May 31, 2010

SATC2 Outfit and Review

Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you for all kind thoughts.
I'm feeling better and spending 
time with BK this weekend.
 On Thursday I went and saw 
Sex and the City 2
with a few of my co-workers.
We decided to dress up and take
some pictures at the office
prior to the show later that night!

My dress was made by a fabulous
designer found on Etsy
called Armour sans Anguish.
I love the dress because it's made
of vintage lace, silk, and doilies.
You should go check out her Etsy!
Later after work we went out for drinks at Javiers.
Yum, my strawberry martini was delish!

Later we stopped by to visit "Jake"
before getting in line to see Sex and the City 2.
I thought he deserved a kiss!
The movie was soooo good.
Yes, it is getting mostly bad reviews.
My review?
I loved it. 
I thought it had the perfect combination
of romance, comedy, Mr. Big, travels,
and of course Carrie!
I did miss New York a lot,
but felt like we wouldn't have had
enough scenes of the girls together unless
they went on a vacation
since they all have their own families,
minus Samantha who has a relationship
with herself, he he.
I also loved the real life take on
"married life" with Carrie and Mr. Big
and what happens
after the honeymoon stage...
It made me miss my Mr. Big and
think of him when Carrie and Big
were watching their old fashioned 
movies together, so cute.
So even though it may have been
disappointing to some fans, 
I loved it and will definitely
be adding it to my SATC library!!

I hope you all are enjoying your 3 day weekends.

I know I am.


May 23, 2010

A Girl With Many Outfits Part II

Monday is just around the corner...

But...that means that SATC2 is 
just around the corner too!
I'm seeing it on Thursday and 

So I thought it was time for 
another outfit post.
I've been randomly taking
some pictures of myself
in some of my recent & favorite outfits.
Sorry, the lighting looks bad
in this first picture.
  Work outfit #1.
Tights, Wet Seal Dress, jelly black shoes.
I got this dress for $10, aka bargain!
I was a bit afraid and hesitant
to post this picture
on my blog because the pants are so tight 
and I have really muscular legs.
But I thought -might as well.
I'm proud of who I am!
This was an outfit that I wore when
I went out on a date with BK.
Express top and white stretchy jeans.
This outfit was a stretch for me (literally)
ha ha because I don't usually 
like wearing tight pants.
I love Express tops.
They are super comfy and flattering.
Recently I've been letting
my hair grow out longer.
It used to be this length (below 3 yrs ago)
so I'm excited that it's finally growing out!!
I was 15 lbs lighter here too. {above}
But I'm not getting into that in this blog post, lol.
Hawaiian dress for another work outfit.
That's my bed by the mirror.
Love the pattern in this dress
and it's super stretchy, so comfy!
I also did an outside french braid in my hair
for this particular outfit and then stuck
the rest of my hair in a bun.
I like how it turned out!
You can see the bun better here.
Here's another work outfit.
Vintage pink top with a belt.
Oh, and curly hair and no makeup
yet - to be put on at the office.
Hand on the hip! ;)
Funny angle of my outfit, but I wanted
to show you the belt, love it!
A recent hiking picture from
an outing with BK.
Victoria Secret top and cotton
work out pants!
I did another outside french braid
for this hike and put 
my hair in a pony tail.

This past weekend I relaxed
and caught up on my laundry.
I also had a craft night while
watching Leap Year & Mama Mia 
with a girlfriend.
Now I'm at BK's.
We just watched Singing In The Rain.
Such a good pick me up movie.

I looooved Letters to Juliet.
which I saw on Thursday.
{see my tweet below.}
Letters to Juliet was so so sweet, like a cupcake. 

