Apr 15, 2010

Hampster In a Cage

I'm baaaaack!
It's been a busy week,
so that's why I haven't posted in 3 days.
That's a long time for me! :P
So right now I feel a little bit like a hampster in a cage.
Let me explain.
Hope you don't mind a rant about my running love life.
So on Saturday after I went on my 8 mile jog
I was feeling tightness in my right calf muscle.
I feelt pain but just ignored it and pushed through my run.
Well...let's just say that this pain has not gone away.
I went running on Monday again for 5 miles and knew
that I most definitely pulled my muscle.
I shouldn't have gone on that run because it made it worse,
which means I can't run until my calf gets better.
Because otherwise I might injure myself further.

I have to do low impact exercising activities
until my leg is feeling better...

 It's frustrating because running has become my drug.
 I can't live without it!!!!
The past three weeks I've gone jogging 6 days out of 7.
Insane? Perhaps.
Does it make me motivated? Heck yes!!!
So all of a sudden I have to stop?!
Not so happy about that.
So I'm trying to let my muscle heal.
That means stretching, stretching, and more stretching.

I've also discovered this lovely device thanks to
my friends at Daily Mile.
There is the lovely foam roller.
Foam roller, meet Sierra.
Sierra, meet foam roller.
We are now BFF's.
Or we will be until I can run again!

 This one is pretty but WAY too much money.
You can find it here: Run Junk.

Now when I first heard about stretching this way,
(I have yet to actually stretch with a foam roller)
I thought how can you use it to stretch?
Here's a video to get me going:
 My OC Half Marathon is in two weeks, on May 2nd.
I am hoping that my calf is better by then.
I will be sad if I can't race!
In the future I would like to focus
on 10k's and 5k's and trail runs.
But for now I just have to wait.
So frustrating.
For now I am going to explore
other ways to burn calories and get exercise.
This morning I did the Elliptical.
Felt like a hamster in a cage.
Sooo...I'm thinking long walks.
Perhaps swimming, yoga, and The Shred.
Check out these moves. 
Any other non running ideas for me?

Lesson has been learned to stretch.
I have been really really bad about stretching
and this injury is my own darn fault.
If you are starting to run or are a runner -
remember to stretch before and after
you run - soooo important!!!

*sorry about random font sizes,
blogger isn't being my friend today.



  1. You're motivating me to get my butt moving again! Hope your calf gets better in time for the race! Do you recommend running on the beach at all? I was thinking of going to Santa Monica a few days a week, but wasn't sure if it would put more strain on my ankle or less?!

  2. Aw! That sucks about your leg =( I know how you feel, I got an infection on my face this past fall and I had to sit out of swimming for a little over two weeks until it healed. It was awful, because swimming to me is like running to you!
    But I definitely recommend swimming. Apparently it's easy on the joints and muscles or something, but it is intense. To get a good workout, you should try learning the different strokes. In terms of muscles-- freestyle is basic and good for everything (especially for long distance swimming) same with backstroke; breastroke is insanely good for legs, and butterfly (my favorite) gives you Madonna esque shoulders!
    Swimming does work different muscles from running though, and I had a friend who had problems transferring from swim season to track season, so I don't know if that'll effect you (though I don't think it should!). Ahh sorry for the super long comment, but I hope your pulled muscle heals fast!

  3. Hope you get better soon. I am soooo bad when it comes to stretching but it really is important. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. It's so hard to take it easy when all you want to do is run! Great idea with the foam roller though - I've never used one but heard great things about it. Good luck!

  5. So.. I HATE the elliptical! Haha. I still go on it for 15 minutes at a time, and those are the longest 15 minutes of my life every time I'm at the gym.
    Have you done pilates? Or yogalates? Yogalates is my favorite.. just the right amount of yoga and pilates mixed together for an awesome workout. And of course The Shred is killer.. so there's always that. I really like the biggest loser workouts too!

  6. Yes stretching is so key!!!!!! I am loving that you are missing running that means that it's a workout routine that really works for you. I hope you feel better soon! I wish I loved running like you do...

  7. i am sorry to hear you pulled a muscle that is the worst! i hope it gets better soon!

  8. You really have to give the muscles a rest... I know how you feel about not being able to do your normal routine. Swimming can be a great substitute while your resting your calf muscles. Hope you get better soon. xoxo

  9. I love how motivated you are even when you should be resting! I think you should totally "follow doctors orders" and rest a little bit but the idea of yoga, swimming, or anything that doesn't put too much strain on your body is best. Don't try to overdo anything until you are healed!

