May 4, 2010

How to Help Our Oceans

So I feel like I need to dedicate
a post to what is going on in our world
and how we can help with 
this horrible incident,
aka the oil spill in the Gulf.

The National Wildlife Federation
did a good job at summarizing
what exactly is happening to our
"Over 1.6 million gallons of oil have spilled since
the April 20 rig explosion in the Gulf. 
That’s approximately 200,000 gallons a day, 
covering an area roughly the size of Puerto Rico. 
And we still don’t know when it will stop."

I don't know about you Ocean Dreamers,
but this breaks my heart.
When I read more about this horrible
accident my first thought was,
"What can I do to help?"
Here are a few sites that
you can head over to,
to donate:
If you are local to the accident
here is a good site to check out
on what you can do to help:

Here are some of the animals
that are in danger right now:
The loggerhead sea turtle is the most common 
sea turtle to nest in the United States.
The Egret is a bird that needs your help!

"A boat makes its way through crude oil that has leaked 
from the Deepwater Horizon wellhead in the Gulf of Mexico 
on April 28, 2010 near New Orleans, Louisiana."
"A satellite image taken on April 26, 2010, 
shows an airplane (upper left) flying over part of the oil slick
resulting from the explosion of the Transocean Deepwater 
Horizon oil rig, in the Gulf of Mexico."

I won't post any more oil pictures 
because they make me get sick
to my stomach just thinking about
the ramifications of this event.

Instead, I want us to reflect on
what we can do.
This is an excellent article
on 10 Things We Can Do Right Now:

A few things we can do to help that
I had not thought of include 
purchasing dish washing detergent 
such as buying a bottle of Dawn
that will help wash oil off of 
birds and animals. 
Head over to that link
and remember to fill out the activation,
otherwise the $1 will not be donated! ;)

Another tidbit that's pretty cool?
Did you know that hair soaks up oil?
Hence why we can donate hair,
fur, and nylons to help as well.
Go here to learn more:

You can also write a letter
to our President urging
him to help support 
Louisiana's wetlands:

 I know this is a lot of links 
and a small way to help our oceans,
but in my mind every little bit counts.
As soon as I get paid on Friday 
I am heading over to the
National Wildlife Federation
to donate some money.
Our ocean dreamers and sea
animals need our help and so much
more, I pray that their will be
a way to help this horrible
economic disaster and save our oceans
and wild life...

Let's send some positive thoughts
towards Louisiana, Florida, and 
anyone else who may be affected
now and in the future
by the Shell oil spill on the Atlantic Coast.



  1. AnonymousMay 04, 2010

    This is fantastic post! Luckily one of my family members has a ocean wildlife charity and I gave him money. I hate that this has happened to our oceans. It is ridiculously and inexcusably careless.

  2. All that is so sad...there is so much of that going on...and then on top of that everything in Nashville..its crazy!

  3. What a lovely post to bring awareness!!!

    Sassy Chica

  4. Wonderful post! It's really awful to watch the news of the oil spill. The thought of all of those animals being injured and killed. It's really sad. I hope they get control of the situation ASAP!

  5. AnonymousMay 04, 2010

    It breaks my heart to see the horrible horrible situation that is happening in the Gulf. Thank you so much for posting ways that we can help!!

  6. it does suck. I worked in the oil & gas industry for 8 years before I changed to the real estate industry...I know the vessels involved and people who work on them. I hate it that there was such a HUGE disaster in the affects so many industries and people and animals. No good :(

    ps - I wish we had sea otters here!! :)

  7. Great post. I'm going to go check out some of those links. Also, I think I really want to adopt a baby sea turtle. Not really...pretty sure it's illegal. Oh well.

  8. That breaks my heart.. I hope this ends soon. You just can't help but feel for the poor animals suffering from this! I am most definitely going to donate.

  9. What an amazing cause as well! It is absolutely heartbreaking to hear what is going on in our world!

  10. Poor animals :( I'm glad you posted about this. I haven't really read a whole lot about it.

  11. This is really awful! But you are so lovely for writing up such a fantastic post on how we can help. It's people like you who are passionate that things can change! x

  12. Thanks for the info! I've heard of it happening in the news, and it's so sad. I hope they can fix it soon. Thanks for the links :)

  13. You're amazing for posting about this. It's a terrible thing to have happen...and those poor sea animals need help!!!

  14. AnonymousMay 04, 2010

    It just breaks my heart... thank you so much for posting something about it! If we can't be advocates, the world will turn into a scary scary place!
    Have a wonderful day!

  15. Great post!! I love it. I saw a bird they were saving and my heart was just pumping out of my chest, so cute. It is so sad that this man-made disaster has such an effect, ugh. I love turtles as well. Sad, sad- great idea posting all these links- such a warm spirit about you.

  16. This makes me sick. I knew it was a problem but I had no idea it was such a HUGE problem. Sheesh. Thanks for letting us know about this cause and letting us know how we can help. :)

  17. Ugh, it's SO awful. And thank you for the advice! Definitely will do my part. xoxo

  18. What an amazing post! Thanks a lot for these links! I wanna do as much as I can for helping on those poor animals...

    Hope your week is lovely so far...

    Cheers: Evi

  19. Oh how horrible, I seriously must be under a rock because I didn't know about this. That's a problem with living near New York City...on the news its been all about the Times Square Bomber not about this. All those poor animals. I love the Dawn commercial where they clean off the lil ducks & otters. I'll go try to purchase a product to help!

    Great post, it needed to be said!

  20. Very nice post..., I hope this is a wake up call!

    Maya @ Daily Vitamin Sea

  21. Wonderful post. Thanks for opening everyone's eyes to this and ways we can help.

  22. I'm a member of the "Surfrider Foundation" and we work with these types of things and work on "saving the beaches".

    The whole situation is sad. We've been watching the spill and hoping that it doesnt make it to our coast but unfortunately I think it will. They've stopped fishing and shrimping altogether now. :(

  23. Love this post. My heart goes out to all of the animals, and people that will be affected by this huge disaster. Shame on the oil companies. . . just saying! Even more reason to ride the bus, or get a car with better gas mileage so I can stop supporting these companies so much!

    OHHH . . .Hey girly, I have a lil award for your fab blog on my last post:-)

  24. Ahh I've been so upset about all of this:(
    It's so SO sad.


  25. Aw this oil spill definitely breaks my heart =( And yeah, there was actually a thing on the news that I thought sounded fantastic. A hair salon is taking the hair that falls onto the floor and instead of tossing it, they're donating all of it to help clean up the oil spill! I thought that sounded like the perfect idea!

  26. The Dawn commercial always tears me up a bit when they are cleaning off the oil from the animals. I'm glad you are doing a post on this.

  27. Thank you lady! I've been growing out my hair to donate to Locks of Love again...but I just may go another way this time!

  28. Nice post, wish more people had your heart.

  29. What a wonderful post lady! It's so great to have people that try to make others aware of what's going on.

  30. Great post! Thanks for posting all those links and bringing awareness on what we can do to help. :)

  31. It's so awful to see how the ocean's are treated. Lots of wonderful animals live there and it's sad to see their lives ruined.


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