves:)

  30. Very inspiring post! Only you can stop yourself from achieving your dreams! Go get 'em girl!

  31. I love the quotes in this post... and all your admirable goals! I've been using my blog to hold myself accountable for some of the things I want to do. You guys keep me going.

    I'm with you on the 10 pounds. I've gained that in the past year, and I'm not happy about it!

  32. I really liked this. I think having goals is super important, it keeps you going.


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