  10. So sorry to hear about your injury honey, what a pain for you!

    I just think that's amazing that you can jog for 6 out of 7 days, my gosh I wish I was that motivated.

    hugs Dj

  11. Lol! OmGosh that sounds horrid, I do hope you get better. Lets see, you can try some pilates or yoga until you feel better again. =)


  12. Ahh, you're such an inspiration but that really sucks about your calf! So sorry to hear that :( Everytime I feel tension in there after a workout I give it a bit of a rest and concentrate on other parts of my body, but I know it's different with running - you rely on every single part of your body. I definitely hope you'll heal and feel better before the run! YOU CAN DO IT! :)

    I know in Europe they have spa-type things with hot spring water to alleviate muscle tension and make you feel better ... maybe a sauna would help?

  13. Oh nooo!! I am so sorry you injured yourself!! If anything you totally motivated me to get off my butt and get to exercising! My dad is a runner and when he can't run for whatever reason, he usually gardens. Haha, weird, I know. But that's what he does

  14. Your inspirational journey into marathons and such reminds me of a good friend of mine from high school. A few years ago she really got into running and has been nonstop ever since.

    You can check out her blog here: http://rojrunning.blogspot.com/

    She's a sweetheart. :) She's our age and lives in Ohio!

  15. I love to run....but I love to cycle more!! For me, cycling is just much easier on my body!!! Maybe try that out:)
    Oh and I am terrible at stretching...maybe that's why I got shin splints on my run today!!!!
    Take care and I hope you're beack to running soon!

  16. Aww I hope your calf gets better. Yeh, running with a pulled muscle isn't good. I think the non exercises that you are doing are great.

    This again makes me want to get my butt into gear and go running.

  17. I also swear by the foam roller!!! It helped me through some tense areas of training too.

    I was also told by a physical therapist that the best way to rehabilitate is to work on your core. He swears that most injuries stem from the abs, which I found SO crazy at the time. I also agree with others that swimming is a great substitute!

    Hang in there! I know exactly how you feel!

  18. Awww that's so bad about your injury. Hope u get better :D

  19. Oh No! I am so sorry. There is a great sight that I use called http://www.bodyrock.tv Zuzana has daily interval training workouts, maybe some exercises she does,you might not be able to do because of your hurt calf. I know you will love her site cause she is positive, into fashion, has nutrition posts and great exercises. One of my favorite sites. Check it out! Get Well. :)

  20. That running lady looks so perfect! maybe I do need to try a little harder to get into running, and def will commit to stretching with you!

  21. =[ I really hope your leg gets better! I just took up running about a month ago and am still struggling a bit. I was just wondering if you have any tips when starting out. Also, how did you get into running? Hope you feel better soon!

  22. I so know what you mean about being a hamster in a cage on a running wheel (aka treadmill!)
    Right now I'm running (a bit), doing nightly 1 hour speed walks if I don't run and of course, trying to follow the 30 day Shred. Variety is everything to keep motivated. Hope your leg feels better ASAP!!!

  23. I wish I could run. Seriously I really wish I could just get out there and run like you do. I hear its the best stress reliever. You run miles?? Miles?? I'm winded after a few laps. Maybe its because I feel like an unsatisfied mouse cuz I'm not getting any cheese on the treadmill. At least running outside you can see your distance. I hope your leg is feeling better tho!! Icy Hot works wonders!! Stretching is an absolute must!!! Be careful lady!!

  24. Great post! You have motivated me! Hope your leg gets better soon, Have a sweet day!

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  26. Your one motivated girl!!

    Have a happy, runny weekend!!


  27. ive been doing alotta yoga recently - i love it x

  28. I love, love reading your work outs on your daily mile...you've motivated me to do the same!! I hope your leg is doing much better though, and that you'll be back to running and soon! :)

  29. Hope your recovery will be fast! I love running...it's the best feeling on earth, running and long stretching after it...but I haven't run in a long time...I really need to start it again. I also love the step machine and I agree, long walks can be great as well instead of running until you get better!

    Cheers: Evi

  30. I've used the foam roller and really like it! People seem to really rely on it, so good call there.

    SHRED! It's the best, and maybe this happened for a reason? Silver lining so you could try shredding? Haha, I don't know. Just trying to make it seem like a positive thing. I love you! Hang in there, babe. xoxo

  31. Is your injury better? I hope so :)

    Yeah stretching is very important. Warm up and cool down.Now that you know I'm sure you won't have too much trouble :)

    I've used the foam roll at the gym. I started a few years ago after this trainer told me its advantages. So glad that it works for you too!

    Haha you made me laugh with the 'hamster in a cage' parts.
    Hugs to you dear friend


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