May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Ali

Guess what today is Ocean Dreamers?

It's this pretty, fabulous, amazing,
marvelous, super, stunning, fun,
generous, faithful, and sparkling
lady's birthday!!!

Believe me...I could go on and on
She is amazing.
Ali (the birthday girl) is on the left
and her sister Liza is on the right!

By the way, if you haven't checked
out Ali's sister's facebook page,
well you must go right now and
post a button too! 
She has such a fantastic voice!
Here is Liza's facebook page,
where you can listen to 
her gorgeous voice.
She's fabulous and talented!
Here's the link for the button. :)

This next weekend Ali is off to Vegas 
with some of our fellow bloggers too!
Wish her happy travels!
Go to her blog and cyber
stalk, comment, and
give her some 
happy birthday lovin'!

My comments are disabled.
I want you to give her lots of
happy birthday wishes!
Thanks Ocean Dreamers.
Happy Thursday.