Apr 20, 2010

I'm Loving This Week

Sorry I've been a bit MIA,
everything has been going full speed ahead
and I'm doing my best to go with the flow!

Over the weekend I had fun with BK,
we went to the beach and did some ocean dreaming.
He also surprised me and took me to a play on Sat.
That was fun, it was called Real Women Have Curves, lol.

This week I'm getting ready for my mom's visit!
I actually will be taking a bloggy break
after my next post... 
I figure I won't have time to blog or even
get on the internet since I will be staying at a 
hotel with my mom and aunt. I'm excited!!!
Plus I haven't ever taken a bloggy break
so I think this will be good for me.
I'll miss you all, but will be back.
I'm not gone yet though, 
still one post before the break. 
He he.

This week I am loving many things.
Here are a few things I am loving -

1. I am loving the fact that I got to
see this lady and this lady 
in Santa Monica last night.
Amber also brought her co-worker,
who was also very nice!!
Amber is such a doll, so sincere and 
very thoughtful and sweet!
Too bad she has to live in Louisiana!
Oh and Ali, well, you already know
that I heart you girl! 
Since I didn't have time to upload 
my picture from our outing yet,
I am stealing a few pictures from them! ;)

I love how they are both pursing their lips!
Go check out their blogs and I am sure
you will love them as much as I do!!! 

2. I am loving this adorable boutique shop that
I learned more about at 
The boutique is also located in LA
and they have darling lingerie.
Isn't this changing room darling?
I found a chair similar, even though 
it is not pink, at Restoration Hardware.

3. I am dieing to purchase this hand bag,
but am trying to have self control.
It is exactly what I have been wanting though!
It has tie dye and comes in blue and/or pink!
 4. I am loving all of the florals I am seeing
at H&M and everywhere else!
Do you like the florals this season??

5. Though a bit expensive, I am loving
this new site Juno and Jove.
They have the most darling swimming suits
and more! I especially like these suits:
I am so thinking Maui with this black and white one.
It looks like a work of art!

6. Oh and so excited about all of the new
Sex and the City II pictures I am seeing!!
Not to mention the movie that comes out on May 27th.
I'm planning a SATC2 Party, more on that later.

I am sooo ready to get Carried away again!!

 7. When I went to South Coast Plaza on Saturday with
one of my girlfriends, I couldn't get over all of the
adorable Aldo flats that are available. So cute!
Since I have become a runner I've been a huge fan
of flats. I literally don't wear any of my heels anymore.
I love flats - they are super comfy and look cute too!

8. I've been loving this book,  
even though I'm not sure when
 I will have enough time to finish it!
All of the best movies (usually) come
from amazing books. Sigh.

9. I've been learning to get over my hump
of not being able to run due to my injury
and embrace the elliptical!!
Okay, not really but I am trying to enjoy it.
I definitely miss running though.

10. I've been rocking my curls & locks a lot more
and a few gals complimented my hair,
which made me want to embrace them
even more!! Besides, straightening my hair
just takes so much time! Even though I think
I like straightening my hair more,
I need to embrace what kind of hair God has given me.
Whew, I think that was probably my normal 3-4
weekly posts in one post.

I'll be back tomorrow with one last post
before my bloggy break.
Oh and my break will only go from Wed-Mon! :)

What are you loving this week?
Oh and I know a blog gal coined this 
I'm loving this week idea,
I can't remember who though so sorry no
credit is given! Let me know if you know, thanks.

Have a wonderful day.



  1. Great selections!! I love your hair curly too.

  2. That changeroom is very cute and hehe which girl doesn't love lingerie! :D You look cute with curly hair

  3. What an awesome busy busy weekend!!! I want to see Dear John soo bad. Maybe this weekend :)

  4. I cant wait for sex and the city 2!! love the H&M garden collection i managed to get a couple of the floral dresses cant wait to wear them. just need the weather to improve in Ireland first :)
    vicki xo

  5. Real Women Have Curves is a film too with America Ferrara... back when she had those curves of course! ;op

  6. I am loving the Cynthia Vincent for Target Collection despite the fact that I have been nearly killing myself to find pieces from it! Also loving...

    ...skinny jeans with suspenders.

    ..."The Last Song." You MUST read it sometime. :)

  7. Very nice post. You need a break and sounds like you will have a wonderful time with your mom and aunt! LOVE your hair! I stopped straightning mine a while ago and people like it so much better( or so they say). I straighten it every now and then and you'd be amazed at how much healthier my hair is now that I don't put any heat on it. It's amazing.

  8. you need a break, then you take it! we will miss you but this post will keep us occupied. all those pretty things...

  9. Those chairs are gorgeous !

    And I love your curls !! My hair is wavy and people always tell me they like it better when I don't straighten it. Go figure !! :)

  10. Aww, you are so adorable combining all your posts into one mega-post for us to enjoy this week :) I've seen the movie "Real Women Have Curves" and it's funny and enlightening :) And I'm definitely feeling florals, so hard to find them now since everyone's picking them up! And loving the curls :)

    Hope you have a relaxing blogging break and I can't wait to hear all about it when you come back!