May 20, 2010

Letters Touch the Heart

Tonight I'm thrilled to take a break 
from the week and see the film
Letters to Juliet with a friend of mine.
Not only is my favorite actress 
Amanda Seyfriend playing in this film, 
but it looks like an enchanting love story. 
I also love how the story is
focused on a love letter.
Romantic, right?
I can't wait to see how the plot
develops and see the love story
between the two main characters as well!
I'm also excited about the Tuscan theme
since the story is set in Italy, swoon.
 So how often do you write a letter?
 In our day and age I find writing
a letter a last resort as opposed
to other forms of communicating.
For example, text, e-mail, facebook,
blogging, get my picture.
Unless I have to send out a birthday gift,
care package, or some other sort of 
congratulations card, writing a letter
is usually the last thing on my agenda.
I find that so sad!
I'm better about writing letters to
my grandparents, but
not my friends because I talk
to them fairly regularly.
I think I need to take the time to write more letters!
Who's with me?
I used to receive love letters from one of
my ex boyfriends and it totally made my day.
It brought me closer to him.
I think it also works this way with friendship.
It's a new and thoughtful way to
get to know one another and anticipate
something in the mail at the same time.
My mom often writes me letters and
I love them, not only because her hand writing
is near perfection but because her letters 
come from her heart! 
 It's so easy to get caught up in the 
easy communication route,
and I think there is nothing wrong
with a cell phone, texting, etc.
But I do think that sometimes we
lose sight of another way 
to touch someone's heart.
Letters make me think of love,
thoughtfulness, strength of character,
vulnerability, and anticipation.
Letters can be looked at years
later, and similar to a journal, 
letters can be truly cherished.
When you receive a letter do you 
cherish it and hold it tight to your heart?
Do you look forward to taking the
time and writing back some words
in response to this person that you hold dear?
This is the sort of attitude 
I want to have in regards to writing letters.
I am going to try and write letters more
often, taking the time to truly care
about an individual through a written note.
Besides, letters are beautiful.
They hold an enchantment of sorts.
They can be displayed,
kept in a pretty box,
or kept for years and stored away
to looked upon by another person.
Until that day a grand daughter,
niece, nephew, or someone may encounter it.
Questions are asked.
What relationship did the original author
have with the person they wrote
the letter to, the reader may ask.
Was it a love that transcends time?
Mother, daughter relationship?
A mystery?
All about one's travels?
I don't know about you.
But now I want to write a letter.
Especially after this movie tonight,
I am going to want to write 
a love letter to BK I think.
Will I get a response?
Ha ha, well perhaps not,
but at least it's worth a shot. ;)

Have a great Thursday.

All photos are from my tumblr.


May 18, 2010

Charming Blue Box

Recently when BK and I 
were walking at a mall near by, 
a Tiffany's store caught my eye. 
Believe it or not walking
into Tiffany's that day was 
my first time inside of the store!

I've never allowed myself to get caught up in the
blue box simply because it's so expensive
and I never like to expect BK or anyone for that
matter to get me something so extravagant.
Even though I have fallen in love with brand names
like Juicy Couture, when it comes to Tiffany's
I've always tried to keep my distance.
But when we were walking that day,
I admit I felt in love 
with the charm that 
Tiffany's possesses. 
 Asking BK if we could go in there, 
we found ourselves inching closer
to the engagment rings. 
I didn't feel nervous at all,
it just felt right holding his hand
and glancing at the rings. 
No - we didn't try any of them on,
but he casually asked me what I liked and
luckily we both have similar taste, 
we liked the style of this pretty ring.
I thought it was simple, classic, and elegant.
I'm not a fan, personally, of diamonds 
surrounding the inside diamond.
I'm a simple girl (most of the time lol) 
so I would like a simple ring, not
like the one you see below even though
these rings are gorgeous too!
So this is not a post saying I am engaged!
Ha ha, I wish I was though!
Honestly I am okay waiting and
I know that BK will ask me when 
the timing is perfect.
This is an old Tiffany ad. Love it!
I personally think a guy can get a girl
jewelry that looks just as nice for half the price.
It's only reasonable even though 
it is so easy to get caught up in
the Tiffany & Co. magic. 
I did that day.
I'm sure I will again too. ;)
My belief is that this lovely store
tries to con you into thinking
that only their ring will work for you.
Only their style is timeless.
Great advertising, right?
Sorry, I work in sales.
It is hard not to agree, but it also
better to use good sense and realize
there are many other amazing rings
and pieces of jewelry out there!
Okay, so I tried with that statement,
ha ha ha.
I have this above necklace above from Tiffany's,
from when I graduated from college.
It really is lovely!
I love the key necklaces that are 
available right now. Just gorgeous
and look at their sparkle too!
But...I know I can find one that almost
looks the same and save some $.
It's just me trying to be sensible.
I don't know if it is working though. 
I'm trying but it's all so charming!!
This is not a post to knock Tiffany & Co.
I love the company!
I just like being a bit more practical.
I find some girls almost expecting
their boyfriends to dish out the $ for
this brand name. I'm really just
happy with whatever type of jewelry
I might get, really.

I admit, I fell for the blue box that day.
It's charming and lovely.
A girl's dream in a box.
I'm trying to make my dream more
realistic though (money wise)
and not get sucked
into the glamour of it all.
Love doesn't come in a box,
in parties, or activities.
Love comes from the heart.

Great, now I sound like I'm
creating my own ad.
This statement, however, is
why I'm okay with eloping,
but that's a blog topic for another day.
What is your take on Tiffany & Co.?
Do any of you have an engagement ring
or other pieces of jewelry 
from this charming store?