May 31, 2010

SATC2 Outfit and Review

Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you for all kind thoughts.
I'm feeling better and spending 
time with BK this weekend.
 On Thursday I went and saw 
Sex and the City 2
with a few of my co-workers.
We decided to dress up and take
some pictures at the office
prior to the show later that night!

My dress was made by a fabulous
designer found on Etsy
called Armour sans Anguish.
I love the dress because it's made
of vintage lace, silk, and doilies.
You should go check out her Etsy!
Later after work we went out for drinks at Javiers.
Yum, my strawberry martini was delish!

Later we stopped by to visit "Jake"
before getting in line to see Sex and the City 2.
I thought he deserved a kiss!
The movie was soooo good.
Yes, it is getting mostly bad reviews.
My review?
I loved it. 
I thought it had the perfect combination
of romance, comedy, Mr. Big, travels,
and of course Carrie!
I did miss New York a lot,
but felt like we wouldn't have had
enough scenes of the girls together unless
they went on a vacation
since they all have their own families,
minus Samantha who has a relationship
with herself, he he.
I also loved the real life take on
"married life" with Carrie and Mr. Big
and what happens
after the honeymoon stage...
It made me miss my Mr. Big and
think of him when Carrie and Big
were watching their old fashioned 
movies together, so cute.
So even though it may have been
disappointing to some fans, 
I loved it and will definitely
be adding it to my SATC library!!

I hope you all are enjoying your 3 day weekends.

I know I am.



  1. Thank you for your review ! I can't wait to see it !!!
    Your hair looks SOOOO pretty ! How do you get your curls to stay like that ?!

  2. I am kinda jealous on you for already having seen it.Hope you enjoyed your reading and beach and BK:)You look adorable.

  3. I'm glad to know you liked the movie - I'm going to see it this afternoon! Loved your dress, it was fabulous!

  4. First of all adorableness-you in your new dress!!!!! I went to see it on Friday with my 18yr old daughter and we loved it too! We wanted to make a girls night of it and dress all up, but too busy of a weekend for our girlfriends. We had fun still, just the two of us, in the big theatre digital production. Next Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts. Glad you had a good time and are doing better sweetie.

  5. Can't wait until it is released here! Your dress is absolutely gorgeous! Glad to see you are happy again.

    :) Hazel

  6. How cute is your hair all curled!
    I went to see it on Saturday with a friend. It looks like y'all had a fun time. :)

  7. Love, love, love the dress Sierra, and the curls were just the right accessory! How fun?

  8. As much as I watched the show I can't say I have any desire to see the movies, they just seem so contrived and they keep the franchise going as long as they can to make a buck. But either way, I'm glad you liked it, I'm sure it has it's cute moments.

    Either way, your dress is adorable and all those drinks look really delicious!

  9. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  10. You are all pretty girls..

  11. Your dress is so beautiful! So glad you had a great time!

  12. loving the hair lady! you look A-dorable!!!! and that drinkity drink looks yumtastic! great choice.

    i too saw the film and will be doing my review tomorrow. i didn't love it but i didn't not love it. as a satc devotee, i think it was as good as it could get.

  13. What a fun night out with friends! I need to go see the movie with some gal pals.

  14. I LOVE your dress !! I am off to check out her site !
    That is good that you liked the movie because I have heard really bad reviews too ~

  15. How cute are YOU!!! I can't wait to see the movie,,and how great was it that you could dress up and go to the show and then for drinks with your girls!! FUN!

  16. What a fun time sounds like you had sweetie. glad you are doing well,
    so pretty in the new dress .

  17. Oh so pleased you loved it...just love you girls getting dressed up, you all look cute as.

  18. You look so cute. I love the dress: it's so pretty! Glad you enjoyed the movie.

  19. Fabulous dress. I need to get my butt to the theater. I keep getting told that this one is better than the first movie.

  20. Aw glad someone enjoyed it! I haven't seen it yet, but the negative reviews have been getting me more and more skeptical of the movie!
    And I'm so happy you're feeling much better! You look absolutely gorgeous in your dress!!

  21. Cute dress. I liked the movie too!

  22. I love your dress! You look beautiful! Hope you had a fabulous weekend. :)

  23. I'm really sorry you are going through a rough time. I'm here if you need an "anonymous" shoulder! :) I would have said this before, but I'm just now catching up on blogs after my blog break! Glad to see you had a great weekend to pump you back a bit. Take all the time you need!

