May 18, 2010

Charming Blue Box

Recently when BK and I 
were walking at a mall near by, 
a Tiffany's store caught my eye. 
Believe it or not walking
into Tiffany's that day was 
my first time inside of the store!

I've never allowed myself to get caught up in the
blue box simply because it's so expensive
and I never like to expect BK or anyone for that
matter to get me something so extravagant.
Even though I have fallen in love with brand names
like Juicy Couture, when it comes to Tiffany's
I've always tried to keep my distance.
But when we were walking that day,
I admit I felt in love 
with the charm that 
Tiffany's possesses. 
 Asking BK if we could go in there, 
we found ourselves inching closer
to the engagment rings. 
I didn't feel nervous at all,
it just felt right holding his hand
and glancing at the rings. 
No - we didn't try any of them on,
but he casually asked me what I liked and
luckily we both have similar taste, 
we liked the style of this pretty ring.
I thought it was simple, classic, and elegant.
I'm not a fan, personally, of diamonds 
surrounding the inside diamond.
I'm a simple girl (most of the time lol) 
so I would like a simple ring, not
like the one you see below even though
these rings are gorgeous too!
So this is not a post saying I am engaged!
Ha ha, I wish I was though!
Honestly I am okay waiting and
I know that BK will ask me when 
the timing is perfect.
This is an old Tiffany ad. Love it!
I personally think a guy can get a girl
jewelry that looks just as nice for half the price.
It's only reasonable even though 
it is so easy to get caught up in
the Tiffany & Co. magic. 
I did that day.
I'm sure I will again too. ;)
My belief is that this lovely store
tries to con you into thinking
that only their ring will work for you.
Only their style is timeless.
Great advertising, right?
Sorry, I work in sales.
It is hard not to agree, but it also
better to use good sense and realize
there are many other amazing rings
and pieces of jewelry out there!
Okay, so I tried with that statement,
ha ha ha.
I have this above necklace above from Tiffany's,
from when I graduated from college.
It really is lovely!
I love the key necklaces that are 
available right now. Just gorgeous
and look at their sparkle too!
But...I know I can find one that almost
looks the same and save some $.
It's just me trying to be sensible.
I don't know if it is working though. 
I'm trying but it's all so charming!!
This is not a post to knock Tiffany & Co.
I love the company!
I just like being a bit more practical.
I find some girls almost expecting
their boyfriends to dish out the $ for
this brand name. I'm really just
happy with whatever type of jewelry
I might get, really.

I admit, I fell for the blue box that day.
It's charming and lovely.
A girl's dream in a box.
I'm trying to make my dream more
realistic though (money wise)
and not get sucked
into the glamour of it all.
Love doesn't come in a box,
in parties, or activities.
Love comes from the heart.

Great, now I sound like I'm
creating my own ad.
This statement, however, is
why I'm okay with eloping,
but that's a blog topic for another day.
What is your take on Tiffany & Co.?
Do any of you have an engagement ring
or other pieces of jewelry 
from this charming store?



  1. Tiffany's is so magical! I admittedly have never set foot into one of their stores but have perused their website and I adore their ads (especially those keys!).

    What a fun adventure into the world of blue boxes (and engagement rings...eeeekkks!!!! :))

  2. So love the ring you picked out, it's beautiful!. I love Tiffany's and their jewelry but have never stepped in the store - fortunately for me, my husband has! I only own one piece but I love it because he put so much thought into it!

  3. I have a few pieces from T&Co but when my husband was looking to buy my engagement ring I told him not to waste any time in jewelry stores...I sent him to a diamond merchant. He ended up getting more diamond for his budget than if he had gone to a store and paid for marketing, storefront etc etc.

    I find it amusing how you said you both have similar taste. It doesnt matter one bit what his taste in rings is...the engagement ring is all about you. I have a male friend who wanted the engagement ring he bought to reflect his taste...needless to say that didn't work out as she was shocked that he didn't know her well enough to pick out a ring she would like. Turns out he did know her taste but didnt care - she didn't care enough to keep him after that.

  4. Oh yeah...Tiffany's got this magical touch to it. It literally draws me towards its stores and websites. I went into Tiffany's when I was in NYC. :) Loved it! :) Never went in there before...just looked in from the outside. ;)

    So one day I'm hoping to get a cute little blue box...hopefully. ;)

    Have an amazing day, hun.


