Apr 16, 2010

TV Bliss

TGIF Ocean Dreamers!

Are you as excited about Friday as I am?
What's on your weekend agenda?

Well tonight I am relaxing and 
catching up on my shows. Yipee!
The rest of the weekend I am
getting together with one of my
girlfriends on Saturday.
Then I am going to have some fun
with BK the rest of the weekend! Yay!

What are some of your favorite shows?
I've never done a post on all of the shows 
I have been watching this season, so here you go.
If I had more time I would love to watch more!
It's hard enough to keep up with these shows below.
I'm sad that all of my shows are almost over
for the season, what will I watch during the summer?
Probably Sex and the City eppies will pull me through.

1. Legend of the Seeker
I am not usually a fantasy fan, 
but with the chemistry
between Richard and Kahlan,
and all of the fun adventures they go on
to save the world -
I quickly fell in love with this series!
It might not be renewed for the third
season though, I'm bummed!
I might just have to read the books
if that happens...
 2. Gossip Girl
So lately this show has gone 
off the the deep end with the producers' writings of
some of my favorite characters' relationships.
Not to mention the actions of Jenny and Chuck!
What?! That is all I am going to say.
It has become a bit scandalous too but I still watch!
I love the fashion and Blair and Chuck...
sooo I decided to stick with it for now.

3. Life Unexpected
The newest show that I recently started watching,
I was immediately excited that one of my
favorite actresses from WB's Roswell was
starring this show, aka Shiri Appleby.
I love the family dynamics and the love triangles.
4. Grey's Anatomy
Yep, still a fan of Grey's and McDreamy
and McSteamy. I am bit behind on this
show though, just another show
I need to get caught up on! :)
Oh and I am really sad that Katherine Heigl
left the show, I really liked her character.
Poor Alex!!
5. American Idol
I've watched this show from the beginning.
I'm hooked and since I love to sing, I love
to watch others sing.
My vote this year? Casey James.
6. America's Next Top Model
This is the only other reality show I watch,
beside The Bachelor and The Bachlorette that is.
I'm not that crazy over this year just because
of all of the drama with the ladies this year
but this is my favorite model that I hope wins:
In the past CariDee was my favorite.

So there you have it...
6 of my favorite shows this season.
Oh believe me, that doesn't even count
all of my favorite shows in the past.

For example, Sex and the City,
Dr. Quinn, Roswell, and Friday Night Lights.

Happy weekend and TV show watching!

What are some of your favorite shows?



  1. Fun post! I don't watch any of those except for Grey's. I actually missed last night's because I have to choose between that and Supernatural, and even though Grey's is my fav. I sometimes choose the later because it's harder to find online. I also love Desperate Housewives and I haven't been keeping on that one. The other show I watch religiously is Lost. Love that show! It's on its last season and I'll be sad to see it go :(

    There are some good summer shows. The one I love is Royal Pains. This will be its 2nd season. So excited!!

  2. ANTM is one of my favs and I totally like Jessica!

  3. How funny - I just got into watching Life Unexpected and I *love* it!! You listed a lot of my favorites! I also like to watch Army Wives, Being Erica and How I Met Your Mother. We don't have cable so I watch all the shows online - it works pretty well!

  4. I loved ANTM Caridee's season...one of the best! I can't remember the name of the one I like best this season. She has dark hair and is really pretty...Rhiann or something like that.

    My fave on AI this season is Lee.

    You should give Desperate Housewives a try...start at season 1!

  5. OMG CariDee is my all-time favorite winner too! I love ANTM this cycle is kinda flat...actually the last couple cycles have been flat.

    I haven't/don't watch any of the other shows (minus a couple of the Life Unexpected).

    I watch Glee, TONS of reality TV, Big Bang Theory, The Office, House, and so many more!!

    No plans this weekend. I am beyond thrilled that it is friday. I need a break!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  6. I would totally agree with you on Gossip Girl and ANTM! CariDee was also one of my favorites, and I loved Nicole, the winner from last cycle. I like Jessica, but for some odd reason, I am totally loving Angelea this season and I so didn't think I would...

  7. I watch idol of course, my pick this year Lee. Captain John's pick Siobhan and Big Mike. I did however like the Casey James when he did Jealous Man in the black and red. Lee just has the rockstar factor in my opinion. I can't believe I am not hooked on the Model show, what's wrong with me. For the weekend, a little dolphin watching with a cute Captain I know, maybe a hunt for a spring handbag, perhaps a cute pair of summer soles to make me happy, and hopefully a stolen moment to myself.

  8. I hate it when they dramatise shows too much and ruin them (i.e. Gossip Girl).
    I am SO in love with Grey's- I have never ever gotten sick of it! Gotta love a weekly Dreamy/Steamy fix right ;)

  9. Oooh I love American Idol and America's Next Top Model. :P And my favorites for those shows are your favorites too. How cool is that?!

    And yes. The Bachelor and Bachelorette are my guilty pleasures as well. I am looking forward to this upcoming season of the Bachelorette. Yay!