  11. the floral heels are gorgeous. I can't wait for sex and the city 2 to come out. Love the randomness of all of the things in this post :) Love it

  12. Hahahaha, that picture you posted of me killed me! So silly. And SO much fun last night, huh? Those SATC 2 pics you posted made me nearly squeal and I love your curls.

    The end.

  13. So many things I love too! How nice that your mom is coming to visit you. I really like those cute high heels and dresses. I'm all about florals! so feminine and sweet.

    Thank you for your sweet comment btw.

  14. love those pics of ali and amber, priceless, haha. also, h&m always puts a dent in my wallet when i walk in their stores, it's a love/hate relationship, haha.

  15. Dear Sierra,

    Thank you for always visiting my little blog. I have so much catching up to do because this year is a very buys one for me, but I'm still reading! Yours is one of the ones I click first, so you can imagine how neglected other blogs I follow are...
    You deserve a bloggy break, so don't worry about it. Enjoy your time with your mom!!

    You posted some neat things today! I love florals too; I'm dying to buy a dress like that from Charlotte Rousseau or something! And those swim suits are awesome!!
    Sex & the city 2? Excited as you! Even though I did not watch the series a lot, I love the show and the movie.
    Nicholas Sparks wrote my favorite story... The Notebook. I am sure Dear John is lovely, I have to check it out!
    I'm behind with some stuff so I did not know you had an injury :( hope you get better soon sweetie.
    Anyway, I'll come back later to read more, but take care and enjoy your time off and thank you for being such a lovely bloggy friend.

  16. Lovely curls!
    Must say that changing room is such loveliness as well~

  17. Have fun with your mom! You deserve a break. Also, I love those floral heels. Must find them!


  18. waiting desperately for the SATC movie...

  19. I love your list! Cute dresses and flats! I like flats, too. :) Those are such pretty colors. I hope you have a great time visiting with your mom and aunt. I love your curly hair. My hair won' t curl for anything...especially down here in the humidity. Glad you to meet up with your blog friends. :) Have a great weekend!

  20. I am really loving all the H&M dresses!!! So flirty and fun!

  21. I love how springy and colourful this post is! I really adore those pretty flats. I'm obsessed with flats.

    And your hair looks awesome curly. I say embrace the curls ;)

  22. I want & NEED those flats
    such gorgeous shades!

    Please don't take a bloggy Break.
    I'll miss you.

    love LOVE

  23. have a great time with your mom and aunt!! glad you had a nice time with Ali an Amber!! :)

  24. Have a wonderful time with your Mum and Aunt. :) Love your post as usual....

  25. I love reading your blog b/c you always show me things I havent seen and am excited to check out.. case in point, that cute boutique (gonna look online!) and the Sex and City pics! LOVE! Have a blast with your mom and aunt, girlie!

  26. WOW!!! I also saw those flats [1st ones] over the wknd, deifnitely CUTE!!!! Glad you had fun girl.

  27. the H&M garden collction is awesome - i have a couple of pieces but i havent blogged about them yet xxxxxx

  28. I LOVE your curly hair!! I hope you have a lovely time with your mum and aunt, enjoy your break! xx

  29. Wow! What a selection. I think I've gotta go and hit the stores ;-)

    Have a wonderful time with you mom and aunt!

  30. You are so pretty with that curly hair!

    I am also loving the garden collection at H&M! I just bought that blue dress!

  31. *sigh* So many beautiful pictures. Love.

  32. Hope you have fun with your mum!!
    And I love this post. I'm loving those H&M florals as well. And I love how you rock your curls. I have curly hair as well. I used to straighten them all the time, but now I've learnt to embrace them.

  33. Wow you do have a lot to be happy about this week! I am especially excited about H&M's garden collection. It is beyond awesome

  34. I love this post, FANTASTIC. I especially love the heels and the bag, adorable!!!!! Have heaps of fun with your mum and your Aunt and see you when you get back.

  35. Oh I love everything you just shared...and I have some of those dresses from the Garden collection and I LOVE them so much! I can't wait for Sex and the City 2! It's so exciting :-)

    Cheers: Evi

  36. i love amber! so jealous you got to meet her.

    aldo shoes are soo fab. i have a pair of heels i wear ALL the time. i can't get enough of them.

    have fun with your mom!

    ps your curls are beautiful. i wish i could wear curls like that. my hair ends up looking frizzed out when i try that look!

  37. Florals are my favorite! And I can't wait for SATC2. I hope you have a wonderful break with your aunt and mom :)

  38. there is so much going on in this post but i have one thing to comment on...that amazing black and white bathing suit. GAH-ORGEOUS!!!

    why are all the cute bathing suits one piece?! that doesn't do well for my tan lines. grrrr...

  39. Hey Sierra! wanted to say a very belated thanks for the comments you left on my blog awhile back! I hardly ever blog on there anymore as you can see but I have written a few since then on my FB. I love your blog though :)

    Dear John is such a sweet story, i loved it. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie of it. If you haven't already, you should also read The Last Song - the book is SO much better than the movie in my opinion. While I enjoyed seeing the movie it still came across as a bit cheesy.. so I enjoyed the book a lot more and am glad I read it first.


    P.S. Wish we had an H&M in New Zealand! those spring dresses look great :)


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