  5. That is so great that you guys were kind of glancing at the rings. TL and I went into there and looked at them a few months before we got engaged and it was so much fun!
    I like Tiffany's, but I don't own a single thing from there. I have bought a few little things for friends there, but never any jewelry. I love the fun jewelry there, the rings and necklaces are gorgeous. But I am with you, I love all jewelry from anywhere. It's all about the thought the person put into it while they were buying it :)
    Hope you are doing well, girl... it's been so busy lately for everyone, I need to email you and catch up! xo

  6. ohhh Tiffanys. How I love thee.

    I have a few pieces that my grandfather has gotten me but I don't think I could wear any of their engagement rings. It's only the name. You can a beautiful ring elsewhere that means more than just wearing the T&CO logo.

    I do have to say, that when you do get engaged, because you will :), I will be flying out to Cali to see one of my favorite ladies get married!!! xo

  7. While I do enjoy looking at their jewelery, most of it is so overpriced it's not even funny! I think there's just something magical about it being 'Tiffany's' that makes girls go crazy, but as long as I love the ring, and he picked it out...i really could care less where it came from! But, I agree, it's nice to daydream about it :)

  8. I love Tiffany's, but for diamonds, the prices are much higher than "no-name" jewelry stores. I own some of their other jewelry, but not an engagement ring. Most jewelry stores will make a custom designed, Tiffany's-style ring for a fraction of the cost :) That box is magical, however!

  9. I love Tiffany's so much. Everything is so pretty. Unfortunately, everythin is so expensive as well, and it's really above my price range. I do enjoy looking at their stuff though. I agree, I would never expect any future bf to dish out on a present from Tiffany's.

  10. I totally agree with a lot of what you said, especially about the important part being the meaning behind something, not the box it comes in. That said, I heart Tiffany's :) But then again...I never expect anybody to buy me anything, so it's all about my own personal wants! I mean, someday I'll expect the guy to buy the ring, but otherwise? If I want it or like it I just save up to get it for myself...and I'm willing to spend for the Robin's Egg blue on MYSELF because it's fun. I'd never expect someone else to drop that kind of cash on me. Does that make sense? I feel like it doesn't, haha.

  11. being able to visit the tiffany's here in nyc is amazing. i love it there.

    i was never really into it bc i could not afford it, but then one day mr. b gave me their famous mesh ring in this tiny little blue box. love at first site. i have a few necklaces from there now and gave my sis one for her 40th! it makes a girl feel special.

    my gf had a breakfast at tiffany's baby shower. haha.

  12. I always think of Audrey when I see the stores! That will always be a part of the charm. I love those little blue boxes! xoxo

  13. AnonymousMay 18, 2010

    Great post! Tiffany's is very iconic.I would love a Tiffany's engagement ring! I am also glad to see that some other girl has engagement fever and is patiently waiting for her turn to be the bride :)

  14. I have been into Tiffany's once in NYC and it was so fun to look at everything and just be in the store! I'm sure if I had millions to spend on anything I would probably buy something sparkly from the store but you are right to think sensible for now! haha

  15. This was very interesting to me. Thanks for sharing. Fashion just grabs you some days. I just love pretty things. Who doesn't? lol. I've never been in a Tiffany's either so don't feel like you're the only one! I bet it was super nice. Well have a lovely day!

  16. I visit their store in Easton in Columbus, OH. Very nice ambience...and I love the box...there is just something about that box. But I do find I am not overly impressed by alot of their jewelry. The keys were my favorite pieces.

  17. I love Tiffany's! I have to keep my distance too!

  18. I'm not going to lie, as a diamond marketer, I covet Tiffany and Company, like a stalker. I love the Tiffany Medallion necklace, and My Captain John promises me a Tiffany Key to his heart in the future! I want all the bling though, so we are saving!
    The finest diamonds out there my friend!

  19. I have fun visiting the store and viewing all their pretty jewlery and imagining what it would be like to be Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama!! Hubby HATES the hype of the store and refuses to go in or buy me anything from it. Haha. That's okay, he has done just fine choosing jewlery for me. He designed my engagement ring himself so it is better than any store bought ring from Tiffany's. I do own a few items from their silver collection, but that is all for now.

  20. I love Tiffany ! My fiancé got me a Tiffany key necklace and and Tiffany bracelet, I love them both !
    But for my engagement ring we chose De Beers because I liked the settings better and we didn't want something as "mainstream" as Tiffany. But I still love their engagement rings !!