  24. OMG I totally love love your dress! Thanks for the movie review..I can't wait to see it!

  25. Yay! You look so cute! I want to go see the movie too! :) I'm glad you're feeling much better sweetie.

  26. Looks like you girls had a fun night! I love your dress.

  27. Sierra, hi honey, how are you? You look adorable in that dress, so fun and perfect for SATC. I just realized quite foolishly that I was not following your blog properly, how terrible! Fixed that right away! I hope you had the most lovely holiday weekend! xoxo

  28. Awww you are so cute!! I love your SATC 2 outfit

  29. Hi doll! You seriously look divine in that dress, I love it! What a fun idea to get dolled up with the girls to see the movie. I really really want to see it.

  30. You are FABULOUS in that outfit!! I love it. :) You are so pretty it kills me. And your friends are also very attractive. I'm sure heads were turning when you all went to see SATC2!

    I'm glad to hear it was good. Kerrie and I are going on Thursday and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED!

    I hope you're having an awesome week. xoxoxo!

  31. Ok first off, you look damn adorable in your etsy dress and your loose waves!!! So adorable!!!! Also, looks like a grand fun night- I liked the movie yes but I also thought the bad reviews were merited (I mean- singing karaoke to "I am woman"?!?!? SO cliche!). I love SATC so I have no motive to say this beyond just a wee bit disappointed. But I will definitely be purchasing it- didn't miranda look gorgeous in it btw??? I'm glad you're feeling better!

  32. glad you're feeling better..and hope your weekend was enjoyable!

  33. These photos are so pretty! Loving your movie outfit! I still have to see SATC 2...I was so excited at first but now I have just heard so many horrible reviews. I better go watch it and see for myself. :)

  34. Fellow oceanlover,

    Been a while as I took a break after the last post.

    What happened?! Your new natural make up look... love it! Really suits you, I want tips.

    Peace, x.

  35. So fun! You look ADORABLE and I am just a little jealous of your hair ;) Seriously, you have AMAZING hair!

    Regarding your question about living alone...

    I'm about 4 months into it and to be honest, I LOVE IT! There are aspects that are difficult, yes. Such as financially. I'm really learning how to budget and save as well as pay what's important first even if my entertainment needs suffer a bit ;) And sometimes it can be a little lonely. It's different but I really like it and I'm not sure I'd want a roommate again after the experience I had. Haha. The solitude is really nice- most of the time- things always stay in their place, nothing ever goes missing and when I clean, it stays clean. I can decorate how I want. I have the freedom to be as loud as I want and really just do whatever I want, whenever I want. I have had some of the sweetest quiet times in devotion. It's really amazing. I think everyone should experience it, personally! :)

    There are obviously pros and cons to everything but in my situation, the pros definitely outweigh the cons!

    Hope you're having a great week, sweet girl! xo

  36. Ah, the three of you are so adorable! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the review - I DEFINITELY need to see SATC 2 now!! :)

  37. That's lame that it's getting bad reviews. I haven't heard any bad ones and I really loved it!! And your dress is soooo cute!!

  38. Looks like so much fun!
    I have a friend who works in a movie theater and said that everyday when they go to clean the theaters after SATC 2 that there are more wine bottles in the theater than legit concessions. Thought that was funny.

    I love girls nights!

  39. Ah, so glad you liked it!! I sooooooooo can't wait to see it!!! DH and I spent some time with Jake this weekend- not a bad movie if I do say so myself!

    Very cute SATC outfits! Looks like a fun outing!

  40. You ladies looked lovely and your hair looks super fab lady!

  41. Cute dress! I am glad you enjoyed the movie! I still need to see the first one lol! :)

  42. so pretty! love your blog!

  43. such a gorgeous dress!! it sounds like you had such a wonderful time. i'm excited to see it.

  44. You are so pretty! Love the vintage dress and that strawberry martini looks SO yummy! I probably won't see SATC2 until it comes out on DVD but I'm glad you had a great time watching it! Hope you've had a great week so far :)

  45. Sounds like fun and I love your dress...the ruffles are just perfect! You look beautiful!!!


  46. I loved the movie! I really hope they make one more ..

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