May 18, 2010

Charming Blue Box

Recently when BK and I 
were walking at a mall near by, 
a Tiffany's store caught my eye. 
Believe it or not walking
into Tiffany's that day was 
my first time inside of the store!

I've never allowed myself to get caught up in the
blue box simply because it's so expensive
and I never like to expect BK or anyone for that
matter to get me something so extravagant.
Even though I have fallen in love with brand names
like Juicy Couture, when it comes to Tiffany's
I've always tried to keep my distance.
But when we were walking that day,
I admit I felt in love 
with the charm that 
Tiffany's possesses. 
 Asking BK if we could go in there, 
we found ourselves inching closer
to the engagment rings. 
I didn't feel nervous at all,
it just felt right holding his hand
and glancing at the rings. 
No - we didn't try any of them on,
but he casually asked me what I liked and
luckily we both have similar taste, 
we liked the style of this pretty ring.
I thought it was simple, classic, and elegant.
I'm not a fan, personally, of diamonds 
surrounding the inside diamond.
I'm a simple girl (most of the time lol) 
so I would like a simple ring, not
like the one you see below even though
these rings are gorgeous too!
So this is not a post saying I am engaged!
Ha ha, I wish I was though!
Honestly I am okay waiting and
I know that BK will ask me when 
the timing is perfect.
This is an old Tiffany ad. Love it!
I personally think a guy can get a girl
jewelry that looks just as nice for half the price.
It's only reasonable even though 
it is so easy to get caught up in
the Tiffany & Co. magic. 
I did that day.
I'm sure I will again too. ;)
My belief is that this lovely store
tries to con you into thinking
that only their ring will work for you.
Only their style is timeless.
Great advertising, right?
Sorry, I work in sales.
It is hard not to agree, but it also
better to use good sense and realize
there are many other amazing rings
and pieces of jewelry out there!
Okay, so I tried with that statement,
ha ha ha.
I have this above necklace above from Tiffany's,
from when I graduated from college.
It really is lovely!
I love the key necklaces that are 
available right now. Just gorgeous
and look at their sparkle too!
But...I know I can find one that almost
looks the same and save some $.
It's just me trying to be sensible.
I don't know if it is working though. 
I'm trying but it's all so charming!!
This is not a post to knock Tiffany & Co.
I love the company!
I just like being a bit more practical.
I find some girls almost expecting
their boyfriends to dish out the $ for
this brand name. I'm really just
happy with whatever type of jewelry
I might get, really.

I admit, I fell for the blue box that day.
It's charming and lovely.
A girl's dream in a box.
I'm trying to make my dream more
realistic though (money wise)
and not get sucked
into the glamour of it all.
Love doesn't come in a box,
in parties, or activities.
Love comes from the heart.

Great, now I sound like I'm
creating my own ad.
This statement, however, is
why I'm okay with eloping,
but that's a blog topic for another day.
What is your take on Tiffany & Co.?
Do any of you have an engagement ring
or other pieces of jewelry 
from this charming store?


May 12, 2010

If I Were A Rocker Chick...

If I were a rocker chick I would wear really 
dark eye liner...
And I would look like Cleopatra with a blonde,
heavy edged twist...
I would rock out and be a DJ to really cool jams...
I'd have this really intense "rocker" look on my face...
I would wear a whole lot of black, 
all of the time.
 Have a nose ring, just for fun.
I'd try to pull off this outfit, if I had the guts.
I would hypnotize everyone with my good 
looks and killer raccoon eyes...
 But I'm not a rocker girl.
I'm a girlie girl.
I like flowers and pretty things.
I like curls, lace, and pearls.
I'd rather wear pink and go to a masquerade ball.
Come home and rest on my pretty pink chair. :)
And ocean dream all day long...

What about you? 
What would you do if you were a rocker chick?
Or, are you already one? 
Both are equally fun! :)

Thank you so much for your thoughtful
and incredibly sweet comments.
You all always know how to cheer me up
and I'm thankful for my bloggy friends.

All photos come from my tumblr!


May 4, 2010

How to Help Our Oceans

So I feel like I need to dedicate
a post to what is going on in our world
and how we can help with 
this horrible incident,
aka the oil spill in the Gulf.

The National Wildlife Federation
did a good job at summarizing
what exactly is happening to our
"Over 1.6 million gallons of oil have spilled since
the April 20 rig explosion in the Gulf. 
That’s approximately 200,000 gallons a day, 
covering an area roughly the size of Puerto Rico. 
And we still don’t know when it will stop."

I don't know about you Ocean Dreamers,
but this breaks my heart.
When I read more about this horrible
accident my first thought was,
"What can I do to help?"
Here are a few sites that
you can head over to,
to donate:
If you are local to the accident
here is a good site to check out
on what you can do to help:

Here are some of the animals
that are in danger right now:
The loggerhead sea turtle is the most common 
sea turtle to nest in the United States.
The Egret is a bird that needs your help!

"A boat makes its way through crude oil that has leaked 
from the Deepwater Horizon wellhead in the Gulf of Mexico 
on April 28, 2010 near New Orleans, Louisiana."
"A satellite image taken on April 26, 2010, 
shows an airplane (upper left) flying over part of the oil slick
resulting from the explosion of the Transocean Deepwater 
Horizon oil rig, in the Gulf of Mexico."

I won't post any more oil pictures 
because they make me get sick
to my stomach just thinking about
the ramifications of this event.

Instead, I want us to reflect on
what we can do.
This is an excellent article
on 10 Things We Can Do Right Now:

A few things we can do to help that
I had not thought of include 
purchasing dish washing detergent 
such as buying a bottle of Dawn
that will help wash oil off of 
birds and animals. 
Head over to that link
and remember to fill out the activation,
otherwise the $1 will not be donated! ;)

Another tidbit that's pretty cool?
Did you know that hair soaks up oil?
Hence why we can donate hair,
fur, and nylons to help as well.
Go here to learn more:

You can also write a letter
to our President urging
him to help support 
Louisiana's wetlands:

 I know this is a lot of links 
and a small way to help our oceans,
but in my mind every little bit counts.
As soon as I get paid on Friday 
I am heading over to the
National Wildlife Federation
to donate some money.
Our ocean dreamers and sea
animals need our help and so much
more, I pray that their will be
a way to help this horrible
economic disaster and save our oceans
and wild life...

Let's send some positive thoughts
towards Louisiana, Florida, and 
anyone else who may be affected
now and in the future
by the Shell oil spill on the Atlantic Coast.