Jun 30, 2010

Please Pray

Happy hump day!

I'm getting super duper excited for my 
trip to Maui this weekend!!

Thank you for all of your comments
on my honesty post and for allowing me
to be honest! ;)
Remember this little guy?
 To refresh those of you who are new 
to my blog, this is Dante and he currently
has a cancer called Neuroblastoma.
My friend, Rocio, contacted me back in April
asking me to pray for her sister's son, Dante.
 To read about Dante when I first blogged
about him go here!

At the beginning of June the doctors checked
Dante's tumor and it has begun to shrink...
but it still needs to shrink more before 
they can operate and take the tumor out.

Also, his bone marrow is fine and they
may start harvesting his bone marrow soon.
Isn't he adorable?!
Dante still has a long way to go,
so please continue to keep him 
and his family in your prayers!
I can only imagine how hard it is
for them to keep their strength up
not only for Dante but for one another!
God's strength will carry them through this...

Also, please grab this button 
to spread the word about Dante
so more people can pray!

Thank you Ocean Dreamers!
I'll be back with one more post
before I head out on my trip...
I hope you all are having a great week!


Jun 28, 2010


I'm not talking about integrity,
even though by far that too is 
an important part in relationships. 
I'm talking about honesty
in regards to being outspoken in 
how you feel in a kind
and constructive way. 
Not only with others,
but most importantly with yourself.
It's important, this honesty.
This past month I've done 
more self discovering
than I've ever done 
in a life time.
Hurt sparked a calloused me,
and even though I was tempted
to build up walls and not let people in,
I learned that is not the way to live.
Even though I would love for life to
always be simple, no conflict,
all flowery and white like these shoes,
it just isn't so.
All I know is that my heart was hurting
for a purpose. I needed to learn that it's okay
being who I am and I don't have to make
any excuses for being me.
God created me for a purpose and with hope.
Do you know that for most of my life 
I have been avoiding conflict at all costs?
That I was afraid of what others may think?
That I thought that if I spoke up with how
I felt that I would be rejected and looked down upon?
That to me was more of a fear than speaking up.
I was living in the shadow of what I thought
would create a perfect world where
there would be no hurts and no pain.
Boy I was wrong...
In one month's time I've learned
that I have to be honest with people.
Not be defensive, rude, or unkind.
Just be honest and voice my opinion.
It's okay that someone may disagree.
It's okay that someone may even stop being 
a friend to me even though I thought 
they were going to stick by me.
It's okay that I may not see 
eye to eye with everyone.
I will no longer be a door matt.
I will only be me and it's okay.
Because without honesty and being me,
I cannot be true to who I am.
No wonder I was a bundle of emotions lately.
I became afraid of fear and all that it entailed.
I no way wanted to figure out how to resolve
conflicts that all seemed to be thrown at me
from all different directions.
Seriously, I had conflict after conflict!
I felt I was doing nothing wrong, but
I know I'm not perfect so I can't always place blame.
However, I now know to be 
even more real and true.
It's so important!
Respect yourselves Ocean Dreamers!
Don't let all of that stuff get bottled up 
inside of you Ocean Dreamers.
Find a voice, your voice for that matter.
Clarify things, voice how you feel,
love others, and thrive just by being
you in the process.
I became a wreck after years
of holding it all inside.
Believe me, it's better just to take
situations as they come and just be you.
The tides of the ocean may be pushing
you be someone even better than you are now.
Pushing you to believe in yourself and make no
excuses for your beliefs or the person you are.
Don't be afraid to show people who you are.
Speak up, be assertive, and self discover.
People can't read your mind.
For years I've also been a people pleaser,
(Are you surprised? ha ha)
afraid that if I don't always try my very best
that I will disappoint those around me.
You know they never expected me to be perfect?
It was all false expectations I put on myself.
I don't always have to be perfect!
What a concept and I'm still a work in progress
in this area... easier said than done. ;)
This may sound cheesy but
do you know that beyond every 
heart ache is a rainbow? 
In the mean time it's okay 
to feel pain and hurt, 
because that is what will lead you 
to discovering who you are.
You don't have to have 
everything figured out.
Sometimes conflicts, hurt, 
anxiety, and hard times
can be a blessing in disguise.
You trust, hope, and love a little bit more.
Honesty is so important in relationships,
not only being honest to those around you,
but being honest to yourself.
Love yourself.
Be kind to yourself.
Be true to who you are.
Once you start to discover who you are,
Don't ever look back...
You were made for a purpose. 

All photos are from my tumblr!


Jun 24, 2010

An Ocean Dreams Trip

My post on my trip to Northern CA
at the beginning of June with BK!
 Even though we were near San Francisco,
we hung out in Tiburon, which is North of SF.
It has gorgeous views of the Golden Gate Bridge, ocean,
and beautiful sail boats that came sailing by!
BK had a client to meet in the area that Sunday
so he dropped me off there to enjoy the sites
until he could join me for dinner.
I had a very fun "me" day!
Here's a picture of the view from where I sat! :)
 First I had some lunch by the water.
Since BK doesn't like sushi I thought I 
would take advantage of the yummy sushi
at a restaurant within walking distance!
You can see that there is a "missing" piece of
my Philadelphia roll before I snapped the pic!
It was delicious. 
The caterpillar roll (above the phil roll)
was good as well!
After walking by the ocean
and taking a nap on the grass 
near the ocean (so peaceful),
I decided to get some ice cream
and for an added bonus I decided
to eat it in a ice cream cone, he he.
You can see the ocean reflected in my sunglasses!
The ocean is right behind me as well.
Yay BK decided to join me! :)
Here's a picture of me outside on the deck
at one of the hotels we stayed at...
We enjoyed this coffee cake 
at one of our breakfast
stops, it was sooo good!