  10. Gossip Girl id definitely one of my guilty pleasures! I love watching it.

  11. Yeah, watching Idol this past week, I said to Jed that Casey could definitely win the whole thing. Not that I think he's the best, although he's good, but he just has that "thing."

  12. There are a lot of great TV-shows out there...when it comes to TV, I love series...Desperate Housewives for example but I also love vintage series such us The Nanny or Seinfeld, LOL.

    Hope you have a great weekend! Cheers: Evi

  13. Love Grey's and GG! Haven't watched Life Unexpected, but I've heard good things (must catch up on hulu or somewhere!).

    Ugh, ugh, UGH to America's Next Top Model. I think Tyra's grown TOO fond of herself, and I've stopped watching after the cycle with Annaleigh. It was just too sickening to watch Tyra preen over herself. Earlier cycles she seemed to really care about the girls improving, and now it's just become Tyra Show part deux.
    Oh and now I'm okay with CariDee winning (kind of), but I always liked Melrose. I honestly felt like Tyra had Caridee win because of her sob story (the skin disease thing) because Melrose did so well the whole time. Even the final runway they said Melrose did better than Caridee.

    But it's whatever, very few of the models from ANTM go on to be THAT great. Sorry for the mini rant in the comments! ha

  14. im obsessedddd with gossip girl- that lifestyle.. ridiculous haha. i liked the beautiful life but it got canceled :(
    thanks for sharing girl!

  15. Vampire Diaries, Bachelorette (hey Jillian!), Vampire Diaries, TRUE BLOOD, GILMORE GIRLS, SEX AND THE CITY (you know!), Secret Life of the American Teenager (guilty pleasure, shh!) and FlashForward (hear it's going off the air though, tear).

    Aaaand now I sound like a junkie. Oh well.

  16. I'm a It's Always Sunny and Office kinda gal. Oh and have you seen the new show Justified? SO good!

  17. i love entourage and dexter. seriously fantastic!

    hope you had a good weekend my love!

  18. i love gossip girl and iv always wanted to watch the legend of the seeker! america next top model is awesome but i never know what season is on. they play repeats so much here in england. i am addicted to vamp diaries right now im not too sure why lol xxx

  19. Oh girl I'm with you there on Gossip Girl!

    Have a fab week ahead!


  20. Great. That first show looks like a good fantasy. I watch Gossip Girls but I haven't watched much of season 3 yet.

    Fave tv shows for me are Glee, Heroes, Friends and Alias.

    Hope you had a great TV series weekend!

  21. I hate tv from the bottom of my heart and also everything related to the tv show GG makes me MAD..BUTTT the books were awesome!!!! Yes, I read the series when I was in 9-10th grade and I loved it. I've heard that they changed the story A LOT, so I have never bothered watching. I used to like ANTM though... it was always fun to watch.

  22. Do you know i have never seen Gossip Girl. NExt top Model i do adore! xx

  23. fascinating ! thank you !!!

  24. I so need to catch up on "Gossip Girl." Despite the fact that I have read every book in the series, I never even watched the entire first season of the show! :(

  25. i think my absolute favorite show is Modern Family...also enjoying Dancing with the Stars!
    xox alison

  26. Oh that sounds like a great Friday. I love ANTM sooo funny!


  27. You're so cute- I can sadly say I don't watch ANY of those shows! I used to watch Grey's & Idol but lost interesting in both. I hope they were all that you hoped for and more!

  28. Hi, S, I've missed you and your blog! I hope you had an amazing weekend and got caught up on everything! S got me into the Seeker as well and I keep missing Life Unexpected I figure I'll have to just let the episodes pile up and I'll watch them one after the other ;)


  29. I'm looking forward to the finale of Proj Runway this week. Really wondering who will win.

  30. Hmm...My favorites shows are 24, The Office, Monk, CSI, Law & Order, The Mentalist... :D And for some REALLY old ones, I love Emergency, I Love Lucy, and Murder She Wrote. =)

  31. Hope you had a fab weekend! xoxo

  32. I love LOST and SYTYCD! sex and the city, the hills and the city are the the best for watching with the girls but!

  33. I do love me some TV :) As for your list, I haven't seen any except ANTM, which is amazing!! Project Runway though is my favorite, right now. So good! Other shows I like are 30Rock, the Office, Parks and Rec, Modern Family, Cougar Town.. hey, those are all comedies. Maybe I should venture out and try some of your favorites, because I need some new television addictions, surely.

  34. This was really fun to read because I have been living over in Italy for the past 7 months, and before that we were spending so much time planning for this move that we never watched TV. I have been really out of it when it comes to current TV shows, movies, and media in general. Part of it is really nice, because I feel like I experience to world much more this way, and then at the same time I feel a little dis-connected! So it was really fun and interesting to see what kind of shows are playing and what has been going on with them. :) I used to watch America's Next Top Model, so that was interesting to read about for sure!

    Happy Tuesday and I hope you are having a great week. :)



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