May 6, 2010

This Summer...

Yikes, I feel rushed this week!
I'm a bit behind on all of your blogs
and will be playing catch up until the 
19th of May...
so please be patient with me 
while I pull my hair out 
because this project of mine
for my fun interior class
is taking a bit more time than 
expected at night!!

Lately it feels like Summer in
sunny California.
I hope the weather in all of your
states is getting warmer and gearing
you towards Summer time, yay!
My bike ride with BK last weekend
really got me in the Summer mood!
Here are some things that I would
like to do during my Summer time...
I love it here. 
Situated near Newport Beach,
you can hike through the hills
to view the ocean below.

This photo below is from my Facebook.
This summer I am going to continue 
to go running in these beauties,
yes, this is the actual pair that I own.
I'm happy to say that I went running
this week three times with only minor
pain in my leg but I'm still going to take
it easy. It definitely felt great to be 
running again - I looooved it!!
Visiting my family in Utah and
going to our log cabin is definitely
top on my list...
I want to float in the river
outside our home, 
read a good book,
go bike riding,
and my list goes on and on.
You can read about my log cabin
dream home here.
Sigh. I want to be here right now.
Go watch Sex and the City 2 with some
gal pals on May 27th!!
I can. not. wait. Can you?!
Holy Carrie and Big!!
Sorry you Aiden fans,
I love him but Carrie is destined
to only have her heart with Big's heart.
Go to Maui in 56 days
and counting with my family!!!
I haven't been to Maui in 2
years and can not wait!!
I know, that sounded spoiled but
when your parents go every year
a girl wants to come along, right?!
Yep, that's me being buried in the sand.
Also this is me below at Big Beach 
in Maui two years ago...
I also want to read more books...
Umm, hello Carrie at 18.
Make some more artsy creations
for my Etsy shoppe.
Here's one of my vintage cards.
It's pretty much extinct right now
since I've been so busy.
Must. Make. New. Things!!
Go on some more adventures
and ocean dreaming with my
Big Kiddo. We always come up
with the most creative activities
and I love it!

Other activities I would love
to make time for?
*Finish my tee shirt quilt
*Learn how to surf
*Kick boxing and yoga
*Sign up for a new race if my leg heals
*Learn more about interior design and fashion

What do you want to do this Summer?

Happy almost Friday!



  1. The pictures in this post were fabulous - so pretty! I, too, cannot wait for SATC2!!

  2. I have had Twenties girl for awhile now...I need to get busy reading!

  3. oh my. maui! wow. honey, i am so jealous. i love your Summertime list so much!

  4. Great post! I have many of the same goals as you. :)
    And loving the summer like weather near me too. xo

  5. Ohh Sex and the Cityyy!! I'm watching the series as I type!! I'm in loooove with the show..

  6. counting down to SATC~ can't wait!

  7. I am so excited for SATC and the Carrie Diaries.. The books were soo good, I can't wait to see what this one holds!
    You should definitely do some book reviews as you go and let us know what you like!
    Gosh, I can't wait to hear about the summer in pictures.. you're going to have a blast!
    Have an awesome Friday!:)

  8. Great post as always! :) With my husband I want to go camping, hiking, jetskiing, to the Drive-In, play board games, spend time with my mom and dad, go to Santa Cruz, bicycle, paint, have sketchbook days and draw,
    plant flowers, and so much more...I better write some of this down in my notes LOL! :)

  9. You put my plans to shame!!! So many amazing outdoor adventures, I love it. I want to hike too and you inspire me with your runnings words. That's a really, really cute picture of you and Big Kiddo- I also think you like Big for his name perhaps? :) CAN'T WAIT FOR THE 27TH

  10. I want to read 20's Girl also, it's the only Sophie Kinsella book I haven't read.

  11. These are all great things!!

    My mom leaves for Maui tomorrow (I wasn't invited :(). When the girls and I went in Jan. we headed over to Little Beach. It was the highlight of our trip, something so freeing about swimming in the ocean in your birthday suit :)

    PS. I tagged you on my blog this morning.

  12. Your summer sounds like its gonna be awesome! I also have a huge list of things I want to do, some very similar to yours! :) You have an etsy shop!? That's one thing I've been wanting to do this summer.. EEK! I can't wait to sit out in the sun, on the boat, have a cold beer, and relaxxxx. Oh yes <3 Summer is almost here!

    Maui??!! You are a lucky, lucky girl :-O

  13. I can't wait for summer! It's really warming up slowly this year :(

    Maui sounds heavenly right now! Jealous!

    And SATC2!!! Can't wait! I agree about Big too. I like him better than Aiden for Carrie :)

    Ooooh, and another book by Sophie Kinsella!! I love her!

    Oh, and I love your new header, btw :)


  14. Um, this post just got me so, SO excited for summer. We must go on some fun adventures that include sun, beaches and cocktails. Deal? Deal.


  15. Wow, seems like you're going to have an amazing summer. Its still really cold in England, so I can't wait for the Sun to come out now.

  16. so many amazing things! i am envious of your family's cabin in Utah!!!
    i too am so excited for SATC 2, and to find more time to read! i just finished Lauren Conrad's second book :)
    here's to summer!!!

  17. It's not like you are counting to your Hawaii trip or anything, hahah!

  18. I cannot wait for that second movie!
    Hope you have had a perfect weekend! x

  19. Ah love your list for summer, so exciting! I can't wait either, though I know my summer will be mostly working to save up for college next year! And good luck with your project!
    My summer list involves writing, learning, and having a blast with my friends before we head off to college!

    PS I've tagged you in an award!

  20. Your summertime list rocks the house!!!! Maui sounds a-mazing!

  21. Songs of the Humpback Whale... amazing book. I loved it.

    I think I will be watching SATC with some of my favorite girlies... cannot wait!!

    And Maui?!? I am so jealous!! Hope your project works itself out! Good luck girl- you can do it, I know it!

  22. I can't wait to see those images of look great!

    I love summer sooooo much!!!

    Cheers: Evi

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  24. that picture of you in the sand is FANTASTIC! :)

  25. Hi doll, wow that pic of the ocean is great! Looks like a wonderful place to relax! I need to read Twenties Girl! Hope you have a great week! xoxo

  26. Lookslike weather is really good where you live. AND MAUI...oh wowww I'm green with envy here lol I wanna go to the beach too :)


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