  21. if i get anything from Tiffany's i hope it's a big old ring!!! but then again i'm sure it's twice the price there.
    xxo alison

  22. I've always wanted to open a little blue box from tiffany's but never really mentioned that to hubs so I've never gotten anything from there. One day! I do have to say though, that it would have to be more than just the blue box though. It's not enough for me that it would just be from Tiffany's, it would have to be something that I liked in addition. I know some girls that as long as it's from Tiffany's they don't care but that's definitely not how I feel. If it's something I like and it's from Tiffanys? Well, then I consider that last part a little extra bonus!

  23. I think their jewelry is truly beautiful! But, I agree you can find items just as lovely for much lower prices. Although, I wouldn't mind getting anything from their either!! ;-)

  24. i was never a tiffany's girl and i'm still not really but there is something magical about it i think, haha.

  25. I want those key pendants!
    I guest the Audrey famous movie really helps to add the magic & charm to this co. as well...

  26. I got my big sweet sixteen necklace from Tiffany's =) My mom got me the infinity sign, and I adore it. The Tiffany blue color is definitely another reason it's so amazing!
    I don't know that I would automatically want every piece of jewelry from there. It all depends on the piece you love.
    And you're totally right! Love doesn't come from just any old box or jewelry, but from the heart!

  27. Ohhh, Tiffany & Co. They've got it down, huh?

  28. Ok, I TOTALLY get your point, and I feel the same way, but I heart Tiffany. I was super super surprised and excited and thrilled when my boyfriend got me one of the Paloma heart necklaces for Christmas two years ago. He had another non-Tiffany necklace, but everyone he asked (except his mother, bah), picked the Tiffany one (thank you Jed's lady friends!); and I was more happy that he did it because he knew I would really appreciate and love it than the fact that he got me a Tiffany necklace. It was the thought that counted, truly.

    I agree it's overpriced, but the one thing they have going is their quality. With so many sketchy jewelry places out there, it's nice to have a company you can trust, with service to back it up -- they truly treat you like a princess when you go in there just to get something cleaned.

    One of my really good friends -- and Jed's too -- was adamant about getting a Tiffany engagement ring, and she did. I would love one, but I'm not going to make that a requirement. I just hope it's quality; I'd hate to find out down the line that it's not what it was supposed to be, ya know? I'd pick out the same ring you did, BTW... I'm a simple girl when it comes to jewelry, and while I love my bling, I'm a huge believe in the simple solitaire for an engagement ring.

  29. I wish & hope & dream of one day getting something in one of those blue boxes!! I love Tiffany & those keys, ohh they are so beautiful!! One day...

  30. Great post and really honest and straightforward. I'm with you for a lot of it but a little difference. I totally get the appeal and getting wrapped up in it but like you said, I'm happy with anyone just getting me jewelery!!! That's an amazing gift without the blue box. I think a lot of girls just like to say Tiffan'ys because they don't know anything else...oh well. And I'm with you on the simple rings :) Sounds like a fun post may be neraby for you

  31. I have only been in one real quick. I would definitely have to spend some time in there if I had more money. :)

  32. It's so hard not to fall for the Tiffany's magic! I have some of their accessories, but not their jewelry.

  33. The ring you picked out is just stunning. Ring shopping is so much fun! I remember it well. My hubby ended up picking out a princess cut diamond in a vintage band - and it's funny, because when we shopped, we never found a vintage looking band but I am so glad he made the call because I adore it!

  34. I have to agree that Tiffany's can be magical (especially opening that blue box)! My hubs gave me my first tiffany's necklace for my wedding present from him and now when he looks for jewelry for me he only likes to look there but sometimes I have such a hard time with them because they are so expensive. It's nice to be spoiled though..i'm glad BK took you to look around there!

  35. Girl I love the way you post!
    You have such an amazing blog <3
    I have mixed feelings about Tiffany's too!
    I'm your new follower - check out my blog?
    Xoxo Veronica

  36. I think it's just something about those blue boxes, hehe. I've never been inside a Tiffany's store but I've definitely checked out their website!

  37. Wow- I must say I was surprised that was your first time inside Tiffany! That first diamond ring you posted has always been my favorite, simple ring. (well the price isn't simple!!). That is sooo nice you guys found yourself looking at the rings. Now he has an idea of what you like and it is great you know that when the timing is right, it will happen!

    All girls I know and myself - there is just something about getting that blue box with the white ribbon..and in the store everything looks magnificent!
    I have only a couple of pieces but yes, you can get just as nice jewelery for half the cost someplace else.

