May 20, 2010

Letters Touch the Heart

Tonight I'm thrilled to take a break 
from the week and see the film
Letters to Juliet with a friend of mine.
Not only is my favorite actress 
Amanda Seyfriend playing in this film, 
but it looks like an enchanting love story. 
I also love how the story is
focused on a love letter.
Romantic, right?
I can't wait to see how the plot
develops and see the love story
between the two main characters as well!
I'm also excited about the Tuscan theme
since the story is set in Italy, swoon.
 So how often do you write a letter?
 In our day and age I find writing
a letter a last resort as opposed
to other forms of communicating.
For example, text, e-mail, facebook,
blogging, get my picture.
Unless I have to send out a birthday gift,
care package, or some other sort of 
congratulations card, writing a letter
is usually the last thing on my agenda.
I find that so sad!
I'm better about writing letters to
my grandparents, but
not my friends because I talk
to them fairly regularly.
I think I need to take the time to write more letters!
Who's with me?
I used to receive love letters from one of
my ex boyfriends and it totally made my day.
It brought me closer to him.
I think it also works this way with friendship.
It's a new and thoughtful way to
get to know one another and anticipate
something in the mail at the same time.
My mom often writes me letters and
I love them, not only because her hand writing
is near perfection but because her letters 
come from her heart! 
 It's so easy to get caught up in the 
easy communication route,
and I think there is nothing wrong
with a cell phone, texting, etc.
But I do think that sometimes we
lose sight of another way 
to touch someone's heart.
Letters make me think of love,
thoughtfulness, strength of character,
vulnerability, and anticipation.
Letters can be looked at years
later, and similar to a journal, 
letters can be truly cherished.
When you receive a letter do you 
cherish it and hold it tight to your heart?
Do you look forward to taking the
time and writing back some words
in response to this person that you hold dear?
This is the sort of attitude 
I want to have in regards to writing letters.
I am going to try and write letters more
often, taking the time to truly care
about an individual through a written note.
Besides, letters are beautiful.
They hold an enchantment of sorts.
They can be displayed,
kept in a pretty box,
or kept for years and stored away
to looked upon by another person.
Until that day a grand daughter,
niece, nephew, or someone may encounter it.
Questions are asked.
What relationship did the original author
have with the person they wrote
the letter to, the reader may ask.
Was it a love that transcends time?
Mother, daughter relationship?
A mystery?
All about one's travels?
I don't know about you.
But now I want to write a letter.
Especially after this movie tonight,
I am going to want to write 
a love letter to BK I think.
Will I get a response?
Ha ha, well perhaps not,
but at least it's worth a shot. ;)

Have a great Thursday.

All photos are from my tumblr.



  1. I LOVE letters! I write allot and love to find mail for me! I allso keep all my letters! tell how the movie was after you see it! I want to see this one :)

  2. I can't wait to see this too! I DREAM to go to Italy one day! I hope you have fun! :)

  3. You will absolutely adore that movie. I saw it the other night. I laughed, I cried, I smiled. It's done so well & it's easily became one of my favorite movies. I wish I could have bought the dvd on the way out of the theater it was that good!!!

    I love letters...I wish people sent more letters, especially love ones!

    beautiful post dear!

  4. I write letters to my aunts and uncle since they dont really use the internet. It's fun to catch them up since we dont speak very often :O)

  5. I love writing letters - it's even more fun when cute stationary is involved! I save all the letters I get too - each one is special to me and when I'm feeling down I'll go through my box and read them.

    Let us know what you think of the movie! I want to see it soon!

  6. I love handwritten letters. One of my best friends used to be my pen pal. :) Great, huh?! I only have one pen friend so to speak and even though it's hard to sit down and focus on writing it all out it's a fantastic way to keep in touch and give that friendship more personality. It's old fashioned, but it's great. I keep boxes with letters inside I've received over the past 12 years. All were addressed to me, and it's funny to see my addresses spread all over the place. ;) Absolutely love it. Would never throw them away!!!!

    Hope BK is going to respond. I'm sure he will. ;) He better. haha.

    Hope the movie was good. Can't wait till it comes out here. If far no sign of it. :( Grrrr... :(

    Have a fantastic Thursday.


  7. I love handwritten little notes :) I even have pen pals, haha!
    you'll have to let us know what you think of the looks beautiful, but I have to admit that I probably won't be shelling out the $10 for it :)

  8. Letters are wonderful. I saved a lot of them from my relatives in England. They were special when they were alive and now they are treasures. I've kept the ones my husband has written to me over the last 26 years...I hope BK appreciates your letter.

  9. Write BK the note! You never know...he might squeeze in some time for a quick response?!

  10. i've been writing letters since i was born and i vow to do it for the rest of my life
    love this!
    you have a great blog, keep it up
    and thanks for the comments, they mean the world!


  11. This reminds me that i signed up for a letter exchange on a blog and never got to exchange the letter with my partner..oh..i should go and send an email to that person in order to accomplish this:)Letters are magical and i always think that someday, later in life, i might feel the need to read and i simply do not want to read emails.Happy weekend!

  12. My husband and I sent handwritten letters back and forth during his deployments. I have shoeboxes full of love poems, notes, letters and postcards from his different ports. I'm actually in the process of scrapbooking all of them!

  13. The idea of writing letters makes me happy.

    Amanda is so cute, I think she's a great role model.

  14. This movie looks so sweet.
    I love receiving real letters: it's so much more fun than emails/facebook.

  15. I love getting letters in the mail! I write letters to my husband sometimes, and I always write thank you cards when someone gives me something. There's just something so sweet and personal about getting a handwritten letter. Great post!


  16. My daughters & I loved the movie,you will love it,Amanda Seyfriend is a great actress. We didnt see her in Dear John,I'm sure that one is a tear maker.

  17. I cannot wait to see the movie!!! You are so right - letter writing and a beautiful setting - what a perfect combination!

  18. I love this movie!! Amanda really is turning into America's Sweetheart, isn't she? What a doll.

    I agree with you, I wish more people wrote letters. You can keep those forever. They are treasures to keep in your family for centuries. E-mails, not so much...

  19. I CANNOT wait to see this movie!!!! And I love Amanda... she is just too adorable.

    I love writing letters, but I don't do it enough these days. I used to write to my Grandpa every day, and I just found all of the letters I wrote to him in our basement (he passed away years ago, but he must have saved the letters and now my mom has them).

  20. Sierra, how wonderful, the movie sounds great! A personal note, and especially a love letter is the best!!

    Art by Karena

  21. This movie looks soo good! I really want to see it, I guess cause I'm a romantic at heart.. Let us all know who it is!!!!

  22. Haha, I just wrote a post last week about my love for snailmail. I loved it when you sent me that card. It was so pretty and fun to look at. I guess people are going more green nowadays, but I still have a love for a pretty handwritten card. How personal and charming! xoxo
    Miss ya! Been so MIA with everyone but all is fine.

  23. I LOVE letters!! I love getting and writing them {though sometimes I fail at that}. Can't wait to see that movie!!

  24. I am so bad when it comes to writing letters, I really want to write more but I procrastinate too much! I love your blog, it is so sweet :) Hazel


    Sierra, letters are wonderful!
    You reminded me of a post I wrote some time ago. It was about letters and it has some quotes and a song. I bet you'll also like the image.
    Anyway, I'm glad you got inspired by that movie. I'm sure that if you gave that letter you mentioned to Big Kido, he loved it very much :)


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