So...I've most definitely been MIA.
I'm sorry I'm so behind on everyone's blogs.

I've been packing for my move,
I move right after I get back from my trip,
getting ready for Maui (one week away),
and enjoying this beautiful summer weather!

Hope you all are doing well!

Jun 20, 2010

Fashion Bloggers

With my last post just being a tad 
sad, I couldn't let that post
hang on the top of my blog for very long!
I had a much better day today. :)

So I thought I'd come back with some
fun fashion to brighten our 
moods even more.

Thank you for your supportive 
comments & e-mails, you all
know how to brighten my day. :)

I wanted to mention some of my
favorite fashion bloggers, however,
if a particular blog is not mentioned,
please keep in mind that here are
only a hand full that I am mentioning.
There are so many that I love!

Here are a few of my favorites.

Not only is Rachel talented
(she designs and her husband 
creates her outfits,)
but she's gorgeous too!
She also used to be a Cali girl who
now travels the world...
I admit I'm a bit jealous of her lifestyle
and classy style. She's amazing!

Another blog set in Europe,
Sherin and Leia are most definitely
kind, lovely, and down to earth
girls who love to travel,
dress well, volunteer, and give
us a variety of everything on their blog!
They are the sweetest, 
go find out for yourself too!

This Aussie sweetheart not
only has amazing style, 
but an amazing heart and
has a way of putting together
outfits and looking great 
every. single. time.
Mwa Joelyne!

Who doesn't love
the beautiful Maegan?!

This fashion blogger does no
wrong in my eyes...

A recent find, I love her style!

A unicorn queen,
creator of Lime Crime makeup
& more, everything this blogger
does screams bright and fun!

Love her unique style
and photography!
Glad this Aussie finally
was able to visit CA too and
stop by In N Out!

I could go on and on...
but I better get to bed!

I've been procrastinating 
with down sizing my pictures
from my getaway weekend with BK.
Hopefully that will be the next post!

Ocean Dreamers,
I hope you are having 
a lovely weekend.

Now...what are some of your
favorite fashion bloggers?
Please, do tell.


Jun 16, 2010

Stanford, A Tuscany Haven

I'm baaaack from my mini get away
and it was so much fun! 
We didn't get to go sailing 
as anticipated due to us
both being so tired and the
6 hour drive in the middle of the night
didn't sound like that much fun.
Sailing takes so much energy,
so we are going go sailing another weekend.
But instead on Monday we decided to
go on a 6 mile walk,
around Stanford University campus!
Let me just start out by saying
that this campus is not just a campus.
I felt like I was on a resort!!

They even had Yellowstone water
by their athletic facilities and Gatorade
by their tennis courts.
Oh to be treated like a Queen and King!
Everything from their tennis courts,
pool, buildings, landscaping,
fountains, and walk ways
were beautifully kept up and 
manicured to perfection! 
I loooved it there.
 Check out their tennis courts. 
I was dieing to play some tennis!
The pools were so blue!!
Not to mention their were very fit
people doing push ups like they were
the easiest thing on earth.
I also saw swimmers do double
flips off of the board, crazy!
While walking on campus BK and I encountered
these statues, which were situated
in between Tuscany buildings.
There was something eerie about these statues,
mainly because of the clever placement and also
because of what they symbolized.
They were symbolic to suffering men during
the 100 Years War and the pain and dismayed
look on their faces revealed their struggle
to choose between life and death.
Found here 

Life would mean betrayal to their cause
but death would mean loyalty and true sacrifice.
Either way, turmoil was what was being felt. 
Peace was what they were yearning for.
BK and I pensively stood there, entranced
with their faces as we considered 
the true meaning of sacrifice.
BK and I also encountered this fountain on campus.
There were actually three girls and a guy who
were in their bikinis and swimming trunks
walking around in the water taking pictures.
BK was sweet and asked them if he could 
take a picture of their entire group.
It looked like so much fun that I took off
my Asics and stepped in the water, 
beckoning BK to come in with me.
"Doesn't it look inviting, baby?"
I asked Big Kiddo....
Found here 

Sure enough, he took his shoes off too
and put his toes in the water.
See I told you BK, the water was  sooo refreshing! :)
I jumped around in the water for about
5 minutes more before coming back to reality.
Then we sat on the round part of the statue,
letting our feet dry in the sun before 
continuing our walk around the campus...
I think getting in the fountain and splashing
around in the water is going to top one of my
most fun felt memories! :)

We also saw the Hoover Tower, which is
285 feet tall, can you believe it?!

My favorite part about Stanford was the
Stanford Memorial Church, which
with it's European Architecture
influence made it breathtaking.

"The ornate facade is divided into two zones with a gable roof of low pitch surmounted by a Celtic cross. The lower zone features three arched entrances with surrounding stonework, intricately carved with stylized flora, twisted-cable moldings, and bosses of sculpted cherubim. In the spandrels are mosaic depictions of the biblical concepts intertwined in a vine representing the "tree of life." More history explained here.
Love the symbolism and the Tuscany architecture.
 Here's what some of the quads look like.
Heavenly if you ask me! 
I told BK that I would love to take
some wedding photos here,
the way everything is situated
in Palo Alto at this campus is just so pretty.

I'll be back soon to post pictures from
the rest of our trip.
I was just so excited to talk about
our Monday excursion at Stanford University!

Have you ever been to Stanford?
For a brief day I envisioned what
it would have been like to go to college there.
Not that I could afford it, 
but just imagining made it fun.
The campus is just so gorgeous and well kept!
Not to mention the education I'm sure is outstanding.
I felt like a princess for a day at Stanford.