    Thanks so much for the well wishes. I knew you would like those quotes. Glad you and BK are great!

  38. I love Tiffany's!! It is the ultimate girly girl fantasy romance store, even though other jewelers have better prices and better quality. It's all in the marketing! They recently put one in Pittsburgh and I can't help but going in every once in a while, just to look! For my 21st birthday my boyfriend got me one of those key necklaces with his name on it. I LOVE IT. It's my favorite, and most expensive present ever. Isn't it fun to be a girl? Hopefully maybbbbeeeee a Tiffany&Co engagement ring is in your future!!! Tehehe

  39. What a cool post! I have only stepped into a Tiffany's once- and I walked back out before someone came to talk to me. lol I will say though, that I love their "heart" charmed necklaces. Don't know their official name.

    Engagement ring talk and shopping is very exciting!!! Can't wait to read the updates!! ;-)

    Thank you for your kind wishes, they mean a lot to me!!

  40. Just thinking about that lovely blue box puts chills down my spine. But, alas, I will probably never own anything from there. Sigh.

    Those engagement rings are GORGEOUS. :)

  41. LOVE those illustrations!!


  42. Ha ha ha I love the way you're hesitating in this post between different reasons and sides...

    By the way you don't need to "push" me or anything onto the reasonable side cause I very much agree with you! :-)

    I would love to have a nice engagement ring one day but really doesn't matter if it's Tiffany or not...

    By the way Tiffany advertisements are always gorgeous that's for sure :-)

    Cheers: Evi

  43. I've never been into the whole jewelry thing, diamonds especially. I think starting out a marriage by going into debt over a ring is just plain silly. The "big" diamond is just another status symbol and don't we have enough of those already?

    I guess what you have to ask yourself when buying an engagement ring is if your choice is really what you want or if it's to impress your friends and society? Does it express what you and your mate feel about each other and what you anticipate your life together will be like? Does a bigger diamond mean he loves you more?

    I have friends who found matching beautiful silver bands in Sanibel, FL that were etched with a silver dollar, a starfish, a shell, etc. and they had the words, "Our love is like the ocean … endless" and their initials engraved inside. For me they are still the most beautiful wedding rings I've ever seen and fit their personalities and lifestyle to a tee.

  44. Never stepped foot in Tiffany's but I have one ring that is for my engagement and marriage. It is a very special ring...all I need. My BF is a goldmsith...I am lucky. Her and my hubby schemed together and made me a custom ring that I drew. There is a wonderful story of my ring but too long to post it here. When the time is right BK will ask you. Your guys relationship is beautiful.

  45. I've never been into a Tiffany's store, but I know I would totally get caught up in the magic too! I think it's so great that you and Big Kiddo got to check out some rings together...that says ALOT when a guy is willing to look : )

  46. I like simple rings also, I have a very simple princess cut ring without surrounding diamonds. What a lovely post, such beautiful sparkling diamonds! :)


  47. i love everything Tiffanys x

  48. Looking at rings is definitely the first step! Yay!

  49. I adore the blue box. But I don't have any expensive jewelry (I have had a few pieces from there from an ex but I got rid of them...). I'm not actually a jewelry person. I'd like one nice necklace, one bracelet and someday... an engagement ring. But other than that, I'd rather spend my money on other things.
    I do love their simple pieces though- solid silver rings, key necklaces, chain necklaces.

  50. I adore tiffany rings but not their prices. I want to get one redone for my anniversary ring. I am hoping at our 15 year (in 3 more years) anniversary it'll happen!

  51. I know this is a thread from a year ago but I'm so glad I found your blog! I totally agree with you! As much as I love the Tiffany marketing campaigns, their ads and the allure of that exquisite little blue box, I consciously try (very hard!) to not get 'brainwashed' into buying brand over true quality/value of the actual jewels. The only time I bought anything from Tiffany was when I was shopping for my Mum as I think she deserves a true quality piece of investment jewellery. I was so excited to browse the Tiffany catalogue because I was actually going to buy something! Unfortunately, it was hard to pick something I like, although I was willing to spend a high price! I quickly realise that if it wasn't for the Tiffany brand, I wouldn't really be interested in most of their designs! Its almost like I want to buy beautiful jewellery from other stroes, but present it with the blue box! Anyway, I have a friend who is a very successful career woman but also sensible when it comes to purchases, her fiance and her decided on an engagement ring that is not from Tiffany's but for the price, a stunning diamond that is much much bigger than any engagement ring from Tiffany's! :)


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