Jun 20, 2010

Fashion Bloggers

With my last post just being a tad 
sad, I couldn't let that post
hang on the top of my blog for very long!
I had a much better day today. :)

So I thought I'd come back with some
fun fashion to brighten our 
moods even more.

Thank you for your supportive 
comments & e-mails, you all
know how to brighten my day. :)

I wanted to mention some of my
favorite fashion bloggers, however,
if a particular blog is not mentioned,
please keep in mind that here are
only a hand full that I am mentioning.
There are so many that I love!

Here are a few of my favorites.

Not only is Rachel talented
(she designs and her husband 
creates her outfits,)
but she's gorgeous too!
She also used to be a Cali girl who
now travels the world...
I admit I'm a bit jealous of her lifestyle
and classy style. She's amazing!

Another blog set in Europe,
Sherin and Leia are most definitely
kind, lovely, and down to earth
girls who love to travel,
dress well, volunteer, and give
us a variety of everything on their blog!
They are the sweetest, 
go find out for yourself too!

This Aussie sweetheart not
only has amazing style, 
but an amazing heart and
has a way of putting together
outfits and looking great 
every. single. time.
Mwa Joelyne!

Who doesn't love
the beautiful Maegan?!

This fashion blogger does no
wrong in my eyes...

A recent find, I love her style!

A unicorn queen,
creator of Lime Crime makeup
& more, everything this blogger
does screams bright and fun!

Love her unique style
and photography!
Glad this Aussie finally
was able to visit CA too and
stop by In N Out!

I could go on and on...
but I better get to bed!

I've been procrastinating 
with down sizing my pictures
from my getaway weekend with BK.
Hopefully that will be the next post!

Ocean Dreamers,
I hope you are having 
a lovely weekend.

Now...what are some of your
favorite fashion bloggers?
Please, do tell.